LVN 01 - The Delian Data Tomb

by LeVentNoir

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LVN01 - The Delian Data Tomb

By /u/LeVentNoir

The human looked over the hustle of activity. The Delian Data Tomb LLC was going under. Well, there went four weeks careful planning and operation and now it was time to inform her client that more drastic measures would be needed. Independent operators.

A first Shadowrun

The purpose of this document is to help a first (or experienced) time GM take some new players and play Shadowrun. While this is mechanically suited for 5th Edition, the themes and setting should be easily adaptable.

This is a Game Master only document, as it contains details about opposition and information that plays should discover through play.

The starting point for any Role Playing Game should be a Session Zero. This is a conversation about what themes, scenes, morals, and limits. This is especially important in a game with dark themes and actions, such as Shadowrun. This Geek and Sundry pages gives a good overview.

After you have talked over what is acceptable or not, you will need a Game Master (GM), pens, pencils, dice, and some characters. You can make your own, or you can use /u/Bamce's pregenerated starting characters.

The Game Master should read over this entire document and familiarise themselves with it, then we can get into the game.

Delian Data Tomb

Delian Data Tomb is a multi stage introduction to the basics of shadowrunning as commonly presented. It poses common styles of opponents, targets, employers and crimes. The GM should let players who come up with effective solutions to succeed, and to trust in the skills and knowledge of the characters. Most of all, Shadowrun is not a game of fighting your way through, but solving the problem posed in the way that you are most comfortable and skilled at.

This run assumes an urban setting, but can be easily adapted to whatever location you wish.

Lessons are presented in red text, and are intended to be read to players after resolving the relevant portion of the run.

GM help is presented in white boxes, and help the GM with handling various parts of the run that might be delicate, difficult or unfamiliar.


Alexis Francosia, a local Business Intelligence Analyst at Lymwoods Holding Company, has been asked to learn the intended recipient of a shipping package that was routed through the city docks some years ago. The shipping company had archived all information in the Delian Data Tomb LLC. and an operation was on to extract the required data. However, the Delian Data Tomb has gone into receivership, and a new approach is needed.

The data sought is located on a host currently offline, in the safe of the CEO, and in paper form with an archivist.

The runners will have to deal with the security of the building proper, the security for the Delian Data Tomb specifically, and locate the data.

This is meant to be an introductory Shadowrun so there are a number of general principles that should be followed to make it easier for the players.

The characters should be considered professional enough to automatically notice any security devices or details that aren't mentioned to require a perception check. Announce their presence as part of the narration of the scene when characters first encounter them.

Additionally, it would be easy (Threshold 1 Security Procedures or Security Devices knowledge skill) for a character to recognise what the device / procedure is and at least one way to neutralise it.

If a character does not have the exact knowledge skill listed, one that is close enough may be used instead.

The Meet

One of the players gets a call from a fixer they know sort of ok. "Chummer. I got a job. Total Milk Run. Now if you want more details, you'll come to the 5th floor of the office building at 14th street, two hours from now."

The runners will have to scramble to get to the meet location, and will have to travel across town to get there. While shadowrunners with cars will be able to drive right outside the meet location before Gridguide sends the car to a parking garage, those without will have to walk or get the bus. Regardless, the downtown location is too well patrolled and observed to get away with heavy armament or armour.

Ask the characters what armour, weapons and items they are bringing to the meet, and if they describe something that will cause them problems, call for a Threshold 1 check on an Area Knowledge skill. If successful, the character recognises the poor idea.

On the journey there, describe the AR in the air. The weird magic the gangers are using to mug people. Take the advanced and the fantastic, then make it dirty, dark and normal.

Arriving at the location, there's no specific security apart from what might be in the general area. The corp with the law contract is on patrol, and will arrest and detain anyone carrying overt weapons or armour: Anything heavier than an armoured jacket, or larger than a pistol. The character will be fined 500n¥ if the weapon is Restricted. If the weapon is Forbidden, it will be a 3000n¥ fine and the character will be detained for six hours, causing them to miss the meet.

