Wimblerock's Auction Catalog - Version 2.2

by PantherophisNiger

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Wimblerock's Auction Catalog
In March, 2019 the community of r/DnDBehindtheScreen came together to build up a list of magical treasures to supplement the treasure found in the Dungeon Master's Guide. These treasures were built with 5e in mind, but were not reviewed for balance. We hope that you find this list of unique items useful for your games.


This document was compiled and edited by u/PantherophisNiger.

Item Catalog version 2.2. August 18th, 2019

Cover art by u/PfenixArtwork

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Formatting suggestions and advice from u/PfenixArtwork, u/famoushippopotamus, u/LordTathamet and u/ItKeepsOnBurning.

Special thanks to The Gollicking, especially u/InfinityCircuit, u/M0rdenkainen and u/RexiconJesse for assistance with some of the more challenging items.

Most items have been edited for clarity, and congruence with 5th edition mechanics. In most cases, I worked to clarify mechanics without any drastic changes. If you feel that these edits are not faithful to your design, please contact u/PantherophisNiger via Reddit PM.

All items found within this catalog of the upcoming Centennial Multiverse Auction (tm) are to be sold as-is. J.J. Wimblerock & Sons Artifact Auctioneers Limited Liability Company offers no warranties, guarantees, exchanges or resurrections in the event that these items destroy your local multiverse, unravel your space-time continuum, end all life upon your disc, or replace your Gods with sentient sheep. J.J. Wimblerock & Sons Artifact Auctioneers Limited Liability Company offers binding arbitration in the event of item manufacturer's recall.




Arrows, bolts and bullets. Most of these are intended as singular-use items to be fired as projectiles from a bow, crossbow, steampunk gun, or whatever other kind of projectile hurling device you can think of.

Arrow of Knight

Ammunition, artifact (requires attunement)

This bronze arrow with white fletching is too long and a little too heavy to be fired accurately with a shortbow. To fire the Arrow of Knight, you must be wielding a longbow or heavy crossbow, and first succeed on a DC 10 Strength check just to string it. You take disadvantage on attack rolls to fire the Arrow of Knight. On a hit, the attack deals 2d10 piercing plus 2d10 radiant damage. A creature slain with the Arrow of Knight cannot be raised as an undead. However, if you can string and let fly -- whether it hits or misses, the arrow will summon a celestial knight in shining armor who will steadfastly defend you. The knight has statistics equivalent to the knight NPC, but it is a celestial, its attacks deal +1d6 extra radiant damage, and it is immune to all attacks by nonmagical weapons. The knight persists for 1 hour, or until it is dismissed as an action by you. The celestial knight acts on its own, defending you against creatures that mean you harm. However, the knight does not obey your commands. The Arrow of Knight may be used repeatedly, but it can only be fired again if it is re-attuned. To attune to the Arrow of Knight, you must hold it in your hands and recite the Knight's Prayer at dawn.

The first recorded appearance of the Arrow of Knight was in the defense of the city of St. Anglos against northern invaders during the Second Age. A scholar of the southron faith has written a treatise laying out the case that the summoned knight is actually the spirit of St. Anglos himself. A more popular tale suggests that St. Anglos bound the soul of a vanquished foe to a simple arrow, and left it with the Duke of the city to be used in its defense during his absence.

by u/OrkishBlade

Arrow of Missile Attraction

Ammunition, very rare

After a successful attack made with this arrow, the victim of the attack begins to attract missiles. Any projectile that passes within 20ft of the victim has a 33% chance of being redirected towards the victim. Any affected projectile that is not redirected toward the affected victim receives a -3 penalty to it's attack roll against the intended target.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Arrow of Night

Ammunition, very rare

These silver-tipped arrows fletched with owl feathers make no sound upon impact. Instead, when they strike flesh, armor, or stone, their tip bursts in a sphere of darkness (as if the spell). If collected after a battle, there is a 20% chance that the arrow will still be intact and function if re-tipped with silver. To re-tip the arrow, one must melt 10 silver pieces in an iron cup beneath a new moon and dip the arrow in the molten silver.

A well-known tale speaks of Midora the Silent Terror and her brethren of shadow monks using dozens of Arrows of Night to infiltrate and escape from the palace of the Dragon-Emperor on the night the imperial family was assassinated.

by u/OrkishBlade

Blessed Arrow

Ammunition, rare

After a successful attack with this arrow, the target of the attack is outlined in brilliant white light as if by the spell faerie fire for the next 5 minutes. This arrow also deals an additional 1d4 radiant damage to creatures vulnerable to radiant damage.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Deadweight Arrow

Ammunition, rare

After a successful attack made with this arrow, the target's weight magically increases by 50 lbs (22.5 kg) for 3 hours. This affects encumbrance.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Dynamic Ammunition

Ammunition, uncommon

Dynamic ammunition is an enchantment placed on any projectile. Looking closely, one can see finely carved script in glowing turquoise runes. After firing the ammunition, speaking the command word causes the projectile to double in size, dealing an additional 1d4 damage. Upon impact, the enchantment ends and expires, leaving behind normal sized ammunition that is non-magical.

Invented by gnomes, under the rousing inspirational phrase of "Bigger is always better!" After countless setbacks and several injury reports, the Trans-planar Inter-dimensional Association of Brilliant Minded Gnomes (TIABMG for short) are proud to release their newest product!

by u/Notorious_Bear_


Eros' Arrow

Ammunition, very rare

This arrow will only affect self-aware humanoids. This arrow causes no injury or pain upon impact. The person who fires this arrow may have advantage on charisma-based skill checks against the humanoid creature hit by the arrow for 24 hours. After being fired, this arrow will dissolve, leaving only a faint trace of floral scent. This arrow will affect humanoids who are otherwise resistant or immune to charms.

by u/PantherophisNiger

Evertrue Arrow

Ammunition, very rare

Even if you miss the target of your attack, you're guaranteed to hit something. After an unsuccessful attack, the arrow continues to travel 3 feet about the ground in a random direction which changes every round until it hits a target.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Moss Arrow

Ammunition, rare

Creeping moss spreads rapidly around the area the arrow strikes in a circle with radius ten feet. Walking or climbing on the moss grants advantage on stealth checks to remain silent.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Needle of Subtlety

Ammunition, common

These specialty crafted blowgun needles are made for supreme stealth. A creature hit by one of these blowgun needles must attempt a DC 15 Wisdom Saving Throw. On a failed save, they do not realize they have been hit. The needle immediately vanishes after imparting its effects.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Paint Ball

Ammunition, common

These orbs are made of hard orange wax and contain a fantastical mixture of pigments inside. Upon impact, the ball bursts, creating any two-dimensional image the user wishes smaller than 5ft square feet. The image can only be destroyed by magical means, or when fades away on its own after 1 hour.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Phoenix Arrow

Ammunition, rare

An enchanted arrow made with Phoenix feather fletching. It is magically bound to a small quiver.

Upon impact, the arrow catches fire, and is consumed by the flames at the beginning of your next turn. The arrow's flames do not create heat, do not consume oxygen, and cannot be smothered or quenched. When the arrow is destroyed, it immediately reappears in the container it was magically bound to. If the arrow is somehow set ablaze before firing, it begins the magical process early, immediately reappearing in the bound quiver. After being lit on fire, the maximum firing range is halved. The normal piercing damage of this arrow is replaced with magical force damage, and an additional 1d4 magical fire damage.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Pulling Arrow

Ammunition, rare

This arrow can pull up to 300lbs of weight attached to the arrow for 1d100 feet.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Rope Arrow

Ammunition, uncommon

This arrow is exceptionally sharp, with small notches for impaling itself in hard surfaces. When fired, it releases 25 feet of hempen rope behind it.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount


Runic Arrows

Ammunition, rare,

Found as a set. Each arrow is marked and is a one-use item. Spell save DC is 16.

Runic Angry Weasel-Arrow

Transforms into a very upset weasel within one foot of the point of impact. Weasel remains for three minutes before vanishing. Weasel can do 1d4-1 damage per turn.

Runic Anvil-arrow

Transforms into a 50 pound anvil within one foot of the point of impact. Does 2d6 damage and creatures of less than Huge size must Save vs Constitution or be staggered.

Runic Boxing-glove-arrow

The arrowhead transforms into a weighted boxing glove when within one foot of target. Does 1d6 subdual bludgeoning damage.

Runic Disco-arrow

Casts dancing lights at the point of impact.

Runic Fishing-arrow

Arrow reels out a line behind it as per the grapnel-arrow, but the line begins retracting immediately after striking a target. Sometimes sold in batches due to the sheer number of rangers and other outdoorsmen who find these incredibly handy.

Runic Flare-arrow

Arrow sheds light as if a sunlight spell was cast upon it. Light dims and vanishes after 1d4 turns.

Runic Freeze-arrow

Casts chill touch at the point of impact.

Runic Grapnel-arrow

Shoots a thin line behind it. Upon impact, the arrowhead expands into a grapnel. Arrow line extends as far as 120' from the bow.

Runic Net-arrow

The arrowhead transforms into a large weighted net, which immediately spreads out from target. Save vs Dexterity to avoid.

Runic PBJ-arrow

Maker of the arrows was hungry and misplaced their sandwich. Lucky you - you found it.

Runic Shock-arrow

Casts shocking grasp at the point of impact.

Runic Smoke-arrow

Casts fog cloud at the point of impact.

Runic Sparkly Pink-arrow

Caused by mistakes when making a Flare Arrow. Leaves a sparkly pink trail in the air for one round and then explodes in a cloud of pink dust when striking a solid object. Does absolutely no damage except possibly to the archer's reputation.

Other such Runic Arrows exist, but must be found or researched.

by u/greyff

Scrying Arrow

Ammunition, legendary

If you have cast scrying, you may fire this arrow randomly, causing the arrow to reappear at the beginning of the next round near the target of the scrying spell, attacking it.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Siege Arrow

Ammunition, very rare

If this arrow strikes a stone surface, roll it's usual damage die. It destroys all non-magical stone within a radius of feet equal to the number rolled.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount


Storm Arrow

Ammunition, uncommon

When used as ammunition, physical damage dealt by this arrow is converted to thunder damage. Alternatively, while outdoors, you may use a bow to fire this arrow into the sky as an action, causing storm clouds to rapidly form. After 12 seconds, these clouds release a torrential downpour of rain lasting for 1d4*10 minutes. The arrow is consumed when used in this way. At any time during the storm’s duration, you may cause a target you can see within 150 feet to be struck by a bolt of lightning, dealing 2d6 lightning damage. This effect may be invoked once per arrow expended.

by u/yinyang107

Thundersteel Arrow

Ammunition, rare

This arrow's head is made from meteoric iron, imbued with the essence of the sky. It deals an additional 1d4 lightning damage after a successful attack.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Time's Arrow

Ammunition, legendary

As an action, you may fire this arrow from a bow. At any point in its flight, you may speak its command word to cause time to halt in a ten-foot radius sphere around it. Creatures in this area must make a Wisdom saving throw of DC 18; creatures that fail the save are incapacitated and have a speed of 0, and cannot be damaged or affected by any additional effects. Objects and projectiles (including time’s arrow) in this area become immovable, and cannot be damaged or targeted by any additional effects. Creatures, objects and projectiles entering this area for the first time become subject to these effects. The arrow’s effect lasts until you choose to end it as a bonus action or until dispelled (DC 22). When the effect ends, the arrow becomes nonmagical.

"Feim". Deep in the desert sands, a mortal warrior and a demon stand frozen, locked in combat. The demon reaches out as though to guard itself against the arrow; the mortal's expression is one of triumph.

by u/yinyang107


Umbral Arrow

Ammunition, very rare

This arrow has been exposed to the nether border between our world and the Shadowfell for many harsh weeks. As a result, it deals force damage instead of piercing as it is not entirely corporeal. You may attack a number of targets in a straight line equal to your proficiency modifier, ignore up to 1 total foot of cover between each target before it is stopped, but the attack only deals half damage. Each target's AC is treated as 10 for this attack unless it was already lower.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Vampire Arrow

Ammunition, uncommon

An arrow made from bone covered in dozens of tiny holes near its tip. On a hit, the arrow begins to draining blood from the target’s body out the tail of the arrow, causing it to take 1d6 necrotic damage at the start of the target’s turn until the arrow is removed. If the target has no blood or similar essential body fluid, such as a zombie or earth elemental, this effect is negated.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount

Venom Bolt

Ammunition, uncommon

This crossbow bolt is more akin to a vial of poison than a typical bolt, tipped with fogged glass. Upon impact, by breaking the glass bolt head, it releases a cloud of poisonous vapor in a 10-foot-radius sphere. The cloud spreads around corners and lightly obscures any area it occupies. The cloud lingers in the air for 2d4 rounds, and deals 1d8 Poison damage to anything that enters its space. Other poison types & potencies are known, and will affect the cost & cloud's properties.

by u/TheFlippinDnDAccount



Armor, belts, boots, bracers, gauntlets, helmets, sabatons, shields and other miscellaneous wearables that are not strictly "jewelry".

Adamantine Sabatons

Wondrous item, very rare (requires special attunement)

These boots start with a number of charges equal the bearer's Wisdom modifier. Through meditation and prayer at a peaceful forest shrine, pond, or stream, expended charges may be regained at a rate of 1 per hour.

Cumbersome Boots: These boots apply -5 base movement speed and +1 AC.

The Path of Light: As a bonus action, you may slam one of your feet down on the ground, and expend a charge to ignite the boots until the end of your next turn. For all movement you make during this round, you leave a trail of golden footprints that burn with radiant flames. This line is 5 ft wide by 5 ft high by the distance moved long, and lasts 1 minute. Fey, Fiends, and Undead cannot cross the line, and creatures who enter or start their turn within the affected area must make a constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. On a failed save, the foes within the affected area take Xd4 radiant damage, where X is your wisdom modifier.

Special Attunement: To attune to these boots, you must wear them while on a spirit walk. There are three separate trials; you must pass each one in order to attune to the boots. Your DM may use discretion to decide which trial you will perform, how it is initiated and when to allow a second attempt after a failure.

Path of the Beast: A hulking form lies half hidden by foliage. One bright yellow eye glares, the other bloodied and closed. A mortally wounded owlbear growls a warning to you. The beast's wounds will slowly fester and surely kill it. DC 14 Animal Handling (Wisdom) to approach the owlbear safely, and cleanse its wounds. On failure, the owlbear attacks and initiative is rolled. The owlbear has 1 HP and 2 failed death saves at the start of combat.

Path of Truth: Two paths lie before the character, each beckoning to be walked. Does the darkness conceal a deeper truth? Is the light deceptive, blinding us to treachery? DC 17 Religion (Wisdom)

Path of the Wind: The wind swirls around you, whispering words not heard but felt in your soul. Moderate Insight (Wisdom) check, on success you close your eyes, and wander into a peaceful trance. You awaken 2d6 hours later, deep within the forest. On failure, the wind deceives you, and guides you face-first into a tree.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil.

by u/BillyBobWinkydinks

Aegis Ultima

Shield, legendary artifact (requires attunement)

This +3 shield is opulent and resplendent. It is impossible to scuff, scratch, or dent.

Ultimate Defence: If you would be reduced to 0 HP, you are instead reduced to 1 HP and encased by a 6th level globe of invulnerability, for up to one minute. You may dispel the spell with your reaction. Any creatures within 10 feet of you at the time of activation are pushed away 10' in a straight line. This ability cannot be used again for 7 days. If you have any abilities similar to the half-orc relentless endurance, those abilities are prioritized after this.

Shield of Legend: This shield has 3 charges. The shield restores 1 charge on a long rest. When the shield reaches 0 charges, roll a d10; on a 1 the shield loses all of its enchantment for 100 years.

Spell Charges Location of Spell
Wall of force 1 Immediately adjacent to you.
Forcecage 2 Enemy within melee range.
Prismatic wall 3 Immediately adjacent to you.

The World Needs a Hero: You cannot break attunement with this shield without the explicit permission of a lawful good deity. At the beginning of each day for which there is no threat "worthy" of you on on your current plane of existence, roll a d10. On a 9 or 10, you are affected by both imprisonment (burial) and sequester, each with the condition that they will end "When the world needs a hero."

Legends speak of a hero of ages past who return to fend off history's greatest threats, sometimes not returning for ages at a time. The common thread among these legends remains; when the need is greatest, a hero shall arise.

by u/Duke_Paul

Aganazzar’s Socks

Wondrous Item, very rare

This old pair of wool socks has multiple patches sewn into its frayed and fragile hems. These socks function similarly to Boots of the Winterland, however, they may be worn under another set of footwear. While wearing these socks, you ignore difficult terrain.

The wizard Aganazzar died tragically in an explosion of his college in a far off, forgotten realm. However, there are tales of his magical socks being found, somehow making their way across the universe.

by u/pucksrage


Armor of Flexing

Armor (plate), very rare requires attunement

This +1 plate armor appears to be made of thick bronze, adorned with outlines of rippling muscles and glistens with golden-like sweat when struck by the sunlight.

Weird Flex: You gain advantage on intimidation checks utilizing strength, and advantage on breaking grapples using athletics.

Crafted by cultists of He-Who-Lifts, this armor amplified their physical prowess, allowing them to squash the rebellious They-Who-Don't-Lift. The group was eventually hunted down, and forced to disband, due to the utilization of utilizing performance enhancing equipment. This piece of armor is rumored to be the last of its kind.

by u/ Notorious_Bear_

Armor of the Man-Bat

Armor (half-plate), legendary (requires attunement) by a lawful character)

This armor can be worn by any creature proficient in light armor. You have advantage on stealth checks in dim or darker light. You also gain proficiency in intimidation. If you are already proficient in intimidation, you gain expertise. You may add your dexterity modifier and your intelligence modifier, to your AC (up to a maximum of 20 AC).

