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by KibblesTasty

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Artificer: Expanded Toolbox v2.0.3

What is the Expanded Toolbox?

The Expanded Toolbox is additional resources for the Alternate Artificer as written by /u/KibblesTasty.

While the Alternate Artificer upgrade system encourages customization, a reoccuring ask is for more upgrades, so here we are: this is what it says on the tin - an Expanded Toolbox to draw from when building your Artificer based on things I have used, have seen suggested, or simply think are good ideas that didn't make it into the primary document.

Balance Disclaimer!

Using the Expanded Toolbox for the Revised Artificer is not, nor is intended to be, power neutral, for the simple reason that more options is always more power.

Additionally, while everything contained within is vetted by me, it does contain more community suggestions, content that has been less rigorously playtested, and content more appropriate for high level and high power games in some cases.

In particularly, the 19th level 'capstone' upgrades, are intentionally quite powerful, and suitable only for high powered finales or Epic Levels.

Use any content presented here after careful and deliberate judgment if it fits your game.

Table of Contents:

  • Runesmith (returning soon)
  • Cursesmith (coming soon)
  • Spells
  • Additional Upgrades
  • Common Inventions
  • Feats
  • Backgrounds
  • Notable Homebrew


A Runesmith is an Artificer that has narrowed their focus to working a specific language of magic - powerful Runes that can channel long lasting power. These Runes come in many shapes and forms, the lore behind from many sources.

A Runesmith can be a knight, his runes splashed with gleaming power across his armor, or a scholar lending their power to the companions, marking potent runes on their weapons before standing back, or even a strange tattooed mystic, their runes tattooed across their very body.

Runesmiths are not inherently good or evil, though their rigorous attention to detail and patience tend to make them more inclined to a Lawful perspective.

Under reconstruciton: Returning Soon

You can find the older version here


A Cursesmith's power is invariably marked by the dark decisions they've made; some ignore this lingering darkness, pursuing the heights of power their reckless creation allows. Others leverage the twisted side effects themselves, believing there are no mistakes, only opportunities. Darker still are those that truly embrace the darkness of their twisted creations, becoming twisted creations themselves.

A Cursesmith is not always evil, but they walk a path that dangles precariously over evil, making it an easy thing to fall into. They may be Lawful, but the laws they respect are rarely those of normal mortal society that might get in the way of their dark delving.

Cursesmith's Proficiency

When you choose this specialization at 1st level, you gain proficiency with one crafting tool of your choice, and learn one language of your choice from Infernal, Abyssal, Deepspeech, or Primordial.

Forbidden Artifact

At 1st level, you set yourself apart from other Artificers by seizing power that others dare not wield. You forge a melee weapon into a potent artifact. The weapon can be used as a weapon in its dormant state as a normal weapon, or stirred to life showing its true power as a bonus action. Select one of the following when you create the weapon as its awakened power:

  • Abhorrent Nature: The weapon twists and writhes with unnatural life; you can select the Abhorrent Mutation Upgrade twice for free, and a third time at 11th level. Your weapon can benefit from multiple mutations.
  • Destructive Power: The weapon hums with dangerous destructive power. Each time you deal damage with it, it deals additional damage equal to your Curse Die. The damage of the Curse Die is maximized when attacking objects or structures.
  • Necrotic Wounding: The weapon inflicts necrotic rot on hit. This does not require concentration, but can only afflict one target at a time. The weapon deals necrotic damage while awakened.
  • Eldritch Eruption: At the time of creation, select a evocation cantrip from the Wizard spell list with a spell attack roll. Attacks with this weapon can be replaced by spell attacks of that cantrip. Once per turn, you can add your Intelligence modifier to damage dealt.

Curse: You gain a Curse Die. Your Curse Die is a d4. At level 11, your cursed die becomes a d6. Regardless of the power selected, when you make an attack roll with the weapon using its awakened power, roll a curse die and subtract it from the result.

Once awakened, the weapon can be surpressed back to it's dormant state as a bonus action; if it has been awakened for a number of turns less than your proficiency modifier, you must make a DC 10 Charisma saving throw to cause it to return to it's dormant state.

Cursed Path

Starting at 3rd level, the path you've chosen begins to claim your body and soul - some could call it a curse, some could call further opportunity. Select a path from the following:

Curse Bearer

When you would suffer the effect of a curse from an item created by this subclass, you can choose to suppress that instance of being affected by the curse. You can do this a number of times equal to your Artificer level, regaining all uses at the end of the a long rest.

Curse Bringer

When you deal damage with your Forbidden Artifact in its Awakened Form, you can leave a lingering malignity on that target. Until the start of your next turn, every time the target rolls and attack roll or saving throw, the roll a die equal to your Curse Die and subtract it from the value. You can do this a number of times equal to your Artificer level, regaining all uses at the end of the a long rest.

Curse Eater

You consume the darkness of your Forbidden Artifact, destroying it. Its curses mark your body with a dark brand. You gain a natural melee weapon; this weapon deals 1d8 damage of your choice of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, and necrotic damage equal to your Curse Die.

You can awaken the power gained from the weapon to your natural weapon as well as the effect of the Forbidden Artifact curse. You can additionally absorb any item you create with this subclass, innately gaining its effect and curse. You gain 1 temporary hit point at the start of your turn for each curse you are afflicted with.

Damned Affinity

Additionally at 3rd level, magical items granted by this subclass that require attunement do not count against your attunement total if that item is cursed.

Extra Attack

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Shrouded Soul

Starting at 14th level, the dark dealings have stained your soul, granting it a limited resistance to treading dark waters, a certain numbness. You become immune to bane, hex, bestow curse, and the frightened condition. Additional, you gain resistance to necrotic damage. You may have advantage or immunity to other minor curses at your DMs discretion.

Cursesmith Upgrades

Unrestricted Upgrades

Abhorrent Mutation

Your Forbidden Artifact takes on a twisted new aspect, warping to a more disturbing and twisted form. Select on of the following mutations.

Life: It attacks your targets with only mental direction, twist, writhing, lashing... you can apply your Intelligence modifier to the to attack and damage roll of the weapon where you usually apply your Strength or Dexterity modifier.

Grip: You can initiate a grapple check using your weapon. If you have the Life mutation from this upgrade, you can make an Intelligence (Athletics) check to initiate the grapple.

Reach: It stretches and flexes unnaturally in seeking its targets. It gains the reach property.

Split: It splits into multiple writhing branches. They batter a creature when attacking; if the weapon's damage die is a d8 or higher the weapon has its damage dice size halved, but number doubled (for example, from a 1d8 to 2d4). If the weapon die is a d6 already, it is reduced to a d4 and it gains only one additional damage die (for example from 2d6 to 3d4). It can attack other creatures within range while grappling or restraining a creature, but loses on damage die for each creature it is grappling or restraining.

Blood Rites

Delving your dark path, you formulate a way to form temporary containers of magical power using blood. Select three ritual spells from the Wizard spell list; you gain the ability to cast these spells as Ritual Spells. You can only take spells of a level you could normally cast at the level you take this talent.

To cast these spells as rituals, you require fresh blood; this can be provided by an creature that has been slain in the last hour, or by a creature (including yourself) providing it at a cost of 1d4 slashing damage.

Eldritch Lore

You spend some time hitting the books... the kind that are relevant to your field. You pursuits teach you a language of Infernal, Abyssal, Deepspeech, or Primordial, and you gain advantage on History or Arcana checks concerning curses, dark or evil magic, undead, and creatures that speak the language you selected.

Your knowledge of these things makes you innured to disturbing sights and revelations. You have advantage on saving throws against creature effects that seek to frighten, stun, confuse, incapacity or inflict insanity or madness if the creature is an aberration.

Helm of Invulnerability You can only wear 1 Helm at a time

Attunement, Cursed.

You forge a helmet, making yourself invulnerable... almost. As reaction to taking to bludgeoning piercing or slashing damage, you can become immune to bludgeoning piercing and slashing damage until the start of your turn. Once you use this upgrade, you cannot use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Curse: Whenever this helm prevents damage, you take necrotic damage equal half the damage you would have taken. This damage cannot resisted.

Helm of Madness You can only wear 1 Helm at a time

Attunement, Cursed.

With great madness comes great power. As a bonus action, you can allow the madness to take your mind. Until the end of your turn, when you take an attack as part of the attack action, you can make an additional attack for each attack made. Once you use this upgrade, you cannot use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Curse: For each additional attack you make with this helm your AC and bonus to saving throws is reduced by 5 until the start of your next turn.

