House Rules for City of Zobeck

by jerry247

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Zobeck: Magic Items for Sale

Reaction Roll

Sometime a player may choose to schmooze or intimidate a purveyors of magic item. These NPCs start off at indifferent unless they are dealers of illicit goods, which start at hostile. Player makes a Charisma (ability) check to modify the NPC's initial reaction.

Example: Rodger goes to see his friendly neighborhood magic item purveyor, Tannis. Rodger is 1st level and has a +5 to his Charisma (Persuasion). Rodger rolls an 16 for a total of 21, moving Tannis' current reaction up to Friendly. More rolls like this or maybe a special mission and Rodger may permanently increase Tannis' base reaction.

Conversation Reaction Table

Loyal DC Friendly DC Indifferent DC Unfriendly DC Hostile DC Current Reaction Discount %
0 10 Hostile 0
0 10 20 Unfriendly 5
0 10 20 Indifferent 10
0 10 20 Friendly 15
10 20 Loyal 20

Magic Stock Roll

Once per session a single player can make a Charisma (ability) roll DC 15. The amount above 15 is number of times they roll on Table 1 below (minimum 1).

Example: Rodger talks to Tannis about his magic item stock and is asked to roll Charisma (Persuasion). He gets a 12 for a total of 17; two rolls on the table! Rodger rolls a 67 and a 24, two common magic items individually priced at 85GP takling in the 15% discount from his reaction.

Table 1: Magic Item Stock
d100 Table Cost (-React DC%)
01-75 Table A: Minor Common Magic Items 100GP
76-99 Table B: Minor Uncommon Magic Items 500GP
00 Table C: Minor Rare Magic Items 5,000GP

Minor common

d12 d10 Item Type Attune?
1 1-2 Armor of gleaming Armor No
1 3-4 Bead of nourishment Wondrous item No
1 5-6 Bead of refreshment Wondrous item No
1 7-8 Boots of false tracks Wondrous item No
1 9-0 Candle of the deep Wondrous item No
2 1-2 Cast-off armor Armor No
d12 d10 Item Type Attune?
2 3-4 Charlatan's die Wondrous item Yes
2 5-6 Cloak of billowing Wondrous item No
2 7-8 Cloak of many fashions Wondrous item No
2 9-0 Clockwork amulet Wondrous item No
3 1-2 Clothes of mending Wondrous item No
3 3-4 Dark shard amulet Wondrous item Yes (Wk)
3 5-6 Dread helm Wondrous item No
3 7-8 Ear horn of hearing Wondrous item No
3 9-0 Enduring spellbook Wondrous item No
4 1-2 Ersatz eye Wondrous item Yes
4 3-4 Hat of vermin Wondrous item No
4 5-6 Hat of wizardry Wondrous item Yes (Wz)
4 7-8 Heward's handy spice pouch Wondrous item No
4 9-0 Horn of silent alarm Wondrous item No
5 1-2 Instrument of illusions Wondrous item Yes
5 3-4 Instrument of scribing Wondrous item Yes
5 5-6 Lock of trickery Wondrous item No
5 7-8 Moon-touched sword Weapon No
5 9-0 Mystery key Wondrous item No
6 1-2 Orb of direction Wondrous item No
6 3-4 Orb of time Wondrous item No
6 5-6 Perfume of bewitching Wondrous item No
6 7-8 Pipe of smoke monsters Wondrous item No
6 9-0 Pole of angling Wondrous item No
7 1-2 Pole of collapsing Wondrous item No
7 3-4 Pot of awakening Wondrous item No
7 5-8 Potion of climbing Potion No
7 9-0 Rope of mending Wondrous item No
7 1-2 Ruby of the war mage Wondrous item Yes (SC)
8 3-4 Shield of expression Armor No
8 5-6 Smoldering armor Armor No
8 7-8 Spell scroll (cantrip) Scroll No
8 9-0 Spell scroll (1st level) Scroll No
8 1-2 Staff of adornment Staff No
9 3-4 Staff of birdcalls Staff No
9 5-6 Staff of flowers Staff No
9 7-8 Talking doll Wondrous item Yes
9 9-0 Tankard of sobriety Wondrous item No
d12 d10 Item Type Attune?
9 1-2 Unbreakable arrow Weapon No
10 3-4 Veteran?s cane Wondrous item No
10 5-6 Walloping ammunition Weapon No
10 7-8 Wand of conducting Wand No
10 9-0 Wand of pyrotechnics Wand No
10 1-2 Wand of scowls Wand No
11 3-4 Wand of smiles Wand No
11 5-6 Brawler's Leather Weapon No
11 7-8 Lifeblood Gear, Small Wondrous item No
11 9-0 Spicebox Spoon Wondrous item No
12 1-4 Tactile Unguent Potion No
12 5-6 Tailor's Clasp Wondrous item No
12 7-8 Whispering Powder Wondrous item No
12 9-0 Roll Again Twice - -