Legend speaks of a tenacious inquisitor who guards waterdeep against the scum of villainy.

by u/Duke_Paul

Armor of Song

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a bard)

This beautiful coat, spun out of gold thread, silks and strands of mithril holds a magical song, wrought from dwarven tunes and the ringing of hammers. When music plays near this coat, a rythmic accompaniment of hammers is faintly audible from it. Whenever you grant a player bardic inspiration, you gain a +2 to your armor class until the start of your next turn.

by u/bakemepancakes

Bandolier of Buns

Wondrous item, common

This leather bandolier features 20 pouches, which can hold any item that is similar in size to a sausage in a bun, or smaller. Any food items stored inside the pouches are kept fresh, warm, and clean.

A bandolier commissioned by a Rakdos cultist who became strangely infatuated with hot dogs.

by u/Zedman5000

Blackened armor

Armor (light or medium), uncommon

This armor has been darkened beyond what is normally possible through some unknown process. When in dim light or darker, the wearer has advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks based on sight. However, anyone seen wearing this armor has disadvantage on all Charisma (Persuasion) and Charisma (Deception) checks if the armor is recognized.

While this armor is actually somewhat common, it has only historically been used by thieves, brigands, and other unscrupulous types—and wearers of it can expect to be treated as such.

by u/Notalpacas

Boots of the Long March

Wondrous item, common

While wearing these boots, you have advantage on constitution saving throws to avoid becoming exhausted.

These comfortable leather boots were worn by an explorer who was incessantly curious, and often pushed herself beyond her physical limits to continue walking.

by u/Zedman5000

Boots of Lorne

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

You have advantage on dexterity and athletics checks to maintain your footing on unstable ground.

Don't Look Down: You take no fall damage, unless you fall 200 feet or more (a fall of 199.999... feet will not harm you). Once the 200-foot threshold is passed, all fall damage is applied.

Double-Jump: When you jump, a red magical platform will appear below your foot. You may jump off of this platform, but the platform will not persist for more than a few seconds after your foot makes contact. The platform will not appear again until your feet land upon a solid surface.

Lorne was a troubled knight with many problems, the biggest of them being his gambling addiction. There is no doubt that these boots were lost in a heated game of dice.

by u/pucksrage


Boots of the Short March

Wondrous item, common

While wearing these boots, you cannot be moved against your will, but you have disadvantage on Constitution saving throws to avoid becoming exhausted.

These heavy iron boots were built for a halfling who was sick of being pushed around.

by u/Zedman5000

Boots of Skedaddling

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

While frightened and wearing these boots, your speed increases by 10 feet. While wearing the boots, you can use a bonus action to become frightened of a creature for 1 minute.

The favored footwear of a wizard adventurer who died of old age.

by u/NobbynobLittlun

Breastplate of the Unicorn

Medium armor, very rare (requires attunement)

This +1 magical fitted breastplate piece is worn with supple leather, and is embossed with a golden filigree Unicorn head upon the chest. This armor has 3 charges.

Blessing of Unicorns: As an action, you may expend one charge to cast bless without using spell slots or components. These charges are recovered daily at dawn.

These items are bestowed upon high ranking divine followers, and celestial pact Champions of the Unicorn in recognition of great service.

by u/super_leo2000

Buckler of the Raven Queen

Shield, legendary (requires attunement)

This is a magical ironwood buckler with black leather straps on back. The front looks like a raven with a protruding beak. Servants of The Raven Queen may ignore the attunement requirement of this item.

The sharp, pointed front of the shield does an additional 1d4 magical piercing damage if it is used to shield bash enemies.

Raven Queen's Protection: This buckler grants +4 AC.

Nevermore: As an action, you can awaken the shield. The raven's beak will open, and the buckler will caw very loudly. Afterwards, the shield will continue to caw at the beginning of your turn for 3 rounds. Each undead that is capable of hearing within 30 feet of the shield must make a wisdom saving throw equal to either your wisdom or charisma spell saving throw. On a failure, they must spend their turns avoiding the 30-foot radius of the shield for the duration. This ability may be used once per day, and it will refresh at dawn.

Grip of Death: On a hit with the shield bash, you may use your reaction to cause the beak of the shield to bite the creature that you hit. The creature is considered grappled, and must make a DC15 dexterity or strength save to break free. Undead have disadvantage on this save. The grappled creature takes 1d6 cold damage at the start of each turn that it is grappled. This ability cannot be used while Nevermore is active.

Murder Summons: Once per long rest, as an action, you may summon 3d12+10 magical ravens from The Shadowfell. Each shadow raven will target an enemy with their murderous summoning ability. The murder will persist for 4 rounds, or until all undead enemies within range are killed (whichever comes first).

Shadow Raven

Tiny fey, lawful neutral

  • Armor Class 12
  • Hit Points 1
  • Speed 10 ft., fly 60 ft.

2 (-4) 14 (+2) 8 (-1) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 6 (-2)

  • Skills Perception +3
  • Damage Immunities necrotic, cold
  • Senses blindsight 60 ft.
  • Languages Common


Murderous Summoning. The shadow raven targets an enemy within 60 feet of the creature that summoned it. The shadow raven will viciously attack, and automatically deal 2d4+2 magical piercing and 1d6 cold damage to that enemy.

Guardian of the Living. A shadow raven must prioritize enemies that are not currently being attacked by other shadow ravens, undead and abominations in that order.

Created by Shadar Kai for use against foes of the Raven Queen of Shadowfell.

by u/Chikimunki


Bulwark of the Legion

Armor (shield), rare (normal variant), very rare (officer variant) (requires attunement by a creature proficient with shields and at least one martial weapon)

This large, rectangular shield is made of hard wooden planks, with steel reinforcements around the edges and a large steel stud in the center. While attuned to the shield, your crest, insignia, or banner, if you have one, is painted on the shield until you are no longer attuned to it.

Phalanx: While holding this shield and within 5 feet of another friendly creature, you gain a +1 bonus to your AC in addition to the shield's normal bonus to AC. This bonus is increased to +2 if you are within 5 feet of another friendly creature wielding a Bulwark of the Legion, Conduit of the Legion, Pike of the Legion, or Staff of the Legion.

Shield-Bearer: You gain the shield master feat while you are attuned to this shield.

Officer Variant: If this shield is of the officer variant, it is always accompanied by an ornate leather sheath. The reinforcements and studs on the shield are golden rather than steel; it also gains the following properties:

Officer's Weapons: This shield and sheath cannot be separated. If one piece is more than 5 feet away from the other, they both teleport back to you, including any weapon placed inside the sheath.

Blade of the Legionnaire: After a long rest, you may perform a 1-minute long ritual to pair the sheath and a nonmagical martial melee weapon that does not have the two-handed, heavy, or other magical properties. When you do so, the sheath reforms to fit the weapon, and the weapon becomes magical. You may not have more than one weapon paired to the sheath at any given time. The weapon paired to the sheath gains a bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to the bonus to AC given by the shield. You cannot be disarmed while holding both the paired weapon and the shield.

This shield was used by the front line soldiers of the old Legion. Few one-handed melee weapons have been found alongside abandoned Legion equipment, so it is believed that soldiers used these shields as weapons.

by u/Zedman5000

Bulwark Shield

Shield, rare (requires attunement)

This is a +1 tower-style shield covered in a banded design. It resembles a barricaded door.

Bulwark: Once per day, as an action on your turn, you may cause the shield to grow in size, up to 10 feet wide, 15 feet tall, and 1 foot thick. The shield will stay in whatever position you leave it, as if an immovable rod. The shield will stay enlarged in this way for 1 minute or until you command it to return to its original size while touching it.

These shields were used by siege specialists in order to provide portable cover for allied archers and infantry when charging fortifications.

by u/Zenrayeed

Burglar's Armor

Armor, rare (attunement required)

When attuned, this armor grants advantage on stealth checks when the wearer is in dim light or darker. It also grants the ability to cast Speak With Animals (cats only) once per day. This may be any kind of medium or light armor.

by u/BourgeoisStalker

Cat Slippers

Wondrous Item, uncommon

These slippers reduce falling damage by half. These fuzzy slippers are shaped like cat paws.

by u/pucksrage

Divine Lupine Armor

Armor (leather), legendary

The Divine Lupine armor is a set of light leather armor made out of the pelt of a single, large wolf. This armor has all the properties of leather armor, but grants an AC of 18.

Hollywood Hootsman: While wearing this armor, you have advantage on deception, persuasion and performance checks.

Hootus Dei: Once per day, as an action, you may call out for divine assistance. Treat this as the same as a cleric's divine intervention ability.

This armor is said to have been worn by the Holy King of Unst when he landed in California to begin his conquest.

by u/PantherophisNiger


Flame glass

Shield, very rare (attunement required by a spellcaster)

This shield is made up of a piece of red stained glass with a handle attached to one side. Whenever a dart produced by the spell magic missile passes through this shield, it turns red and deals an additional 1d4 fire damage.

When the church of the flame was destroyed, the remainder of the church was turned into magical weapons, this shield was part of a stained glass window.

by u/General_Gears

The Fool's Shield

Shield, rare

This +1 targe-style shield is made from darkly stained walnut with steel studs and crossed metal bands. It is so plain looking that it requires perception or arcana skill check of DC 18 to realize that the shield could be magical.

When this shield makes the difference between a hit and a miss, roll a d20.

Roll Effect
1 The shield has addled your mind. You were facing the wrong way, and now you bear the full brunt of the attack.
2 - 10 Nothing unusual occurs.
11 - 19 You have deftly defended yourself. You may use a reaction to counter-attack, and deal 1d4 force damage; knocking your opponent back 5 feet.
20 You have deftly defended yourself. You may use a reaction to counter-attack, and deal 1d8 force damage, knocking your opponent prone.

Only fools would use this shield. I get the feeling that it has a mind of it's own sometimes. It's powerful, sure, but there's also the chance it'll get you killed.

by u/theFlaccolantern

Fractal Gauntlet

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

Once per day, as an action, the gauntlet you can shoot a "ray of fractalization" at a target you can see within 20 feet. The target must succeed on a DC 16 wisdom save or become fractalized for one minute.

Fractalized: The target's body seems to fold in on itself, becoming an infinitely repeating patter that becomes smaller and smaller. This ultimately causes no harm, but the target is stunned for the duration.

Fractal Hole: When a creature that is the same size or smaller than the fractalized target enters a space that is within 10 feet of the fractalized target, they must make a DC 16 dexterity or strength saving throw, or else become fractalized themselves. This saving throw must be repeated at the start of every turn.

A little-known tool that is favored by arthmancers for self-defence. It is created by scratching strange arcane equations in a fractal pattern on a gauntlet of perfect symmetry.

by u/Phosphorus_Dom

Gloves of "Creation"

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

Once per day you may cast creation, but the result will always be a wooden coin.

A grand illusionist once made this item, a marvelous thing to all yet none can find its use.

by u/wushulubis

Gloves of Mage Hand

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster who knows mage hand)

While wearing these snakeskin gloves, your mage hand can move 60 feet per round. The maximum range on your mage hand is increased to 120 feet, and it can carry up to 40 pounds. In addition, it can be controlled with a bonus action instead of an action.

by u/yinyang107


Gloves of Og

Wondrous item, legendary

Those who touch the gloves of Og desire to wear them. If you wish to break this desire, you must make a charisma saving throw of DC 20 to resist the temptation to wear them. Clerics and Paladins may have advantage. After resisting the gloves 3 times in under 24 hours, you are no longer affected by this temptation. Those who fail this charisma saving throw must attempt to wear the gloves of Og.

The Will of Og: These gloves can be used to cast the spells telekinesis and true polymorph at will. Any CR 13 or lower creature or any level 19 player character of medium size or smaller is unable to escape telekinesis from this glove.

Curse: Those who wear this glove do not desire to take it off, no matter the circumstance. These gloves feed off the mind energy of creatures. It swallows 13,000 XP per day; if XP is not delivered, it begins to drain the power of its host until it has been fed properly. Those who wield the gloves of Og, and do not feed it properly are drained away until they have withered and died. The souls of creatures who die wearing the gloves of Og are banished forever into a realm of shadow, and cannot be resurrected through magic short of wish.

Evil Gloves: These gloves will attempt to reject Clerics and Paladins; a Cleric or Paladin must pass a DC 20 constitution saving throw to wear them. Clerics and Paladins who wear the gloves of Og take 3d6 necrotic damage every 6 seconds.

by u/pucksrage


Shield, artifact (requires attunement by a character with 14+ strength)

This is a +2 shield that grants resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. You gain -1 to your intelligence while attuned to this shield. You will automatically fail any stealth checks that rely on remaining silent.

Gordirion "Gordie" is a very egotistical, loquacious and affable shield that will take any opportunity to recall tales of its adventures through the ages. The DM is encouraged to prepare a list of these stories to recall at any time it is inconvenient for the players. Gordirion may repeat stories in a loop; these stories do not have to make sense, or even remain consistent with each other. Gordirion, despite its claims otherwise, is something of a moron. He has no self-awareness, and will constantly drivel on about inane things that nobody cares about.

You may call me "Gordirion", or "Gordie" for short. I am a sentient Honorion derchysium dome of GREAT intelligence. Now that was a lot of words there that you probably don't completely comprehend. Let me explain. I am a dome, a type of smallish, curved round shield often utilized by dwarves. I originally hail from from Honorion; the oldest and most illustrious of all the dwarven holds in the north. This is evidenced by my maker's mark, just behind my handle. I am made from from derchysium, an increasingly rare element that only the mountain dwarves of Honorion understand fully. Derchysium is super-weighted, impossibly dense, and typically metallic orange in hue. As you can plainly see, I am a special derchysium-gold alloy that shines with a particular brilliance! As you may know, I am sentient, meaning that I am capable of free thought, and in this case, speech. Though, I do not understand the mechanism by which my voice is made audible. Now, I shall tell you of how I came to be! My maker was an Honorian dwarf, a smith by trade. His name was "Gordirion", or "Gordie" for short. Call me "Gordirion", or "Gordie" for short. Now, my father, "Gordirion" wished to imbue his finest derchysium-alloy shield with just a hint of intelligence, so that it could become more effective at predicting attacks. Gordirion senior miscalculated the transmutation formula, and accidentally transferred his entire consciousness into me!

by u/budakang

Helm of the Returned

Legendary, armour (helmet) (requires attunement by a humanoid that has died previously)

To most, it is a mess of battered bronze that would be impossible to wear. But in the hands of those who have defied death, it is a meticulously crafted helmet with inscriptions of love that only the dead can read. Once attuned, you receive a +2 to your AC. You have advantage on saving throws against spells from the school of necromancy. Undead have disadvantage on attack rolls against you. Once per day, you can cast speak with dead without spending spell slots, or components.

Curse: Return No More - While attuned to the helmet, you cannot remove or unattune it. If you would be killed while attuned to the helmet, you cannot return to life through anything short of a wish. If this curse is removed, you cannot gain any benefits of the helmet of the returned. When you die, a short message of your choice can be added to the inscriptions around the helm.

While death is often the final stop for many on the carousel of life, it is not for all. Sometimes, a curse may linger, despite loving intentions.

by u/EviiPaladin


Hooded Chameleon Cloak

Wondrous item, very rare

The Chameleon Cloak is a patchwork quilt of lizard hides, sewn together with the silk of a Shadowfell spider. A single crimson lizard, with the maker's mark, is sewn over heart.

This cloak functions exactly as a Cloak of Elvenkind, but does not require attunement. This cloak allows the wearer to make stealth skill checks at advantage, so long as they are concentrating on the effect.

by u/Chikimunki

Jester's Cap

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement by a Bard or Warlock)

This colorful cap has a number of charges equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1). As a bonus action on your turn, you may expend one charge and tell a joke about, or insult, a creature that is capable of seeing and hearing you. For 1 minute, that creature has disadvantage on all wisdom saving throws made to resist the effects of spells you cast. This cap regains 1 charge every dusk.

While in search of fresh material, a desperate jester poured over every ancient text of jokes he could find. The fool's soul was left bare for ancient evils to manipulate. Some say that the jester's final performance birthed a being of pure malice, that still lurks somewhere between the stars.

by u/Zedman5000

Minotaur Helmet

Wondrous item, uncommon

While wearing this helmet, which is shaped like the skull of a minotaur, one is able to use the reckless attack ability available to barbarians.

by u/pucksrage

Narcissus Shield

Armor (shield), very rare (attunement required)

This shield has the likeness of a bronze mirror that has been polished for a lifetime. This mirror, though it has seen quite a lot of battle, carries not a single scratch on its front face.

Gaze of the Beloved: During combat, you may choose a melee target that is a creature with at least 6 intelligence. That creature, if capable of sight, must succeed in a DC 14 wisdom saving throw or become enthralled with their own reflection within the shield. If the target succeeds, they cannot become the target of this ability for at least 24 hours. If the target fails, they will become stunned until the end of your next turn. If the target takes any damage while stunned, they must make a constitution (concentration) save against half the damage taken. On a success, they will continue to be stunned and stare at their own reflection. On a failure, they will fly into a rage and attempt to take the shield from you at all costs. This same effect will occur if your target's line of sight on the shield is broken.

Maybe it’s the lighting in the room, but you look hot when you see yourself in this mirror.

By FastTurtle9

Org, the Mimic Belt

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement, which consists of befriending org)

This leather belt has large buckle, resembling teeth. This belt is in fact a mimic by the name of Org.

