Druid Circle of the Far Stars

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Circle of the Far Stars

Most Druids take their magic from the natural world around them and assume the forms of earthly beasts. To these, aberrations and other energies from beyond the stars are considered anathema. But some Druids recognize that each plane, each world, has its own definition of natural and normal. These Druids take their power from the natural power of otherworldy places and things- powers that would be unnatural on their own world. The Circle of the Far Stars is a tradition that opens itself to the thoughts and forms others wouldn't even consider.

Class Name
Level Features
2nd Weird Forms
6th Opened Mind
10th Xenomorphic
14th Outer Influence

Weird Forms


The strength of realms beyond your understanding empowers you. The maximum CR of creatures you can Wildshape into is 1/2. Beginning at 4th level, that maximum increases to your Druid level divided by 4 (rounded down).


Starting at 2nd level, you have new options when Wild Shaping. Whenever you Wild Shape, you may adopt a form akin to a beast of another realm. If you do so, you Wild Shape as normal, choosing a Beast of an appropriate CR, but your creature type becomes Aberration instead of Beast; the form you select is not actually that of a natural earthly animal but rather a similar one from beyond the stars. In addition, choose one of the following traits for you form to gain. If a Trait has a level requirement, you must be a Druid of at least that level to select it.

  • Alien Brain. (6th level) Your form is able to produce a unique psionic blast as an Action. Each creature in a 15-foot cone centered on you must make an Intelligence save against your Druid spellcasting DC. On a failure, a creature suffers 2d6 Psychic damage, or half as much on a success. A creature that fails by 5 or more is stunned until the end of your next turn. At 14th level, this increases to 3d6 damage.
  • Aquatic. (4th level) Your form is adapted for aquatic worlds. It gains a swim speed equal to its highest non-swim speed, and can breathe underwater.
  • Carapace. Your form has a protective outer layer of hardened growth. It's natural armor increases by 3. At 10th level, this increass by 1 to a total of 4.
  • Corrupted Soil. (6th level) You alter and taint the ground around you. All ground within 15 feet of your form is treated as Difficult Terrain by creatures other than you.
  • Eyeless. (6th level) Your form has no eyes, yet is unnaturally able to hone in on life-forms near it. You lose all eye-based senses such as normal or darkvision, but gain blindsight (30ft). You are blind beyond this radius. At 14th level, the range of your Blindsight increases to 60.
  • Eyes. Your form is covered in numerous Eyes. You see in all directions simultaneously and have Advantage on Wisdom(Perception) checks that rely on sight. You also gain Darkvision (60ft) if your form did not already posses it.
  • Slime. Your form is coated in a slippery substance. You have advantage on all checks and saves made to avoid a Grapple or the Restrained condition.
  • Tentacles. Your form grows one or more tentacles. Each natural attack your form possess, such as a Bite or Claw, increases its reach by 5 feet.
  • Twisted Presence. (14th level) Your form twists and alters the nature of reality around it, and other creatures find it diffcult to cope. Each creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of you suffers 2d6 Psychic damage.
  • Unearthly Wings. (10th level) Your form sports large, unsettling wings. It gains a flying speed equal to its highest non-flying speed.

Opened Mind

At 6th level, your mind has been expanded by the influence of the unearthly energies you allow into yourself. You gain resistance to Psychic damage and can communicate telepathically with any creature that has a language within 60 feet of you. This communication is two-way.


Beginning at 10th level, when you Wildshape, you choose two traits from the Weird Forms list, instead of one. In addition, whenever you complete a long rest, you may select one of the traits from the Weird Forms list that does not have a level requirement. You gain that trait in your normal form, and the trait persists until your next long rest.

Outer Influence

Beginning at 14th level, the unnatural powers you wield begin to effect that natural environment you interact with. By spending 1 minute infusing a Beast with these energies, you grant it one of the traits from the Weird Forms list. The Beast does not need to be willing, but you must remain in contact with it for the full duration. This alteration remains for 1 hour. You cannot infuse a Beast in this way while another is already infused. In addition, whenever you conjure a creature, such as with Conjure Animals or Conjure Elemental, choose one creature you conjure. That creature gains one the traits from the Weird Forms list for the duration of its conjuring.


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