Journal of Suffering Effects

You record some of the foulest effects your experiments have had, codifying them into magical spells. You learn the following spells:

Spell Level Spells Learned
1st necrotic rot, cause fear
2nd blindness/deafness, ray of enfeeblement
3rd rain of spiders, hungar of hadar

Ring of Gilded Lies

Attunement, Cursed.

You create a ring that magical enhances your social abilities. Some of them. When your roll Deception or Performance, roll a d4 and add it to the result.

Curse: When you roll for Persuasion, roll a d4 and subtract it from the result.

5th Level Upgrades

Ghostgrasp Gloves You can only wear 1 set of Gauntlets at a time

Cursed, Attunement

When you pull on these pale white gloves, your hands become ethereal, ghostlike appendages that drift and float from your wrists. You can interact with objects with you hands with a range of 10 feet, including picking up objects, opening doors, or grappling foes; you can attack with these hands at range only if wielding light weapons.

Curse: You have disadvantage on grappling checks and the amount you can lift or drag with your hands is halved as things slip through them.

Mantle of the Beast

Attunement, Cursed

You forge magical mantle by seeping it in the blood beasts. By dripping it in the blood of a beast slain within the past week, you can gain on trait of that beast for an hour while wearing the mantle (such as Keen Senses or Spiderclimb).

Curse: When you activate it's power by dipping it in the blood of a beast, the languages you can speak become the languages the beast could speak (you still can understand any language you could previously understand) until the effect ends.

Skeletal Gauntlets You can only wear 1 set of Gauntlets at a time

You forge pair of gauntlets that cause your hands to appear as skeletal appendages of dark metal. While wearing these gauntlets, if you grapple a creature, at the start of its turn it takes 1d6 necrotic damage, and cannot regain hit points until the start of the of its next turn.

While wearing these gauntlets, you can cast chill touch.

Vicious Effigy

You learn the cruel puppetry spell and can cast it once without expending a spell slot. Once you use this upgrade, you cannot do so again until you complete a long rest.

Whispers of the Night

After tinkering with the properties of your Artifact, you can hear it... whisper. You can hear that too, right? You gain the ability to cast guidance. When you cast guidance in this way, it has a range of 20 feet, the target need not be willing, but unwilling targets can make a Wisdom saving throw. On failure, the spell effects them and you can choose if the roll is added or subtracted from the targets skill check; on success, they are not affected by the spell.

Alternatively, you can cast message, but the message is always delivered in a haunting, unearthly, or creepy voice.

9th Level Upgrades

Aspect of the Damned

Prerequisite: Curse Eater, 2 upgrades consumed

The powers you have pilfered for your soul have tainted it... naturally this gives you great power. In addition to the powers you have gained from your upgrades, selected two of the following powers to permanently gain:

  • Aberrant Life: You no longer count as a humanoid creature, your creature type becomes aberration.
  • Creature of Darkness: Your eyes become inky black pools. You can see normally in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 120 feet.
  • Hungering Soul: Once per turn on your turn when you turn while you are grappling or grappled by another creature, you can inflict 1d8 necrotic damage on them as you sap their life force through the contact. Any healing they receive that turn is reduced by half.
  • Physical Mutation: The darkness within warps your body, you can choose an unrestricted Fleshsmith upgrade (it must be one that effects your body).
  • Unlife: You have found yourself in an odd half living state. You gain resistance to necrotic damage, and you no longer need to consume food.

Chain of Agony

You forge a 10 feet of non-magical chains into a set of magical chains. Choosing a command word, when you speak it while carrying the chains, they spring to life, wrapping around Large or smaller creature of your choice within 15 feet. The target creature must make a Dexterity saving throw, or become restrained on failure.

The target is restrained for 1d6 turns. For each turn it is restrained, it takes 1d4 * the number of turns it has been restrained necrotic damage. The creature can make an athletics or acrobatics check against your spell save DC to try to end the effect early.

The chains have an AC of 16, hit points equal to twice your Artificer level, and resistance to non-magical bludgeoning and piercing damage. If they are destroyed, a restrain creature is freed.

Once the chains have been used, they fall to the ground as mundane chains their magic does not recharge until you complete a short or long rest. Destroyed chains are restored to on completing a short or long rest.

Spell Eating Ring

You make a magical item that consumes magic around you. You can activate the item, casting counterspell or dispel magic against a target within 15 feet of you. Any spell you that is stopped or ended by the effect, you can choose to consume, restoring 1d4 hit points to you per level of the spell, or gain the effect of the spell stopped or ended yourself until the end of your next turn if it could effect a creature and had a duration other than instantaneous. A spell stolen in this way does not require concentration to maintain, but lasts only a number of turns equal to your Intelligence modifier or the spells duration, whichever is shorter.

Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you complete long rest.

Ring of Nightmares

Attunement, Cursed

You forge a ring of, well, pure evil. It can bring the horrifying nightmares to life in reality in a way that you don't quite understand, but is very effective. When you invoke a nightmare, you can cast hungar of hadar, rain of spiders, summon lesser demons, or enemies abound without expending a spell slot. Once you use the ring to invoke a nightmare, you cannot use it until you complete a long rest.

Curse: You cannot choose the nightmare invoked. When you invoke a nightmare, roll 1d4 (1: hungar of hadar, rain of spiders, 3 summoner lesser demons, 4 enemies abound)

11 Level Upgrades

Consuming Power

Attunement, Cursed

You create a worn magical item - such as a set of bracers, bands or a ring - that leverages a dark bargain. Souls for power... starting with bits of your own.

As a bonus action, you allow it feed its consumption from your own soul. You can decrease your Charisma ability score by up to your Proficiency modifier, increasing your Strength ability score by an amount equal to your decreased Charisma. You cannot increase your Strength beyond its normal maximum in this way. This lasts until you use an action to reclaim your Charisma from the item.

Whenever you slay a creature of CR 1/4 or higher, you gain +1 current and maximum Strength ability score. Both of these effects fade after 1 minute without killing a creature.

Curse: At the end of each turn your strength is increased by weapon, you take 1 + the amount of additional maximum Strength you have gained Necrotic damage. This damage cannot resisted.

Weapon Apotheosis

When you awaken your weapon, once per turn when you deal damage with it, it deals an additional 1d6 necrotic damage and it gains an additional benefit based on its nature:

  • Abhorrent Nature: If the target is large or smaller it must make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC or be restrained until the start of your next turn. You cannot attack other creatures with your weapon until the effect ends.
  • Destructive Power: Each time you roll damage with it, you can maximize one of its damage dice.
  • Necrotic Rot: The necrotic rot inflicted by the weapon is inflicted as a 2nd level spell.
  • Eldritch Eruption: You can apply your Intelligence modifier to each damage roll you make with the weapon (rather than once per turn).

Infused Power Prerequisite: Consuming Power

You make the Strength granted by the worn item your own; the maximum Strength you can draw from them by sacrificing Charisma becomes 22, and while activated you count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift, and your unarmed strikes become deal 1d4 bludgeoning damage.

Incinerate Soul

In the blackest of rites envisioned only by the evilest of minds, you develop a new technique. As a reaction to killing a CR 1/4 with your Artifact, you can rip free part of the departing lifeforce, turning it into a flaming spectral form. Until the end of your next turn, you can make a ranged spell attack as bonus action to hurl this fragment of flaming power at another creature. On hit, it deals 1d10 fire damage and 1d10 necrotic damage.

Ghost Cloak

Attunement, Cursed

You forge an item and that chips away at your bounds to the material world around you. At the start of your turn while carrying the item, you can choose to slip those bonds entirely, stepping in the etheral plane. Moving through creatures does not impose a movement penalty, and you can move through objects up to 5 feet thick as difficult terrain. If you end your turn in another creature or objects space, you are moved to the nearest available space taking 1d10 force damage per five feet moved.

Once you activate this item, you cannot activate it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Curse: After leaving the Ethereal plane, until the start of your next turn you appear vaguely translucent, all damage you deal is reduced by half and you have resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.

15th Level Upgrade

Amulet of Exiling

You forge a magical amulet that causes creatures to phase from reality to varying degrees of permanency. You can use this amulet to cast banish or blink without expending a spell slot. Once you use the amulet to cast a spell, you cannot use it to cast a spell against until you complete a short or long rest.

When you cast banish with this amulet, you can choose to target yourself, automatically failing the saving throw and sending yourself to a plane of dark energy. Each time you start your turn in this plane of dark energy, you can absorb some of it, regaining 2d8 hit points. You can end the effect at anytime reappearing in the material world. You can regain hit points up to twice your Artificer level in this way before spending time in the plane of dark energy provides no additional recover.

Shrouded Power

You allow the power of your artifact to leak out. Whenever you cast a spell of 1st level or higher, you gain the effect of shadow of moil for a number of turns equal to the level of the spell cast. This effect does not require concentration to maintain.