Org has the stats of a normal mimic, with the exception of having 10 intelligence, and 10 wisdom. Org is capable of speech, and fluent in common. Org is friendly toward its owner and will obey most verbal commands that do not pose an obvious threat, such a jumping into lava. Org is rather vain and gullible, and is convinced that he is a sentient magical item created by a god to smite "the bad guys."

Mimicry: Org can turn into other medium or smaller objects that are not mechanical, such as a block of wood, a chest, a pencil, or a shoe. This transformation takes 1 minutes, and requires 30g worth of meat for Org to eat. If asked to become a weapon, Org will only become a short sword, dagger, or greatsword. He will state, "That would diminish my glory." If Org becomes a weapon, his attacks are magical.

Org is the result of a long-dead adventurer casting awaken on a mimic. The adventurer convinced Org that he was a god, and that Org was for the task or doing whatever his wearer said. Org's constant praise to what he thought was an all-powerful deity fed the adventurer's ego to the point where he attempted to kill a legendary dragon by himself.

by u/darkus4566


Plate Armor of the Final Hour

Armor (plate), legendary

This is a set of +2 magical plate armor, and appears as such unless identify is cast upon it. Once the final piece of armor is put on, you will suffer the effects of the armor's curse.

Curse of Steel Crag: You speed is reduced to 5 feet. You cannot voluntarily back down from an enemy once you are within 5 feet of one. The effects of the fear condition cannot cause you to run away from an enemy within 5 feet of you. You cannot be knocked prone while within 5 feet of an enemy. You are unable to use the dodge action while you are within 5 feet of an enemy. This armor is indestructible, except by means of wish.

This armor is all that remains of a mighty order of paladins that was wiped out during the Battle of Steel Crag. Each knight swore a powerful, binding oath that they would not back down in the face of their enemy.

by u/LordRiolu

Plate of the Legion

Armor (half-plate or plate), Rare (normal variant), Very Rare (commander variant) (requires attunement)

This steel plate armor is finely crafted, and reforms itself to fit you perfectly. While wearing it, you feel responsible for your allies' comfort and safety, and others feel more inclined to look to you for leadership and advice. You gain advantage on all Charisma checks meant to encourage others, and saving throws to avoid being frightened.

The Legion's Strength: While wearing this armor, you gain a +1 bonus to your AC. This bonus is increased to +2 if you are within 5 feet of a friendly creature, or wielding a Bulwark of the Legion, Conduit of the Legion, Pike of the Legion, or Staff of the Legion, and it is increased to +3 if both of those are true.

Commander Variant: The commander variant of this armor features a silk purple cape and golden trim, and gains the following traits

For the Empire: Allies within 5 feet of you that are wearing armor gain a +1 bonus to AC, and their armor is considered magical if it was not already. This cannot cause armor to have a magical AC bonus greater than +3. Allies within 5 feet of you will also gain advantage on saving throws to avoid being frightened.

Legion-favoring historians believe this reflects the officers' willingness to throw themselves in front of blows meant to hit their soldiers, trusting their armor to protect them, while those who believe the Legion was corrupt and tyrannical say that that trait came about as a result of the opposite, making the officers harder to kill by putting their soldiers between them and danger.

by u/Zedman5000

Portal Shield

Shield, rare

These shields are always in linked pairs. When a melee attack misses you, you can use your reaction to change the target of the attack. Choose a target you can see within 5 feet of the other shield. If one member of a linked pair is destroyed, the other shield becomes a plain shield.

Designed for shield wall formations, the cost of producing these shields made them impractical for typical military use.

by u/throwing-away-party

Roper Belt

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

As an action, you may speak the command word to extend a long, fleshy tendril from your belt. This tendril may extend up to 35 feet, and grapples a target of your choice that is your size or smaller. The escape DC of this grapple is 15. While a creature is grappled, you may use an action to drag the target 10 feet towards you. The tendril has an AC of 20, and 10 HP. If the tendril is killed, it will regrow after 1d4 days.

Made from 100% genuine roper leather. Great for barbarians or fighters to get to those pesky ranged fighters.

by u/bmorve

Royal Guard’s Gauntlets

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

These gauntlets grant you an extreme swiftness. As a reaction, you may attempt to parry and counter attack when an enemy makes a melee attack against you. To parry, you roll an attack with the melee weapon in your main hand. If your roll is higher than the attack roll that targeted you, then the parry is successful. If your attack roll is higher, you have successfully parried the attack and you take no damage. If your parry is successful, you may make an attack against the enemy whose attack you just parried.

by u/pucksrage


Shield of the Avenger

Shield, very rare (requires attunement)

A +2 Shield of smooth, round metal. Light yet extremely durable, can also be used as a weapon. If an attack against you misses by 5 or less, you can use a reaction to absorb the energy of the blow, and gain a charge of energy. This shield may hold a maximum of 3 charges.

Vibranium Alloy: As an action, you may throw this shield (Range 20/60), (strength modifier + proficiency), dealing 2d10 bludgeoning damage on hit. You may expend 1 charge of energy to rebound the shield at another enemy within 10 feet of the original target, and roll a new attack. You may continue expending charges to attack new targets until your shield runs out of charges. After striking your targets, the shield will come flying back towards you. You must pass a DC 12 strength check to catch it.

Once wielded by the leader of a legendary group of heroes, this shield was enchanted to absorb the blows of it enemies, before redirecting it back at them. Once thought lost forever, it was found in a frozen tomb far to the North.

by u/KPPalm269

Shield Of The Tower

Very Rare, attunement required

This is a large rectangular +2 shield. It is made of seven layers of hardened leather, faced with a thin layer of mithril that is embossed with the image of a tower.

Absolute Defense: Once per day, you may speak the command word and activate the shield's special ability. The shield will grow to become a wall 10' across and 15' high. If it is in an area that is smaller than this size, the shield will simply increase to fit snugly within the limits of that area. The size increase will last for one hour, or until the command is given for it to shrink or upon taking 100 points of damage.

The first such shield was crafted by an enchanter seeking to court a paladin hero and this was developed to protect her on her adventures. The paladin never returned from her adventure and the shield was never found - but the notes on the shield's creation was shared with a few others.

by u/greyff

Shield of Westfire

Shield, uncommon (requires attunement)

This shield grants resistance to fire damage.

Breath of Westfire: If an opponent misses you with an attack roll by 2 or less, you may use your reaction to force that creature to make a DC 12 dexterity saving throw. On a failure, that creature takes 2d10 fire damage, or half as much damage on a successful save.

The Westfire Family is a family of Dragonborn that can proudly trace their ancestry directly back to a Brass Dragon King of old. This shield is smablazoned with their crest; 2 dragons, one brass and one red, entangled in mid-air combat.

by u/m0dredus

Smoke Belt

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement by a caster)

The belt consists of black smoke, which wraps itself around and rotates. Once the command word is spoken, the smoke shoots towards a target, and becomes a solid mass of tentacles.

Once per long rest, as an action you can speak the command word, and choose one large or smaller target within 30ft of you. The target must make a charisma save against your spell DC. If the target fails the save, they will take 1d8 psychic damage, become restrained and fall prone. At the end of each turn, the target may repeat this save to break their spectral restraints.

Once, an elder god of death and trickery lost a shard of his soul. He has promised a great reward to any who are willing to return it to him.

by u/rakatonk


Spectral Armor

Armor (leather or studded leather), rare (requires attunement)

This +1 armor shimmers with an eerie gray energy; you feel a chill as you put it on.

As a bonus action, you may activate the magic inherent to this armor. For one minute, you become somewhat ethereal. Your form becomes translucent and gray, and you have resistance to all nonmagical damage. While under this effect, you are able to pass through solid objects, treating them as difficult terrain. Any attacks made against you with nonmagical weapons are made at disadvantage. If you take any damage, or take any actions, the effects of the armor end immediately. If the effects of the armor end while you are occupying the same space as another creature or object, you are forced into the nearest open space and take force damage equal to twice the number of feet you are moved.

Legends tell of a thief seeking to reclaim a treasure lost to her people. In her travels she encountered the spirit of a great warrior, a lost ancestor. Through a shared purpose they overcame obstacles insurmountable by mortal means, and this armor became a remnant of that bond.

by u/Zenrayeed

Sun’s Embrace

Armor (chainmail, half-plate, or full-plate), legendary (requires attunement by a worshipper of a solar deity)

This +2 armor is made of a light, golden metal, trimmed with orange and blue designs. It shimmers majestically in the sunlight, and seems to glow in the darkness. While wearing the armor, you feel a warmth at your back, as if the sun itself urges you forward into battle. While wearing this armor, you have resistance to fire and radiant damage. After using either the solar flare or the healing light abilities, this armor will lose all stored damage, and cannot begin storing up energy until the next sunrise.

Warmth of the Sun: Whenever you take fire or radiant damage that is resisted, the damage that you do not take is absorbed into the armor, up to a maximum of one quarter of your maximum hp (rounded up). Any damage stored in the armor in this way fades at the next sunrise.

Solar Flare: As a bonus action on your turn, you may choose to expel the pent up energy within the armor as your choice of fire or radiant damage. Every creature that you choose in a 20ft radius around you must make a dexterity saving throw or take damage equal to the amount of damage stored in the armor.

Healing Light: As an action on your turn, you may choose to consume the stored energy within the armor to heal your wounds. You regain a number of hit points equal to the stored damage.

This armor was bestowed as a gift to the champion of a forgotten sun goddess, long ago. This champion used the the armor to become a searing beacon of righteousness, before falling to the same betrayal that brought the goddess low. The armor has since been lost to obscurity, like its creator.

by u/Zenrayeed

Swordmaster’s Mantle

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

As a bonus action, the wearer of this mantle can make a weapon attack with a -5 penalty. If the attack hits, it deals an extra 10 damage.

by u/pucksrage

Trickster’s Boots

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

As a reaction, you can move half your speed. During this move, attacks of opportunity have disadvantage against you.

These boots were once worn by a legendary devil hunter, and it seems they have picked up properties of the devil hunter's magic. They smell faintly of grease.

by u/pucksrage


Towering Pavise

Armor (shield), rare (requires attunement)

This large, rectangular shield appears to be made of thin stones held together by cement and metal reinforcements, but weighs no more than a normal shield.

You may plant this shield into the ground as a bonus action. When planted this way, the shield will stand upright on any solid surface, and provide 3/4ths cover to any medium creature, and full cover to any small or smaller creatures standing behind it. While planted this way, you may pick up your shield and don it as a bonus action.

Shielding Tower: While the shield is planted, and you are within 5 feet of it, you may use an action to activate the shield, using a switch on the handle. When activated, the shield extends to form a 10 foot wide, 20 foot tall square tower around you, with walls made of the same stones as the shield. Each of the tower's walls has 50 HP, and AC of 20. The walls are resistant to all damage, except acid, bludgeoning, force and thunder damage. The mending cantrip can be used to repair a wall, healing it for 1d6 hit points. If any wall section is destroyed, the tower transforms back into a shield.

The tower's interior has 2 floors, a ladder in one corner leading up the tower, and arrow slits on each wall. The shield's handle transforms into a lever on the interior of one of the ground floor walls, and by pulling it as an action, you may transform the tower back into a shield. The tower also features a door on the wall opposite the lever, and a battlement on top.

If any other creatures are inside the tower as it appears or disappears, they are pushed harmlessly into the nearest empty space. If there is not enough space for the tower to appear, the shield does not activate.

This shield was created for a mercenary group that excelled at defending fortified positions, and wanted to be sure that they'd always have one to defend.

by u/Zedman5000

Vanguard Shield

Shield, very rare requires attunement by a lawful good creature with strength of 13 or more)

This is a +2 magical shield. You may speak the command word to make the shield one-way see-through.

This large and heavy tower shield is made of steel and with adamantium rivets. The cover of this magical shield is ornate with symbols of evil looking creatures cowering under a bright sun. The sun serves as boss for the shield. Once you attuned to this shield, the back is transparent to you, and allows you to see things on the other side of it.

Defender of the Mountain: By speaking the command word, the shield becomes magically fixed in place. Until you speak the command word again, the shield will not move, even if it is defying gravity. The shield can hold up to 8,000 pounds of weight. Any weight over that limit will cause the shield to deactivate and fall. Any creature can use an action to make a DC 30 Strength check, and move the fixed shield up to 10 feet on a success (even if it has a heavy load on top of it). While behind a fixed shield a medium or smaller creature is considered to have three-quarters cover.

These shields are given to an elite corps of dwarven scouts who patrol the deepest reaches of their tunnels, and defend their homes against the horrors of The Underdark.

by u/1Jusdorange


Shield, very rare

This is a round magical shield, about 2 feet in diameter. The center of the shield houses a jade green gem and from the center of the shield to its edge are thick roots that cover the shield in a dense spiral pattern.

Twisting Vines: If a melee attack fails to beat your AC by less than 5 points, you may use your reaction to ensnare your attacker. To escape ensnarement, the bound creature must pass a DC 15 strength saving throw. You may release the target with a bonus action. While ensnared all attacks have advantage against the ensnared creature. While ensnaring a target, both the wielder and the target are immobile. Neither creature can be be pushed or pulled by another creature unless they pass a DC 15 Strength check, doing so releases the ensnarement. If the target escapes and breaks your vines, you cannot use this ability again until after a long rest.

An ancient treasure bestowed upon a champion of The Feywild, it is said the gem seated within it is blessed with the essence of the plane itself.

by u/JWSwagger


Witch’s Hat

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by an arcane spellcaster)

This pointed hat has a wide brim and is made of a dark purple cloth. A stitch line sits conspicuously at the front of the hat’s crown.

While wearing this hat, you gain advantage on any check made to identify or create a potion.

Familiar Hat: This hat contains 4 charges, and regains 1d4 charges each midnight. You can use an action and spend a number of charges in order to cast one of the following spells without using spell slots or components.

Spell Charges
Detect magic 1
Darkvision 2
Hex 3

When casting detect magic or darkvision in this way, the range of the spells is always self. Your eyes take on the appearance of glowing, orange cat’s eyes for the duration. When casting hex in this way, the design on the front of the hat opens to reveal a large glowing cat’s eye that will follow the hexed target, so long as they remain within 100 feet of the hat, and remain visible. Casting a spell using the hat dispels the effects of any previously cast spell using the hat.

Any creature under the effects of a hex cast by you will suffer an additional 1d6 necrotic damage when hit with an attack.

A hat for a witch among witches.

by u/Zenrayeed



Any items that are intended to to be single-use; destroyed or consumed upon use.

Angels Tears

Potion, rare

Drinking this potion will heal all curses, wounds, scars, and ailments, as though greater restoration and remove curse were each cast upon you at 9th level. This liquid shines with radiant magic, and will cause 10d8 damage to any fiend stupid enough to drink it.

Though the name sounds like a marketing gimmick, the contents are real.


Black Chalk

Wondrous item, rare or very rare

Consuming the black chalk will turn you you into a 2-dimensional chalk drawing. You can only travel on surfaces that you could put a chalk drawing on. You can be destroyed with water fairly easily. You can assimilate other bits of chalk drawing to make yourself more powerful.

This is how angels and demons fight for territory in our world.

by u/DeathMcGunz

Blood Clot Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. Heals you for 1d8 HP, and gains resistance to slashing damage for 5 rounds. A sticky, metallic-tasting charm.

This glistening blood drop, drawn from red slaads, is as hard and smooth as a pearl, yet somehow sticky. When placed on the tongue, it dissolves instantly and spreads through the character's bloodstream.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Blood Fly Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. Heals you for 1d6 HP immediately, and 1d4 HP each round for 5 rounds. A charm made of dried stirge leather.

Blood flies are pests believed to have originated from one of the Lower Planes. In many ways, they resemble mosquitoes with an insatiable appetite.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Bone Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may break this charm. Grants +2 AC and resistance to bludgeoning damage for 5 rounds. A charm made of a very small fingerbone.

This small finger bone has been hollowed out, and decorated with strange, primal runes.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Bottled Star

Potion, very rare

This delicate glass bottle is uniquely shaped like a sphere covered in shallow spikes. The milky white liquid in it is luminescent, and fog swirls about the bottle. This bottle emits dim light in a 30-foot radius.

As an action, you can throw this bottle, which will shatter upon impact, and instantly release a 5-foot-wide beam of brilliant, scorching starlight to the heavens. Each creature within 5 feet of the beam must make a DC-17 constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 6d8 radiant damage and is blinded until your next turn. On a successful save, it takes half as much damage and isn't blinded by this spell. Undead and oozes have disadvantage on this saving throw. Drinking this potion will deal 10d8 irresistable radiant damage to you.

You didn't just drink that did you? That's not good; that's starlight! NO! Don't move! Don't breath.... don't do anything... except...pray.

by u/budakang


Charcoal Charm

Wondrous item, rare A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may crush the charcoal in your hand, and smear it across your brow. You gain advantage on all saves vs. magical fire, and immune to normal fires for 5 rounds. A charm made of charred dryad's flesh.

When you hold this charm in your hand, you can hear the dying screams of the dryad.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Combat Bandage

Wondrous item, common

This bandage consists of a large gauze pad treated with a healing salve that is attached to stretchy, self-adhering cloth. As an action, you can use this bandage and spend 1 hit die, adding your CON modifier as you would during a rest. If used on another creature, it uses their CON modifier instead. After three combat bandages are used, the user must take a short or long rest to permanently bandage their wounds before additional combat bandages can be used.


Corpse Fly Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. You immediately spew forth a cloud of flies that swirls around you in a 15 ft radius, and otherwise acts as though a 5th level insect plague spell (DC15) for 3 rounds. Spellcasting, concentration, and skill checks are made with disadvantage while in this cloud. This charm appears to be made of a dead corpse fly.

