Cook's Utensils

by VaranSL

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Cook's Utensils

Cook's Utensils are used to prepare food for royals, adventurers and anyone else that enjoys food for more than just sustenance. These delicious dishes are the calling cards of chef's and, through the love of their Signature Dishes, are imbued with a hint of magic.

Cook's Utensils

Cook's Utensils include a metal pot, knives, forks, a stirring spoon, and a ladle. Proficiency with this kit lets you add your proficiency bonus to any Wisdom checks you make for your Signature Dishes.

Certain Signature Dishes may require you to use your Intelligence instead of Wisdom when it comes to precise recipes.

Cooking Signature Dishes

To cook a Signature Dish, you must have proficiency in the use of the Cook's Utensils and you must know the recipe for the item you wish to cook. After choosing the Signature Dish to cook, you must gather the required ingredients and then you can cook the dish.

If you do not have proficiency, you can still cook the items, but you will always create a Select version of it until you are proficient. To gain proficiency, you must hit the DC for a Prime item 10 times before you have learned how to use the equipment.

To craft a Signature Dish, you must roll using your Wisdom Modifier plus Proficiency, though certain recipes may call for you to use your Intelligence Modifier instead.

Signature Dish Recipes

If you know the recipe for a particular item, you know which ingredients are required to cook a Signature Dish, where those ingredients are likely to be found, and how to prepare them. You even know enough to substitute ingredients based on what’s available in your pantry.

Every Signature Dish recipe specifies the DCs required to craft Select (ṩ), Choice (¢) and Prime (Ü) quality versions of that item. It also specifies any unique ingredients you must have access too. Those ingredients must be acquired through special means, either through purchase or during the course of an adventure.

Cooking Your Dish

Signature Dishes come in three qualities, starting with the lowest: Select (ṩ), Choice (¢) and Prime (Ü). Generally, the higher the quality, the more potent the item. Signature Dishes take on the Cold trait at different stages depending on category of dish being created. The Cold trait determines when a Signature Dish no longer provides the greatest benefit but still has some leftover bonuses. After the Cold trait is the Compost trait where the item is only fit for composting and has no benefits, though it is still good for eating!

The three categories for Signature Dishes are: Snacks, Everyday and Gourmet. Snacks take 10 minutes to prepare and don't become Cold for several days, while Everyday dishes can take a full hour to prepare and become Cold after several hours. The final dish, Gourmet, can take several hours to prepare, and may even require constant monitoring while preparing it. The Gourmet dishes can become Cold very quickly and should be consumed when created.

Signature Dishes are best prepared when ingredients of the finest quality with the Fresh trait are used. The Fresh trait provides a small bonus to the dish, this typically makes the DC for creating the Signature Dishes lower, though it may even provide an extra lasting effect to the dish. When Fresh ingredients are unable to be used, the Signature Dishes have their default bonuses.

You create enough to feed up to 7 medium creatures and a creature can only gain the benefits of one of your Signature Dishes once per Short Rest. For each size category above medium, double the amount of food they need (i.e. a Large creature takes the place of 2 creatures, a huge creature is 4 creatures, etc). Tiny and small creatures take the place of 1 medium creature. If a creature doesn't eat enough of your Signature Dish, they gain no benefits and eating more than is required provides no extra benefits.

Learning New Recipes

If you are proficient with the Cook's Utensils, there are a number of ways you can learn new recipes. Chefs can easily teach each other recipes in just a few minutes and if you discover a Chef's Recipe Book, you can also learn any recipes they have recorded.

In addition, if you acquire a Signature Dish, you can use your Cook's Utensils to analyze the item. It takes one hour of quiet, careful work to analyze a Signature Dish and the item is destroyed in the process. At the end of the work period, roll a Wisdom check and add your proficiency bonus for your use of the Cook's Utensils. If you meet or exceed the DC required to craft the item at Prime quality, you learn the recipe. Otherwise, you have learned nothing and destroyed the item.

Signature Dishes
Recipe Category Cooking Time Ingredient Cost
Meatballs Everyday 1 Hour 15 gp
Trail Mix Snack 10 Minutes 8 gp
5-Spice Chili Gourmet 8 Hours 20 gp
Carrot Cake Gourmet 3 Hours 15 gp
Potato Hash Everyday 1 Hour 5 gp
Granola Bar Snack 10 Minutes 8 gp
Whole Wheat Bread Gourmet 4 Hours 10 gp

Signature Dish Recipes


This hearty meal of balled up meat gives a boost to your natural Constitution. This recipe provides a +3 benefit to Constitution saves for 1 hour (ṩ), 2 hours (¢) or 5 hours (Ü). When it goes Cold, the bonus drops to +1.