True Artifact

So long ago you forged great power. Now you realize its full potential. Your cursed weapon becomes a true artifact, any bonus to attack and damage rolls lower than +3 it has is replaced by a bonus of +3, it gains two additional properties from the following list:

  • While attuned to this artifact, you are immune to disease.
  • While attuned to this artifact, you can't be charmed or frightened.
  • While attuned to this artifact, you can cast a 1st or 2nd level spell of your choice once per short rest without expended a spell slot (spell chosen when this upgrade is selected).
  • While attuned to this artifact, you can treat a 1 on a Death Saving throw as a 20.
  • While attuned to this artifact, one of your ability scores (chosen when this upgrade is selected) increases by 1, to a maximum of 24.

When you select this upgrade, you can a select the condition in which your weapon can be destroyed. Your weapon can no longer be permanently destroyed by any other means. This means can be absurd or implausible, but must be something potentially possible.

Cursesmith Spells

Necrotic Rot

1st-level evocation

  • Classes: Occultist, Warlock
  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute.

You touch a creature making a melee spell attack. On hit, you inflict a spreading decay onto that creature. At the start of that creature's turn, it takes 1d4 necrotic damage. If the creature has taken necrotic damage since the end of its last turn, the damage increases to 2d4 necrotic damage. While under the effect of the spell, all healing affects on the target as half as effective unless it is resistant or immune to necrotic damage.

At the end of each of its turns, if the target has not taken necrotic damage since the end of its last turn, the target can make Constitution saving throw. On a success, the spell ends on the target.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the necrotic damage taken increases to 1d8, increasing to a maximum of 1d12 when spending a spell slot of 3rd level or higher.

Rain of Spiders

3rd-level conjuration

  • Classes: Druid, Occultist, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
  • Casting Time: 1 bonus action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S, M (a spider leg)
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute.

A vertical column of spiders begins to rain down in 20 foot radius, 40 foot high cylinder, centered on a location you specify. A Swarm of Spiders (Monster Manual, pg 334) descends onto each creature within the cylinder.

This swarm is considered to be climbing on the target creature and moves with them, even if they leave the affected area, and takes its turn immediately after that creature's turn. A creature can make use its action to attempt to get them off, making a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check against the spell save DC of the caster.

The swarm will attack the creature it fell on if it can, or move to chase them if it has been knocked off of them. Any spiders that remain when the spell ends disappear.

Artificer Spells

Dampen Magic

3rd-level abjuration

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 hour
  • Classes: Artificer, Wizard.

You touch a magical item or creature, and dampen its magic.

If you touched a magical item, make a Spellcasting ability check with a DC equal to 8 + 2 for an common item, +4 for an uncommon item, +6 for a rare item, +8 for a very rare item, +10 for a legendary item, and +12 for an artifact. On a successful check, the item becomes nonmagical for the duration. All divination spells targeting it return that it is a mundane time. At the end of the duration, it becomes a magical item once more.

If you touched a creature, it makes a Charisma saving throw, which it may chose to fail. On failure, it has disadvantage on any spell attack rolls and any creature making a save against its spells has advantage, but it has advantage on any saving throws against magic. It can repeat its saving throw at the end of its turns if it wishes to end the effect.

Repelling Field

2nd-level abjuration

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
  • Classes: Artificer, Wizard

You target a creature or object within range, creating a 20 foot radius sphere of repelling force. This force is not strong enough to effect creatures moving, but deflects projectiles. All creatures in within this sphere are considered to have half cover against ranged weapon attacks, or three quarters cover if they already have half cover.

Alternatively when you cast it, you can target a creature reversing this effect. The target creature must make a Charisma saving throw. On failure, all projectiles attacks against that target are made with advantage for the duration of the spell.

Weapon of Throwing

1st-level transmutation

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V, S, M (A magic item that casts a spell).
  • Duration: 8 hours.
  • Classes: Artificer

You touch a weapon granting it the throwing 20/60 property. If it already has the thrown property, it's range increases by 10/30. It also gains the "returning" property. After being thrown it automatically reappears in the throwers hand.

Runic Bindings

4th-level abjuration

  • Casting Time: 1 minute
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Classes: Artificer, Wizard.

You trace a magical rune on a target creature. Choose one the following runic marks:

  • Sealing Rune: For the duration of the rune, the target must make a Charisma saving throw with disadvantage any time they try to cast a spell. On failure, the spell slot is used, but does not cast.
  • Tracking Rune: You know the exact location of the creature for the duration. If they are on another plane, you know what plane they are on.
  • Restraining Rune: For the duration of the rune, the target must make a Charisma saving throw at the start of each of its turns or be restrained when attempting to do anything besides things you directly ordered the creature to do (no action required).

You can end the spell early by erasing the rune with an action.

Orbital Stones*

4th-level transmutation

  • Classes: Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock
  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, Up to 1 Minute.

You lift three small to medium rocks or similar
objects from within 10 feet of you, causing them
defy gravity and slowly circle you. While all three
are in orbit around you, you have total cover against
ranged attacks. While two are in orbit, you have three quarters cover, and while only one remains, you have half cover. The spell ends when none of them are orbiting you.

As a bonus action while at least one object remains in orbit, you can magically fling it at target within 60 feet.
Make a ranged spell attack roll. On hit, the target takes 2d12 bludgeoning damage and is knocked backward 5 feet.

  • *Earth Projector Spell.

Additional Subclass Content

Thundersmith Upgrades

Lightning Arcs Prerequisite: 11th level Artificer

Once per turn, when you deal Lightning damage with your Stormforged weapon, you can arc the lightning to strike another target within 5 feet. For each die of lightning damage you dealt to the first target, deal 1d4 lightning damage to the second target.

Static Aura Prerequisite: 9th level Artificer

Your Thunder Cannon emits such a powerful charged aura after being fired, creatures within 5 feet must make a Dexterity saving throw. On failure they take 1d8 lightning damage and have disadvantage on their next attack made before the end of their turn.

Railgun Prerequisite: 19th level Artificer, Thunder Cannon.

You upgrade the penetration power of your Thunder Cannon. Your Thunder Cannon gains the Siege weapon property, dealing double damage to structures. Additionally, targets can no longer gain the benefits of cover from wooden cover less than 2 feet thick or stone cover less than 1 foot thick, and such cover is destroyed when it would otherwise impede your Thunder Cannon's attack.

If a second target is directly behind a target you attack and within 5 feet, make a second attack roll with disadvantage. If the second attack roll hits, roll Thunder Cannon weapon damage against the second target as well (but no Thundermonger damage is applied to it).

The range of your Thunder Cannon increases by 20/60 feet.

Lightning Saber Prerequisite: 19th level Artificer, Charged Blade.

You amplify lightning coursing through your weapon until it becomes a brilliant rod of near pure power. Your weapon casts bright light in a color of your choice for 30 feet, and dim light for additional 30 feet.

If you target is wearing non-magical armor or natural armor, your attacks treat their armor class as 10 + their dexterity modifier; only magical effects can add additional AC to the target's defenses.

Special Weapons

The following at special weapons - these are not fundamentally part of the Artificer class or the Thundersmith subclass, but they are more magical items tailored to the subclass that they might find or craft.

These are one part suggestion, and one part example. Part of being an Artificer is boundless creativity, so don't feel constrained by what is presented here.

Lastly, not that these are not balanced out of the classes power budget - they are balanced against magic items by rarity, and would - either crafted or found in the world - be items that only exist at a DMs discretion.

Arm Cannon

Common thunder cannon

Prerequisite: A missing arm to replace with this Thunder Cannon. One might hope to see this mostly on Warforged characters, but the world is a broad place. This weapon serves as a Thunder Cannon, but loses the two-handed property. The arm that this takes the place of cannot be used for anything besides holding and firing the thunder cannon or activating its upgrades.

Do you have an arm that can hurl a projectile so hard it deals Thunder Damage? Why not?

Storm Herald

Rare thunder cannon, requires attunement.

A massive elegantly wrought cannon, it has many fine gears and sliding plates. In its compact mode, as a Thunder Cannon. This weapon can add +1 to it's attack and damage rolls.

An action, you can deploy it into its "Herald" configuration, greatly extending the length of the weapon. While it is extended, the weapons range becomes 300/900 and your movement speed is halved, and any attack roll you make after moving on your turn is made with disadvantage.

You can collapse it back to its compact mode as a bonus action.

Culmination of the craft. Rumors swirl that the rains follow in its wake, confusing its thunder for that of the storms they belong to.


Rare hand cannon, requires attunement.