The corpse fly looks like it was frozen; it appears to be dead, but you can't be completely sure.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Cranium Rat Charm

Wondrous item, rare A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. Grants you advantage on Perception and all intelligence-based skill checks. You may add 1d6 psychic damage any spell damage you cause. Lasts 5 rounds.

The body of this cranium rat has been specially prepared; its insides have been hollowed out and stuffed with various Underdark herbs and shreds of papyrus containing arcane symbols.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Crystal Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may crush this charm and inhale it. Grants you resistance to piercing and psychic damage for 5 rounds.

Made from the discarded shell of a crysmal, this crystal carapace shard is sharp, and generally very tough to break and swallow. Despite that, doing so causes the magic of the charm to release, strengthening the skin and mind of the user for a time.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Daydream Roots

Wondrous item, uncommon

A bundle of dark stringy roots that smell slightly like honey. When used to brew tea, up to five cups of murky orange liquid can be made within minutes (the entire bundle is used at once). Those that share the beverage will experience a shared dream upon sleeping their next long rest.

The origin of the roots is said to be a druidic secret. Tales say they are cultivated in hidden groves at high altitudes.

by u/Mimir-ion

Dimensional Downgrade

Potion, uncommon

A small bottle with a nearly completely transparent liquid inside. Near the lip of the bottle there is a small image of a beetle. If you watch it closely enough, you swear you can see it move. A creature that drinks this potion loses a dimension. It falls to the floor (or a nearby wall), and melds with it, becoming a crude graphical representation of themselves. The creature is unable to affect the multidimensional world, or be affected, but they are able to move along the surface they fall to, and connected surfaces (with their regular speed). This effect lasts either 2 minutes, until the creature chooses to end it early, or until the surface that the creature resides upon is destroyed. At this point, the creature pops out of the surface, and back to their regular number of dimensions. Creatures that have the same number of dimensions can attack one another.

by u/Xorglord


Dirty Rat Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. You are granted advantage on stealth, sleight of hand, and perception checks for 1 minute. You have disadvantage on charisma checks for 5 minutes.

This rat tail charm is particularly filthy and smells faintly of vomit. The tail is stiff, like a wire, and it can be bent into different shapes. It would almost make a great lockpick, except it is too thick.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Dryad Seed

Wondrous item, uncommon

Planting this seed in the ground causes a tree to grow immediately. The tree grows over the course of five minutes into an old oak tree several feet wide and capable of providing full cover to two Medium Humanoids. It provides half cover after three rounds, three quarters cover after five rounds, full cover for Small creatures after seven rounds, and full cover for one Medium creature after eight rounds.

When elven minds twist, it is a horrible thing. Locked in the dungeon of one such mind are three dryads whose only hope of escape is to find someone to plant these seeds somewhere far away.

by u/Duke_Paul

Eye Drops of Light Sensitivity

Potion, rare

When placed on the eyes, you gain light sensitivity for 1d12 - constitution modifier hours. This potion is a small bottle of eyedrops, and a little dropper. The fluid is cloudy and grey.

It started with a friendly bet between a drow and his wood elf friend. If the wood elf could go a day without complaining, the drow would never complain about the sun again. The troll they stumbled across never let them finish their bet.

by u/RexiconJesse

Feather of Falling

Wondrous item, uncommon

When held, the bearer of this item is affected by the feather fall spell. The item loses its magic once the user lands.

A mysterious black feather that, according to the person who sold it to you, once belonged to an elephant. A flying elephant.

by u/Duke_Paul

Finger of Deathly Rot

Wondrous item, very rare

Green, flabby, and rotten, any finger of deathly rot is disgusting to behold. The stench is so bad that most living things can smell it from at least 100 feet away, with those with sensitive noses smelling it from far further away. Carrion-eaters, such as crows, vultures and wild dogs, will begin swarming the area if left out for too long.

So long as you are not a construct, as an action, you may attempt to consume a finger of deathly rot. If you are not an undead creature, you must make a DC 15 constitution saving throw. On a failure, you take 1d8 necrotic damage and you vomit the finger back up. You may attempt to consume the finger a second time, with an increased DC of 18. On a success, you take 3d8 necrotic damage and gain the ability to cast finger of death (DC 15) at 7th level once without using a spell slot. If you succeed, and you die within 1 year of consuming a finger of deathly rot, you will rise as a zombie within 2d4 rounds of dying.

Some people like magic rings. Others prefer the taste of magic ring fingers.

Greater Lifestone

Wondrous item, rare

This green gemstone shimmers with an inner light. As an action, you can smash the gemstone, or throw the gemstone to smash on the ground up to 30 feet away. All creatures within 5 feet of the gemstone when it breaks, regain 4d4+4 hitpoints.

by u/halgy


Gnasher's Yap Sap

Potion, uncommon

As the thick liquid covers your mouth, your teeth become reinforced and strong enough to bite into metal without breaking. For one hour, you can make a bite attack without fear of damage to your teeth. However, the potion does not increase the strength of your jaw or make you more proficient with biting. You may use your mouth to hold items, such as a rope while dangling. In addition, your mouth, inside of your throat, and your stomach are all resistant to fire damage. If you chose to make a bite attack, it is an unarmed attack that deals 1d4 + strength modifier bludgeoning damage. This is a thick, syrupy liquid that requires either a special lubricated bottle or straw to consume.

Gnasher refused to release his two-handed maul, even when climbing. Concerned for his friend, Visigrath made a special cocktail that would allow him to hold onto a rope or cliff edge without releasing his weapon. Visigrath did not expect Gnasher to learn how to climb using it, but he did.

by u/RexiconJesse

Heartbeat Powder

Wondrous item, uncommon

An unusually fine, scarlet red powder that, when dispersed in the air with a simple incantation, will accumulating on tiny beating motes, revealing the relative location of the beating heart of any creature within 100 feet of the user.

The hags of Eisenbock invented their own means of hunting in labyrinthine corridors of The Maw.


Liquid Courage

Potion, common

When consumed, you must make a DC 15 wisdom save. If you fail, you become immune to fear and fear effects for 10 minutes. In addition, you have disadvantage on any actions that are not the first action that come to mind. This potion is a harsh-smelling liquor that is kept in steins at most Dwarven taverns.

Alchemists have a strange sense of humor. No one is certain if this brew was originally made on purpose or by accident. Regardless, taverns tend to keep it on hand.

by u/RexiconJesse

Magician's Bread

Wondrous Item, uncommon

When eaten by a spellcaster, this loaf of bread gives that person one first level spell spell slot. A warlock would also gain a first level spell slot, even though they would not normally have one. The spellcaster will retain this spell slot until the end of their next long rest. This bread not does decay or mould, as though it were constantly under the effects of gentle repose.

by u/Numbers1999

Mind Wipe

Potion, very rare

2d4-1 drops of blue-ish liquid in a tiny glass pipet just big enough to hold it.

A single drop of this potion is enough to allow you to slip into a blank state for 10 minutes. For the duration, you are immune to psychic damage, and your mind cannot be read. During your next long rest, you will be incapable of dreaming and undetecable by divination spells of level 6 or lower.

As a high-end alchemical compound it has often been used in high-stake situations, most often with a political nature. Rumours go around that the liquid is some sort of spinal fluid of a sentient subterranean creature.

by u/Mimir-ion

Oil of Animation

Potion, rare (requires attunement)

A small flask of perfumed oil with the ability to animate small (1 cu. ft) objects as though by the spell animate objects. The items are imbued with consciousness, and blindsight up to 30 feet. Inflexible objects are given some maneuverability and flexibility. Items gain the ability to hear and understand common. Items with a mouth (such as a doll) have the ability to speak common. Animated objects have no combat abilities and can carry up to 5 lbs. The animation lasts for (1d20+5) months and can be extended with repeated application. A single bottle contains three applications.

The Wizard's academy is spotless because the brooms sweep themselves.

by u/the_grand_blooms


Oil of Bartering

Potion, very rare

When applied to any mundane item, that item becomes highly desirable for one hour. Any merchant is willing to purchase the item, and they will be willing to pay as much as double that item's appraised value. When applied to magical items, merchants will be willing to pay 50% more than they would normally pay for the item. This potion is a clear, glittering oil that is usually kept in small, easily concealed vials. One vial usually contains only one application.

Oil of bartering is a tightly regulated and controlled substance. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to produce, and there is a thriving black market for the product. Which always seems to sell well above cost, for some reason.

by u/Duke_Paul

Petrified Cyclops Eye

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

A clay-colored, oblong stone the size of an orc's fist. Holding it causes strange visions to swirl in your head.

If you spend five minutes meditating with this stone pressed to your head, you will gain expertise in insight, and advantage to all insight checks for the next hour. Additionally, for one hour, anyone you talk to may be considered to be under the effects of a zone of truth spell (DC 17). After use, the eye becomes inert.

Believed to have been created when Kronos cursed the Cyclops' with visions of the deaths of all their kin.

by u/codemonkeymz

Potion of Blending

Potion, very rare

This vial contains a vaguely beige liquid of normal viscosity. Upon smelling it, a person is vaguely reminded that they need to clean their fingernails, or begins thinking about what they had for breakfast, or wonders what the weather will be like tomorrow. The liquid is watery, luke-warm and nearly tasteless, except for a very slight vanilla flavor.

Consuming the entire potion makes you completely unremarkable to the point of not even really being noticed by others around you. Provided that you continue to act "normal", and employ a minimal effort to remain unassuming, you will continue to remain unnoticed for 1d6 x 10 minutes, as determined by DM roll.

by u/captainfashion

Potion of Emergent Power

Potion, legendary

As an action, you may consume this potion. This potion temporarily considerably increases the consumer's power and stamina, at a great cost to the user.

For 5 minutes after consumption, your Strength and Constitution scores increase by 6. Your body becomes naturally tougher, giving you a natural AC of 18, as well as 3d12 temporary hitpoints. In addition, you gain advantage to all strength and constitution saving throws and ability checks for the duration. In addition, for the duration, you emit an aura of might, increasing the power of your attacks. All attacks made with melee weapons (including unarmed attack), do an additional 3d8 magical force damage.

After the 5 minutes have passed, all beneficial effects of the potion cease, you immediately gain disadvantage on all STR, CON, and DEX saves, and your speed becomes 5 ft, until you finish a long rest. You immediately take 6d12 necrotic damage. You must pass a DC 25 constitution save, or suffer the damage again at the beginning of your next turn. You may repeat the save at the end of each your turns; you will keep taking the necrotic damage at the start of each of your turns until you succeed.

A terrifying weapon, the secret of brewing this potion has been passed down from generation to generation. This potion is considered a last resort, and forbidden for use in all but the most desperate of situations.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Potion of Wild Magic

Potion, rare

This small vial glows brightly with a kaleidoscopic array of colour. Sylvan runes of containment are inscribed on the cork. As an action, you may drink this potion. When you do, roll 5 times on the sorcerer's wild magic table, and endure those effects. Due to the powerful magic surging through your body, you and everyone within ten feet of you takes 3d6 magical force damage.

This potion of raw, wild magic was made by a group of wizard terrorists as a sort of emergency getaway device. The group was destroyed by a brave gang of misfit adventurers, but their signature bomb still lives on.

by u/darkus4566


Raw Emotion

Potion, rare

The bright red viscous liquid in this bottle is considered illegal by many countries, and as such has a opaque glass. When this liquid is ingested or injected (via application to a dagger) the target must make a DC 14 constitution save, and suffer one of the following effects, depending on the version:

Anger: The target enters a state of rage, and gains +3 to all melee damage for two minutes.

Cheerfulness: The target becomes so happy they must make a DC 10 constitution save to notice pain, and must use their action to make the lives of those around them better in a act of happy charity. This lasts for two minutes. This will break a barbarian's rage.

Disgust: This brew must have a small sample of something steeped in it. When the target drinks this, they are disgusted by whatever the sample came from, and must use their actions to destroy the object of their disgust, as one would a horrific spider. This last for one minute.

Fear: The target's speed is increased by 15 feet, and they become frightened of the first creature they see. This lasts for eight minutes, and does not affect creatures that are immune to fear. This will break a barbarian's rage.

Sadness: The target feels a overwhelming feeling of misery and is under the effects of the spell slow for 3 minutes. This will break a barbarian's rage.

This potion is highly illegal, due to the powerful mind altering effects. It still prevails on though, used as a practical joke, a literal happy pill, or in a myriad other uses. It is considered that actors should not eat anything before a performance as good luck, a tradition to prevent being affected with liquid stage fright from a rival.

by u/darkus4566

Roach Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. Grants you resistance to poison, resistance to bludgeoning damage for 5 rounds.

The shell of this particular dead cockroach has been dotted with paints and faint arcane symbols.

by u/InfinityCircuit

Scroll of Ruin

Scroll, very rare

"A brittle and crumbling scroll. It feels like just glaring at the scroll could cause it to crumble.

As an action, you may unroll this scroll and read aloud the dread incantation. You can choose up to 4 targets to deal damage to. For each target, roll 1d+8 x your wisdom modifier, minimum 1.

There were many powerful magic scrolls created in the magic school of Vinheim; some were deemed too dangerous for human use, so they were locked away. When the magic school of Vinheim was destroyed, a lot of magic scrolls and scriptures were lost, including the dangerous ones.

by u/Kozzokath

Shared Regret

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This scroll creates a pact between the attuned and whomever touches the parchment after them. The attuned person holds the paper and speaks a secret about themselves. The paper transcribes their words onto the first line. The next person who touches the paper is forced to reveal a secret of equal importance, which the paper transcribes on the second line. The nature of the secret cannot be chosen, only the gravity of it.

The deceitful often place little value in the words of others. It is only through shared anguish can they believe their confessions.

by u/RexiconJesse

Tea of Sleeplessness

Potion, rare

A companion item to the "Censer of Sleep", when this herbal infusion is consumed in the form of tea, the drinker becomes immune to the effects of the Censer of Sleep for 8 hours, and cannot fall asleep naturally during this duration.

It is a shame for a spider to be caught in its own web.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump


Vial of Slaad Dust

Wondrous item, common

Slaadiminium, also known as "slaad dust" or "croak", is a narcotic inhaled through the nose or absorbed through the tongue and gums. Colors vary but strains are universal in their texture, which is like that of a fine powder similar to sugar. It is a common misconception that the substance come from the bodies of actual Slaadi. In reality, the name is derived from the parallels drawn between the behaviours of slaadi and abusers of this drug.

You must inhale at least 1/4 oz. of slaad dust to achieve these effects. Inhaling more does not encur any additional effects until the duration from the first 1/4 oz. has ended.

After inhalation, you incur the "poisoned" condition. Charisma checks and saving throws are excluded from the normal effects of the poisoned condition, and are made with advantage. Your initiative becomes 0, while in combat, you regenerate 1 hp per round at the end of your turn. Out of combat, you may roll 1 free hit die. These effects last for 1 hour after inhalation.

It is odorless, tasteless, dissolves instantly in liquid, and is among the more pervasive drugs known to to man.

by u/budakang

Waters of Memory Charm

Wondrous item, rare

A single-use charm, crafted by a hedge witch or primal alchemist. As an action, you may consume this charm. Consumer gains +10 to Knowledge, Arcana, Nature, Investigation, and Insight checks for 2 rounds. For 10 minutes after consuming this charm, the user is unable to speak coherently, and has disadvantage on Charisma-based skill checks. A swirling ball of liquid that somehow holds itself together.

While practicing, some students of magic discovered a means to condense and store knowledge into a charm form. These blue drops are crystallized water from The Planar Ocean. All the knowledge of the multiverse eventually flows to its waters. A mortal mind, however, cannot take the strain of sifting through such for long, and thus is rendered dumb for a time afterwards.

by u/InfinityCircuit



Basically anything that is worn, but doesn't strictly count as "armor".

Abyssal Amulet

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

A cord of braided kelp threads through a large, fossilized shark tooth. The ancient tooth feels heavy in your hands.

This amulet grants +1 to AC.

While wearing this necklace, you gain advantage on Perception checks using your sense of smell. Whenever a creature successfully attacks you with a part of its body, such as a claw or bite attack, that creature takes 2d4 slashing damage.

From the Ancient Depths: Once per week, you may use this amulet to channel the ancient spirits of the ocean in order to damage foes. As an action, choose a target within 10 feet of you. A spectral, prehistoric shark briefly shimmers into existence and makes an attack on the target at a +10 to hit, dealing 4d10+7 magical piercing damage on a hit. The shark immediately disappears afterwards.

These amulets are made by merrow shamans, who collect fragments of great creatures that once lived in the oceans of the material plane. They use these amulets to commune with great spirits of the deep and channel a fragment of their power.

by u/Zenrayeed

Belial's Ring of Necrosis

Ring, unique artifact, (requires attunement by someone who can cast eldritch blast)

This ring appears as a small, live serpent. When a spellcaster capable of casting eldritch blast approaches it, the snake will lunge for their hand and bite down. The snake will wrap itself around the ring finger of its victim, and solidify into a silver snake-shaped ring with emerald eyes.

While equipped, the damage of your eldritch blast is increased to 1d12, and the damage type is changed to necrotic. Additionally, damage from your eldrich blast cannot be healed by magical means.

Curse: This ring cannot be removed, except by means of remove curse cast at 8th level. Alternatively, The Archfiend Belial may command the ring to let go of you. The Archfiend Belial knows of your exact whereabouts as long as the ring is equipped.

Necrosis: Each time you cast eldritch blast, some of your flesh rots and falls away from your body. This necrosis begins on the finger that bears this ring, and moves its way up your arm. If the necrosis curse reaches your heart, you will become an undead in the service of Belial. DM's discretion on how quickly this curse proceeds, and what, if anything, can be done to reverse the necrosis.