Lesson: This game is one where the characters are operating in a setting with a system of law put in place to profit and control. While laws can be broken, and security evaded, picking an open fight with the law is a poor idea.

When the characters enter the office building at the location given, they find that the lobby is empty apart from an automated information system that shows that the 5th floor is being renovated between tenants. The 5th floor is open, missing anything but the bare walls, and a man of indeterminate age, ethnicity, and status stands waiting for you, flanked by one huge, hulking troll enhanced with cybernetics and a dwarf, mystical patterns tattooed into her face. The Mr Johnson is at the meet.

The Mr Johnson is Alexis Francosia, and he has pulled some strings with his contacts to get a new, untested, but cheap team to try them out on a low risk job. The troll is his bodyguard Krogar, and the dwarf is a corporate mage Ms Colleen.

As the runners approach, the Mr Johnson smiles, and opens his arms. "Hello. Let's be brief. Delian Data Tomb has just gone into receivership. They are located a few blocks from here, and currently are being liquidated. I'm willing to pay for one specific bit of information: Who was the recipient of shipping order 81218451?"

The troll and dwarf stay silent through the entire proceedings, and only act if the Runners become threatening or hostile. If the characters do this, step out of character and talk about why they are doing this. Being violent now causes the job to never occur and the session to end.

The runners might have many questions, and Mr Johnson will answer them as long as they are not overly tiresome. The characters might ask some of the following questions of the Mr Johnson. He is willing to answer, and has reasonable information about the job in general.

  • Where is the data? A: Assumedly on the host, whose general matrix connections have been severed and only slaved devices can still connect. Otherwise, look for datachips.
  • What is the opposition? A: The security contract is active until the end of the liquidation, so expect a Bronze Corporate defense Contract.
  • What's the timeline? A: Once the liquidation is complete the data will be burned. I expect no more than two or three days. Don't bother contacting me if you can't get the data.
  • How do we contact you? A: Leave a datachip with the info in locker 931 at the metro. Come one day later for the credstick if I approve.

After the back and forth, the Mr Johnson makes an initial offer of 5,000n¥ per character. If players wish to negotiate, test one characters Negotiation + Charisma [Social] vs 12 dice. Mr Johnson will pay an extra 500n¥ per net hit on this test.

The Mr Johnson leaves with the dwarf, and the troll remains for five minutes to stop the runners following. The Mr Johnson and Dwarf take the time to scan for bugs, and retreat to a bar nearby for a few hours.

Lesson: Mr Johnson wants the team to succeed. Mr Johnson knows information. Mr Johnson doesn't want to overpay runners. Mr Johnson has protection. Mr Johnson is anonymous.

Delian Data Tomb

If the players don't start the run on their own, it's fine for their Fixer to ring them and ask if the Meet went well. The GM can use this character to suggest that the runners go investigate the target location.

The location of the Delian Data Tomb is easily learned, with a Threshold 3 Area Knowledge Check, or a Threshold 1 Matrix Search. A Threshold 3 Matrix Search will additionally reveal that Delian Data Tomb is an unrated corp in receivership. It provided secure, long term data storage services to clients, and was doing well until involved in a corporate political scandal some weeks ago. Clients fled, and contracts elapsed, causing the corp to go under and be bought up for a song. If any of the players call up any business related contacts or have an appropriate knowledge roll, they may learn this information as well.

Researching the location of their offices further, or going to observe reveals that the Delian Data Tomb comprises of four floors in a office tower block in a C rated security zone. Observant runners will note a corporate security drone on patrol every 5 minutes, and a car patrol every half hour.

If the runners take some time to look around and observe, mention the Data Liberators. These are a street gang with many highly augmented members carrying scratch build electronics, and weird polo shirt / denim jacket combination clothing. A Threshold 2 Gangs knowledge skill check would reveal that this gang is ideologically opposed to secure data, and has been harassing the employees of the liquidating corporation. They might also harass the shadowrunners if they look too corporate.

