Full Page Watercolor Stains

by flamableconcrete

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Full Page Watercolor Stains

A collection of full page watercolor effects for use in your Homebrew content

Designed by /u/flamableconcrete

Special thanks to the following authors for their inspiring tutorials

/u/QalarValar - Watercoloring in the Homebrewery
/u/AeronDrake - Formatting on the Homebrewery

TL;DR Gallery of full page watercolor stains.
(OLD) Imgur album of full page stains: https://imgur . com/a/OZt2m



As mentioned on the cover page, there are already several tutorials on how to create a watercolor effect using the homebrewery and they go into much more detail on how to customize images for your exact needs. I chose to write this not as a guide to duplicate the efforts of others, but as a gallery of ready-made full page stains I have created for quick use. These are not one size fits all, but I have found that the effect works well for my purposes and I wanted to share.

<!-- Cool background image -->
<img src='http://example.com/cool-background-image.jpg' style='position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; width:1016px' />

<!-- Full page stain -->
<img src='http://example.com/full-page-stain.png' style='position:absolute; top:0px; left:0px; width:816px' />

<!-- (Optional) Cool foreground image -->
<img src='http://example.com/cool-image.png' style='position:absolute; top:100px; left:0px' />

How To Use

First things first. Find a stain you would like to use from

  • My Watercolor Gallery
  • My Imgur Album (https://imgur . com/a/OZt2m)
  • Draco's Imgur Album (https://imgur . com/a/SKmRN).

Copy the snippet from the left side of the page to use this effect in your gmbinder products.

Some notes

  • The dimensions of the page are 816px wide x 1076px high

    • If your image is sufficiently high resolution, increase the width and play with the top and left corner
  • /u/QalarValar's guide has tips on transforming images

  • Blending mode from /u/AeronDrake's guide does not look great when it overlaps a watercolor boundary. The best solution to this is to only use foreground images that already have transparency for the background.

  • It is very difficult to wrap text around an image when the image is on the left, so some stains are less usable right now. It would be ideal if someone figured out how to make the shape-outside CSS selector work with these, because I couldn't!

Another Note!

In my watercolor gallery I recently added some full page stains that have what I call "splotches" on them. These look sort of like brush strokes or coffee stains. Take a look at page 8 for an example of what I'm talking about. This style of full page stain has no transparency, so no "Cool background image" will show through. You have been warned!


Create Your Own!

I created these stains in GIMP using the watercolor brushes (https://imgur .com/a/TW79K) from /u/QalarValar's tutorial. I am not a graphic designer by any means, but I did the following steps:

  • Download the album using the Imgur Album Downloader website
  • Convert them to GIMP brushes (.gbr)
    • I uploaded them to deviantart for your convenience if you want to use them yourself
  • Add the .gbr files to GIMP Home Directory
    • Windows:
      C:\Users\{your_id}\AppData\Roaming\ GIMP\2.10\brushes
    • Mac:
  • (GIMP) Click Refresh Brushes in very bottom right (or restart GIMP?)
  • Open the default background and start erasing and adding brushes wherever you want. Layers help
  • Export as .png
  • Upload somewhere and reference it in gmbinder!


Filler text provided by Pirate Ipsum


pg. 1: Pilgrimage by JJcanvas
pg. 2: Placid Pond by ehecod
pg. 3: Requiem - Speedpainting by Xenonia
pg. 4: Fantasy City by BritneyPringle
pg. 5: Wasteland by ehecod
           Goliath by Wizards of the Coast
pg. 6: On A Quest by ehecod
pg. 7: Swamp House by Jake-Labz
pg. 8: Sagitarrian Sword by self-replica


Every image in my album is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International CC BY license.

This means that you are free to share and redistribute it freely, even for commercial purposes, as long as you credit me with proper attribution. Proper attribution in this case is any combination of my reddit username /u/flamableconcrete or by my name: Jared Ondricek.

While you are not required to reach out to me about works that you create with this artwork, I'd love to hear from you if you do!



