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When starting a new character, it can be easy to forget what all of your options are, as there are so many and the list keeps getting longer. All of the class and race options currently available for DnD 5e are listed here, including those covered in Official Unearthed Arcana articles. You can find an appendix of terminology and referenced articles at the end of this document with links to everything.

***All Unearthed Arcana material is semi-unofficial and intended for playtesting. Ask your DM before using them.

Race Subraces Reference Notes
Aarakocra N/A EE
Aasimar Protector, Scourge, Fallen VOLO There is an alternate Aasimar in the DMG (Page 286)
Centaur N/A UA Centaurs and Minotaurs
Changeling UA Eberron
Dragonborn N/A PHB
Dwarf Hill, Mountain, Duergar(SCAG,MTOF) PHB Duergar was added in SCAG and reprinted in MTOF
Elf High, Wood, Drow, Eladrin, Sea, Shadar-kai (MTOF), Avariel, Grugach, (UA Elf Subraces) PHB Older versions of Eladrin in DMG and UA Eladrin & Gith
Firbolg N/A VOLO
Genasi Air, Earth, Fire, Water EE
Gith Githyanki, Githzerai MTOF
Gnome Forest, Rock, Svirfneblin(SCAG,MTOF) PHB Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome) are presented as a subrace in SCAG and MTOF and a full race in EE. They are identical.
Goliath N/A EE, VOLO Both references are identical, VOLO is a reprint of the race
Half Elf Wood, Moon/Sun, Drow, Aquatic PHB Subraces listed are variants found in the SCAG
Half Orc N/A PHB
Halfling Lightfoot, Stout, Ghostwise(SCAG) PHB
Human Variant Human(PHB) PHB
Kenku N/A VOLO
Lizardfolk N/A VOLO
Minotaur N/A UA Centaurs and Minotaurs Old version in UA Waterborne
Shifter Beasthide, Cliffwalk, Longstride, Longtooth, Razorclaw, Wildhunt UA Eberron
Tabaxi N/A VOLO
Tiefling Infernal(PHB), Abyssal(UA Black Magic), Feral(SCAG), Lords of Hell (MTOF) PHB Several variant features are available in SCAG, and in MTOF
Triton N/A VOLO
Warforged N/A UA Eberron

Monstrous Races

VOLO includes several monstrous race options. These are regarded as special, situational options, and are not always intended for use with other races. They are: Bugbear, Hobgoblin, Goblin, Kobold, Yuan-ti Pureblood, and Orc


For Ghostly Campaigns, the Revenant Subrace can be applied to any race that has existing subraces, with special rules for Humans, Dragonborns, and Tieflings (UA Gothic)