A single piece of worked stone, it has twisting alien runes worked across the length. When fired, this Hand Cannon fires bolts of pure Force energy and does not consume ammunition, and lacks the loud property.

Any Thundermonger damage applied by this weapon becomes Force damage. When applying Thundermonger damage to Undead, the dice become d8s.

Applying any upgrades to this seems to mar it's alien simplicity, but with sufficient care, they should work fine...

Thunder Shotgun

Uncommon thunder cannon

A special cannon made to devestate at close range. This weapon has a range of 30/90, but does not suffer disadvantage when there is a creature within melee range of you. It deals 4d4 damage to targets within 10 feet, 3d4 damage to targets within 20 feet, 2d4 damage to targets within 30 feet, and 1d4 damage to targets beyond 30 feet. This weapon has advantage on targets within 10 feet of you so long as there is nothing between you and the target.

This weapon must be reloaded with your bonus action once fired, and has disadvantage on all attacks if you have a Strength of 12 or less.

Rolling Thunder

Rare thunder cannon

A lesser mind might look at this weapon and be lead to believe that it is just five Thunder Cannons strapped together in a terrifying swirl of lunacy, but a true connoisseur can see that it is just awesomely five Thunder Cannons strapped together in a awesome swirl of brilliance.

This Thunder Cannon weighs 75 pounds, and has the Heavy property.

When you fire this weapon with the Attack action, you can choose to fire up to five times, rolling a d20 for each attack roll at the same time. For each attack roll made, subtract 2 from the value rolled for all attack rolls. For example, when firing once this weapon has a -2 to its attack roll, when firing five times, it has a -10 to its attack rolls.


Antimagical Shackle. Prerequisite: 5th level Artificer

You create an antimagical shackle. When you are adjacent to a creature, as an action you can attempt to shackle them to yourself or a nearby object using these shackles. The you make a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check contested by a Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. On failure, they are shackled to the creature or object you attempted to shackle them to, and can move only by moving it if they are able to.

Additionally, while shackled by these shackles, they cannot teleport, planeshift, polymorph, shapechange, dematerialize, or turn into an amorphous form. As an action they can make a Strength saving throw against your spell save DC to break the shackles once shackled, otherwise these shackles last until you remove them.

This shackles have no effect on creatures immune to being grappled or restrained.

Conductive Lightning Prerequisite: Lightning Baton

If you make an attack against a target wearing metal armor or wielding metal weapons, the target takes the lightning damage from your baton attack regardless if you hit or miss, and your Lightning Baton gains a special attack. If you are under the effect of lightning charged, missed attacks that deal lightning damage also generate an arc of lightning from the spell.

Special: If your opponent is wielding a metal weapon, you can deliver a extra powerful shock through to attempt to make them drop the weapon. As an attack, instead of making an attack roll, the target makes a Constitution saving throw, taking 2d4 + your intelligence modifier lightning damage and dropping their weapon on a failed save. When you make this special attack, your Lightning Baton becomes a Club until the end of your next turn.

Death Ray Prerequisite: 17th level Artificer

You build a death ray, as Artificers do. As an action, you can cast finger of death without expending a spell slot. Once you use this gadget, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.

Flames and Fury Prerequisite: Fire Spitter

Sometimes the world needs more fire, and you've developed ways to accommodate the world on that need. Tinkering with things of a more violtile nature has given you insight into more ways to burn and explode things with your spell slots at the following levels:

Artificer Level Spell
3rd burning hands, hellish rebuke
5th Aganazzar's scorcher, pyrotechnics
9th fireball

Multipurpose Investigation Tool

You build a tool with a suite of gizmos and widgets for optimal examination. While using this device, you gain proficiency in Intelligence (Investigation) checks. If you already have proficiency in Intelligence (Investigation) you can add twice your proficiency bonus.

Perfected Aerodynamics Prerequisite: Boomerang of Hitting

You upgrade your Boomerang, adding better spin and weight. You can throw it with greater precision from a wider range of angles. Targets can only get cover from your attacks made with the Boomerang if they have cover from all directions.

Additionally, the maximum range you can bounce it to another target becomes 20 feet, and throwing range becomes 60/180.

Spring Action Dagger

You create a dagger capable of being deployed with sudden and brutal efficiency. You have proficiency in this weapon, and it has the Finesse, Light, and Thrown (30/90) properties. It deals 1d4 piercing damage. This weapon can be concealed as something else; a creature searching you will only determine it a weapon by making an Intelligence (Investigation) check with a DC equal to your Spell Save modifier.

Special: The first time you attack a creature with this dagger, you have advantage on the attack roll. When thrown, it's damage die becomes a d8.

Once thrown, another dagger can be equipped as your Spring Action Dagger as a bonus action.

Steelweave Nets

You thread your nets with metal reinforcement, making them tougher and more conductive. The net gains an AC of 15 and resistance to slashing damage. Whenever a creature restrained by the net takes Lightning damage, it takes an additional 1d6 lightning damage.

When a net is turned into a Steelweave Net, only you have proficiency with it. You can have a number of them equal to your Intelligence modifier, replenishing your supply over the course of a long rest by forging normal nets into Steelweave Nets.

Trick Shots

At the end of a short or long rest, you can add one of the following effects to a piece of ammunition or thrown weapon, turning it into a trick shot.

  • Special Tip: You can select a different damage type for the attack from bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, acid, cold, fire, or lightning.
  • Bouncing: You can attack a target out of line of sight of with it if you know their location by bouncing it off a surface. They have the benefit of half cover instead of full cover.
  • Ricochet: If you hit an attack roll with it, you can make another attack roll against another target within 10 feet of the first as part of the same attack.
  • Smoke Shot: You can use the arrow do deploy your smoke bomb feature on impact at a point or target.
  • Arcane Trick: You can imbue a cantrip or 1st level spell you know into the arrow, casting it on impact where the arrow lands. If the spell has a target, the target of the attack is the target. If it has an area of effect, that is centered on the arrow.

You can only have one modified shot at a time, and it is expended on use.

Transmogrifier. Prerequisite: 9th level Artificer.

You build a device to channel the power of transmution able to cast polymorph without expending a spell slot... unfortunately without great precision. Roll a d8 to determine what beast the spell will transform the target into and a d4 to select an additional effect, and then pick a target for the spell. If you do not pick a target, you will be the target.

d8 Beast
1 Frog (MM p.318)
2 Cat (MM p.322)
3 Ape (MM p.317)
4 Brown Bear (MM p.319)
5 Giant Constrictor Snake (MM p.324)
6 Elephant (MM p.322)
7 Mammoth (MM p.332)
8 Tyrannosaurus Rex (MM p.80)
d4 Additional Effect
1 The creature is one size smaller. Deals half damage.
2 The creature is missing a leg. Halved movement speed.
3 The creature has an extra head. Makes 1 extra attack.
4 The creature is one size larger. Deals +1d4 damage.

Once you use it, the Transmogrifier cannot be used again until you complete a long rest.

Wild Detonation Prerequisite: Fire Spitter or Flashbang, Prerequisite: 9th level Artificer.

You can now use your Fire Spitter, you can double the dimensions and damage of the spell effect. Additionally, creatures that fall the saving against your Flashbang by 5 or more are stunned as well as blinded until the end of their next turn.

Violent Momentum Prerequisite: Impact Gauntlet, 11th level Artificer

Once per turn, when you move 10 feet or more toward a target before attacking them with your Impact Gauntlet, you can use the special attack of your Impact Gauntlet without forgoing your hit bonus.


Ether Heart

You install a magical ether heart into your golem, because that seems like a good idea. Your golem gains 2 charges. It can use 1 charge to cast any first level spell you know. These changes are restored at the end of a long rest.

Ever Watching Sentry

Your engineer your golem to remain constantly vigilant. It gains Proficiency in Perception and Darkvision (60 feet). While doing tasked with nothing else during a extended respite (such as during a long rest), it gains the benefits of the Alert feat.

Magical Construct Prerequisite: 5th level Artificer.

Your constructs magical nature extends to it's natural weapons. Your constructs weapons are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance to nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage, and it can add +1 to it's attack and damage rolls.

This increases to a +2 at 14th level.


Prerequisite: 5th level Artificer

If you use your bonus action to take the Help action to grant your golem advantage on attacking a creature, your golem can take the Help action as a bonus action to take the Help action to grant you advantage on attacking a creature.

Soul Puppet

You bind your soul to your golem. Your consciousness is transferred to the golem, and you gain complete control of the golem, retaining both its action your and your own, but you are only able to take any action the golem could take with its action.

Your golem's mental stats are replaced by your mental stats, and your golem gains all of your spell slots, attunement slots, and class features. Your former body dies and cannot be resurrected, unless a wish or similar magic returns your soul to your body.