Nipperkin Pirate Round Shiver me timbers
Admiral of the Black lad yo-ho-ho Barbary Coast
cog topmast. No prey, no pay matey wench galleon
swing the lead holystone boom aft fire in the hole.
Jack Tar cackle fruit Barbary Coast quarterdeck
maroon coffer loaded to the gunwalls plunder Plate
Fleet. Rope's end code of conduct capstan spike
measured fer yer chains log gun fathom squiffy.
Fore overhaul chandler to go on account spyglass
interloper spike gunwalls hogshead. Loaded to the
gunwalls tack Pieces of Eight ballast jib hogshead
jack killick Arr. Smartly tackle fire in the hole swab mizzenmast grog league Chain Shot crack Jennys tea cup.

Bilge Rat

Long clothes Arr scallywag bilge rat scuppers gally hail-shot Pirate Round quarter reef sails measured fer yer chains six pounders. Barque Sea Legs man-of-war plunder hands ye quarter yo-ho-ho scuttle hail-shot Jack Tar yard. Blimey hogshead spyglass warp fluke landlubber or just lubber handsomely topmast run a rig wherry gaff brigantine.


Dead men tell no tales dance the hempen jig yo-ho-ho barque skysail haul wind plunder rope's end. Skysail grapple lateen sail scuttle gaff spanker bilged on her anchor red ensign. Heave down yawl scourge of the seven seas code of conduct hang the jib scuppers rum jolly boat. Barque bilged on her anchor warp no prey, no pay Plate Fleet splice the main brace Jack Ketch handsomely. Swab measured fer yer chains salmagundi spanker ye Gold Road cackle fruit Privateer.

Level Type
1st Cook
4th Boatswain
8th Powder Monkey
11th Gunner
14th Sailing Master
17th First Mate
20th Captain

Poop deck belaying pin aye main sheet Sink me plunder Jack Ketch brig. Hulk gaff run a shot across the bow belaying pin ye long clothes crack Jennys tea cup main sheet. Sail ho reef sails bilge sloop jack hearties aft landlubber or just lubber. Arr gabion rum spyglass handsomely salmagundi parrel mutiny.

Yawl bilged on her anchor salmagundi knave prow fluke boom to go on account. Warp Jack Tar yo-ho-ho Chain Shot scourge of the seven seas run a rig Barbary Coast nipperkin. Tender run a rig gun fire ship man-of-war ye sheet careen. Davy Jones' Locker jolly boat wench ahoy fire ship sheet.

Davey Jones' Locker

Pressgang man-of-war hands wench
spanker no prey, no pay chantey quarter.
Pieces of Eight mizzenmast nipper killick avast
cackle fruit list gangplank. Lugger yawl plunder American Main pirate fire in the hole swing the lead furl. Pieces of Eight hardtack bilge coxswain deadlights topgallant square-rigged warp. Boatswain poop deck coxswain draught mizzen league aft reef.

Overhaul Jack Ketch fire in the hole coxswain Spanish Main brig plunder league. Weigh anchor log me hearties gally spanker matey scurvy. Pirate Round bounty barque lookout broadside quarterdeck dance the hempen jig Sail ho. Doubloon crow's nest clipper gabion loaded to the gunwalls Shiver me timbers bowsprit hands. Corsair bowsprit parrel cackle fruit gun Arr rope's end parley.

Heal Bad Hygene

5th-level transmutation

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Components: S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 10 minutes

A flame, equivalent in brightness to a torch, springs from from an object that you touch. The effect look like a regular flame, but it creates no heat and doesn't use oxygen. A continual flame can be covered or hidden but not smothered or quenched.



Scallywag aft coxswain chandler keel wench Jack Tar grog blossom knave. Heave down lookout lateen sail main sheet spirits aye deadlights bilge water yawl. Knave broadside line lass long boat boatswain bilge rat mizzen fluke. Fluke tack spyglass loot bounty matey capstan pink barkadeer. Hands cog brig handsomely Arr strike colors gaff rum interloper. Corsair knave matey nipperkin scourge of the seven seas American Main plunder come about run a shot across the bow. Hornswaggle six pounders mizzen brigantine lee Gold Road lateen sail Plate Fleet gun.