Sometimes called the Silver Serpent Ring, this cursed band was forged in the fires of Phlegethos specifically for a deranged necromancer. He sought help from the Archfiend Belial in a desperate effort to return his beloved to the mortal plane.

by u/budakang

Black Velvet Band

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

A soft, velvet ribbon that can be used to tie back your long hair. Grants +2 to deception, persuasion and sleight of handchecks.

These ribbons are often worn by a notorious cadre of female pickpockets.

by u/PantherophisNiger


Bracelet of Dislocation

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This simple bracelet is composed of two silver bands fused together. When put on, it adjusts its size to fit snugly and comfortably around the wearer’s wrist.

Once per day, using the use item action, you can twist the bands together. Doing so will cause the top band to twist against the bottom band, magically and painlessly separating your hand from your wrist. Where your hand was, only a blue vapor will remain. While separated in this way, neither band can be removed except by a dispel magic or wish spell, or with a DC 22 strength check. If either band is removed while separated, the bracelet loses its enchantment for 1 week and you takes 2d10 force damage as your hand is magically ripped from your wrist.

While separated in this way, you can use a bonus action to control your hand. Your hand can travel up to 120 feet away from you. Your hand has a speed of 20ft, and a climb speed of 20ft. Your hand can perform basic actions just as the mage hand cantrip. Spells may only be cast from your separated hand if they have a range of touch. Any damage your hand sustains is subtracted from your hit points. If your hand travels farther than 120 feet from you, or takes any damage, your hand is magically returned to your wrist, and the bands slide back into place. You can also use a bonus action to teleport your hand back onto your wrist.

This bracelet was created by a renowned thief in order to get into places no one should. The bracelet was lost to him when a curious ogre tried to pry it off, and succeeded. The thief decided to stick to thieving, and gave up a potential career in item enchantment.

by u/Zenrayeed

Boss's Ring

Ring, common (requires attunement by an evil character)

This gaudy gold ring has a large ruby in the center. When you roll an intimidation check to scare or command a creature, you can use a bonus action to make an unarmed attack against that creature. If you do, add a bonus to the intimidation roll equal to the damage dealt.

Coveted by goblins and orcs everywhere, this ring marks you as a clear leader of idiots.

by u/throwing-away-party

Canary Collar

Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement)

A black silk choker, with a square orange stone set in its center.

Canary Cry: Once per long rest, you may activate this item's special ability. A sudden loud bird-call like noise, painfully intense, erupts from your mouth. Each creature in a 15-foot-cone in front of you must make a DC12 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save each creature takes 2d8 thunder damage, and is pushed 10 feet away from you. On a success, the creatures take half as much damage, and they are not pushed away. A creature made of inorganic material such as stone, crystal, or metal has disadvantage on this saving throw. In addition, if used in a confined or acoustic space, such as a room or a corridor, all creatures within 30 feet of the user must a DC12 CON save or be deafened for 1d4 rounds (the user is always immune to this effect). A nonmagical object that isn't being worn or carried also takes the damage if it is in the area of the damaging effect.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Clutch Ring of (Damage Type)

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

The type of damage associated with this ring may vary, according to the DM's choice. In order to attune, you must be capable of dealing the type of damage indicated by the DM.

When you make an attack dealing X type of damage, you can add an additional 1d8 of that damage type. While attuned to the ring, you become vulnerable to either bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing. You can change the type of damage upon completion of a long rest.

A claw-shaped ring clutching a colored gem, taken from a land of ash and darkness. Creating clutch rings is the final test of a budding artificer, as the types of enchantments of the ring reflect both transmutation and evocation based magic.

by u/pulsarnyx


Ethos, Logos & Pathos


Wonderous Item, legendary (Requires Attunement)

Right Eye of the Dragon: When you are attuned to this monocle, you have advantage on Investigation checks and able to cast detect magic, comprehend languages and identify each once per short rest without using spell slots or components.

Curse: Anyone who attuned to this item is driven to seek Ethos. You cannot de-attune to this item unless remove curse is used, or if Ethos is found.


Wonderous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

Left Eye of the Dragon: When you are attuned to this monocle, you have advantage on perception Checks, gain darkvision to 60ft, and you are able to see through vision-obscuring effects such as fog, snow or sandstorms.

Curse: Anyone who attuned to this item is driven to seek Logos. You cannot de-attune to this item unless remove curse is used, or if Logos is found.


Wonderous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

Eyes of the Dragon: If a creature is attuned to both Logos and Ethos, the two items will fuse and become Pathos. Pathos has all of the abilities of Logos and Ethos, but only requires a single attunement slot.

Tarus: Pathos is a sentient Item, with an Intelligence of 18, a Wisdom of 17 and a Charisma of 21. The soul of the golden dragon Tarus dwells within Pathos. Pathos has blindsight out to 30ft, and can communicate with the attuned in both common and draconic.

These spectacles are made from the scales of the golden dragon Tarus. When he was felled by a greivous wound, his final request of was that his scales should be made into an object that could aid others in the pursuit of knowledge. Unfortunately, the spectacles were stolen and broken apart.

by u/Deltaangel23

Fierna's Ring of Misfortune

Ring, unique artifact, (requires attunement by a sorceror)

This ring appears as a small, live serpent. When a sorceror approaches it, the snake will lunge for their hand and bite down. The snake will wrap itself around the ring finger of its victim, and solidify into a gold snake-shaped ring with garnet eyes.

While equipped, you gain +1 sorcerer level.

Curse: This ring cannot be removed except by means of remove curse cast at 8th level. Alternatively, The Archfiend Fierna may command the ring to let go of you. The Archfiend Fierna knows of your exact whereabouts as long as the ring is equipped.

Misfortune: As long as this ring is equipped, the DM will roll on a wild magic table every time you spend one or more sorcery points. You have disadvantage on the roll.

Sometimes called the Gold Serpent Ring, this cursed band was forged in the fires of Phlegethos by the Archfiend Fierna. Most fiends enjoy tempting mortals with promises of great power; Fierna considers it imperative.

by u/budakang

Keeper’s Spectacles

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

These bifocals are made of a durable but fine crystal, the temples inscribed with small runes.

These spectacles grants you the ability to read and write any languages known by previous wearers. Once you have attuned to the spectacles, any languages you know are stored within the spectacles.

These bifocals were crafted by an ancient librarian and passed down from apprentice to apprentice in order to better tend their ever-increasing collection.

by u/Zenrayeed


Mood Ring

Ring, very rare

This small corroded iron ring bears a clear crystal affixed to the center, with rotating prongs affixing it to the band. The color of the crystal remains clear until the ring is attuned. Unless remove curse is cast upon the ring, only the person who gifted you the ring may remove it from your finger. The gifter of the ring may select a mood for the wearer to be in for the next 1d6 hours. After that time period is over, the ring becomes inactive until the following day, but leaves the wearer with 1 point of exhaustion, and no memory of the ring's influence. The color of the ring changes depending upon which mood is selected.


Mood Color
Anger Red
Sadness Blue
Jealousy Green

A terrible device, crafted by privately hired enchanters of a political regime. A select few were made, only to be used in secret by those seeking power and gain over their enemies. Deemed immoral and inherently cruel, almost all were sought out and destroyed.

by u/ Notorious_bear_

Mockingbird’s Ring

Ring, uncommon

This simple wooden ring is adorned by a small river stone, worn smooth. While wearing this ring, you gain the ability to speak with birds, and your movement speed increases by 10 feet. If you wear this ring for more than 2 days, while you wear the ring, you will always know where magnetic north is. After wearing the ring for 5 days, your jump height is tripled.

Cursed. This ring wants to be worn. Once you put it on, you cannot remove it unless you succeed on a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. Otherwise, you will cherish the ring and be unwilling to remove it. You may only make this save once per day. The DC on this save increases by 1 for each day it is worn, up to a DC of 20 after six days. After seven days, it can no longer be removed except by remove curse or wish. After 7 days of wearing the ring, you will loses all languages, except the ability to speak with birds. You will immediately begin attempting to travel north, at all costs.

These rings were crafted by a tribe of shamans far in the northern highlands. Long ago, they communed with nature and became one with the birds of the region. These rings are carried out into the world by birds, dropped in places where someone might find them and become a member of the flock.

by u/Zenrayeed

Moth Brooch

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This is a brass moth-shaped brooch.

Familiar Moth: You can use an action to command the brooch to become animated, at which point it is indistinguishable from a living moth. This moth acts similar to a familiar gained with the find familiar spell. You can return the moth to its brooch form with a command when you are in physical contact with it. If the moth is killed, the brooch is destroyed.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Pugilist ring

Ring, very rare (requires special attunement)

You cannot attune to this ring unless you have at least 13 strength or 13 dexterity. You must win a fistfight while wearing this ring.

This magic ring is made of smooth steel. It has the image of a ram engraved around it. This ring has a maximum of 10 charges. To recharge the ring, you must spend one hour performing a strenuous workout such as hammering, boxing, sparring, jogging or woodcutting. This ring may only regain a maximum of 1 charge per day.

Eye of the Tiger: As a bonus action, you can expend any number of charges and make an unarmed strike. On a hit, your punch deals 1D10 magical force damage per charge expended. If the attack misses, the charges are still lost.

The hill dwarves have a long tradition of boxing and wrestling as both a sport, and method of conflict resolution. This ring was created by a dwarf smith who spent his nights off in a fight club. The great strength and endurance he developed in the forge made him a fearsome opponent in fighting circles.

by u/1Jusdorange


Punching ring

Ring, rare

This magic ring is made of rough iron. It has the image of a crude sheep engraved on it.

This magic ring has a maximum of 6 charges. The ring regains a charge at a maximum rate of one per day. Recharging requires that you wear the ring all day; only one ring like this can be worn on a hand.

Thrill of the Fight: As a bonus action, you can expend any number of charges and make an unarmed strike. On a hit, your punch deals 1D6 magical force damage per charge expended. If the attack misses, the charges are still lost.

This ring is the result of an attempt to duplicate the pugilist ring. The wizard that made this ring had seen the pugilist ring in action and wanted a similar power at his disposal. Lacking the strength or dexterity to charge a true pugilist ring, he created the punching ring. The magical energy within the ring comes from the accumulation of small movements through the day.

by u/1Jusdorange

Ring of Albus

Ring, very rare

This ring gives the wearer an additional attunement slot.

by u/pucksrage

Ring of the Bumblebee

Ring, rare (Attunement required by an Arcane Trickster, Cleric of Arcana, Eldritch Knight or Wizard)

You gain the following benefits from this ring.

The lifting capacity of your mage hand is increased to 10 lbs x your Intelligence modifier. As part of the action used to control the hand, you can perform the following actions

Gobsmack You can use the mage hand to make a melee spell attack against a creature within 5 feet of the hand. On a hit, the creature takes 1d4 magical force damage.

Shove You can use the mage hand to shove a creature, either knocking it prone or pushing it 5 feet away from you. The target must be no more than one size larger than you and must be within 5 feet of you. Instead of making an attack roll, you make an Intelligence (Arcana) check contested by the target’s Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check (the target chooses the ability to use). If you win the contest, you either knock the target prone or push it 5 feet away from you. The hand moves with the target.

This ring bearing the insignia of an open palm behind a stylized bumblebee was found behind some books in an ancient library, covered in dust. It was passed between inquisitive scholars who were keen to identify its maker, but they ultimately failed to do so.

by u/VampireSquid8

Ring of Fly or The Fly Ring

Ring, legendary

Attunement to this ring is automatic, once you put the ring on. However, this ring does not replace an already used attunement slot.

This ring is is made of a hard black material that resembles chitinous scales, and has a diamond gem inset that unfolds into small gossamer wings when activated. When first adorned, your mind is slowly filled with a numbing, buzzing noise that grows to the edge of an unbearable volume, then abruptly disappears. Leaving you with the knowledge of how to activate the ring.

Flight of Flies: As a bonus action, you can activate this ability. Thousands of flies appear from your orifices, hair and under your clothes. The flies will alight on your body, and bear you aloft. You have a flying speed equal to your walking speed until this is deactivated. When deactivated, the flies disperse. However, after the first use a single fly will remain near or on the wearer at all times. After every subsequent use, the number of flies that remain doubles. The flies can be killed, but another will simply replace it in the same manner immediately. DM's discretion on how the increasing cloud of flies will affect the player character in social situations.

Curse: This is a cursed ring that cannot be removed, except by remove curse or wish. As your cloud of flies grows in number, you will begin to experience the following effects. An irrational fear of spiders and spider-like monsters, disadvantage on perception when there are bright lights nearby, and a growing preference for offal, rotten food and refuse. Personality changes wrought by the ring are permanent, even if the ring is removed. If you are killed while wearing this ring, it will summoning flies to consume your corpse and preventing resurrection by anything other than wish.

Do you control the flies, or do the flies control you? Join us, and feast on the decay of the living.

by u/vangelicsurgeon

Ring of Lightning Strikes

Ring, uncommon (requires attunement by a monk)

This ring grants a +1 to hit and damage rolls with unarmed strikes. Whenever a successful unarmed attack is made this ring gains 1 charge, max 10 charges. When all charges are spent, the ring requires a long rest before it can start charging up again.

Strike of Lightning: As an action, this ring can be used to cast lightning bolt by expending 10 charges, the spell uses the Monk's spell-save DC as if it were cast using ki.


Ring of Nine Lives

Ring, very rare (requires attunement)

This ring has 9 charges. When your hit points are reduced to 0, you can expend a charge to instantly return to 1 hp. Once all of the charges are expended, the ring breaks. If you have something similar to the half-orc's relentless endurance ability, then this ring is prioritized after your ability.

by u/pucksrage


Rosary of Holy Binding

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by a Cleric, Monk or Paladin)

A rosary of beads with holy symbols carved into them.

Prayer of Deliverance: Once per day, as an action, you may recite a mantra or prayer, and cause the beads of this rosary to fly towards one Undead or Fiend target within 60 feet that you can see. The target must make a DC 15 dexterity save, suffering 2d8 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 radiant damage on a failure, and half as much on a success. If the target is large or smaller, and fails the saving throw, the rosary will reform around the creature, and bind it in place. A creature bound in this way is considered "grappled"; it will take 1d8 radiant damage at the start of its turn. The bound creature may attempt to free itself with a DC 15 strength or dexterity save.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

The Suffer Ring

Ring, rare (attunement required)

Wreak Vengeance: A dull iron ring with a rhyming inscription around the band. Hooked spines make it difficult to remove. Requires a DC 18 dexterity (sleight of hand) check to remove it without maiming or destroying your finger. When you are struck for 10 + your level or more of damage, or if you would hit zero HP, the ring reflects the damage back the attacker, leaving you unharmed.

Curse: When this ring's wreak vengeance ability is activated, this ring steals an unpleasant event in the attacker’s life and places the consequences on you. For example, if the attacker owed 1,000 g to loan sharks, the loan sharks now view you as the one responsible for the debt, and they will pursue you for the money.

Wear this ring, my child, for you it will always protect. The price is not for you to decide, but it shall be yours to collect.

by u/RexiconJesse

Tuo Mainzar's Pearl Ring of Focus

Ring, legendary (requires attunement by a creature that can cast spells with some spellcasting ability)

The grey pearl within this ring is very loosely fitted. Any character with jeweler's tools, and expertise with those tools, can easily remove the pearl and set it within a different piece of jewelry. The pearl itself is wrinkly, almost lumpy, and oblong.

Focus of Tuo Mainzar: Once attuned, this pearl allows you to maintain concentrations on up to two spells at once, for up to one round within combat or one minute outside of combat. Any concentration checks will apply and be rolled separately for each spell. When you cast your second concentration spell, you should specify which spell is being cast through the ring; that spell has advantage on the concentration save. When you only have one spell you are concentrating on, you make all spell concentration saves with advantage.

Tuo Mainzar was an eccentric but subpar mage with an inferiority complex. He was particularly envious of his old academy rival, Juan Salathar, who consistently outperformed him in evaluations. Mainzar spent a large amount of time attempting to craft a sentient artifact that would prove his superiority, but also tried to weave a feeblemind curse into the item so he could, in one stroke, prove his superiority and eliminate a rival. Unfortunately, Mainzar's mastery of transmutation was not what he thought it was, and the neither the sentience nor the curse fully manifested in the item. Mainzar passed without ever realizing the power of his creation. Etched on the bottom of the pearl is the phrase Mainzar hoped to utter when he dispatched Salathar: "Tuo Mainzar: better than Juan".

by u/Duke_Paul

Unattended Ring

Ring, very rare

This is a very ornate, and ostentatious ring. The large topaz within the complicated setting hides a very minute switch.

Store Cantrip: As an action, you may press that switch, and cast a cantrip to store that cantrip within the ring.

Use Cantrip: The most recent cantrip stored within the ring may be cast as a bonus action by pressing the switch. The cantrip from the ring will use the same spell save DC, spell attack bonus and spellcasting ability of the original caster. This ring does not require attunement. With proper manipulation, you can even set it up so that the cantrip is triggered by by mechanical means, such as opening a box or stepping on a pressure plate. You may charge it with a new cantrip each time.

While the fabricator was undoubtedly trying to create a Ring of Spell Storing, an error in production or damage after the fact caused this ring to continuously charge and discharge magic whenever it forms a complete circle- Effectively casting its spell every six seconds or so. To disable it, a notch was cut in the ring. Pressing the switch completes the arcane circuit, and allows the cantrip to be cast. These rings, though gaudy, are highly prized by warlocks.

by u/Crow1170

Rods, Staves and Wands

Rods, Staves and Wands

Wands are the smallest of these, usually being about 1 ft long and narrow. Rods are the next largest, about 3 ft long and 3⁄4 in thick. Staves are the largest, usually being 6 ft long and about 2 in thick. Most of these devices use charges. Should a device reach zero charges, it will usually disintegrate, thus rendering recharging impossible. Taken from "SimpleDnD" by "AJBollinger,Inc"

Channeler’s Rod

Rod, legendary (requires attunement by a wizard or sorcerer)

At the start of your turn, if you are able to take an action, you may choose to enter an "Arcane Flow State". The flow state lasts for four rounds, or until it is broken.