The Data Liberators can be used as an avenue to push the players, by offering money for any data they can steal. "Hoi. You look like some freedom of information types. How would you like to help our ideals, and make a bit of money?" Have the data liberator tell the character that getting in should be easy enough but the corpsec keep on kicking the gangers out. The gangers are offering 1,000n¥ for whatever data the characters can steal. If the players ask if the gangers can help, they'll charge 2,000n¥ to cause a distraction with a fight at the front entrance, causing three of the four guards at the loading dock to leave and assist. If a fight breaks out with the Data Liberators due to poor conversation or overt threats, use six Professional rating 1 Street Scum.

The Data Liberators aren't directly linked into this run but are rather a flavour aspect. Don't force any interactions or fights.

The main entrance to the tower block is up a short flight of stairs from road level, which combined with the ram proof bollards make vehicular assault nearly impossible. Set slightly back from the road, the main approach leads through a small courtyard set with shrubs. The external walls are made of concrete (Structure 12, Armour 20), with the external glass doors and windows made of ballistic glass (Structure 8, Armour 12).

If the runners walk into the main entrance they will find themselves in a lobby with four human Professional Rating 2 security guards who require all visitors to pass through a rating 3 MAD Scanner arch and subject any bags to X-Ray. Additionally, they will perform a Rating 2 SIN check on any Shadowrunners if the guards notice any weapons. If the runners fail the MAD scanner, have unlicensed or forbidden items, the security guards will refuse entry.

The runners should notice all of these features and expect the response. Runners can bypass the madscanner and X-ray with Palming checks contested by the guards Perception skill. Alternatively, smooth talking runners might Con the guards, or Negotiate a bribe. Pulling weapons and shooting the guards is a valid option, but pulling weapons and Intimidating can also work.

If runners want to search for an unguarded entrance, let them, revealing a locked side door hidden down an alleyway. Encourage and reward inventive solutions to the puzzles that characters encounter.

Should it come to a fight, these guards, as well as the ones in the offices of the Delian Data Tomb are little more than rent-a-cops, meant to deter muggers, escort out fired employees, and call for backup. If the corpsec encounter a shadowrunner or other intruder, their course of action will be to radio the incident, then escort the runner offsite.

The guards are equipped with biomonitors, and a major injury or unconsciousness will trigger a silent alarm after one minute unless confirmed to not be a problem. A guard's death will trigger an HTR callout immediately.

However, if the runner is obviously armed or violent, the first action is to call in High Thread Response then attempt a delaying action with pepper punch rounds, retreating, and delaying. The building has its own Bronze Corporate defense Contract, and thus, High Threat Response will arrive in 1d6 x 5 minutes after being called. Use approximately 10-20 Professional Rating 5 opponents who arrive in a VTOL or armoured truck.

Make it clear to your players that fighting these HTR units is suicide. They are specialist response units for eliminating shadowrunners that are extremely dangerous. Runners should be very aware when HTR are on the way with multiple alarms going off. They would also know they have a limited time to escape.

A similar security checkpoint is present at the rear of the building where vehicles can enter an underground loading dock, but there is an additional Rating 4 Olfactory Scanner to check for explosives or ammunition.

The olfactory scanner is powerful enough to reliably detect explosives and ammunition, so runners breaking in this entrance would know to not to bring such items unless they disable the sensor or are willing to set off the alarm.

Lesson: Targets are protected. The protection calls for backup. Fighting your way in isn't the best approach.

Lesson: Injuries can be explained away or dismissed, but major escalation will result in major escalation of response.

Lesson: There are multiple factions and groups present, and opportunities for profit might arise just as easily as they cause dangerous problems.

The Office Floor

Once inside the office building proper, the runners can take the stairs or the lift to the 8th through 11th floors. These are the floors that Delian Data Tomb operated from. The stairs are only unlocked on the 8th floor with the doors to the 9th, 10th and 11th floors locked. The lift requires a keycard before traveling to the 9th, 10th or 11th floors.

The runners will recognise that a keycard would be needed, and if they attempt to bypass the keycard reader they should be allowed to go to the floor they wish, but will be lacking the information as to where to be looking for the information.