Careen Jack Tar heave to chandler execution dock rigging sheet black jack draft. Coxswain interloper grapple loaded to the gunwalls chantey Nelsons folly cog sloop Jolly Roger. Plunder killick run a shot across the bow lad quarter fire in the hole mizzenmast yardarm fathom.

Jack sheet nipperkin long clothes killick
dead men tell no tales shrouds plunder warp.
Interloper quarterdeck nipperkin gaff maroon deadlights bilge water grog blossom ahoy. Dead men tell no tales come about no prey, no pay topgallant pressgang fire in the hole swing the lead rope's end brig. Run a rig long boat fire ship schooner bilge water Jack Tar Gold Road Blimey plunder. List hogshead black spot quarter belay bilge rat lee landlubber or just lubber lass. Carouser Pirate Round Shiver me timbers belaying pin loot killick yo-ho-ho tackle fathom. Bilge me galleon hogshead grapple long clothes Nelsons folly starboard reef.

Rum trysail bring a spring upon her cable sheet mizzen nipperkin hempen halter Brethren of the Coast landlubber or just lubber. Weigh anchor grapple pirate Corsair hail-shot blow the man down mutiny scourge of the seven seas Arr. Pirate black spot no prey, no pay poop deck spyglass Jolly Roger scuttle careen Barbary Coast. Scourge of the seven seas Blimey league driver knave stern bowsprit pirate hornswaggle. Loot matey trysail spike knave lad salmagundi coxswain barkadeer. Hardtack bowsprit parley red ensign trysail lad hail-shot chandler stern. Overhaul gibbet starboard yardarm draught Chain Shot hempen halter topgallant quarterdeck.

Sea Legs trysail bilge water swab sloop barkadeer hornswaggle Buccaneer coxswain. Wench poop deck gally furl rope's end grog blossom knave piracy lugger. Reef bilge rat dead men tell no tales Plate Fleet fire ship dance the hempen jig provost Nelsons folly square-rigged. Yardarm strike colors chase pirate crow's nest man-of-war bilge water lanyard piracy.



Yellow Jack

Tender Sink me piracy trysail rigging smartly Sea Legs handsomely driver. Port yawl Corsair bilge water clipper Jack Ketch lee chandler hulk. Black jack parrel holystone provost barkadeer hearties Arr matey rope's end. Barkadeer avast quarter boatswain trysail lass holystone ye bilge rat. Execution dock lass hulk gunwalls avast Davy Jones' Locker draft scuppers Pirate Round. Holystone driver main sheet poop deck salmagundi clap of thunder jolly boat cog pink. Nelsons folly mizzen loot coxswain Sail ho haul wind rigging interloper matey.

Barbary Coast wherry gibbet execution dock six pounders lanyard take a caulk line loaded to the gunwalls. Topmast run a rig scuttle grapple trysail pillage galleon hardtack rigging. Scallywag jib hogshead gunwalls squiffy code of conduct Jolly Roger schooner crimp. Fire in the hole topsail gally gunwalls hearties transom coxswain overhaul lugsail. Pirate Round gunwalls brigantine ahoy clap of thunder aye lugger hail-shot Spanish Main. Log lee Jack Tar Jolly Roger driver scallywag quarterdeck take a caulk brig. Strike colors bucko gun run a shot across the bow scurvy ballast Admiral of the Black draught Plate Fleet.

Six pounders crimp fire ship spike pillage pinnace furl sheet line. Quarterdeck starboard to go on account parrel yo-ho-ho yardarm booty Arr bilge rat. Poop deck starboard keelhaul rum topgallant bilge rat rope's end wench pillage. Reef sails ballast quarter avast chase guns lad Sail ho chase Davy Jones' Locker. Spirits lookout gibbet matey sheet bring a spring upon her cable Blimey gunwalls knave. Heave down landlubber or just lubber wherry league spirits chase guns lanyard hail-shot barque. Run a shot across the bow lateen sail clipper quarter prow quarterdeck provost lugger yardarm.

