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Character Flaws

This document contains [number] new Flaws for you to use with your characters. Flaws are an important part of a good character; perfect characters are boring to role play. Finding an interesting, usable Flaw that both you and the D.M. can use is imperative. that's why I'm here. Feel free to change the wording.

d100 Flaw
1 I killed my family.
2 I have an obvious tell when I lie.
3 Nobody can know anything about my history, as they will inevitably use it against me.
4 I always keep a hand on my coin purse, and my weapon
5 I always position myself so that I can see everyone, and every entrance and exit in the room.
6 Paranoid doesn't even begin to describe me.
7 I let down my guard around friends, and am usually unprepared if anything happens.
8 I rely on my friends for almost everything, because I don't trust myself.
9 I don't have any flaws. I am perfect (In my eyes).
10 I'm the smartest one here, and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.
11 I can't stand still for longer than ten seconds.
12 I find it hard to concentrate on one thing, and often find my mind wandering.
12 I am invincible!
14 I am mortal. Everything and Everything can kill me. Please help.
15 I have crippling depression, but I try to hide it.
16 I seem to lose everything good in my life.I am hesitant about new things.
17 I'm not trustworthy, and I don't like it when people depend on me.
18 I try and save everyone, even if they are a lost cause.
19 I have nightmares about a mistake I made, and have vowed never to let it happen again.
20 I will often take anything valuable that isn't bolted down. And some things that are.
21 I'm horribly awkward in social situations, despite my best efforts.
22 I'm afraid to spend money. What if I need it later?
d100 Flaw
23 I always take charge of the situation, especially when someone else is meant to.
24 I am extremely jealous of everyone for one thing or another.
25 I don't take orders well. I work alone.
26 I hate those who differ from my opinions.
27 I don't care if I kill. We all die eventually... right?
28 Don't get on my bad side. If you do... Well, just watch out, OK?
29 I am always smug and self centred.
30 I make a joke out of everything.
31 I speak very loudly, and have a tendency to yell.
32 Once I set my mind on something, nothing can stop me, even a God.
33 I am extremely belligerent towards another race.
34 I dont' need help. Must I do everything myself?
35 No one appreciates me. I'm useless.
36 I am oblivious to my surroundings.
37 I can often too enamored with alcohol.
38 I have a really bad habit I can't break.
39 I won't let myself feel emotions.
40 I can't let others see my inner turmoil.
41 I am extremely blunt, and have no tact whatsoever.
42 I have been cursed, but nobody can know.
43 I don't like to fully commit myself unless the odds are overwhelmingly in my favour.
44 I have dyslexia; I find it difficult to read and write.
45 I am fanatical about my goal or ambition.
46 Once I start something, I must see it out to the end.
47 I flirt with everyone. And everything.
48 If can't help eating everything in sight.
49 Deep down, I know I only do this for the thrill.
50 I am extremely erratic in my behavior.
51 I am the worst hypocrite I've ever met.
52 We speak in the third person, which can be confusing.
53 I am idealistic: Everything has a good side.
54 I am the definition of pessimistic.
55 I am slow to make new relationships.
56 I am very impatient. I must have everything immediately.
57 I am immature, childish, and I don't care.
58 I take forever to make decisions under pressure.
d100 Flaw
59 I have a really bad reputation where I come from
60 I have a bounty on my head for a crime I didn't commit.
61 I blamed some one else for a crime, and now they are dead.
62 I am always ready to run away for my friends.
63 My first instinct is to hide.
64 I am judgemental about everyone
65 I am really clumsy, and really embarased about it.
66 I talk to myself when i'm alone
67 I can speak to animals. Or, at least I think I can.
68 I can't stand the sight of blood.
69 I hate speaking. It's so... restricted.
70 I am annoyingly sarcastic.
71 I am terse and blunt, and only speak when necessary.
72 I follow my own whims.
73 I involve myself in everything.
74 Something terrible happened to me. I tell everyone.
75 No one wants to know my real story, so I make up a new one each time.
76 I'm a coward, but I hide it under a guise of arrogance.
77 I am secretly corrupt, and care only about money., butI want to be better.
78 Happiness can buy you money. If you sell other people's happiness, that is.
79 I never start a fair fight.
80 My favour, once lost, is lost forever.
81 I have been scarred by an event, and I have trying to forget it for years.
82 I am a high functioning psycopath.
83 I am so Naive, I think Owlbears are cuddly.
84 I am infatuated with magic, and want more of it desperately.
85 I hate using violence, but I force myself to.
86 No one can hate you if they don't like you in the first place.
87 I exaggerate everything, especially pain.
88 Life is suffering. The only way to end it is to sever all material attachments.
89 I only carry the bare minimum to survive.
90 Good deeds are only repaid with bad ones.
91 In the end, we all die. Nothing we do matters. So what's the point?
92 When all seems lost, It probably is, so just give up.
d100 Flaw
93 I always see the best in people. Everyone is redeemable.
94 I will protect my friends with my life, even if they don't need protecting.
95 I have an intense fear of something.
96 I am predictable and prone to routines.
97 I don't have time for pity.
98 I enjoy inflicting misery on others, whether social, emotional, or physical.
99 I am sceptical of anything I didn't make or come up with.
100 I often lose my train of thought mid sentence.

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