Arcane Flow State: While in this state, you may use your bonus action to cast a spell you have prepared using an available spell slot (in addition to any spells you cast with your action). While in this state, you must attempt to cast at least two spells of first level, or greater, every round. If you do not cast two spells of first level of greater in a single round, at the start of your turn the Arcane Flow State breaks. Upon breaking the Arcane Flow State, you immediately take two levels of exhaustion. If the Arcane Flow State terminates naturally (after four rounds), you recover one spell slot for each spell level you currently are able to cast.

This simple rod is made of an unidentifiable metal with fine, sinuous patterns engraved into the surface. Activating the rod allows a user to quickly and efficiently channel an enormous amount of arcane power outwards, at the risk of burning themselves out.

by u/Cathartidae

Conduit of the Legion

Wand, uncommon (normal variant), rare (beacon variant) (requires attunement by a sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)

While you are holding this wand and within 5 feet of a friendly creature, this wand is a +1 spellcasting focus. If that ally is wielding a Bulwark of the Legion, Conduit of the Legion, Staff of the Legion, or Pike of the Legion, the spell attack bonus becomes +2 and your spell save DC is increased by 2 instead.

The Beacon Variant also has the following features:

Spell Synergy: Whenever you cast a spell that targets only yourself, you may also target another ally within 5 feet of you with that spell. At the start of your turn, if that ally is not within 5 feet of you, the spell's effects end for them. When the spell ends, the spell's effects end for both you and the ally.

Light of the Legion: After casting a spell, you may hold the conduit into the air to have the beacon glow brightly and create a pillar of light going up 100 feet into the air from the beacon. While active, the beacon casts a 30 foot radius of bright light and 30 foot radius of dim light around you, for 1 minute or until you lower the conduit at any time. The beacon and the pillar of light are visible from up to 5 miles away during the day and 10 miles away during the night. You may choose the color of the light, and change it whenever you cast another spell while the beacon is active.

These wands were produced for a once-unstoppable army. It is theorized that the Legion had a relatively large number of arcane spellcasters among their ranks, although no spellbooks or other arcane foci have been found alongside Legion equipment. The more arcane-inclined historians have taken to calling these "Conduits" rather than "Wands".

by u/Zedman5000

Rods, Staves and Wands

Duelist's Wand

Wand, very rare (requires attunement)

This sleek wooden wand is reinforced with metal bands inscribed with runes, and has a grip at the base. This wand has 1d8 charges and regains 1d6 charges at the next dawn, or whenever an opponent is defeated with this wand during a duel.

Initially, you can only expend a charge as an action to cast compel duel, using the caster's spell save DC. When you enter a duel, whether as a result of compel duel or through an opponent accepting a challenge, this wand wand gains the following abilities for the duration of the duel:

The wand becomes a +1 spellcasting focus. You may expend charges as an action or reaction (as if casting counterspell) to cast the spells on the following table:

Spell Charges
Mage armor 1
Magic missile 2
Counterspell 3

Parry: As a reaction, you may use charges of the wand to reduce the attack roll of a single-target spell targeting you, reducing the roll by 1 per charge spent.

If during an active duel all of the wand's charges are expended, and you are ever more than 150 feet from your opponent, the wand will become permanently inert. The wand will also become permanently inert if it runs out of charges, and the opponent is affected by a spell from a source other than you.

These wands are given as prizes to those who make it into the semifinals in the Duelist's Ring held at the Arcane Institute at Aqireth.

by u/Zenrayeed

Fable Wand

Wand, very rare (requires special attunement) by a small or tiny creature)

Only a small or tiny creature may attune to this wand. Attunement to this wand is achieved after weathering a storm, outdoors, and without shelter, while holding the wand. This attunement process can be repeated with each new storm. Prior to attunement, this looks like a small, polished wooden stick. After attunement, the wand changes according to how the attunement trial went. DMs, use discretion for determining how this trial goes.

  • If you face the storm, standing on your feet without fear, the wand becomes an oak wand.
  • If you succumb to fear and seek shelter, the wand becomes a reed wand.
  • If, by chance you are chosen by the storm gods, and survive being blessed by their "electric touch", the wand becomes a storm wand.

Oak Fable Wand

In this form the wand has the shape of a tiny oak branch with three acorns attached to it.

  • This is a +1 wand.
  • You become proficient in constitution saving throws.
  • The wand has 3 charges and regains 1d4-1 charge at dawn. The charges are represented by the acorns on the branch. An acorn can be detached by expending a charge. If the acorn is planted in soil or sand it instantly grows into a healthy tree. The tree is 60 feet tall and has a 5-foot-diameter trunk, and its branches at the top spread out in a 20 foot radius. The tree is an ordinary tree. The acorn loses its magical property and becomes ordinary if not planted before dawn.
  • Once per long rest the wielder attuned to the oak wand can use an action to cast barkskin or spike growth at base level.

Reed Fable Wand

In this form the wand is flexible and made of woven reeds with three little white cotton balls tied to it.

  • This is a +1 wand.
  • You become proficient in dexterity saving throws.
  • The wand has 3 charges and regains 1d4-1 charge at dawn. The charges are represented by small cotton like balls at the end of the wand. A cotton ball can be detached by expending a charge. If the cotton ball is freed in the air it floats to a point that can be seen within 120 feet and expands in a cloud of pollen that acts like a fog cloud.
  • Once per long rest you may use an action to cast lesser restoration or healing spirit at base level.

Storm Fable Wand

In this form the wand keeps its simple wood shape, but with a burned pattern going through it that seems to be made of glass.

  • This is a +1 wand.
  • You become proficient in wisdom saving throws.
  • The wand has 3 charges and regains 1d4-1 charge a dawn. The charges are represented by tiny lights moving within the glass vein of the wand. You can use an action and expend a charge to cast the thunderwave spell without spell slots or components.
  • Once per long rest the wielder attuned to the storm wand can use an bonus action to cast one of the following spells: call lightning, lighting bolt or haste at base level."

The first fable wand was created by a gnome wizard. The arcanist was caught in a violent storm as he worked outside on making a new wand. As he worked, he was forced to continue on in the wind, thunder and rain. When the clouds parted in the morning, the wizard beheld a powerful new wand. Rumors circulate that the storm to trigger the wand's trandformation does not have to be a literal storm. Turmoil of the heart has also been known to trigger the transformation within the wand.

by u/1Jusdorange

Rods, Staves and Wands

Hippo's Wand of Wonder

Wand, legendary (requires attunement)

This wand may randomly appear in the possession of a party member the next time they go through their things. It has 100 charges. When it reaches 0 charges, it will teleport a random direction 100-1000 miles and fully recharge. When you attune to the wand, you must choose a silly command word or phrase (eg. "Shickety-shack", "Dastardly" or a swear word of your choosing). When you shout the command phrase, roll on one of the following tables that pertains to your situation (combat or non-combat).


The "Effect Target" refers to the following:

  • All: This affects everyone is the combat zone or within 50' if not in combat.
  • Allies: Friends of the wand owner.
  • Area: An area of effect. The dimensions will be listed under the effect.
  • Self: This affects only the wand owner.
  • One: This affects one person/creature at random (see All for area of effect)
  • Wand: This affects the wand itself OR is the focus of the event occurring

Finally, the duration is a random die roll of 1d4+1, but will last for Rounds, Hours, Days, or the effect is Instantaneous or Permanent.

This is my wand. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My wand is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my wand is useless. Without my wand, I am useless. I must cast my wand true. I must cast straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must crit him before he crits me. Before God, I swear this creed. My wand and I are the defenders of my party. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is Arneson's and there is no enemy, but peace!

by u/famoushippopotamus

Rods, Staves and Wands
d100 COMBAT WAND EFFECTS Effect Target Duration 1d4+1...
01-02 Time-stopped All Rounds
03-04 Turns to glass One Rounds
05-06 Grows/shrinks 1' One Rounds
07-08 Invisible Self Rounds
09-10 Weapons become toys All Days
11-12 Fly Self Rounds
13-14 Teleport randomly (blink) Self Rounds
15-16 Causes all attacks to become poisonous All Rounds
17-18 Summon a hostile Dune Stalker All Instananeous
19-20 Summon a hostile Sandling All Instananeous
21-22 Summon a hostile Stirge swarm All Instananeous
23-34 Summon an allied Formian Soldier All Instananeous
25-26 Summon an allied Thri-Kreen Scout All Instananeous
27-28 Summon an allied Pseudodragon (CG) All Instananeous
29-30 Slowed/hasted All Rounds
31-32 Speaking causes a sonic boom – 30' line of effect, 3d4 dmg Self Rounds
33-34 Randomly exchange places via teleportation All Rounds
35-36 Slay One Rounds
37-38 Reverse gravity All Rounds
39-40 Objects animate and attack All Rounds
41-42 All attacks hit/miss All Rounds
43-44 1d4+1x10 obedient clones appear Self Rounds
45-46 Seized by murderous paranoia towards all All Rounds
47-48 Summon a hostile Thri-Kreen Scout Self Instananeous
49-50 Summon a hostile Illithid Self Instananeous
51-52 Next 1d4+1 hits are criticals/fumbles Self Instananeous
53-54 Turns to stone One Days
55-56 Teleport 1d4+1 kilometres away One Instananeous
57-58 Catches fire for 1d4+1 dmg One Rounds
59-60 Becomes enraged and hostile towards wand owner One Rounds
61-62 Sends forwards in time One Rounds
63-64 Clones 1d4+1 hostile versions One Rounds
65-66 All attacks hit wand owner One Rounds
67-68 Fully healed One Instananeous
69-70 Speed is doubled/halved One Rounds
71-72 Cause to attack ally One Rounds
73-74 Fear One Rounds
75-76 Paralyzed One Rounds
77-78 Knocked prone and held prone One Rounds
79-80 Dominated One Rounds
81-82 Gains a breath attack 1d4+1 dmg Allies Rounds
83-84 Go to bottom of initiative and then reroll after effect ends Allies Rounds
85-86 All attacks rebound on attackers All Rounds
87-88 Weapons increase reach by 1 All Rounds
89-90 Entangle 1d4+1x10 square cube Area Rounds
91-92 Difficult terrain 1d4+1x10 square cube Area Rounds
93-94 Go to top of initiative and then reroll after effect ends One Rounds
95-96 Levitates One Rounds
97-98 Confused One Rounds
99-00 Fully healed Allies Instananeous
Rods, Staves and Wands
d100 NON-COMBAT WAND EFFECTS Effect Target Duration 1d4+1...
01-02 Shrieks insults in local language Wand Minutes
03-04 Base material shift in all objects (eg, paper to stone) All Minutes
05-06 Creates dreamworld Allies Hours
07-08 Wipes memory Self Days
09-10 Stained bright color Self Days
11-12 Learn new language/skill Self Permanent
13-14 Forget language/skill Self Permanent
15-16 Change character class Self Days
17-18 Create disease outbreak Area Permanent
19-20 Raise dead by touch Self Days
21-22 Meteor Storm 1d4+1x100 metres Area Rounds
23-34 Thunderstorm 1d4+1x100 metres Area Hours
25-26 Snowstorm 1d4+1x100 metres Area Hours
27-28 Create 1 random magic item per day Self Days
29-30 Refuses to move, cannot be moved Wand Hours
31-32 Increase/decrease size category Self Days
33-34 Drenched in water, hit with icy wind blast All Instananeous
35-36 Possessions teleport away 1d4+1x10 metres Allies Instananeous
37-38 Must speak in rhyme Allies Days
39-40 Create confections, sporadically Wand Days
41-42 Summon a drunken Dragon Self Instananeous
43-44 Create food and drink that heals/harms 3d4 hp/dmg Wand Instananeous
45-46 Bestows/Removes darkvision Self Days
47-48 Able to move geometrically (non-Euclidian) Self Hours
49-50 Base material shift (wood to metal, metal to stone, etc) Area Rounds
51-52 Forced shapechange Self Days
53-54 Radiate visible, evil aura Self Days
55-56 Create Ring of Delusion Wand Instananeous
57-58 Shine like the sun Wand Hours
59-60 Creates luxury campsite and servants Allies Days
61-62 One ability doubles/halves Self Days
63-64 Detect alignment Self Hours
65-66 Creates a duplicate wand Wand Instananeous
67-68 Must be “fed” sugar (1 lb/day) or cries loudly as a human baby Wand Days
69-70 Shoots pyrotechnics 200 metres Wand Rounds
71-72 Grows to size and weight of polearm Wand Days
73-74 Plant growth, radius 1d4+1x10 metres Area Instananeous
75-76 Can/cannot use elemental energy Self Hours
77-78 Can/cannot use psionic energy Self Hours
79-80 Changed to opposite sex Self Days
81-82 Haunted by complaining spirits Self Days
83-84 All rolls +2 bonus/penalty for 1d4+1 encounters Self Instananeous
85-86 Able to burrow at same current racial speed Allies Days
87-88 Affected with aphasia Allies Hours
89-90 Stripped and teleported 1d4+1x10 kilometres Allies Instananeous
91-92 1 ability increased/reduced by 1d4 Allies Days
93-94 Day to night/Night to day Area Hours
95-96 Planar concurrence Area Hours
97-98 Time stasis/loop/reversal Area Hours
99-00 Frozen/aflame Area Hours
Rods, Staves and Wands

The Illusionist's Wand

Wand, legendary (requires attunement)

Any illusion spell cast with this wand expends a spell slot one level lower than would normally be required to cast that spell. Additionally, enemies have disadvantage when perceiving illusions created with this wand. This wand is made of simple darkwood and feels as light as quill wet with ink.

This wand was pilfered from a tomb off off the coast of Valoria. The stone-work and architecture of the crypt dates back to the late 3rd age, and it is unmistakably of Drow design. Some more hopeful arcanists think this could be the lost tomb of Duriel, The Traitor, but the numerous magical traps still armed inside make this hypothesis unlikely.

by u/budakang

Reliquary Rod of Saint Dismas

Unique Rod, legendary (requires special attunement)

Only a Grave domain cleric may attune to this rod. Attunement requires that the cleric meditate for one night while holding the rod. At the end of the process, Saint Dismas will appear and judge wether or not the cleric is worthy. If the cleric is unworthy, Saint Dismas will send the rod to another to be judged.

“This reliquary rod is made of steel, two feet long and has holy scriptures carved on the outside. It’s hollow and holds a relic, the radius bone of Saint Dismas.

This is a +2 spellcasting/religious focus, once attuned. This rod may also be used as a +1 mace, or +2 against undead targets. The rod has a maximum of 8 charges. It regains 1D6+2 charges at dawn, so long as you have spent at least 1 hour in prayer, or other service to the injured and dying. If the last charge is spent, you must roll a d20. On a roll of 1, Saint Dismas recalls the artifact. You may expend charges to cast the following spells at their base level, without expending spell slots or components.

Spell Charges
Detect poison or disease 1
Calm emotions 2
Detect thoughts 2
Speak with dead 3
Scrying 5
True seeing 6

Intervention of Saint Dismas: You expend 8 charges and say a prayer to call Saint Dismas to your aid. The DM may have discretion on wether or not this actually works. Your DM may choose to treat this as a "Divine Intervention", or they may have Saint Dismas show up in the form of an angel (Deva, Planetar or Solar). Saint Dismas may refuse to lend his aid, depending upon your situation or if he is otherwise busy.

Saint Dismas was raised to sainthood by his God, following his faithful sacrifice against a fearsome enemy. Dismas' soul was raised into an angel, while his mortal remains were fashioned into powerful reliquary artifacts.

by u/1Jusdorange

The Rod of Lazarus Dagon

Rod, very rare (requires attunement)

This rod is made from a thick and twisted ironwood branch that comes to three points almost like a wooden talon. Red crackling energy arcs from the center of the talon-like tip.

This rod has 7 charges that are not recovered. As an action, you may expend one charge to cast various lightning spells. The spell that is cast will change, depending upon how much time is spent charging up the energy of the rod.

Spell Rounds Spent Charging
Lightning bolt (3rd level) 0
Chain lightning (6th level) 3
Storm sphere (8th level) 10

Lazarus Dagon was a particularly fearsome evoker. However, his luck ran out one day when he was ambushed by group of red slaadi.

by u/budakang

Rod of Returning

Rod, uncommon, rare or very rare

A cylindrical iron rod about two feet in length; arcane sigils inlaid in electrum spiral around it from top to bottom.

This rod must be linked to a single, permenant teleportation circle. This rod may become linked to a new teleportation circle by leaving it within the exact center of the circle for 1 hour. The uncommon variant of this rod has a range of 100 miles. The rare version has unlimited range, so long as you are on the same plane of existence. The very rare variant requires attunement, and is capable of interdimensional travel. While you are holding this rod, you may use an action to activate the teleportation spell. The rod will instantly transport you, and up to 5 willing creatures within 5 feet of you, to the linked teleportation circle, or the nearest unoccupied space.

Distributed through out the kingdom's remote watchtowers, a rod of returning allows the watchmen to instantly retreat or be recalled to a designated garrison.

by u/SimianAstronaut

Rods, Staves and Wands

Rod of Rodent

Rod, common

While holding this rod, you may use an action and say the command word to transform the rod into a Giant Rat. The rat behaves as it normally would, and is not inherently friendly towards you. Whenever the Giant Rat is reduced to 0 hit points or caught inside any effect that dispels magic, it transforms back into the rod. The rod may not be changed back into a rat until the next dawn.