Official Class options

Class/Subclass Reference Notes
Berserker PHB
Totem Warrior PHB Extra Totem Options in SCAG
Battlerager SCAG
Ancestral Guardian XGTE
Storm Herald XGTE
Zealot XGTE
Bard --------------- --------------------------------------------
Lore PHB All Colleges: Extra Instrument choices in SCAG
Valor PHB
Glamour XGTE
Swords XGTE
Whispers XGTE
Satire UA Kits of Old
Cleric --------------- --------------------------------------------
Knowledge PHB
Life PHB
Light PHB
Nature PHB
Tempest PHB
Trickery PHB
Death DMG Villainous Class Options, Pg 97.
Arcana SCAG
Forge XGTE
Grave XGTE
Protection UA Cleric
Order UA Order Domain
Druid --------------- --------------------------------------------
Land PHB
Moon PHB
Dreams XGTE
Shepherd XGTE
Twilight UA Druid
Spores UA Three Subclasses
Class/Subclass Reference Notes
Fighter --------------- Extra Fighting Styles in UA Waterborne and UA Underdark
Champion PHB
Battle Master PHB
Eldritch Knight PHB
Purple Dragon Knight SCAG Also Known as Banneret outside of the Forgotten Realms
Arcane Archer XGTE
Cavalier XGTE
Samurai XGTE
Scout UA Kits of Old Not to be confused with the Rogue Scout subclass
Knight UA Fighter
Sharpshooter UA Fighter
Monster Hunter UA Gothic
Brute UA Three Subclasses
Monk --------------- -----------------------------------------
Open Hand PHB
Shadow PHB
Four Elements PHB
Long Death SCAG
Sun Soul SCAG Reprinted in XGTE with no changes
Drunken Master XGTE
Kensei XGTE
Tranquility UA Monk
Paladin --------------- Extra Fighting Styles in UA Waterborne and UA Underdark
Devotion PHB
Ancients PHB
Vengeance PHB
Oathbreaker DMG Villainous Class Options, Pg 97.
Crown SCAG
Conquest XGTE
Redemption XGTE
Treachery UA Paladin
Class/Subclass Reference Notes
Ranger --------------- Alt in UA Modifying Classes
Hunter PHB Extra Fighting Styles in UA Waterborne and UA Underdark
Beast Master PHB
Gloom Stalker XGTE Based on Deep Stalker from UA Underdark
Horizon Walker XGTE
Monster Slayer XGTE
Primeval Guardian UA Ranger & Rogue
Revised Ranger --------------- UA Revised Ranger
Beast UA Revised Ranger Extra Fighting Styles in UA Waterborne and UA Underdark
Hunter UA Revised Ranger
Deep Stalker UA Revised Ranger
Horizon Walker UA Ranger & Rogue Slight Changes provided for Revised Ranger
Primeval Guardian UA Ranger & Rogue Slight Changes provided for Revised Ranger
Monster Slayer UA Trio of Subclasses Slight Changes provided for Revised Ranger
Rogue --------------- --------------------------------------------
Thief PHB
Assassin PHB
Arcane Trickster PHB
Mastermind SCAG Reprinted in XGTE with no changes
Swashbuckler SCAG Reprinted in XGTE with no changes
Inquisitive XGTE
Scout XGTE Not to be confused with the Fighter Scout subclass
Sorceror --------------- ------------------------------------------
Draconic Bloodline PHB
Wild Magic PHB
Storm Sorcery SCAG Reprinted in XGTE with no changes
Divine Soul XGTE Based on Favored Soul from UA Sorcerer
Shadow XGTE
Phoenix Sorcery UA Sorceror
Sea Sorcery UA Sorceror
Stone Sorcery UA Sorceror
Warlock --------------- Additional Eldritch Invocations in XGTE
Archfey PHB
Fiend PHB
Great Old One PHB
Undying SCAG
Celestial XGTE Based on Undying Light from UA Underdark
Hexblade XGTE
Seeker UA Faithful
Raven Queen UA Warlock & Wizard
Wizard --------------- ------------------------------------
Abjuration PHB
Conjuration PHB
Divination PHB
Enchantment PHB
Evocation PHB
Illusion PHB
Necromancy PHB
Transmutation PHB
Bladesinging SCAG
War Magic XGTE
Artificer UA Eberron Not to be confused with the Artificer Class
Theurgy UA Wizard Revisited Originally in UA Faithful
Lore Master UA Warlock & Wizard
Invention UA Three Subclasses
Artificer --------------- UA Artificer
Alchemist UA Artificer
Gunsmith UA Artificer
Mystic --------------- UA Mystic
Avatar UA Mystic
Awakened UA Mystic
Immortal UA Mystic
Nomad UA Mystic
Soul Knife UA Mystic
Wu Jen UA Mystic