Very Odd Upgrades

This seems like as good a place as any to note that Extend Toolbox tends to embrace more eccentric upgrades than the main document. Some of these upgrades will not appeal to everyone, some of them will radical change your playstyle. Some of them will make your DM question his sanity. In general, upgrades in this document should always be considered a extended guideline or a "What if I could...?"

Razor Claws Prerequisite: Quadrupedal, Incompatible with Warfare Routines.

Your golem's gains two additional natural weapons that deal 1d8 slashing damage, and have the Light property. Additionally, your golem gains the Two Weapon Fighting Fighting Style from the Fighter Class (as below).

  • Two Weapon Fighting. When you engage in two-weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second Attack.

Trample Prerequisite: Quadrupedal Golem.

When your golem moves more than 10 feet toward a target before making an attack, the target must succeed in a Strength saving throw of a DC equal to 8 + your Golems Strength modifier + your Golem's Proficiency modifier, or be knocked prone. If the target is knocked prone, the golem can make on additional attack against the target as a bonus action.

Variant Golem Option: Flesh Golem

When selecting your golem, some distrubed minds think "by what if I want it be a fleshy-monsterousity against sanity?" Well, as usual, the Alternate Artificer is here for you:

Flesh Golem?

Your golem is roughly humanoid, a lumbering terror of stitched flesh, with an odd smell. Its base strength becomes 16(+3) and it gains proficiency in shields, simple weapons, and martial weapons.

Its natural weapon is: Slam: +5 (Strength + Proficiency) to hit, reach 5ft., one target. Hit 1d4 + 3 (Strength) bludgeoning damage.

Additional Changes

  • Replace your Smith's Tool proficiency with Leatherworking Tools proficiency.
  • The upgrades the same, but with "...but from some gross fleshy organ."

Fleshy Upgrades

At your DMs discretion, you can apply Fleshsmith upgrades to your Golem. This has the potential to be OP, so assume the DM will say no unless it's not and you can explain how it's not.


Enchanted Garmets

You enchant your clothes, granting you several benefits over mundane not-enchanted clothes:

  • You can cast prestidigitation targeting only your own clothes.
  • You cause them to change style or color as an action, keeping the new style or color until your take them off or enchant a new set.
  • They do not get wet unless you will them to, keeping you dry.
  • You can ignore the environmental effects of extreme heat or cold.

Investiture of Soul Prerequisite: 19th level Artificer.

When you cast animate object spell, you can expend a hit die. If you do it no longer requires concentration, and lasts until the objects created are destroyed or you complete a long rest. If you cast animate objects again while you still have animated objects active, the previous spell immediately ends.

Loyal Weapon

You can cast the weapon of throwing spell as a first level spell without expending a spell slot, but if you cast it on a second weapon with this feature, the spell immediately fades from any previous use of this feature.

Spinning Blades

As an action, instead of attacking with your Animated Weapons, you cause them to whirl through the air in place. This has the effect of cloud of daggers, but does not require concentration and ends at the start of your next turn. For each animated weapon you have you can pick a different 5 foot cube, or send them to the same spot. For each weapon sent the same spot, the spell level of the effect is increased by one.

Translocation Binding Prerequisite: 5th level Artificer.

As a bonus action while attacking with an Animated Weapon or a weapon under the effect of weapon of throwing, you can expend a first level spell slot and teleport to it before it returns to you. You can invoke this even if the attack misses the target.

Suggested Magical Item Synergy

If an Infusionsmith gets a Dancing Sword, allow them to use their Intelligence modifier for attack and damage rolls with it - they are quite familiar with using their Intelligence modifier to attack with Animated Weapons!


Collateral Damage Prerequisite: Explosive Reaction Incompatible with Shaped Charges

Your explosive reaction now deals half damage to creatures that pass the saving throw against it.

Carrier Familiar

Prerequisites: Homunculus Familiar, 9th level Artificer

You utilize your Familiar to deliver your instant reactions. As an action, you can hand off a semi-stablized instant reaction to your familiar. Until the end of your familiar's next turn, it can use your Instant Reaction as it's action, targeting a point within 10 feet of it or dropping it up to 20 feet before it takes effect.

You take this chance to improve your familiar's delivery capabilities, granting it the Flyby feature of an Owl if does not have the feature, and 5 feet of increased movement speed to its fastest movement speed if it already does.

Flyby: The creature doesn't provoke Opportunity Attacks when it flies out of an enemy's reach.

Dragon Draught Instant Reaction

As an action you quaff a vial of highly reactive liquid, allow you to immediately belch a blast of devastating elemental energy. You can select between cold, fire, acid, or lightning. Cold and fire effect a 10 foot cone. Lightning and Acid effect at 15 foot line. Creatures in that area have to make a Dexterity saving throw against your Spell Save DC, or take 1d8 damage of the elemental type chosen.

The damage increases by 1d8 when you reach 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8).

Extra Zest

You've mastered a twist for infusion. Whenever a consumed potion restores health, it restores an additional 1d4 hit points per level of the spell slot used to infuse it. Whenever a thrown potion deals damage, it deals an additional 1d4 damage of its primary damage type to creatures effected by it.

Flaming Grease

You tweak your grease formula to be flammable, as grease should be. When you cast grease or use it to make an Alchemical Infusion, the effect becomes flammable. If the area of effect is hit with 1 or more point of fire damage, the all creatures in the area of effect take 2d4 fire damage. The grease burns for 2 turns after being set on fire.

Additionally, you can use the grease spell or Alchemical Infusion to coat a weapon; when ignited, that weapon deals 2d4 additional fire damage until the grease burns away (2 turns).

Mutation Mixture Prerequisite: 13th level Artificer

You concoct an infused potion that warps your body, rapidly and temporary mutating it in extreme ways. You gain the polymorph spell as an option for Alchemical Infusion, and when when you consume this Infused Potion, the duration of the potion is one hour, though it can be ended early with an action.

A creature cannot undergo the effect of this Infused Potion again until the complete a long rest.

Napalm Preqrequisite: Alchemical Fire

Targets that fail their saving throw against your Alchemical Fire Instant Reaction take an additional 1d4 damage at the start of their turns for one minute. They can end the effect early with an action to put it out, or spend all of their movement to fall prone and roll, ending the effect.

Stablizing Agent

You introduce a new compound to your instant reactions that temporary stablizes them. When you use an Instant reaction, you can give it a timer of 0 to 3 rounds. The instant reaction is treated a small clump of components until that point; if undisturbed (it can be moved or thrown, but any creature that touches it can intentionally deactivate it if they know what it is), it will trigger the effect of the instant reaction where it is when the number of specified rounds have passed.

If set to 0 rounds, it will trigger the effect at the end of your turn.

Goodlent Pellets

You devise a nutritionally complete and revitalizing compound. You can use your alchemy to expend a first level spell slot to cast goodberry, but any berries generated taste distinctly bland.


Additional Warsmith Armor Options
Armor Name AC Weight Strength Requirement Stealth Properties
Wargear(Warplate) 15 + Dex Modifier
(Max 2)
45 lbs. Disadvantage Medium Armor, Powerful Build
Warskin(War Suit) 12 + Dex Modifier 15 lbs. Light Armor
Iron Shell(Integrated Armor) 18 40 lbs. Disadvantage Heavy, Powerful Build

Alternate Types count as the type of armor in () for purposes of determining upgrade prerequisites.

(*) Powerful Build You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Assume Control Prerequisite: Emergency Protocol, 9th level Artificer

You expanded the control available to your armor's sentience. You can set conditions when your armor will take control of your movement and actions. It can act following these directions after the triggering event occurs for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier. While acting in this mode, it can take any action you could take, but can only cast spells granted by Upgrades. It uses your ability scores.

The triggering event can by a preset condition, a verbal command, or a specified time. Your armor is immune to the charmed, blinded and frightened conditions, and does not suffer from exhaustion, ignoring these effects if you are under them.

If you have Warplate, it can control your warplate even if you are not wearing it for these turns, gaining it's own movement of 20 feet and actions for the duration.

Once these are expended, it cannot control your armor until you complete a long rest.

Barrier Capacitor Prerequisite: 11th level Artificer; Incompatible with other Capacitors

You can store up arcane energy, discharging it in the form of a protective barrier. As an action you can cast wall of force without expending a spell slot or charges. You can use an action to reorient or move the wall up to your movement speed, but the movement is not strong enough to cause any damage.

If a creature would be moved by the barrier it can make a Strength check against a Spellcasting ability check, stopping the wall on a successful check.

Once you use this upgrade, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest.