A promising enchanting student suffered a terrible accident while attempting to create staves of animal summoning. He was found dead in his dorm with a giant weasel, a giant snake, and a giant rat fighting over his corpse; these items were discovered when school security arrived to deal with the hostile creatures.

by u/Zedman5000

Searing Staff

Staff, very rare (requires attunement)

This is +2 staff that deals an additional 1d6 damage on top of any spell that targets an enemy creature. This staff has 2 charges and regains 1 charge every dawn. When the staff runs out of charges, it turns to ash. As an action, you may say the word "fire" in Ignan, and spend 1 charge to summon a fire elemental. This elemental heeds your commands and, and views you as an ally. It will disappear disappears once it reaches 0 hp, or at sunrise.

A charcoal staff that has strange Ignan runes on it. It's hot to the touch and leaves soot on your hand.

by u/Phosphorus_Dom

Staff of Eyes

Rare staff, (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This staff resembles a length of jagged purple crystal covered with carvings of eyes. All who can see it feel as if they are being watched.

Sight of Yog-Sothoth: Once per day, you can use a bonus action touch the staff to your head to gain truesight in a 60ft radius for 1 minute. If this reveals any creature within the ethereal plane, you can use an action to attempt to rip them into your plane. They must make a wisdom saving throw against your spell save dc. On a failure, they are forced into whichever plane you are currently residing in, and cannot use any form of planar travel for 1 minute.

Curse: When the truesight from this weapon wears off, you take 2d6 psychic damage, as strange visions besiege your mind. Each time you use this, and for an hour after, you feel as if something unnatural is watching you. With each use, you become more and more paranoid and distrustful of others, even those who you would call friend. If this damage reduces you to 0 hit points, you are instantly killed as tentacles reach out from the ground and envelop you, leaving only the staff behind. If you are immune to psychic damage, you are immune to this curse. You can only be resurrected by means of wish.

All that was found of the original owner was this staff, and a journal that detailed a rapid descent into madness.

by u/_Phosphor

Staff of the Legion

Staff, uncommon (requires attunement by a bard, cleric, or druid)

Battlefield Medic: While holding this staff, you may expend charges to cast the following spells without components or spell slots, use your own your spellcasting ability modifier: healing word (1 charge), mass healing word (3 charges). If you wish to increase the level at which this spell is cast, you may expend 1 extra charge per level.

When you cast a spell using a spell slot of 1st level or higher while holding the staff, and you are within 5 feet of another friendly creature wielding a Pike of the Legion, Bulwark of the Legion, Conduit of the Legion, or Staff of the Legion, the staff regains 1 charge, up to a maximum of 5. This staff also regains 1d4+1 charges at dawn, up to a maximum of 5.

If you use the last charge of the staff, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff explodes with positive energy, lost forever, and every creature within 60 feet regains 3d4 hit points. The same effect occurs if you manage to break the staff.

These staves were created for an ancient, well-equipped military, known to historians only as "The Legion". The veteran healers were given these staves to help them continue healing and encouraging soldiers during their long battles.

by u/Zedman5000

Rods, Staves and Wands

Staff of Panic

Staff, uncommon (requires attunement by a bard, cleric, sorcerer, warlock, or wizard)

This staff has 3 charges. While holding it, you can use charges to cast the following spells without using spell slot. The staff regains 1d4-1 charges at dawn. If, after regaining charges, the staff has 0 charges, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff vanishes in a flash of light, making the sound of a startled scream.

Spell Charges
Shield 1
Expeditious retreat 1
Mage armor 2

This staff's head features the holy symbol of a forgotten Goblin God of Bravery, who has not been worshiped in a thousand years or more. Over the years, the disappearance of this god has changed both the Goblin race and this staff; they've become cowardly and weak, and this staff has become a shadow of its former self, aiding cowards in surviving and escaping from danger, instead of charging forward into the fray.

by u/Zedman5000

Staff of Reason

Staff, very rare (requires special attunement)

To attune, you must be a halfling with intelligence or wisdom of at least 16. Attunement requires a nomination of the wielder by at least three other halflings by way of a democratic vote.

The staff of reason is 4 feet long and made of twisted hickory, with notches at the top. It is crowned with a magically toughened candle that always remains lit. You may use this staff as both an arcane focus, and a magical quarterstaff that deals an additional 1 point of fire damage. Upon attuning to this staff, you become proficient in insight and investigation. The candle sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet.

Light of Reason: All creatures within the light radius of this staff are under the effects of sanctuary and zone of truth.

Reasonable Discourse: Once per day, you may use the staff to cast one of the following spells without consuming any components or spell slots comprehend languages or calm emotions.

A staff of reason is ceremonially granted to the leaders of halfling communities. It is a symbol as well as a tool to help administer justice, resolve conflicts and guide the community towards peace and a greater good.

by u/1Jusdorange

Staff of Retaliation

Staff, very rare (requires attunement by a non-spellcaster)

A black iron staff tipped with a closed, gauntleted fist. This staff can be wielded as a magic quarterstaff that grants a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.

Retaliation: This staff has 5 charges. When you are the target of a singular target spell cast by a hostile creature, as a reaction, you may use charges equal to the spell's level to cast the same spell back at your enemy. The DC is (8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength or Dexterity modifier.) You are still affected by the original spell cast. The staff regains 1d6-1 charges at dawn. If the staff has 0 charges, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff splinters and shatters.

Created by a long-lost order of mage hunters, these staves were used to disguise the order's assassins as mages, as well as turn their magic against them.

by u/EviiPaladin

Staff of Senditt the Fool

Staff, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This black wooden staff is unremarkable, except for the way it is lightly tapered to resemble a club, rather than a caster's implement. The staff regains 1d4 expended charges daily at dawn (maximum of 4). If all charges are expended, roll a 1d20. On a 1, the staff is launched 900 miles in a random direction.

*Senditt's Genius: While holding the staff, you may expend one charge to cast the catapult spell on an object within range.

Senditt's Folly: If you are hit by a medium or smaller creature with a melee attack, you may choose use your reaction to expend two charges to cast catapult on that creature. The target must make a strength saving throw equal to your spell save DC, or be launched as a projectile as per the effects of the spell. If the target strikes a solid object such as a wall within the spells range, they take an additional 3d8 bludgeoning damage. If the target succeeds the saving throw by 7 or more, you are launched away from the creature, and subjected to the same effects.

This staff was constructed by a tinker gnome named Senditt, for the purposes of offering gnomish housewives access to basic telekinesis to assist with chores. Unfortunately, Senditt was quite mad and very over-enthusiastic. After several disastrous public demonstrations, he attracted interest from the New Legion's research division.

by u/magictoast9

Rods, Staves and Wands

Staff of Snake

Staff, common

While holding this staff, you may use an action and say the command word to transform the staff into a Giant Poisonous Snake. The snake behaves as it normally would, and is not friendly towards you. Whenever the snake is reduced to 0 hit points or caught inside any effect that dispels magic, it transforms back into the staff. The staff may not be changed back into a snake until the next dawn.

A promising enchanting student suffered a terrible accident while attempting to create staves of animal summoning. He was found dead in his dorm with a giant weasel, a giant snake, and a giant rat fighting over his corpse; these items were discovered when school security arrived to deal with the hostile creatures.

by u/Zedman5000

Staff of Staffing

Staff, Uncommon

Help Wanted: Once per day, you may speak this phrase to summon a random hireling complete with resume, salary demands, and a desired length of employment. The hireling's age, sex, race, personality and fitness for the job is left up to the DM's discretion.

You're Hired: A contract, with the negotiated salary and job description, will appear, ready for the both of you to sign. Signing the contract will bind the hireling to your service. The hireling is never required to perform duties that are not listed in the contract.

Sorry, but we're going in a different direction: If you do not wish to hire the hireling, they may be dismissed with this command.

A wizard, tired of having to leave his tower to find people to hire for various tasks, created this staff out of an old walking stick. Using a complex combination of divination and conjuration magic, the staff searches the land for people looking for jobs and transports them to the summoner's location.

by u/Schultzinator

Umberlee's Chance

Staff, legendary (requires attunement)

This staff is made of coral, and mounted with a spiked ebony conch that has a menacing appearance. It is occupied by a flamboyantly colored snail that occasionally pokes its head out. Placing this conch to your ear doesn't seem like a good idea.

This is a +1 staff. Additionally, any Evocation spell that uses a spell slot acts as if it were cast at one spell slot higher.

Conus Magus: Once per long rest, a bonus action, you may tear the snail from its shell and eat it. The next evocation spell cast within one minute is charged with unstable energy. Use your normal spell attack/spell save DC, then roll a D20 to determine the snails effect:

Roll Effect
1 - 5 The spell backfires. Roll damage, you receive half of the damage.
6 - 10 Reroll any 1s on your damage dice.
11 - 15 Reroll any 1s or 2s on the damage dice for the affected spell.
16 - 19 All damage dice for the affected spell are maximized.
20 All damage dice for the affected spell are maximized and it does not consume a spell slot.

If the spell misses, the unstable energy dissipates with no effect. The snail regenerates after a long rest, but has a bad attitude about the whole situation.

Umberlee creates these staves as a reward for exceptional service. The power to augment magic comes from the snail within. They used to be common, but they were hunted to near extinction to empower Sahuagin shamans.

by u/horazon86

Rods, Staves and Wands


Staff, legendary (requires attunement by a non-lawful character)

This staff looks like a worn walking stick, with a grip that feels perfect for your hand. Once attuned, the staff’s length adjusts based on the height of the wielder, so that it serves as a perfect walking stick. Along the length of the staff is an inscription:

One Foot in Front of the Other: While attuned to the staff, you may cast expeditious retreat at will as an action, and can travel on foot for twice as long as normal before gaining levels of exhaustion. You may use an action to expend 1 or more charges to cast one of the following spells on willing targets only.

Spell Charges
Water walk 2
Dimension door 3
Freedom of movement 4
Far step 4
Tree stride 5
Find the path 6
Wind walk 8
Plane shift 12
Teleport 16

Wanderlust. If you spend more than two weeks in the same general area (such as a city), Wanderlust will become unattuned and teleport to a random location. Wanderlust recovers all charges every dawn, provided you spend the night in a location you have never slept before.

This staff was once the walking stick of a famous ranger. Many travelers claim to have once wielded the staff, or have seen it shortly before it disappeared before their eyes.

by u/Zenrayeed

Wand of Darkness

Wand, rare

If this wand is used as an arcane focus, the spell will fizzle. The wand will cast an aura of darkness 100 ft x 100 ft x 100 ft, or constrained to the size of a room. Darkvision does not apply inside of this void. To banish this void, daylight must be cast at 5th level or higher. True sight does not aid in seeing through this void.

This wand is a popular booby trap on the Ethereal Plane.

by u/one_developer

Wand of Firemorh

Wand, uncommon

This ebony wand has two pointed edges. When used, the caster must say whether they are casting polymorph or fireball. Both spells are cast at 4th level. Whichever spell they did not cast will fire out of the back end of the wand, and target the caster.

An old wand maker with a large issue of thievery once had the idea of trapping a few of his wands. He never had much of an issue with it again.

by u/Xofoxxy

Wand of Herring

Wand, very rare (requires attunement)

This red wand appears as a "simple" +1 wand of spellcasting, even if identify is cast upon it. This wand will appear as such, until it becomes attuned to someone, or unless a wish spell is used to identify it. In most places, these spells are highly illegal contraband.

Red Herring: Once per day, you may use this wand to cast a very heavy illusion upon a corpse. No matter how the corpse actually died, it will appear to have died of one of the following causes (your choice) drowning, heart attack, or choking on a ham sandwich. This illusion lasts for 5 days, or until it is dispelled by dispel magic cast at a minimum spell level of 6.

"In Neverwinter City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious crimes are members of an elite paladin corps known as the Sorcery Victims Unit... These are their stories."

by u/PantherophisNiger

Rods, Staves and Wands

Wand of the Librarian

Wand, uncommon (requires attunement by someone who can read)

This birch wand is carved with fine details of books neatly organized on shelves. It smells faintly of books.

This item has 5 charges and regains 1d4 +1 charges daily at dawn. While holding this wand you can use your action and say a command word to activate one of its properties.

Organize: As an action you say the command words "Organize by" and utter a phrase up to 10 words in length, causing the wand to magically sort up to 50 non-living, non-sentient objects each no larger than 5ft x 5ft and weighing no more than 10lbs, into a neat row on a desired surface.

Search Term: As an action, you say the command words "Search term" and utter a phrase up to 5 words in length, causing the wand to search for a specified term in a single book. Each appearance of the term will be marked by a small slip of paper that materializes between the correct pages.

Shhh: As an action you can say the command word "shh" and expend a charge to cast silence.

This wand was created as a gift for a librarian.

by u/galacticspacekitten

Wand of Pies

Wand, very rare

The wand has seven charges. While holding it and pointing the tip at a target, you can use an action to expend one charge. The wand regains 1d4 charges at dawn. If the final charge is expended, the wand has a 10% chance of becoming inert.

The charge fires off a 6" diameter pie at a within 60 feet. Roll proficiency + dexterity bonus against the target's AC. The pie does absolutely no damage, but the target is blinded until they spend an action clearing the pie out of their face. The pie lasts for five minutes, until dispelled, or until eaten. The type of pie is determined by rolling on the following table.

Pie Roll
Coconut cream 1
Blueberry 2
Lemon meringue 3
Chocolate silk 4
Banana cream 5
Cherry 6

The first wand of pies was created by a god of mischief and pranks. As is usual with such gods, the word quickly spread. It typically makes appearances in or around the first day of the fourth month of a particular year, as that is a sacred day for at least seven trickster gods.

by u/greyff

Wand of Weasel

Wand, common

While holding this wand, you may use an action and say the command word to transform the wand into a Giant Weasel. The weasel behaves as it normally would, and is not friendly towards you. Whenever the weasel is reduced to 0 hit points or caught inside any effect that dispels magic, it transforms back into the wand. It may not be changed back into a weasel until the next dawn.

A promising enchanting student suffered a terrible accident while attempting to create staves of animal summoning. He was found dead in his dorm with a giant weasel, a giant snake, and a giant rat fighting over his corpse; these items were discovered when school security arrived to deal with the hostile creatures.

by u/Zedman5000

Wand of Wimpering

Wand, common

This wand contains 3 charges of the spell command of which only the command word "Grovel" can be used. The target is required to make a wisdom saving throw, DC 12. Each use expends 1 charge. The wand replenishes 1+ 1d4 charges at dawn.

"Never underestimate a good grovel. Goblins love it, Kobolds love it. Now you love it. Is good deal, I swear!" -Kokoshkolov, Half-orc salesman.

by u/Notorious_bear_

Rods, Staves and Wands

Whiteflesh Rod

Rod, rare (requires attunement by a Cleric, Druid, or Paladin)

This 3' rod is crafted from a single large fishbone. Its surface is poked, pitted, scaled, and scarred, yet seems to conform the the grip of any who hold it. One end the rod is carved in the form of a toothy fish's head, the other bears an assortment of small glass orbs that glimmer like ghostly lures or black pearls in dim light.

This Rod has 5 charges. It regains 1d4+1 charges each day at sunset. While holding the rod, you may cast cure wounds for 1 charge, and lesser restoration for 2 charges without consuming spell slots or components. The wounds cured by this rod heal back with pale, almost sickly white flesh that always seems slightly moist to the touch.

Curse: After a character has been healed by this rod, if the total amount of healing they have received from this item exceeds 40 HP, they must make a DC 13 Charisma saving throw. On a failure, they begin a month long transformation into a Kuo-Toa. This effect cannot be ended without the aid of greater restoration or similar magic.

This item was crafted by the fish peoples of the deeps as a tool to first draw supplicants with healing magics, and then to bolster their forces with the resulting transmuted wretches. Who knows what dark god would condone the creation of such an insidious relic.


The Winter Staff

Staff, legendary (requires special attunement)

An eerie chill emanates from the iron crescent moon at the top of this gnarled black oak staff, mounted to the wood by tentacle-esque roots that grasp the moon tightly, as if they had grown around it. The wood is dry and cold, yet glistens as if wet, and feels heavy, as if waterlogged.

Once attuned, this staff acts as a +3 spellcasting focus for a druids, warlock or wizard. You cannot suffer the effects of extreme cold, and you become resistant to cold damage. Additionally, the staff has 8 charges, regaining 1d4 at midnight, which can be expended for the effects listed below.

Grasp of Winter: You may expend 1 or more charges to upgrade the damage dice of spells that deal cold damage that have been cast using the staff. One charge per level of the spell that has been cast e.g. cone of cold cast at base level of 5 would consume 5 charges and deal 8d10 cold damage rather than 8d8.

*Winter's Bounty: You may expend 1 or more charges to regain a spell slot of a level equal to the number of charges expended.

Rage of the Winter: You may expend 1 or more charges to make a ranged (60 ft) or melee spell attack roll as part of the attack Action, dealing 3d6 cold damage at 1 charge, increasing by 1d6 for every additional expended charge above 1. If the target has any spell slots, they must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. On a success, there is no additional effect. On failure, the target loses a spell slot equal to the level expended by the wielder. If they don't have a spell slot as high as the number of charges expended by the wielder, the target loses 1 spell slot of their highest level.

Special Attunement Rules:

The staff's magic can only be unlocked by a deity, warlock patron, or other unearthly power, who must be associated with elemental cold in some way. For example, The Queen of Air and Darkness could grant a Fey Pact warlock the powers of the staff, or The Kraken may reach up from the crushing frozen depths of Davey Jones Locker to unlock its powers for a sea witch It favors. However, the staff's powers may only be granted in exchange for payment of the price: Blood, Magic, or Soul.