There is no active magical security, but as part of the security contract, a force 3 ward covers the four floors of the Dalian Data Tomb. Once an hour a force 3 spirit will move through the astral, assensing for magical auras of force 4 or greater. If such a powerful disturbance is noted, an astrally projecting PR3 security mage will investigate further, and if needed, call HTR.

If the runners attempt to enter the floors with active spells or foci, then an astral intersection may occur.

Any character with astral perception should be offered a chance to astrally perceive and notice the ward. If the character does not, then have them roll a Threshold 2 Security Procedures test, and on a success suggest that there are often magical defenses at corporate sites.

Lesson: Some defenses are passive. Others are monitored, and some only care about specific actions.

The runners can freely enter the offices from the 8th floor as the reception is unmanned and the main security door open. The offices are separated from the lifts and stairs by ballistic glass (Structure 8, Armour 12), while internal walls are much weaker plastiboard (Structure 4, Armour 6).

Looking into the offices, the runners will see approximately 15 people in the process of disassembling a Option 4a Standard Corporate Office (Cubicle Layout). The partitions are being unscrewed and stacked, while chairs and desks are being stacked up.

Sharp eyed shadowrunners will notice with a Threshold 2 Perception Check that there are two more Professional Rating 2 security guards per floor, and with a Threshold 3 Perception Check that there are Rating 3 Motion Sensors and Rating 3 Cameras, approximately 10 of each. These were slaved to the host, but are not currently. If the motion sensor is triggered between 21:00 and 6:00, it will call security to investigate. The cameras are loaded with weapon detection software, and will alert security if they see any weapon that requires any license or is forbidden.

Players may be hesitant to operate around cameras and motion sensors, and will attempt to avoid, disable, or hack them. Avoiding the cameras is a Sneaking test vs 4 dice, while avoiding the motion sensors is laid out in SR5 631. The cameras and motion sensors can be disabled by shooting or otherwise breaking them and because they are not networked to anything, will not raise alarms. Hacking the cameras will be very time consuming, as each Edit File action can only edit 2-3 seconds of video. Overall, the best course of action is the chance of alarms being triggered by entering during the day, and not visibly armed. These settings are common, and can be guessed with a Threshold 2 Security Procedures test.

Lesson: Multiple layers of security exist, and are varied in nature. Some is difficult to disable, but easy to avoid by limiting your options.

The runners may enter the 8th floor and walk around, but if they do not blend into the blue collar labourers with a Threshold 2 etiquette check, security will come to throw them out. Additionally, clothing that does not fit a Low Lifestyle also causes suspicion, and a security approach.

While the liquidation is occurring, there is a much laxer social security presence, with the trained receptionist and counter social infiltrator having been fired already. The receiver overseer, a Julienne Andrews, is in charge, but due to the number of contractors and temp workers, will only call for security if the runners cannot produce an id badge. However, if the runners can bluff their way past the overseer (resisting Con with 9 dice), the overseer can answer any appropriate questions, such as where the host is, or where the CEO's office might be.

Characters should automatically notice if they would stand out due to clothing. A character wishing to pickpocket a id badge should roll a Palming test against the 4 perception dice of the labourer.

Lesson Some security is social. Blending in can stop you being spotted and questioned. Having id and good explanations can avoid problems.

Once the runners have managed to enter the offices without alerting any security forces, they should be attempting to find the data required. There are a number of options which they could pursue.

By asking around or simply exploring, the characters could learn the following possibilities.

  1. The Host. It is currently offline and up on the 9th floor.
  2. The CEO's office. He suffered in the Crash 2.0, and keeps datachip backup of important client information in a safe in his office on the 11th floor.
  3. The Archive is a paper based backup system that occupies the 10th floor.

The runners will need to borrow or steal a keycard from one of the liquidating labourers to access these floors. A Negotiation or Intimidation check against 6 dice will have a keycard handed over, and a 50n¥ bribe will also get the keycard handed over. Alternatively, the Rating 3 Maglock on the door or the Rating 3 Keycard reader can be disabled.