Contingent Response Prerequisite: Sentient Armor

Choose a spell of 1st level spell that you can cast, that has a casting time of 1 action, and that can target you. You cast that spell, expending a spell slot, but the spell doesn't come into effect. Instead, it takes effect when a certain circumstance occurs.

The spell takes effect immediately after the circumstance is met for the first time, whether or not you want it to, and then contingency ends.

You can only have one spell prepared to go off in this way. Preparing a new one immediately ends the effect of the last one.

Extendable Arms Prerequisite: Integrated Armor

As a bonus action, you can extend your arms reach until the end of your turn. Your melee weapon attacks gain the reach property until the end of your turn.

Hyperspace Arsenal Prerequisite 19th level, Requires: Recall.

You expand the pocket dimension to store multiple sets of Wargear, as well as up to 100 lbs of weapons or items. As a bonus action, you can conjure and equip any weapon or item stored in the pocket dimension. Additionally, you can swap out your attuned Wargear for another set of Wargear with this upgrade in the pocket dimension during this bonus action, instantly unattuning to the set you were wearing and attuning to the new set. Once you swap your Wargear using this feature, you cannot do so again until you complete a short or long rest.

Powered Nervous System Prerequisite: Integrated Armor; Resistance: Lightning

Once per turn when you take or deal lightning damage, you gain a d4. You can add this d4 to your next attack roll or saving throw before the end of your next turn. You can only have one d4 from this ability at a time. If you gain another d4 while you already have one, you immediately roll it and gain temporary hit points equal to the amount rolled.

Iron Constitution Prerequisite: Integrated Armor

You gain resistance to poison damage and advantage against the poisoned condition.

Variant: Infiltrator Armor

At your DM's discrection. When selecting Warsmith's Armor at 3rd level, if you've selected Medium or Light armor varities, you can forgo the increase to your Strength and Maximum Strength to instead select a free unrestricted upgrade.

DMs and players: this is intended to provide more flexibility in what you can build with this class, but not all upgrades will be appropriate options. I would recommend an upgrade from the following list: Accelerated Movement, Projector (either), Grappling Reel, Extendable Arms, Iron Constitution, or a Custom Upgrade the fits their desired playstyle and armor. I would not recommend additional gauntlet upgrades or sentient armor being available here.

Mechanical Overdrive Prerequisite: Integrated Armor

You overlord your integrated armor, driving you superhuman speeds. You can use this upgrade to cast haste targeting yourself. When you cast haste in this way, you have advantage on concentration checks to maintain it, but at the end of each of your turns take 1d4 fire damage that cannot be resisted from overheating.

Searing Shell Prerequisite: Resistance: Fire

As a bonus action, you can heat your armor to searing temperatures. Anything grappling, restraining, or otherwise holding onto you within 5 feet takes Fire damage equal to your Intelligence modifier. You can end this at the start of your turn (no action required). Whenever you end your turn with this active, you take 1 fire damage that cannot be resisted.

You can fully ignite your armor and cast fire shield without consuming a spell slot. When cast with this upgrade, you can only select the fire damage option. Once you cast it in this way, you cannot cast it again until you complete a long rest.

Vice Grip

You upgrade the arm that your warplate gauntlet is installed with crushing power. If a creature ends turn while grappled by your Warplate Gauntlet, it takes damage equal to your Strength modifier.

Adaptable Armor

You integrate deployable hooks and fins into your armor, augmenting its mobility. While wearing your armor you gain a climbing speed equal to your walking speed, and you can move up, down, and across vertical surfaces and upside down along ceilings, while leaving your hands free.

Additionally, you gain a swim speed equal to your walking speed.

Earth Projector

You gain the ability to elemental control of earth. While wearing your Warplate Gauntlet, you can cast magic stone, and gain access to the following spells at the following levels while wearing your Warplate Gauntlet:

Artificer Level Spell
3 earth tremor
5 earth bind
9 erupting earth
13 orbital stones*

Water Projector

You gain the ability to elemental control of water. While wearing your Warplate Gauntlet, you can cast ray of frost, and gain access to the following spells at the following levels while wearing your Warplate Gauntlet:

Artificer Level Spell
3 ice knife
5 snowball storm
9 tidal wave
13 watery sphere

Wiseware Prerequisite: Arcaneware

Your armor's artificial proficiency has acquired worldly wisdom. You can gain the effect of guidance when making a Wisdom ability check in addition to Intelligence ability checks.

Large Suits

Some players will want to build a larger suit, the Piloted Golem option below allows you to do that. The player and the DM should give some consideration to the consequences of being a large sized creature. It has advantages but considerably drawbacks that should not be ignored.

Large weapons are not defined in the Player's Handbook for 5e, so what a Large weapon will be (if anything) is up to your DM.

The Dungeon Master's Guide provides guidance for doubling a Large weapon's damage dice on page 278 when discussing monster's weapons, but other DMs opt for a more modest increase akin to the spell enlarge of just having large weapons deal 1d4 additional damage.

Piloted Golem Prerequisite: Warplate, Incompatible with Collapsible. Prerequisite: 9th level Artificer

You enlarge your Warplate, turning it into a piloted mechanical golem. Your size category when wearing the armor increases by one.

You have advantage on Strength saving throws and Strength checks against creatures the same size as you or smaller than you.

Ablative Armor Prerequisite: Piloted Golem

You leverage your Warplate's increased size to load it up with some redundant layers of armor to protect you. At the end of a short or long rest, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Intelligence modifier + Artificer level.

Self-Repair Matrix Prerequisite: Ablative Armor

At the start of each turn, if you have no temporary hit points, you gain temporary hit points equal your proficiency modifier.

Shield Arm. Prerequisite: Piloted Golem

You integrate a shield into one of your armor's arms. You have proficiency with that shield, and can deploy it as a bonus action. It requires the use of that arm while deployed. When shove a medium or smaller creature, you can shove it by slaming it with the attached shield causing it to take damage equal to your Strength modifier.


Fleshsmith Additional Thesis Option

Perfection of Technique

Others may call themselves flesh smiths or flesh crafters, but you are a flesh artist. Flaying, dicing, deboning, you've mastered it all. When you select this thesis option, you gain proficiency with martial weapons and gain the Flaying Hook upgrade, and it does not count against your upgrade total. You can integrate your Flaying Hook into another weapon, attaching it's heavy chain to the hilt of your weapon, allowing you to attack with either weapon, and being considered to be carrying both when carrying one. Any magical bonus to attack and damage rolls the attached weapon has are also applied to the Flaying Hook (if higher).

When you using your Flaying Hook to pull a target or pull yourself toward a target, you use your bonus action to make a single weapon attack against it. You can do this a number of times equal to your Artificer level and you regain all uses at the end of a long rest.

Implements of the Butcher

A Perfect of Technique Fleshsmith's martial weapons often particularly gory weapons - from large butchers knives to massive cleavers. The stats for these can use the those of scimitars, battle axes, and greatswords or greataxes respectively, and fall under the martial weapon proficiency granted by Perfection of Technique.

Bathed In Blood

Prerequisite: Flaying Hook, 11th level Artificer

You can determine when a creature you can see within 30 feet is bloodied just be looking at it. Once per turn, when you deal damage to a bloodied with your Flaying Hook (including any weapon it is integrated to) or Butcher's Knack, that creature takes an additional 1d12 damage.

Butcher's Knack

Prerequisite: Perfection of Technique

Your skill with butchering allows you inflict brutal ones. Once per turn when you deal piercing or slashing damage to a creature that is not a construct or undead, you can inflict a rending wound on it. Any movement speed the target has is reduced by 5 feet.

At the end of that creatures next turn, it makes a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC, taking 1d8 slashing damage on failure. It has disadvantage on the saving throw if it used its movement during its turn. This damage is doubled if the it was inflicted by a critical hit.

Death Flail

Prerequisite: Perfection of Technique

Rather than cast out the Flaying Hook, you master the art of spinning your attacked martial weapon by the chain in windmill of death. Your weapon gains the Reach property when used in this way.

Additionally, instead of attacking at target with it normally, as an action, you can spin the weapon wildly in giant deadly sweeps. Creatures within 10 feet (select four if there are more than four) must make a Dexterity saving throw against a DC of 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus. On failure they take damage equal to your weapon damage dice + your Strength modifier of your weapons damage type.

If you have the Spiked Chain upgrade and hit one or more targets, you can select one of them to be effected by the special property of Spiked Chain.

Flaying Hook

A metal hook attached to a chain. You a proficient with this weapon, and it has the Special property. It deals 1d6 piercing damage.