Doubloon Boom Execution

Jack Ketch yardarm yawl yard wherry league hail-shot haul wind cable. Landlubber or just lubber crimp topmast clipper pinnace brigantine fire ship Sink me parley. Dance the hempen jig killick loaded to the gunwalls splice the main brace Yellow Jack stern cackle fruit barkadeer loot. Chase scurvy cable Brethren of the Coast Blimey lass aft tender Yellow Jack. Yo-ho-ho Jack Ketch pressgang me furl overhaul grog shrouds Sink me. Shrouds bowsprit weigh anchor doubloon trysail pinnace hogshead maroon black jack. Bounty main sheet yardarm handsomely take a caulk prow snow warp Pieces of Eight.

Furl port yawl hail-shot Cat o'nine tails coffer grog blossom interloper overhaul. Hearties swab spirits parley lee tender hands quarterdeck execution dock. Skysail reef poop deck chase booty Chain Shot barkadeer loaded to the gunwalls hornswaggle. Doubloon boom execution dock jolly boat spike spyglass Chain Shot avast heave to. Gibbet draught knave Barbary Coast grapple plunder hulk bilge rat clipper. Rutters hail-shot reef sails scurvy flogging chase guns deadlights spirits overhaul. Bowsprit fluke chandler hempen halter gabion mizzenmast gally Blimey skysail.

Grog jack bilged on her anchor cable galleon pressgang maroon Jolly Roger topgallant. Topgallant hempen halter rigging long boat run a shot across the bow hearties Spanish Main pinnace lugsail. Marooned draft clipper shrouds clap of thunder warp Spanish Main gangway lee.


Gold Road

Sutler crack Jennys tea cup holystone bounty lookout run a rig spyglass cog grog. Scurvy Plate Fleet splice the main brace jib fire ship smartly shrouds dance the hempen jig Brethren of the Coast. Hulk hail-shot jack Buccaneer bilge water strike colors Plate Fleet gaff topmast. Keel boom run a shot across the bow sheet gangway jury mast Jack Ketch chandler bring a spring upon her cable. Tack yawl broadside ahoy Blimey tender doubloon scurvy ye. Gangplank scourge of the seven seas parley lad Gold Road carouser man-of-war crimp rum. Yellow Jack fore shrouds Shiver me timbers dance the hempen jig salmagundi Plate Fleet hearties Davy Jones' Locker.

Starboard fluke take a caulk square-rigged splice the main brace killick weigh anchor avast flogging. Grog blossom yawl scuppers rutters hang the jib gabion strike colors American Main Buccaneer. Execution dock six pounders loot parley bilged on her anchor red ensign Jack Ketch Jolly Roger reef.


Sail ho scuppers prow snow come about jolly boat Shiver me timbers quarterdeck yawl. Hail-shot spike parley Spanish Main crimp grapple scallywag provost grog. Come about loot strike colors chandler lugsail hardtack cog spike coffer. Black spot scallywag rigging crimp gunwalls lad yawl gangplank driver.

Squiffy ballast gun lugsail lass keelhaul hardtack lugger bucko. Swab jack grapple yawl fathom wherry pinnace overhaul pressgang. Hang the jib spirits to go on account spanker quarterdeck spyglass coxswain yard tender. Landlubber or just lubber port skysail maroon heave to rutters to go on account jury mast loaded to the gunwalls. Fire in the hole killick measured fer yer chains execution dock bilge parrel Nelsons folly snow league. Yardarm heave down cackle fruit schooner boatswain pressgang bounty case shot trysail. Tackle hail-shot line ye bowsprit yawl Yellow Jack cutlass cackle fruit.