Lesson: There may be multiple options and paths to success in a shadowrun, investigate which is best for your team's skillset.

The secure floors

The 9th, 10th and 11th floors are secured against the general public, and have the same security guards, sensor presence and wards as the 8th floor. However, these floor have nobody apart from the two security guards actively moving around in them.

This is because the liquidators have not reached these areas yet. The only non-guard on these floors is the liquidating Spider, known as Calculatrix. She is on the 9th floor and working in VR to inventory the host as well as what electronics can be sold for.

She has a Hermes Chariot cyberdeck which she is using to plug directly into a Host terminal. The Deck is running a Rating 4 Agent that is looking for interesting icons on the secure floors every 5 minutes, and will first investigate, then raise the alarm if icons of any non civilian items are noted. Additionally, if the spider or the agent spots a cyberdeck or any F rated augmentations or weapons, the spider will call HTR. Being a corporate spider, she will not attempt to hack or engage in matrix combat with the characters.

If none of the party are deckers or technomancers, and have wirelessly active items what would cause an HTR respones, step OOC and explain the characters are walking into secure areas and do not know what is out there. Items running wirelessly are easily able to be spotted and could alert security. The security response to forbidden items in a secure area could be extreme.

If there is a decker or technomancer, the character is able to spot the spider if they make a Matrix Perception test.

Lesson: There might be security which is able to detect you without you knowing it is there. Whenever possible, minimise the chance you might be detected.

The Host

The first location the players can find the data is on the Host. The Host is a Rating 3 host (A4, S3, D6, F5) that can only be accessed from one of three Terminals, one on each of the secure Floors. Merely plugging into the terminal will give access to the Host. The host has an architecture and layout reflective of the corporate offices, and the Spider is present with her Avatar of a shirtsleeved accountant. A Patrol IC is present in the form of a jumpsuited labourer. If the Host detects an intruder, it will launch Probe and Track IC.

The data is a file in a impossibly large filing cabinet, and requires a Threshold 1 Matrix Search to find. It is not encrypted nor databombed.

If the players attack or hack the spider and she notices, she will immediately call security and trigger an HTR response. This close to the target information, the runners should have time to grab the data and run out before anything too serious arrives.

The Safe

The second location the players can investigate is the CEOs office. This office is among the executive offices, and is easily found from AR and physical nameplates. This office is built out of densiplast (Structure 8, Armour 12). In addition, a rating 5 Maglock and Keycard reader secure the door, and the keycard is with the CEO at their home. If the characters force the door, a Rating 3 Proximity Wire in the carpet will alert security. This wire will disarm if the lock is disengaged.

The safe is obvious in the wall, but the code is unknown, and will require a Threshold 5 Locksmith Test to crack. Alternatively, it can be ripped out of the wall, and opened by breaking a hole in its Structure 8, Armour 16 case. Use of thermite will likely destroy the datachips inside.

The Archive

The Archive is the last location where the data is stored. Taking up the entire 10th floor, it was considered a easy assignment by the two security guards, who are patrolling the easy to check aisles of storage.

If the characters wish to search the Archive, they will soon realise it's a difficult prospect, and it will require a Perception + Intuition [Mental] (18, 1 Minute) Extended Test. Additionally, if the guards are still patrolling, the players will need to hide to avoid them, requiring a Stealth skill check vs 6 dice every 1 minute.

Lesson: There are multiple ways to obtain the objectives, and planning and research will reveal them.

Data In Hand, the Characters leave the Data Tomb

If the characters obtain one of the three copies of the data, they can then call the Mr Johnson if they obtained a commcode. Either way, they will have to leave a datachip with the info in locker 931 at the metro.

Once past the initial ring of security around the Dalian Data Tomb, the security contract doesn't provide for pursuit, so the PCs are away. They might be on file somewhere, but that's not a problem for now, there's no profit in hunting them.

If the players place surveillance on the locker, at 7am each day, Mr Johnson will come by and check it. If the datachip is there, he will slot it, and if he seems happy, leave the appropriate amount of money and a commcode in the locker in return. Mr Francosia may even have repeat work.

