The World Below

by RJBPrime

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the World Below

Chapter 1: Table Guidelines

Basic Etiquette

Outlined below are several points of basic etiquette, that I as a DM expect to be adhered to by the players in my campaigns, and think are important for a comfortable flow of the game and to guarantee a pleasant experience for all participants.

It’s not personal

Keep personal conflicts out of the game and don’t let disagreements escalate into arguments, we’re here to have fun.

Quiet in the back

When the GM is explaining something, try and keep chatter to a minimum. Many times, important details can easily be missed if you aren’t paying full attention. When entering a new room, meeting a new person, or encountering a monster for the first time, it’s generally a good idea to take a second to hear what the GM is saying about it.

Be on time

When the game starts is when the game starts. Being prompt is an important bit of etiquette and shows respect to both your fellow players and the DM. If you can't make the session due to an emergency or on longer notice an important family fest for example, just let me know as soon as you know and as long in advance as possible.

If you want to be part of a campaign I run though, in general it is assumed that you are willing to reliably schedule around "game night" and show up, so we can continue or story with all adventurers on board.

Too far is too far

If anyone at the table is uncomfortable with a situation or series of events, they’re perfectly justified in speaking up about it. The game might stop then while we discuss what happened and see how we can prevent issues in the future or it may continue with an after session or off week meeting to follow up. If something feels wrong, be sure to say something, no one will think less of you for it.

You’re the hero! (but so are they...)

It's easy to be caught up in a "larger than life" persona—that is actually the entire point of the game, really. That being said, everyone deserves and needs their moment in the spotlight to actually participate. Speak up and take action so you aren’t left behind, but be sure to let others get a word in occasionally. It’s a lot more fun if everyone works together.

The Metagame

Metagaming to a degree is okay, for example reminding someone of their own class features or capabilities in combat or standard play is perfectly fine, and is in fact encouraged. When discussing plans during combat you should consider how you would be communicating in-character to avoid the NPCs overhearing you. Granted, as long as you provide a reasonable explanation I will generally let it slide by.

I’ve seen that before!

If you recognize a monster and remember its weaknesses, it would be pointless and cruel for me to ask you not to use that knowledge. You may share it with the other players as well, but first I’ll ask you to make the appropriate check or explain narratively why your character would know that information.

Profanity is a Free Action!

Conversation in combat is perfectly fine as long as you keep it in-character. Shouting strategies across the battlefield might allow the enemies to hear what you’re saying though; be careful and creative with it, maybe even speak in code or give more subtle hints. If you talk for too long you could end up spending your turn. Whenever you’re close to crossing that line the GM will give you an appropriate warning and allow you to take your turn. Ignore the warning at your own risk.

DM Fiat

It's okay to ask questions if you think the DM has fudged something important, we all have off days. At times a DM Fiat may be put in place for the purpose of the story or as a function of a homebrew ruling, but you should never be afraid to ask questions. Just try to not interrupt the flow of the game too much with questions that could better be clarified after the session.

This is about fun

Regardless of what the rules and numbers say we are coming together to have fun—that’s the purpose of the game. If a rule or set of rules is ruining the fun by either making the game too challenging or not challenging enough we can ignore or adjust it; this is our story.

The rule of cool

If it’s awesome, it’s probably possible, especially if it’s well thought out and implemented. Rules will bend around cinematic actions at certain points, especially if it’ll make a great story at a later date, but not EVERY time something happens. It’s coolest the first time, keep that in mind.

But my other DM...

Chances are there will be situations that I rule on differently than DMs you have played with in the past. This is natural, as we all can see different interpretations of the rules if not fully laid out or may choose to ignore or change them for a specific purpose. If a ruling is made and there is good reason for it, chances are it will stand, don’t lose sleep over it; just roll with it. Include this in your Application to any of my games to show that you have read these Guidelines: "Code Zero".

Chapter 2: Campaign Rules

Campaign Sources in Use

All WotC-published sourcebooks for 4E are available. If possible, please use this link to download the Offline Character Builder.

To install it, please run it on a Windows-based OS with DotNet 3.5 installed, from Windows XP, up to Windows 10. MAKE SURE THAT DotNet 3.5 IS INSTALLED, AND FULLY UPDATED, BEFORE BEGINING.

Please READ THE README in the main folder, and install the program in (preferably) the C:\Apps\CB\ folder, as installing the Offline Character Builder in the default C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\ folders causes the app to not work correctly.

When you have been accepted into my adventuring group, you must send me (at minimum) a character sheet (and preferably) your character's *.d&d4e file, saved from the Offline Character Builder, for reviewing.

Character Options in Use

  • Initial Players begin at Level 1, with the following:
    • 200 GP
    • a bonus 1st feat (which must be Versatile Expertise)
    • and a state mandated Explorers Guild recruitment.
  • Players begining at a later date start at the same level as the party and the following:
    • Basic gear
    • Level based treasure
    • a bonus 1stfeat (which must be Versatile Expertise)
    • and a state mandated Explorers Guild recruitment.

As Players progress, they will gain access to Mac Anu's (and possibly others) City Forges. These can be used to upgrade gear, at a cost.

Chapter 3: Campaign Outline

Set in a homebrew world called The World Below uses the D&D4e Ruleset. Players begin in Mac Anu, and travel through Chaos Portals to the eponymous World Below, to search for treasure, artefacts, and the legendary Mother Lode.

Players will meet at a recruitment office to join an explorers guild, and set out on their first journey through the Chaos Gate.

They will be assigned a task to complete before they return, and a guild representative to assist where needed.

Chapter 4: Campaign History

5,000 years ago

War engulfs the world, and with the heavy losses on all sides, something must be done.

5,000 to -4,999 years ago

Mac Anu is lifted into the sky.

4,500 years ago

The Chaos Gates are first formed. Adventurer guilds begin passing through. When they return they begin telling tales of treasure, dangerous foes, and that the war has wiped out most settlements.

3,000 to 2,999 years ago

A madness begins to grip the city of Mac Anu. When diagnosed, physicians determine that it originates from the World Below. The city of Mac Anu is placed under quarantine, and the ruling family succumbs, thus ending their reign. A council is formed in their stead, and guides the city back to its feet. Each council member is elected for life, and the position is inherited by their firstborn.

The madness is named Traveler's Sickness, and is wiped out by the next year.

1,000 to 998 years ago

A coup is staged against the council, as most of them are accused of being corrupt. The military place it's top leaders of each division in charge, until the trials of the council and elections of the new council are held.

Takes two years for the final trial, of one Sigma Servantes. He swears vengeance against those who wronged him. He is then exiled.

498 years ago

Rumors of Sigma Servantes' return to Mac Anu abound but go unfounded. A squad from the Fenrir Corp guild are sent to investigate, but find nothing. Told to continue searching until Sigma is found.

495 years ago

The Fenrir Corp squad sent to find Sigma Servantes either die or disappear, under mysterious circumstances. Fenrir Corp investigate internally, but find nothing.

200 years ago

Rumors of a dark figure, cloaked in shadows, persist to circulate. City watch redoubles its security.

50 years ago to 1 year ago

Player Characters enlisted at their training guilds, to prepare for their life as Explorers.


After much hardship, the PC's have graduated from training. They now enlist to join a true Explorers guild, and find themselves at a recruitment office, ready to go out and explore The World Below.




Join RJBPrime, as your DM, on a quest
of adventure, to find the Mother Lode
of The World Below. But beware, not
everything is as it seems...

Cover Art: Peter Lee

Back Cover Art: [Unknown] - D&D4e Core 3 Slip Case