Feat Source Requirements Summary
Alert PHB Initiative Bonus, Unsirpriseable
Athlete PHB +STR/DEX, better climbing, standing up, jumping
Actor PHB +CHA, Better imitation, mimic speech
Charger PHB Running attack w/ the dash action
Crossbow Expert PHB No loading, better close range, off-hand crossbow
Defensive Duelist PHB DEX 13 Use reaction to add to AC w/ finesse weapon
Dual Wielder PHB +1 AC, wield 2 non-light weapons, Draw 2 weapons
Dungeon Delver PHB Better with secret doors and traps
Durable PHB +CON, better hit-die recovery
Elemental Adept PHB The ability to cast at least one spell Ignore resistance for chosen damage type
Grappler PHB STR 13 Better grappling attacks, set grappled enemy prone
Great Weapon Master PHB Extra attack on crit or kill, -5 attack for +10 damage
Healer PHB Stabilize grants 1HP, Healers kit restores Hit Points
Heavily Armored PHB Proficiency with medium armor +STR, Proficiency with Heavy Armor
Heavy Armor Master PHB Proficiency with heavy armor +STR, Less Damage from Blunt, Pierce and Slash
Inspiring Leader PHB CHA 13 Inspire allies with Temp HP outside combat
Keen Mind PHB +INT, better memory, better navigation
Lightly Armored PHB +STR/DEX, Proficiency with Light Armor
Linguist PHB +INT, +3 languages, create ciphers
Lucky PHB 3 rerolls per long rest
Mage Slayer PHB Reaction attacks on spell cast, break concentration
Magic Initiate PHB Learn 2 cantrips and one spell
Martial Adept PHB 2 maneuvers from Battle Master, d6 superiority die
Medium Armor Master PHB Proficiency with medium armor Better armored stealth, better DEX bonus to AC
Mobile PHB +10ft movement, avoid some opportunity attacks
Moderately Armored PHB Proficiency with light armor +STR/DEX, Proficiency with medium armor/shields
Mounted Combatant PHB Better mounted attacks, protection of mount
Observant PHB +INT/WIS, Lip-reading, +5 Passive Perception
Polearm Master PHB Bonus action attack, react. attack incoming enemies
Resilient PHB +1 any ability score, Proficiency saves of that score
Ritual Caster PHB INT or WIS 13 Ritual Book, 2 1st level rituals
Savage Attacker PHB Reroll damage once/turn
Sentinel PHB better opportunity attacks
Sharpshooter PHB No range/cover penalty, -5 attack for +10 damage
Shield Master PHB Bonus action shove, better DEX saves,
Skilled PHB Proficiency in 3 skills/tools
Skulker PHB DEX 13 Better hiding, attacks in stealth, and low-light eyes
Spell Sniper PHB The ability to cast at least one spell +1 cantrip, longer range spells, ignore some cover
Tavern Brawler PHB +STR/CON, better improv and unarmed and grapple
Feat Source Requirements Summary
Tough PHB Extra Hit points per level
War Caster PHB The ability to cast at least one spell opportunity attack spells, better concentration
Weapon Master PHB +STR/DEX, Proficiency with 4 weapons
Bountiful Luck XGTE Halfling Race Allies reroll crit fails
Dragon Fear XGTE Dragonborn Race +STR/CON, use Breath Weapon to cause fear
Dragon Hide XGTE Dragonborn Race +STR/CHA/CON, 13+ DEX unarmored AC, unarmed claws
Drow High Magic XGTE Drow Subrace Detect magic at will, levitate +dispel magic 1/day
Dwarven Fortitude XGTE Dwarf Race +CON, Hit Die Heal when Dodging
Elven Accuracy XGTE Elf or Half-Elf Race +DEX, Reroll one die on advantage attacks
Fade Away XGTE Gnome Race +INT, Become invisible when taking damage
Fey Teleportation XGTE High Elf Race +INT, learn Sylvan, misty step 1/short rest
Flames of Phlegethos XGTE Tiefling +INT/CHA, reroll fire damage, fire aura
Infernal Constitution XGTE Tiefling Race +CON, resist cold/poison, advantage saves against poison
Orcish Fury XGTE Half-Orc Race +STR/CON, extra damage 1/day, special reaction attack
Prodigy XGTE Half-Elf, Half-Orc, or Human Race gain a skill, language, and tool prof, expertise in one thing
Second Chance XGTE Halfling Race +DEX/CON/CHA, reroll incoming attack 1/day
Squat Nimbleness XGTE Dwarf or any Small Race +STR/DEX, +5ft. speed, prof. Acrobatics/Athletics, adv. to escape grapple
Wood Elf Magic XGTE Wood Elf Subrace Learn Druid cantrip and longstrider/pass without trace
Dragonmark UA Eberron Learn spells with levels
Fell Handed UA Feats Better with Axes/Warhammer/Maul
Blade Mastery UA Feats Better with Swords/blades
Flail Mastery UA Feats Better with Flails
Spear Mastery UA Feats Better with Spears
Alchemist UA Feats +INT, prof. w/ alchemist tools, better with potions
Burglar UA Feats +DEX, prof. w/ thieves tools,
Gourmand UA Feats +CON, prof. w/ cooks utencils, better with food
Master of Disguise UA Feats +CHA, prof. w/ disguise kit, better disguises
Acrobat UA SkillFeats +DEX, prof. Acrobatics, Check to ignore difficult terrain
Animal Handler UA SkillFeats +WIS, prof. Animal Handling, Command friendly beasts
Arcanist UA SkillFeats +INT, prof. Arcana, learn 2 spells
Brawny UA SkillFeats +STR, prof. Athletics, Carry more
Diplomat UA SkillFeats +CHA, prof. Persuasion, talking charm outside combat
Empathic UA SkillFeats +WIS, prof. Insight, Check for adv against creature
Historian UA SkillFeats +INT, prof. History, better help action
Investigator UA SkillFeats +INT, prof. Investigation, search as a bonus action
Medic UA SkillFeats +WIS, prof. Medicine, better hit die recovery for 6
Menacing UA SkillFeats +CHA, prof. Intimidation, replace 1 attack to intimidate
Naturalist UA SkillFeats +INT, prof. Nature, Learn 2 spells
Perceptive UA SkillFeats +WIS, prof. Perception, no lightly obscured penalty
Performer UA SkillFeats +CHA, prof. Performance, perform to distract
Quick-Fingered UA SkillFeats +DEX, prof. Sleight of Hand, bonus action pickpocket
Silver-Tongued UA SkillFeats +CHA, prof. Deception, replace 1 attack to decieve
Stealthy UA SkillFeats +DEX, prof. Stealth, better hidden movement
Feat Source Requirements Summary
Survivalist UA SkillFeats +WIS, prof. Survival, learn alarm spell
Theologian UA SkillFeats +INT, prof. Religion, learn 2 spells
Barbed Hide UA RaceFeats Tiefling Race +CON/CHA, damage grappling, prof. Intimidation
Critter Friend UA RaceFeats Forest Gnome Race Prof. Animal Handling, speak with animals spell
Dragon Wings UA RaceFeats Dragonborn Race 20ft. Fly Speed
Drow High Magic UA RaceFeats Drow Elf Race Detect magic, levitate, and dispel magic
Everybody's Friend UA RaceFeats Half-Elf Race +CHA, Prof. Deception and Persuasion
Grudge-Bearer UA RaceFeats Dwarf Race +STR/CON/WIS, better against certian creature types
Orcish Aggression UA RaceFeats Half-Orc Race Bonus action move toward enemy
Wonder Maker UA RaceFeats Rock Gnome Race +DEX/INT, Better Tinker Creations
Human Determination UA RaceFeats Human Race +Any ability score, adv. on anything 1/day
Svirfneblin Magic SCAG Pg 115 Deep Gnome Race Learn 3 spells