Special: This weapon has a range of 20 feet. When you hit at a target that is more than 5 feet away from you, if the target is medium or smaller, you can make a Strength (Athletics) check contested by its Strength(Athletics) to pull the target toward you. On a successful check, a smaller or smaller target is pulled to you, and a medium target is pulled half the distance (rounding up) toward you. The creature takes 1 additional damage for each 5 feet it is pulled.

If the creature is medium or larger, when hit a target more than 5 feet away from you you can pull yourself up to 10 feet toward the target.

Spiked Chain

Prerequisite: Flaying Hook

You lace the chain of your Flaying Hook with spikes. When you attack a creature within 5 with your Flaying Hook, you can opt to make a Spiked Chain attack. This attack deals 2d4 piercing damage on hit, and has the Special property.

Special: When you hit a creature with this weapon, that target loses 10 feet of movement (hindered by the chain) and takes 1d4 damage each time they move 5 feet, up to 2d4 damage (for 10 feet of movement). You cannot use your weapon against another creature until the start of your next turn, but have advantage on attacks of opportunity against the that target. If it does not move before the start of your next turn, you reel your chain back in, dealing 1d4 slashing damage to that target.

Fleshsmith Additional Upgrades

Acid Gland

Prerequisite: 5th level Artificer

Realizing that putting something that oozes acid inside yourself could not possible go wrong, you do just that. You gain a pool of d4s equal to your Constitution modifier. As a bonus action, you can expend an amount of these d4s, adding them to the next damage roll you make with a natural weapon before the end of your turn. The pool of d4s recharge at the end of a short or long rest.

Additionally, you learn the acid spray cantrip. When casting it using this upgrade, it does not require verbal or somatic components and you can use your Constitution as your spell casting modifier for it instead of your Intelligence modifier. You can expend the d4s granted by Acid Gland on the damage roll of acid spray, following the same restrictions as natural weapons.

Amalgamated Form

Prerequisite: 9th level Artificer

You modify yourself to gain a racial ability of another race. This can be used to gain one physical trait of a playable race, both in form and function. For example, adding the lower body of centaur may give you their movement, hooves, and poor climbing ability.

This can include physiology and physical traits, including natural weapons, movement speed, physical senses, or special properties relating to physical features. Select a trait from the following table:

Race / Part Features Gained
Centaur Lower Body Gain 40 ft. speed, Hooves and Equine Build
Minotaur Horns Gain Horns, Goring Rush, Hammering Horns
Tortle Shell Natural Armor, Shell Defense

Adaptive Response

Prerequisite: 15th level Artificer

You attain full mastery of your body and its functionality, able to detect when it malfunctions. As a reaction to failing a saving throw against becoming paralyzed, blinded, deafened, poisoned or infected by a disease as the result of failing a constitution saving throw, you can end the effect, even if you would normally not be able to take reactions due to the effect..

Once you do this, you cannot do this again until you complete a short or long rest.

Brimstone Bladder

Prerequisite: 5th level Artificer

Why should dragons have all the fun? You can now exhale fire. You gain a pool of d12s equal to your Artificer level. As an action, you can exhale a cone of fire, expending d12s from this pool equal to your Proficiency modifier. Creatures in a 30 foot cone make a Dexterity saving throw, taking Fire damage equal to the d12s expended on a failure, and half as much damage on a successful saving throw.

You gain resistance to fire damage.

Devouring Maw

Prerequisite: 9th level Artificer

Due to the inefficiency of having only one intake port, you build an additional one, properly equipped with razor sharp fangs and a special property. This maw becomes a natural weapon that deals 1d10 piecing damage.

If you hit with an attack with this maw, you can chose to make a Grapple check against the target as a bonus action. Targets grappled by this maw take 1d4 piercing and 1d4 acid damage at the start of their turn.

Attacks with this Maw are made with advantage against targets it is Grappling, but it cannot attack other creatures while grappling a creature.

You can take apply a Fleshcrafted Enhancement to this Maw instead of Extra Fangs when taking that upgrades; this Maw can have a different upgrade than your Extra Fangs if you have both.

Soul Eater

Prerequisite: Extra Fangs or Devouring Maw

When you kill a creature with a CR of 1/4 or higher with your Extra Fangs or Devouring Maw, it consumes part of the soul of the creature, nourishing you with its essence. You regain an expanded spell slot equal to half the creatures CR (minimum first level spell slot).

Once you've benefited from this nourishment, you must take a short or long rest before you can benefit from it again. If you have no spell slots remaining, you can benefit from this nourishment again even without resting.

Extra Quills

Do you know what monsters never eat? Hedgehogs. You become more like a hedgehog. When you are attacked by a melee attack or are the target of a grapple attempt, you can use your reaction to deal 1d6 piercing damage to the attacking creature. You can do this a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier, and regrow all expended quills (regaining all uses of the ability) after you complete a long rest.

Alternatively, you as sometimes the best defense is a good offense, you can expend a use of quills as a ranged weapon attack with a range of 20/60, dealing 1d8 piercing damage on hit.

Dogmatic Persistence

Your idealogical conviction in your Thesis is such that you gain an additional 2 uses of it (for Perfection of Form) or an addition two d8s (for Perfection of Mind).

Prehensile Feet

You tinker with your appendages, improving their flexibility and configuration. You gain a climbing speed equal to your walking speed. If you are prone or otherwise supported without your feet, your foot can count as a free hand for the purposes of grappling.


Artificial Companion

Prerequisite: Artificer

You do the most responsible thing a gifted Artificer can do - create a new sentient mind to serve you. This mind is bound to an tiny item, and while this mind is inhabiting that item, it is considered magical and all but indestructible.

It has a Strength, Dexterity and Constitution of 0, and has no hit points and cannot take actions. It has an Intelligence of 12 + your proficiency modifier, a Wisdom of 10 + your proficiency modifier, and a Charisma of 10 + your proficiency modifier. Its proficiency is equal to yours. This mental assistance can assist with many tasks:

  • It has proficiency in two Intelligence or Wisdom skills of your choice, and can take the Help action to help with ability checks of those skills.
  • It has a blindsight of 10 feet. This increases by 10 feet at 5th level (20 feet), 11th level (30 feet), and 17th level (40 feet).
  • It can communicate verbally and telepathically with you while you are within range of its blindsight.
  • At 5th level, it gains the ability to cast clairvoyance and communicate the results of what it sees. Once it does this it cannot do this again until you complete a long rest.

At your DMs discretion, this intelligence can be bound to an item created by Artificer class features if appropriate.

Sentient Armor, Golems, and Artificial Companions.

This is intended to be a seperate entity from your other class features, but there is no reason that these features cannot be rolled into an existing companion intelligence you already have; in that case the granted features are just added to the features it normal has.

Artificial Metamagic

Prerequisite: Artificer

Magic is great and all, but what if it was... better? You modify an arcane focus in your position. Select a Metamagic Option from the Sorcerer's list of Metamagic options.

The device has 2 charges. When you cast a spell using this arcane focus, you can use the devices charges to power applying the metamagic option to the spell cast as 1 charge per Sorcery point spent.

The device regains all charges when you finish a short or long rest. As an action, you can expend a first level spell to recharge the Arcane Focus to use it again before completing a rest.

Warforged Customization

Prerequisite: Warforged

Other people have to exercise to improve their bodies. You've found that yours is just upgradeable.

  • You can select an upgrade from the Golemsmith or Warsmith upgrade lists, and apply it to yourself as if you were the golem or warplate. This upgrade cannot be a level restricted upgrade.

Additional Items


The following list is some Common Magical items that might serve as simple inventions for your Artificer to create (or have created). These tend to be of limited use and primarily concerned with the flavor of your character, as well as fleshing out an Artificer's habit of making items - both the useful and the eccentric.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but merely to spark some interesting ideas or provide a framework one might use. For further reading, consider reviewing the common magical items in Xanthaur's Guide to Everything.

How do you make these?

While there are crafting rules in the game, it is likely that using the crafting rules to create common magical items may be unappealing given their general lack of mechanical effect (with some exceptions).

In generally, I'd advise letting players make these simply by tinkering with them to a time-frame appropriate to your campaign, in so far that they could create a few over the course of the campaign.

Homeward Compass


You make a compass, that always points toward a location of your choosing that you've been. You, or any creature holding it, has advantage on Wisdom (Survival) when trying to find their way to a the set point of the compass or a location with a known relative position to it.

Grenade Vials

Consumable, Common

An improved vial that can be forged by a cooperation of a glassblower and blacksmith, these are a devastating armament option for a Potionsmith. When loaded with an Infused Potion, the throwing range increases by 10 feet, and upon shattering, any creature within 20 feet must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d4 piercing damage as the fragmentary pieces of cannister a detonated outward.