Lesson: The system wants to work, it's in everyone's interest to be effective, professional, and get the agreed upon crime done. If you do so, then the system will care less about you. There is no profit in pursuit, if you get away and it's not personal, you've done good.

Alarms Wailing, the Runners realise they're in Drek

High Threat Response is a response unit specifically designed to stop professional shadowrunners and other high skill criminals. They arrive 1d6 x 5 minutes after being called, but expect the first police response (4 Professional Rating 3 police in a patrol car) to arrive 1d6 minutes after being called. The police will set up a perimeter, and process people through it with Rating 4 SIN scans. More police will continue to arrive until approximately 50-60 police form a complete perimeter.

High Threat Response is a group of 10-20 Professional Rating 5 opponents who arrive in a VTOL or armoured truck. HTR always comes with high strength matrix, magical and vehicular support. They will come in via the most direct and violent method, with shock, awe, and armour piercing rounds. They are trying to neutralise the PCs as quickly as possible, and don't care about keeping them alive.

The characters will know the capabilities of HTR, and if they realise that HTR is on the way, running and failing the job may be a smarter idea. A failed job, and possibly dead characters is not something that should put you off GMing, nor your players off playing. Talk OOC about your decisions, and how the players made decisions. You can always run this module again.

It can be hard to bring down such an unbalanced response on your players, especially on what might your and their first time playing. It's ok. Shadowrunners tend to start off with most of the skills and gear they might end up with straight out of character creation. If a character dies, or a player wants to change character, the group will not be hindered by the new player.

If the entire team dies, then talk about it, and make sure everyone is ok with it. Then pick up the campaign with new shadowrunners. One of the in setting reasons for using shadowrunners is because they are easy to get a hold of and are disposable. Mr Johnson doesn't care if you die, there's always more in the shadows hoping for that better life, or just any break that will do.

Lesson: Lesson: Not every run is a success. Failure can mean abandoning the job, capture, or death.

Wrap Up

Once the players are safe, use the table on 372 of the core rulebook to calculate Karma, or just give the players 5 for a success or 3 for a failure. Then talk over what went well, what was fun, what was not, what they players want and where they might go next.

For further reading, the following posts can help:

Anyone can GM, best of luck, and have fun!

Named NPCS

Alexis Francosia

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 3 2 3 6 7+1D6 8

Core Skill Dice Pools: Con 12, Etiquette 12, Intimidation 12, Negotiation 12

Side Skill Dice Pools: Blades 8, Pistols 8, Unarmed Combat 8.

Gear: Knife [Blades, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP -1, Reach -], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Actioneer Business Clothes, DR 5 Commlink.


B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
9 4 6 11 3 2 4 1 10+3D6 20

Core Skill Dice Pools: Pistols 12, Unarmed Combat 12.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 5, Etiquette 5, Intimidation 5

Gear: Cyberspurs [Unarmed Combat, Acc 10, DV 14P, AP -2, Reach 1], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Full body armor, DR 3 Commlink.

Ms Colleen

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 6 5 3 3 7+1D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Assensing 12, Spellcasting 12, Summoning 12, Drain Resist 11 (Log+Wil)

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 5, Etiquette 5, Intimidation 5, Pistols 8

Gear: Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Armoured Vest, DR 3 Commlink.

Spells: Detect Magic Extended, Fireball, Manabolt, Mass Agony

Julienne Andrews

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 6+1D6 0

Core Skill Dice Pools: Con 9, Etiquette 9, Intimidation 9, Negotiation 9

Side Skill Dice Pools: Pistols 6

Gear: Taser [Pistols, Acc 4, DV 9P, AP -5, SS, RC -, 4 (m)], DR 2 Commlink.