Modern Campaign Options

For Sci-fi and modern adventures, there are three subclasses available in UA Modern Magic: The City Domain Cleric, The Warlock of the Ghost in the Machine, and the Technomancer Wizard.


Material of (Very) Questionable Status

I was made aware of some material authored by the team behind Magic: The Gathering at Wizards of the Coast. I don't feel I can responsibly include them along with the rest, but they are options, and they are technically by WotC, so I'll leave them to your discretion. As always, ask your DM.



  • DMG = Dungeon Master's Guide
  • EE = Elemental Evil Player's Companion
  • PHB = Player's HandBook
  • SCAG = Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide
  • UA = Unearthed Arcana
  • VOLO = Volo's Guide to Monsters
  • XGTE = Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  • MTOF = Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Original By /u/SubjectiveSloth.
Updated by /u/MechaDoomDragon
All Material by Wizards of the Coast.
  • PHB - Always okay to use essentially every class and race mentioned. These are core rules, so this is almost always true.
  • DMG, SCAG, EE, VOLO, XGTE, MTOF - Classes and Races from these books are official, but may be considered unwelcome variants by some DM's and some stories.
  • UA - The elephant in the room, UA are playtest material written by Wizards of the Coast, and while many DM's would love to see their cool new options at their tables, others have concerns about their balance and viability. Always ask your DM before using these.

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