Table B: Minor Uncommon Magic Items

2d8 Item Type Attune?
11 Alchemy jug Wondrous item No
12 Ammunition,+1 Weapon No
13 Bag of holding Wondrous item No
14 Cap of water breathing Wondrous item No
15 Cloak of the manta ray Wondrous item No
16 Decanter of endless water Wondrous item No
17 Driftglobe Wondrous item No
18 Dust of disappearance Wondrous item No
21 Dust of dryness Wondrous item No
22 Dust of sneezing and choking Wondrous item No
23 Elemental gem Wondrous item No
24-25 Eyes of minute seeing Wondrous item No
25 Goggles of night Wondrous item No
26-27 Helm of comprehending languages Wondrous item No
28-31 Immovable rod Rod No
32-33 Keoghtom?s ointment Wondrous item No
34-35 Lantern of revealing Wondrous item No
36-37 Mariner's armor Armor No
38-41 Mithral armor Armor No
42-43 Oil of slipperiness Potion No
44-45 Periapt of health Wondrous item No
46-47 Philter of love Potion No
48 Potion of animal friendship Potion No
51 Potion of fire breath Potion No
2d8 Item Type Attune?
52 Potion of healing, greater Potion No
53 Potion of growth Potion No
54 Potion of hill giant strength Potion No
55-56 Potion of poison Potion No
57-58 Potion of resistance Potion No
61 Potion of water breathing Potion No
62 Ring of swimming Ring No
63 Robe of useful items Wondrous item No
64 Rope of climbing Wondrous item No
65 Saddle of the cavalier Wondrous item No
66 Sending stones Wondrous item No
67 Spell scroll(2nd level) Scroll No
68 Spell scroll(3rd level) Scroll No
71 Wand of magic detection Wand No
72 Wand of secrets Wand No
73 Alchemical Lantern Wondrous item No
74 Blinding Lantern Wondrous item No
75 Boots of Solid Footing Wondrous item No
76 Burglar's Lock and Key Wondrous item No
77 Clockwork Hand Wondrous item Yes
78 Fanged Mask Wondrous item Yes
81 Gliding Cloak Wondrous item Yes
82-83 Hardening Polish Potion No
84 Jungle Mess Kit Wondrous item No
85 Scoundrel's Gambit Wondrous item No
86 Shifting Shirt Wondrous item No
87 Shoes of the Shingled Canopy Wondrous item Yes
88 Spider Grenade Wondrous item No

Table C: Minor Rare Magic Items

d8 Item Type Attune?
1 Bag of Traps Wondrous item No
2 Boots of the Swift Striker Wondrous item Yes
3 Catalyst Oil Wondrous item No
4 Ring of Giant Mingling Wondrous item Yes
5 Scarf of Deception Wondrous item No
6 *Shadowhound's Muzzle Wondrous item Yes
7 *Tick Stop Watch Wondrous item No
8 *Tipstaff Weapon Yes

*Illegal and only available only at shady stores/sellers.


In the fifth edition dungeons and dragons, rules as written, inspiration can be used for advantage on a roll, before the roll is made. Most tables allow inspiration to add that die after the initial roll, I've taken that a step further and stole some rules from reddit and other places to make inspiration more useful. This can be dropped right into and d20 based system, and maybe a few others. What good is more uses for inspiration if you rarely get it? Worry no more, I have also came up with new ways to gain inspiration. Remember, role playing is a team sport so make sure to remind your dungeon master if you or someone else should gain inspiration.

Ways to use your inspiration*:
Reroll (not advantage, just reroll) any roll (even mine!).
Add a flat 5 to the roll.
Take an extra single action.
Auto stablize.
"If only I..."
You can use it to have retroactively planned or done something plausible offscreen, but you have to act it out.
You can use it to introduce a plot connection with a character that's plausible.
Regain one short rest ability.
Add advantage to a roll.
Ways to gain inspiration:
Role play a flaw (may need to remind the DM).
Doing nothing during downtime.
Press through multiple encounters without a rest (after 2nd recieve at begining of next encounter).
Reminding me of something not in their favor (Lair Action, exhaustion, etc).
Choosing to go into danger to move the story forward.
*Inspiration can not be traded or used for someone else except for changing rolls.


Traveling for long distances can be dangerous, to complete a travel scene players must complete a skill challenge. Each player can use a skill they are proficient in (with no assistance from others) and describe ho they helped the journey along. Region type traveled through determines base DC. For multiple regions take a weighted average of terrains traveled through. **For example**, 2 days through *civilized* terrain and 5 days through *wildlands* would be DC 14.

Terrain Difficulty Table

Difficulty Example Terrain DC*
Easy Civilization 10
Moderate Borderlands 15
Hard Wildlands 20
Very Hard Hostile 25
Nearly Impossible Other Planes 30

*Each full week beyond the first adds +1 DC

The base range for the skill challenge is 8 successes before 3 failures, although this can be modified for different kinds of journeys. Each time a failure is rolled, the player must roll on the Travel Challenge Failure Table below. Except for encounters, these effects take place immediately and happens to each character present.

Travel Challenge Failure

1 Lose 1 per each character level worth of abilities, spells count as 1/2 an ability.
2 +1 Exhaustion.
3-4 Encounter (2nd or third means harder encounter) upon arrival.
5 Lose level divided by 2 hit dice.
6-8 Lose 2 times the number of PCs pieces of equipment (bolts/arrows etc count as sold).
9-11 Lost add 1 day per level.
12 Lose 1 from attribute used until long rest.
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