  • Cost: 15 gp
  • Cold: 8 Hours
  • Compost: 24 Hours
  • Cook Time: 1 hour, Everyday
  • Cook DC: DC 10 (ṩ), DC 15 (¢), DC 20 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Meat, Berries and various Spices
  • Fresh Requirements: Same day butchered meat & plucked berries
  • Fresh: Lowers cooking DC by 2 and costs an additional 2 gp

Trail Mix

This assortment of nuts and berries is the perfect mix to snack on, especially when you get to the only part that matters, sweet chocolates. While traveling, you can munch on a serving during the day and it will provide a bonus to Survival checks to not get lost. This dish will provide a +1**(ṩ), +3(¢), or +5(Ü)**. When the trail mix goes Cold, all bonuses are reduced by 2, making (ṩ) Compost early.

  • Cost: 8 gp
  • Cold: 1 Week
  • Compost: 3 Weeks
  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes, Snack
  • Cook DC: DC 8 (ṩ), DC 12 (¢), DC 16 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Nuts, Berries and Chocolates

5-Spice Chili

This super spiced chili is composed of ground beef, sweet tomatoes and 5 signature spices that are sure to make a grown man cry. These spices bolster the natural constitution and provide damage reduction to cold damage. This chili provides a reduction to cold damage of 5 (ṩ), 10 (¢), or 15 (Ü) points per hit, this reduction lasts for 12 hours. When the chili goes Cold, the damage reductions last for only 3 hours.

  • Cost: 20 gp
  • Cold: 20 Minutes
  • Compost: 1 Hour
  • Cook Time: 8 Hours, Gourmet
  • Cook DC: DC 13 (ṩ), DC 18 (¢), DC 23 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Meat, Tomatoes and Various Spices
  • Fresh Requirements: Same day butchered Meat & Ripe Tomatoes
  • Fresh: Lowers cooking DC by 2 and costs an additional 5 gp

Carrot Cake

Nothing says decadent like a slice of a delicious carrot cake, and did you know that carrots are good for your eyes? When you eat a scrumptious bite of this cake, your Perception checks gain a +1 (ṩ), +3 (¢), or +5 (Ü) bonus for the next 3 hours. When the Carrot Cake goes Cold, this bonus is reduced by 2, making (ṩ) Compost early.

  • Cost: 15 gp
  • Cold: 3 Hours
  • Compost: 9 Hours
  • Cook Time: 3 Hours, Gourmet
  • Cook DC: DC 10 (ṩ), DC 15 (¢), DC 20 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Carrots, Cinnamon and Cream Cheese
  • Fresh Requirements: Just made Cream Cheese & crisp Carrots
  • Fresh: Lowers cooking DC by 2 and costs and additional 3 gp

Potato Hash

PO-TAY-TOS. Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew. Lovely big chunks of potatoes cooking in a fat slab of butter over a camp fire. Nothing will help give you a better Pick-Me-Up than devouring some crispy taters. When consumed, this hash will give the consumer 1 (ṩ), 2 (¢), or 3 (Ü) additional Hit Dice to use during their Short Rest. When the Potato Hash goes Cold, the number of Hit Dice gained is reduced by 1, making (ṩ) Compost early.

  • Cost: 5 gp
  • Cold: 10 Minutes
  • Compost: 30 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 1 Hour, Everyday
  • Cook DC: DC 8 (ṩ), DC 12 (¢), DC 16 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Potatoes and Butter

Granola Bar

Sometimes all you need is a bar of fiber and honey. This delightful creation will boost your spirits and get you closer to supper without dying of hunger. When eaten, this bar provides 3 (ṩ), 5 (¢), or 8 (Ü) Temporary Hit Points. When the Granola Bar goes Cold, the number of Temporary Hit Points gained is reduced by 2. These Temporary Hit Points last until your next long rest.

  • Cost: 8 gp
  • Cold: 3 Days
  • Compost: 9 Days
  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes, Snack
  • Cook DC: DC 8 (ṩ), DC 12 (¢), DC 16 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Granola, Berries and Honey

Whole Wheat Bread

Prerequisite: Intelligence Required

Bread may be the greatest carb ever crafted by Mankind. This complex recipe mixes different flours to produce a fine loaf of bread just begging for some honey smeared on top. When eaten, this bread will increase your Strength Saving Throws by +3 for 1 Hour (ṩ), 2 Hours (¢), or 5 Hours (Ü). When this bread goes Cold, the bonus is reduced to +1. ___

  • Cost: 10 gp
  • Cold: 1 Day
  • Compost: 3 Days
  • Cook Time: 4 Hours, Gourmet
  • Cook DC: DC 12 (ṩ), DC 17 (¢), DC 22 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Milk, Eggs and Yeast

Warm Almond Milk

Warm almond milk sprinkled with nutmeg. When ingested, it prepares the body for sleep. The willing target falls asleep within 10 minutes ingestion and sleeps heavily for a short rest, waking up feeling refreshed. When the target wakes up, the milk will increase their Constitution Saving Throws by +3 for 1 Hour (ṩ), 2 Hours (¢), or 5 Hours (Ü). When this milk goes Cold, the bonus is reduced to +1.

  • Cost: 5 gp
  • Cold: 5 Minutes
  • Compost: 15 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 Minutes, Snack
  • Cook DC: DC 12 (ṩ), DC 17 (¢), DC 22 (Ü)
  • Ingredients: Almond Milk and Nutmeg

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