Welcome to your next campaign binder!

Overview on Creating

GMBinder uses markdown for its primary content. To learn about Markdown and its supporting syntax, check this out

In addition, GM Binder allows for HTML content within your document. However, "User Beware" warnings apply. Especially now in this early stage. Using HTML for things like images and links is pretty safe. However, structured HTML like divs, tables, etc, may have undesired consequences.

GMBinder Specific

Page Breaks

  • Using \pagebreak will result in a page break. Or press Ctrl+; or Cnd+; to insert this.
  • Using \pagebreakNUm will result in a page break with page number. Or press Ctrl+' or Cnd+' to insert this.

Table of Contents

In the menu above, you'll see a Table of Contents for your document.


There are a couple ways you can place images. If you would like something positioned like you see on this page, you will need to provide the appropriate styles to do so. For example:

<img src='https://i.imgur.com/w3cWySM.jpg' style='position:absolute;bottom:45px;right:30px;width:380px; mix-blend-mode:multiply;' />

If you would like to place an image in-line within your content, simply providing an image tag with an external URL will be sufficient. Do be aware that your images should be sized appropriately for the content.


Wrapping to Column Two

Sometimes you want your content in column 1 to be cut short and continue on to column 2. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use:


You can also press Ctrl+. or Cnd+. to insert this.


This is an example of using html and built in styles to get a desired output.

<div class='footnote'>Part 1 | Introduction</div>

Part 1 | Tutorial

Basic Editor Shortcuts

Find and Replace

  • Ctrl+F or Cmd+F - Find
  • Alt+Ctrl+F or Alt+Cmd+F - Find & Replace


  • Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z - Undo
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z or Cmd+Shift+Z - Redo
  • Ctrl+D or Cmd+D - Remove current line
  • Ctrl+U - Uppercase current selection
  • Ctrl+Shift+U - Lowercase current selection

Content Folding

  • F2 - Fold / Unfold a block of content
  • Ctrl+Cmd+Alt+0 Fold everything
  • Shift+Cmd+Alt+0 UnFold everything

And Much More...

  • Ctrl+Alt+H or Cmd+Alt+H Shows all Editor Shortcuts

Ready. Set. Go!

This is your playground. Feel free to remove this and the content above, or keep it around for a reference.

Part 2 | Your Introduction