If the Infused Potion is an evocation spell, the piercing damage dealt by the shattering is increased by 1d4 for each level of the infused spell.

Suggested Cost: ~10 gold pieces per unit. Note, cost will vary based on supply and economic factors.

Illusionary Locket


You can create a locket that has a minor illusion effect cast when it is opened. The illusion is clearly project right above the locket, and the nature of the illusion is selected when the locket is created. You can change the illusion contained with 1 minute of work to adjust it.

Magic Lantern


You create a magical hooded or bullseye lantern that does not require oil to fuel it. It can be used for 6 hours a day, regaining all hours of use at dawn.



You make a device that can produce high quality rope from materials. By feeding the device the proper weight in fibrous materials - such as vines, clothes, or wool - it can create a length of rope of equal weight as if made of high quality material. You can create up to 50 feet of rope in an hour using this device.



You create a small device that record a 25 word message. It takes a creature an action to change the recorded message, and they must speak the message outload to record the message. The recorded message can be replayed by any creature holding the device that is aware what it is.

Water Purifier


You create a magical tankard that can hold up to a gallon of liquid. After liquid has been in the tankard for an hour, is purified as if purify food and drink have been cast on the liquid contained.

Appropriate for all Artificers?

In general, this document is intentionally vague on the exact nature of the device, as different artificers may achieve the same result different ways. A Gadgetsmith's Magic Lantern might be mechanical marvel, while an Potionsmiths may a magically sustained reaction, and Fleshsmith's may be very unusual firefly in a jar.


Tiny Catapult

Wondrous Item, Uncommon

This is a tiny vividly detailed figurine of a catapult. It has 4 charges. While holding this catapult, you can expend a charge to cast the catapult spell. It regains 1d4 charges at dawn.

When you cast catapult in this way, it does not require verbal or somatic components, but you must be holding the catapult.


Tube of Dropping

Wondrous Item, Rare

This strange 1 foot long tube is 4 inches wide. While holding this tube vertically, anything you drop through it appears 20 to 50 feet above a point of your choosing within 100 feet. You need to have a line of sight to the target point or some point in vertical space above the target where the item would appear.

You can drop items or magical effects through the tube as long as they don't have require a line of sight to an effected creature (you cannot see the target location through the tube). Any living creature passing through the tube suffers from the effect of confusion for 1d6 turns. Only things that are completely within the tube when they would exit out of the bottom of it are transported through it.


Many an Artificer could hail from a background from Far Traveler to Cloistered Scholar, there here are some additional backgrounds which be what lead to your character embarking on their unique exploration of the depths of magical engineering.


You were a mixer of potions, master of the subtle art of producing potent magical effects from the right distilations. Hailing from the largest cities or the smallest villages, an apothecary's work is always in demand, though many that would demand it do not fully appreciate the care that goes into making a potion safe and effective.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Medicine
  • Tool Proficiencies: Alchemist's supplies, Herbalism Kit.
  • Equipment: A minor healing potion, a set of Alchemy Supplies, an Herbalism Kit, and a set of common clothes.
Feature: Herblore

You know what the potions people drink are actually made of. Whenever traveling at half speed or less through wilderness or camping in wilderness, you can acquire 10 gold pieces a day worth of potion reagents. These can be used against the next potion you craft.


Scholars and Academics are great, but many a kingdom has needed those of the more intellectual bent to put their intellect to more practical uses - designing everything from siege equipment to bridges.

While construction may or may not have used magic here and there, at the end of the day something built without an engineer's oversight is much more likely to fall back down when it is needed most.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Investigation, Nature.
  • Tool Proficiencies: Carpenter's Tools, Mason's Tools.
  • Equipment: A bottle of black ink, a quill, a small knife, the blue prints to the last project you were working on, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp.
Feature: Blueprints

Given a little time to plan, you can produce blueprints or schematics for bridges, siege equipment, buildings, dams, or any other common feat of engineering that anyone proficient with the necessary artisan tools required to could follow to craft the outlined construction given the time and resources. Buildings more fantastical in nature may still be within your grasp to plan with skill appropriate skill checks at the DMs discretion.


Falling somewhere between a merchant, sage, and - if you ask some villagers - a vagabond, a Tinkerer wonders from town to town bringing a cart (or sometimes just a donkey) of knick-nacks and knowhow. While not always welcomed with open arms, they can be life line of the smallest and most widely flung towns, as no route is too odd and winding for them to wander. Tinkerers may be wanderers by nature, but what opens doors is their useful knack for being able to fix problems with a dash of knowhow and ingenuity.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Nature.
  • Tool Proficiencies: Tinker's Tools
  • Languages: One language of your choice.
  • Equipment: A set of Tinker's Tools, a set of traveler's clothes, a set of saddle bags, and a pack horse.
Feature: Know-How

You've been around the block, and fixed more than one problem you had no business fixing with some application of ingenuity. When you need to construct or fix an item, you can often tinker up a replacement part from an alternate source. Any item that you could craft with Tinker's Tools for less then 50gp pieces, you can craft for free with miscellaneousness knick knacks. At the DM's discretion, this feature may help with larger crafting pieces as appropriate

Notable Homebrew

Even More?

All this still isn't enough? Here are some Homebrew options for people that want even more. The following options have been made for the Alternate Artificer by people other than KibblesTasty; while I might have contributed in some small way, they are the work of their creator.

Anything I add a link to here is something that I think is at least interesting, and provides values to people that want to delve deeper into the world of Artificering, but this is not inherently an endorsement of the product as "ready to use", and you mileage may vary. It's just a recommendation to check it out!


by /u/MrKybernetes

Taking the self-forged to a new level, this is option is for those that strive for perfection... in their own eyes. Which might not be their own eyes anymore, as those might have been replaced with a better set.

From the creator:

A Limbsmith is an Artificer who has found their own body lacking in some way and began replacing parts of it through artificial ones. Maybe they had a disease they could not recover from normally, lost a limb in a tragic accident and noticed they had a knack for their newfound abilities or simply found themselves wanting physically.

Because of the alien appearance of some Limbsmiths, resembling half humanoid, half construct, they tend to keep their augmentations covered by clothes or robes. -/u/MrKybernetes

You can find the Limbsmith here:

Additional Warsmith Upgrades

by /u/AHFromDust

Even more upgrades, plus a magic item and feat for Warsmith's.

From the creator:

I made some new upgrades for the Warsmith to help further enable people to potentially fulfill their Ironman or War Machine fantasies, and more.

You can find them here:

Created By:

Art Credits

  • Runesmith Art - Paizo
  • Cursesmith Art - art by shinji2602 - copyright KibblesTasty

Additional Credits:

  • MrKybernetes (Limbsmith; some of which has been adapted to Integrated Armor upgrades)
  • Mr.Skelet & Cowboy121 (Warsmith upgrades: Barrier Capacitor).

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Creation is made possible by generous patrons:

  • Andrew Hoertt
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...and many more!

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Thank you!

Change Log


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  • Playtesting changes pushed to live document.
  • Potionsmith Upgrades added.


  • Weapon of Throwing duration increased to 8 hours.
  • New Special Weapon Entered under Thundersmith Weapons
  • Added Stealweave Nets
  • Added Trick Shots
  • Everwatching Sentry not grants it the effect of the Alert feat while it is idle.
  • Vice Grip prerequisite removed.
  • Shield Arm upgraded upgrades shove action now.
  • Changed Necrotic Rots mechanics to be somewhat more streamlined. Tweaked the weapon the afflicts it. The spell version of it is now a touch attack spell.
  • Once per turn, you can add intelligence to the Awakened Eldritch Eruption.
  • Destructive Power maximizes the curse die when attacking objects or structures.
  • Removed the hit bonus from Abhorrent Reach and added Abhorrent Mutation Upgrade tree.
  • Curse Eater Clarified.
  • Added Creature of Darkness to Aspect of the Damned.
  • Removed Worming Pain Upgrade.
  • Nerfed Helms to be 1/short or long rest. Moved to Unrestricted Upgrades.
  • Consuming Power moved to 11th level.
  • Abhorrent Mutations for the weapon added.
  • Tweaked wording on True Artifact
  • Weapon Apothesis upgrade to 1d8, effects tweaked.
  • Eldritch Lore given more utility.
  • Amalgamated Form
  • Merged Acid Gland and Acid Spit to reduce the upgrade cost of the feature. Removed acid resistance.
  • Prehensile Feet
  • New Thesis option added: Thesis of Technique.
  • New Upgrade added: Death Flail
  • New Upgrade added: Bathed in Blood
  • New Upgrade added: Butcher's Knack
  • New Upgrade added: Spiked Chain
  • New Upgrade Added: Flaying Hook

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