B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
3 3 3 3 3 4 4 2 6+1D6 0

Core Skill Dice Pools: Computer 8, Electronic Warfare 8, Hacking 8, Hardware 8, Software 8

Side Skill Dice Pools: Pistols 5

Gear: Taser [Pistols, Acc 4, DV 9P, AP -5, SS, RC -, 4 (m)], DR 4 Commlink, Hermes Chariot (A 2, S 4, D5, F4, Rating 4 Agent

Quick statblocks for Grunts

These are statblocks that should be easy to use, as final dice pools have been precalculated, and are presented here for easy reference should they arise in the job.

PR1 Street Scum

Patches and colours wearing members of gangs. They’re confident and aggressive, and will take cover and rely on their pistols. They’re not bright and not brave, breaking when 25% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 3 2 3 2 7+1D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Blades 8, Intimidation 8, Pistols 8, Unarmed Combat 8.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 5, Etiquette 5, Intimidation 5

Gear: Knife [Blades, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP -1, Reach -], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Armoured Vest, DR 1 Commlink.

PR2 Security Guards

Night patrol watchmen, rent a cops, event security. They’re there to stall you, delaying with taser, pistols and smoke. They will retreat, trading space for time, shooting from cover and providing covering fire. They will break when 50% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 4 3 4 3 8+2D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 10, Clubs 10, Pistols 10, Unarmed Combat 10.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 6 Etiquette 6, Intimidation 6, Perception 6, Running 6, Throwing Weapons 6.

Gear: Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Reach 1], Taser [Pistols, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, SS, RC —, 4 (m)], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], 1 Smoke Grenade, Armoured Vest, DR 2 Commlink, 1 dose Cram (included in statline).

PR3 Police Patrols

Knight Errant and Lone Star officers on patrol. Trained, well armed and armoured, they can handle treats with a scale of force from batons to armour piercing automatic fire. They shot from cover, take aim and focus fire. They will retreat or chase as appropriate, use smoke and gas for cover and area denial. They will break when 50% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 5 4 5 5 3 5 3 9+2D6 12

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 12, Clubs12, Perception 12, Pistols 12, Unarmed Combat 12.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 7 Etiquette 7, Intimidation 7, Running 7, Sneaking 7, Throwing Weapons 7.

Gear: Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Reach 1], Heavy Pistol /w Pepper Punch [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 4P, AP +3, SA, RC -, 10 (c), Pepper Punch SR5 410], SMG /w APDS [Automatics, Acc 5, DV 7P, AP -4, SA/BF/FA, RC 2, 30 (c)], 1 Smoke Grenade, 1 Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch), Armoured Jacket /w non conduct 3, chem resist 3, DR 4 Commlink, 1 dose Cram (included in statline).

PR3 Security Mage

This mage responds to magical alerts by appearing astrally, and using mana based spells against any active magical threats.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 5 5 3 3 7+1D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Spellcasting 12, Summoning 12, Drain Resist 10 (Log+Wil)

Side Skill Dice Pools: Assensing 7

Gear: Armoured Vest, DR 3 Commlink.

Spells: Deathtouch, Mass Confusion, Phantasm, Stunbolt

PR5 High Threat Response

Seraphim, Red Samurai. It is a foolhardy or exceptional runner team who encounters these opponents. They use suppressive fire aggressively, shot from cover, take aim and focus fire. They will retreat or chase as appropriate, use smoke and gas for cover and area denial. They will move out of threatened areas, and conduct combat maneuvers. They will break when 75% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
6 7 6 6 5 4 5 3 11+3D6 18

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 16, Clubs 16, Perception 16, Pistols 16, Sneaking 16, Unarmed Combat 16.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 9 Etiquette 9, Intimidation 9, Leadership 9, Running 9, Small Unit Tactics 9, Throwing Weapons 9.

Gear: Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Reach 1], Heavy Pistol /w Pepper Punch [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 4P, AP +3, SA, RC -, 10 (c), Pepper Punch SR5 410], Assault Rifle /w Smartlink [Automatics, Acc 7, DV 11P, AP -2, SA/BF/FA, RC 3, 42 (c)], 2 Smoke Grenade, 2 Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch), 2 Fragmentation Grenade, Full Body Armour /w chemseal, DR 5 Commlink.


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