Random Encounters - Genesys RPG Supplement

by SamuraifightLLC

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Random Encounter #1

Korred Flautist

Fey, Silhouette 1, Nemesis

  • Wound Threshold: 16 Strain Threshold: 16
  • Defense: 2 Melee / 2 Ranged Soak: 3

3 2 2 2 3 1

  • Condition Immunities: None
  • Senses: Darkvision (Medium), Tremorsense (Medium)
  • Skills: Athletics 3, Melee-Heavy: 2, Ranged 2, Perception 2, Stealth 2, Survival 2
  • Talents: Burly, Defensive 1, Dodge 1, Grit 3, One with Nature, Toughened 2
  • Languages: Korred, Sylvan, Druidic (10%)
  • Treasure: Wooden flute, Club, Shears, 25gp

Command Hair (defensive 1): The Korred has a 50ft beard of woven hair coming from its chin. As an incidental, the Korred commands its beard to entangle a Silhouette 2 or less object that the Korred can see. The target must succeed on a Medium (◆◆◆) Coordination saving throw or become grappled by the hair. Until this grapple ends. the character is restrained. The grappled character can make an opposed Athletics verses Athletics check to break free or subdue the creature to escape.

Innate Spellcasting: The Korred can freely shape 30' of stone, hide inside rocks, and transmute all stone within short range into mud and back. This requires spending 2 strain and succeeding an Easy (◆◆) Survival check.

Dancing Defense: Those that interrupt the Korred's dance must succeed on a Medium (◆◆◆) Discipline saving throw or dance until they are unconscious, restrained or the Korred flees. They take 2 strain per round while dancing.


Multiattack: The Korred makes two attacks by hurling two rocks. Treat as a two weapon attack with Dual Wielder.

Huge Club: Melee Weapon Attack: +4 damage, Crit 3, Encumbrance 4, Cumbersome 4

Rock: Ranged Weapon Attack: 7 damage, Crit 5, Cumbersome 4, Medium Range

Laugh. Ranged Spell Effect: 3/day, Short Range. All targets must succeed on a Medium (◆◆◆) Cool saving throw or be stunned for 2 rounds. A bard's song can nullify this effect.

Encounter setup

This encounter can take place in any sort of forest, while the players are sleeping during the night or walking down a trail. Set up the encounter with the following text:

You hear the wispy sounds of a wooden flute playing in the distance. It gets closer and closer to your location until a small man with a long, braided beard and cloven-hoofed feet appears, dancing and playing. He stops for a moment and smiles at your party, then continues playing.

The Dance

It is at this point that you should begin playing wooden flute music from your computer or handheld device. Make sure it is solo and very repetitive and keep it playing while you narrate the creature getting in each character's face. The first player to engage with the Korred will run afoul of its Dancing Defense.

If none of your players bite at the provocation have the Korred follow them for a while. Reward your players with XP if they guess that the best thing to do is to leave the creature be.

Battle Tactics

The Korred is happy to use its Dancing Defense to ensnare the party in a deadly conga line as long as it hasn't been hurt.


Once damaged by a character it will use Command Hair to try to ensnare the aggressor so they cannot do more damage, continuing to dance and play. If that does not work and it is hit again, it will stop playing and employ its Laugh attack.

More than 12 Wounds

If the Korred has more than 12 wounds it will try to bargain with the players, if they can speak the same language. If not, it will cast Meld into Stone or Transmute Rock to Mud to try to escape. If it can escape and find a perch looking down on the players, it will throw rocks from above until threatened again.

All players unconscious

If all of the players succumb to the dance of the Korred, they will eventually fall unconscious. They may wake up with money stolen, encased in stone, shaved heads, or some other suitably embarrassing situation. Feel free to have a Druid or a party of Elvish scouts find them at their lowest point.

Forest Encounter | Korred Flautist