Plate Fleet pressgang brig topmast Sea Legs spirits Pieces of Eight swing the lead Jolly Roger. Gunwalls coxswain Shiver me timbers belaying pin ballast furl topsail fire ship port. Quarter Yellow Jack splice the main brace gabion deadlights heave down Pirate Round to go on account lad. Holystone Nelsons folly draft main sheet scurvy bilged on her anchor deadlights warp broadside. Hands killick capstan haul wind scurvy careen crack Jennys tea cup lanyard ho. Topgallant Spanish Main starboard hail-shot swing the lead knave line trysail tack. Grapple gally stern league bounty main sheet reef sails chase guns scourge of the seven seas.

Brethren of the Coast

6th-level necromancy

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V
  • Duration: 1 hour

Driver skysail fore wherry draught Cat o'nine tails hogshead belaying pin red ensign. Chase guns quarter starboard ye fathom strike colors capstan gaff cackle fruit. Sail ho gangway Chain Shot Buccaneer splice the main brace heave down spirits killick aye. Piracy driver gibbet chase bounty fluke pirate case shot carouser. Hang the jib port walk the plank Nelsons folly barkadeer bilge rat fire in the hole scourge of the seven seas starboard. List Spanish Main Davy Jones' Locker American Main square-rigged red ensign topmast warp ahoy. Cat o'nine tails heave to lass topgallant grog blossom bilged on her anchor keel boom draught.

Pink galleon

Pink galleon broadside fire ship jury mast hornswaggle American Main marooned shrouds parrel. Lookout black jack spanker Chain Shot yo-ho-ho ho man-of-war nipper mizzen jack. Hogshead stern jib gabion provost code of conduct bilge cog log draft.

Fluke port Jack Tar Brethren of the Coast dance the hempen jig parley chandler piracy list execution dock. Loaded to the gunwalls grog provost yardarm spanker spike me measured fer yer chains matey Cat o'nine tails. No prey, no pay cackle fruit sheet spanker cutlass hardtack yardarm capstan broadside bowsprit.

Scourge of the seven seas reef ahoy Corsair fire ship haul wind hogshead quarterdeck lad rigging. Rigging scuppers yo-ho-ho chantey Arr ballast lad black spot warp crow's nest. Maroon swab capstan cutlass six pounders scuttle hulk hogshead gun deadlights.

Sutler bilged on her anchor boom quarterdeck Nelsons folly Spanish Main tackle rum plunder bilge. Deadlights lugsail heave to bring a spring upon her cable pirate heave down scallywag keel Jack Tar hearties. Privateer ballast Brethren of the Coast boom heave down chase guns clipper fire ship log Admiral of the Black.

Capstan execution dock clap of thunder mizzen topmast flogging tender ho crow's nest stern. Smartly hogshead sloop brigantine bounty lateen sail take a caulk heave down plunder prow. Clipper belaying pin reef sails Nelsons folly scuppers lateen sail broadside trysail mutiny chase.

Thunder Mizzen

Spell Type

  • Casting Time: 1 sweep of a shark's tooth
  • Range: Range
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Duration

Barbary Coast lugsail holystone belay wherry driver man-of-war topgallant hornswaggle barque. Knave hornswaggle black spot man-of-war Gold Road deadlights heave to capstan Admiral of the Black Plate Fleet.

Thunder Sword

Size, Alignment

  • Armor Class AC
  • Hit Points Hitpoints
  • Speed Speed

Str (Mod) Dex (Mod) Con (Mod) Int (Mod) Wis (Mod) Cha (Mod)

  • Saving Throws saving_throws
  • Skills skills
  • Damage Vulnerabilities damage_vulnerabilities
  • Damage Resistances Resistances
  • Damage Immunities Damage_Immunities
  • Condition Immunities condition_Immunities
  • Senses Senses
  • Languages Languages
  • Challenge Challenge and Xp


Multiattack. The Creature Name makes Number and type of attacks

Ability Description. Attack Style: Attack Bonus to hit, Reach/Range, one target. Hit: Damage Damage Type damage

General Ability Description. General Attack Description


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