The Blood Price


The Blood Price is a visceral, physical payment. If you choose this form of payment, the entity who is granting the powers of the staff will immediately and painfully tear out one of your eyes. This deals 1d12 piercing damage that overcomes resistance and immunity. The eye cannot be regenerated by any means other than wish. You will disadvantage on perception skill checks that rely upon sight. Additionally, you have disadvantage on persuasion skill checks if your face can be seen (This disadvantage is negated if you're speaking to a creature whose culture honors scars, such as orcs).

The Magic Price


The Magic Price is a piece of the mage's own power, ripping away your access to certain natural and arcane powers. If your choose this form of payment, the entity who is granting the powers of the staff grabs the your shadow by the neck, tearing it away from you. You can no longer gain the benefits of any feature, spell, or effect that allows you to see in the dark. You will lose access to darkvision of any kind (such as the devil's sight invocation and racial darkvision abilities). You will also lose the ability to cast spells that create darkness or summon shadows (such as darkness and shadow blade). This can only be undone by wish.

The Soul Price


The Soul Price is the binding of a pact. This deal cannot be brokered by one who already has levels of warlock, as their soul has a already been bought and paid for. If you choose this form of payment, the entity who is granting the powers of the staff marks your soul. When you die, your spirit will be sent to your new master, to do with as they please. The player and DM may decide that this grants a level of Warlock, or simply allow this to be a flavorful role-playing choice. Additionally, you will always ping as the alignment of your new master, whenever you are under the effects of spells or abilities that detect alignment. This pact can only be undone by wish, which will earn the eternal ire of your patron.

by u/BillyBobWinkydinks



Axes, Bows, Crossbows, Daggers, Mauls, Quarterstaffs, Swords, Spears, Whips and miscellaneous offensive items.

Abyss Feeder

Warhammer, rare (Requires attunement by a worshipper of a demon)

This long-handled hammer is crafted from black iron. When you look away, you're sure yellow eyes open up across it. This +1 warhammer has 3 charges, and regains a charge when it kills a creature. When you hit a creature with it, you can expend 1 charge to cause the weapon to open a toothy maw and bite the target. You or another creature (not the bitten target) can use an action to pull it free with a successful DC 14 Strength check. Otherwise, it stays attached until the creature dies. It deals 1d4 necrotic damage at the start of each of the target creature's turns.

by u/throwing-away-party

Adamantine Petalblade

Longsword, very rare

You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon. You score a critical hit on a 19 or a 20 while wielding this weapon. The sword has 4 charges, and recovers 1d3+1 charges at dawn. You can cast hail of thorns at a level equal to the charges you spend. When you cast this spell with this weapon treat it as if it had the finesse feature, and a range of 30/60. you don't add the weapon damage to this spell, only the spell damage.

The Adamantine Petalblade is a blade forged from the petals of the rare adamantine rose growing in the long lost ore forest of the Feywild.

by u/Stercore_


Longsword, very rare, (requires attunement)

This longsword has a curved blade made of pitch black, brittle obsidian. The handle of this blade is made of thick, white bandage-like material that protects your hands from the extremely sharp sword. The non-traditional crossguard is a large, weighted sphere that redirects blows away from your hands. Inside the pommel of the blade is a small gem that "floats" inside of an empty space, rather than being held in by a more mundane gem setting. The jet gem seems to absorb the light around it into a small point.

Charges Adekuro has 2d4+2 charges when it is found to a maximum of 10. You regain a number of charges equal to your intelligence modifier after a long rest.

Obsidian The damage die of this longsword is 1d10. When wielded with two hands, the damage die is raised to 1d12.

Brittle 1 Anytime you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll the damage die of the longsword is permanently reduced by one die size, and all creatures within a 5ft radius, including you, must make a dexterity saving throw (DC 8 + Intelligence modifier + your proficiency bonus). On a failure they take 1d8 piercing damage, on a success they take no damage, as shards of obsidian are sent soaring.

When attuned to this weapon, you also gain the following abilities:

Botae Mark Once per short rest you can mark a creature within 10 ft. If this creature attacks a creature other than you, you may use a reaction to move 10ft towards that creature and make a melee attack.

Crushing Surge When you hit with this weapon you may expend 2 charges to gain temporary hit points equal to your constitution modifier.

Mercurial Strike When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack from Adekuro, you may, as a bonus action, expend 4 charges to deal an additional 1d6 lightning damage. The target must make a wisdom saving throw, on a fail, the target becomes stunned until the end of their next turn (DC 8 + Intelligence modifier + your proficiency bonus).

Corrosive Ruin As an action you may consume 8 charges to spray acid in a 15ft cone from you in any direction. Any creatures caught in the area must make a constitution saving throw. On a fail, the creatures take 1d10 + your intelligence modifier acid damage, or half on a successful save. In addition to the acid attack, you may use your bonus action to cast one level 3 or lower spell from among spells you know.

This ancient weapon is said to have been crafted by island dwelling warrior-mages. Although, by what means these mages managed to combine delicate working of obsidian and their magic is of some mystery.

by u/Havok-Trance


Agripina's Bow

Bow, uncommon (requires attunement)

This silver and green shortbow is lightweight and elegant; you feel an energetic sense of purpose when you wield it. When you take the Attack action with this bow, you can use a bonus action to make one extra attack with it. (A ranged equivalent of dual-wielding)

Agripina was a local hunter, thrown into mourning by the death of her daughter at the claws of a werewolf. Determined to avenge her daughter's death, she set out into the forests to hunt down the beasts. Swiftly, coldly and efficiently, she destroyed them. However, Agripina's great secret is that, in the attack that killed her daughter, she was bitten and became a werewolf herself. She locks herself away every full moon; her misery will only end once her revenge is complete.

by u/brittommy


Longsword, rare (requires attunement)

This longsword hums and whistles as you swing it through the air. If you spend a bardic inspiration die to increase an attack or damage roll made by this sword, you double the die's result. This longsword has the finesse property.

Arnsong was made by a famous bard, intending to create a weapon that would dance as he played. Although he failed in that regard, he did create a weapon that worked quite well for his purposes.

by u/brittommy

Assassin’s Bow

Weapon (shortbow), rare (requires attunement)

This shortbow is made of a dark, nearly black wood. Curiously, plucking the bowstring makes no noise. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. Attacks made with this weapon make no noise, and rolls made to locate the origin of an arrow fired from this bow are made at disadvantage.

As an action, you may fire an arrow imbued with death at a target that is not alert and cannot detect you. On a successful hit, the target takes an additional 4d6 necrotic damage, and must make a DC 13 constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the target is silenced and their movement speed is halved for 1d6 rounds. The target may make another saving throw at the end of each of their turns. This feature may not be used again until the next dusk.

A sinister bow blessed by a god of death. Those struck by it are rarely heard from again.

by u/Zenrayeed

The Astral Hammer of Glory

Warhammer, legendary artifact (requires special attunement)

This is a huge, enchanted hammer made of cosmic steel, emblazoned with the seal of Dundee. The wooden handle is roughly 5 feet long, yet the weapon is still light enough to be wielded one handed.

Cosmic Steel: This hammer can only be attuned by a good-aligned paladin or fighter who has proven their courage in battle. Upon attunement, the hammer also becomes attuned to the local sun. The Hammer contains a maximum of ten charges, and recovers one charge daily at dawn, so long as it is exposed to the light of its attuned solar object.

Forged in the Heart of Celestial Fire: The Astral Hammer of Glory was forged in the heart of a star. It is completely indestructable, except by means of wish. This hammer has a maximum of ten charges, and regains 1 charge daily at dawn. If the hammer is taken to any plane other than the one it is native to, it will lose all charges, and all abilities other than this one. If the hammer has no charges, it can only be recharged by a solar priest who can attune it to the local sun.

Minuscule goblin: This weapon causes radiant damage instead of bludgeoning. This hammer is famed for its use against goblins; it has +5 when used against goblinoid enemies.

Impractical Sword: The Astral hammer of Glory grants +2 AC against any sword-wielding enemies.

Powered by Lasers: On a hit, you may expend charges to deal additional radiant damage to your target. Each expended charge adds an additional 1d8 radiant damage. Alternatively, as an action, you may expend 9 charges to cast sunbeam at 6th level, centered on you.

Crystal Enchantment of Steel: This weapon ignores the effects of abjuration magic, such as shield.

The Hammer of Glory it's called, passed down by heroes from centuries old. The Kingdom of Fife will forever proclaim its legend. Currently wielded by a mighty prince with a license to slay.

by u/caongladius


Axe of the Minoan Bull

Greataxe, legendary (Requires attunment by a barbarian)

This is a +3 greataxe. Until attuned, the axe will appear old and rusty, but upon attunment, it will clean up and become a beautiful, double-edged greataxe. This weapon has 4 charges, and gains an additional charge for every 2 barbarian levels after 14 (for a total of 3 additional charges at level 20). While raging, you may expend one charge as a bonus action. When you expend a charge you let out a mighty roar, dealing 1d10 + your strength modifier psychic damage to 1 creature of your choice within 30 feet of you. That creature must also succeed a DC16 wisdom saving throw, or be frightened of you for 1 minute. Once attuned to this weapon, the attuned will slowly take on aspects of The Minotaur of Crete. This will be difficult to notice at first.

Labyrinth Wanderer: Once per 3 long rests, you may call upon the memories of the previous owners of this axe, and may cast major image to create a miniature version of The Labyrinth of Crete.

Curse of the Minotaur: This is a cursed weapon. The attuned will grow hair at a slightly faster rate, feet will begin to become shorter and wider turning into hooves, and after 1d10 weeks the attuned will sprout horns. DM's discretion for noticing these changes, and how they will affect your player's racial stats. Work with your player on this.

The Axe of the Minoan Bull was wielded by the famed and feared Minotaur of Crete. When the Minotaur was slain in the labyrinth that was his home and his prison for many years, some of his memories were left imprinted in the axe. Whenever someone has tried to wield this axe and is of a race that is not a Minotaur, they have begun to change into a Minotaur themselves.

by u/Phant0m_lu1gi

Basilisk's Bite, Spear of the Beloved

Spear, rare (requires attunement by a Monk or Fighter)

+1 Spear. On a melee hit, the target makes a DC13 constitution save. On a failed save, the target is afflicted by the flesh to stone spell. Subsequent hits to the same target will increase the DC by +1 per hit. You can sense this spell take hold, as a fisherman would sense tension on their line. You may maintain the spell effect on a number of targets equal to your wisdom modifier (minimum 1), but must maintain concentration until the target has been petrified, or else the effect is lost. You may choose to end concentration on one or more targets at any time. You may not cast any concentration spells while concentrating on the effects of this weapon.

Thon was the hero of his people, and the beloved of a Demigod dragon queen. He was the thunder and the lightning. No man or army could stand before him. With this spear, Thon turned The Boy Emperor to stone, and shattered him to pieces. Too late, Thon came to realize his mistress had pressed him into the service of evil. Disgusted with himself and the world he created, Thon struck down his beloved with this very spear.

by u/gnarlymuppet

Bastard's Sword

Longsword, uncommon (requires attunement by a non-Lawful aligned character)

Visually, this sword is similar to your typical longsword. The blade, however, is matte grey in color, not appearing particularly sharp. When wielded with both hands, the blade feels heftier than might be anticipated by a one handed grip. This longsword has a Versatile (2d6) property. Once per long rest, a character attuned to this sword may cast "Protection from Evil and Good".

These swords were once mass-produced for use by the mortal armies against the horrors of the magic and supernatural worlds. As the wilds were tamed and cities rose up, swords turned to plowshares. They were smelted into ingots and rusted in the rain. Some, however, were kept. On the mantle, under the bed, hidden away between cupboards and crawlspaces.



Beginner's Luck

Longsword, uncommon (requires attunement)

This longsword looks like a normal sword, but will feel uncomfortable in the hand of any creature wielding it. It may feel too heavy or too light, or unbalanced. Whatever the problem is, it does not feel like an effective fighting weapon. No one is proficient with this weapon. This weapon somehow critically hits on a natural 1 as well as a natural 20. If a natural 1 is rolled, roll a 1d6 on the table below to determine what additional effect happens. This weapon is otherwise the same as an ordinary longsword.

Roll Effect
1 Your strike lands perfectly, but when pulling the weapon from the wound, it slips in your hand and hits you too. Both you and the target take damage from this attack.
2 The force of the attack causes the weapon to fly out of your hand and land (1d4 x 5) feet away in a random direction.
3 The force of your swing causes you to overbalance and you slip and fall prone.
4 A solid hit, but to the wrong target. This attack hits a random creature (including allies) other than the intended target within 10ft of the weapon. If there are no other creatures within 10 ft, you kill a random tiny CR 0 beast of the DM's choice (such as a fly or rat) that happened to be wandering by, minding its own business.
5 The weapon becomes stuck in the target. To pull it free, you or another creature must use an action to make a DC 10 Athletics check to pull it free.
6 The force of your swing cause you to spin in a half circle. You are now facing away from your target and feeling a bit dizzy. The next attack by the target against you has advantage.


Blackstone Blade

Short Sword, very rare (requires attunement)

The blade is actually a thin chunk of dark stone that has a faint sickly green edge to it. Any damage dealt by this weapon cannot be enhanced through magical means or class features. This weapon, despite being the rough size and shape of a short sword, does not possess the finesse or light quality. When you deal damage with this weapon, your must succeed on a DC 17 charisma save or become incapable of recovering hitpoints until combat has ceased. In addition, if the target is reduced to 0 hitpoints by this weapon, it cannot be brought back to life by any means short of wish.

The Blackstone Blades were created by the entity known as The Brass Lich after disagreements between his peers led his paranoia to developing countermeasures for use against his fellow immortals.

by u/Serpents-Smile

Blade of Bloodletting

Sword, legendary, (requires attunement)

This is a +2 finesse longsword that deals magical slashing damage. Undead creatures always take radiant damage from this weapon instead of necrotic.

Vicious Bloodletter Damage dice explode, meaning if a maximum on any die is rolled then add another damage die. If the hit creature is capable of bleeding, you gain temporary hitpoints equal to the damage caused by the explosion dice.

Power of Shadows: Once per day, if a creature dies as a result of damage caused by this weapon, the Blade of Bloodletting will begin to glow with a dark light. Until midnight, this weapon is a +3 sword that causes necrotic damage. Explosion dice are doubled. This ability will refresh at midnight.

The Shadar-Kai have their own version of the vaunted Moonblades. Created for use against foes of The Raven Queen of The Shadowfell.

by u/Chikimunki

Blades of the Dervish

Shortswords, rare (requires attunement)

These ornate shortswords have sleek, sweeping blades with sapphires embedded into their hilts. While wielding them, you feel light on your feet, and feel an urge to dance to a fast beat. You gain a +1 bonus to attacks and damage while wielding both of these shortswords. While wielding both swords, your movement speed per round is increased by 10 feet. When you use a bonus action to make a second attack with these weapons, you may use any remaining movement this turn to move to a new target for the attack. Attacks of opportunity made against you when moving in this way are made at disadvantage. When you spend a bonus action to make an attack against a second target in the same turn, that attack deals an additional 1d6 slashing damage, and is a critical hit on a 19-20.

These swords are used by honored guardians of a city hidden in the sands of the Korian desert. Their wielders dance between their opponents, the image of grace and the specters of death.

by u/Zenrayeed



Longsword, legendary

This is a +2 longsword with the finesse property.

Lust for Power: This wicked blade has a thirst for blood, and grows stronger the more it consumes. For each enemy killed with this weapon, Bloodlust will deal an additional +2 damage. This effect lasts indefinitely. In addition, after an enemy is killed using this weapon, you regain HP equal to the current amount of bonus damage stacked on Bloodlust. If an enemy is killed by a critical hit with this weapon, Bloodlust gains a bonus of +10 damage instead of +2.

Curse - Eternal Bloodthirst: This sword's thirst for blood must be quenched. At the end of your turn, if you have not dealt damage to a creature with Bloodlust, you will take damage equal to 1/2 of the current damage bonus on Bloodlust, rounded down. After each combat encounter, if you did not kill a creature with this weapon, Bloodlust will lose 1/2 of its bonus damage, rounded up, and you will take damage equal to this number.

This legendary katana was forged by an elvish monk named Xaros the Bloodmage. A prolific murderer and master of blood-based magic, Xaros found great power in the blood of his enemies and gained a thirst for it that would put a vampire to shame. This sword was the instrument of his carnage and bears with it the same cursed lust for blood as its former master.

by u/hydragon100

Blood Tax

Battleaxe, rare (requires attunement)

This silvery axe glitters in the sun, showing its beautiful etchings and engravings of powerful warriors slaughtering women, children, and the elderly. When held, the weapon almost tugs at the hand and mind, seeking blood. It will not be sated by anything short of killing.

This is a +3 Battleaxe (1d8+3 slashing, versatile 1d10+3) lands a critical hit on a 19 or 20 attack roll. Whenever this weapon lands a critical hit, or deals the finishing blow to an enemy, you gain 2d4 temporary hitpoints, which will stack, and last until your next short rest.

Curse: Whenever you gain temporary hitpoints from the effects of this weapon, or use this weapon to kill a "sapient creature", the DM secretly rolls a d4. On a 1-3, a character from your backstory is grievously wounded or maimed. On a 4, that character from the is instantly slain, as though cleaved by the strike of a mighty axe. (The wielder is not aware of this curse unless they make a DC 20 arcana check while attuned.)

The axe once belonged to a noble knight who, over the course of many campaigns and crusades, fell to the vices of a traveling warrior; burning, pillaging, and murdering innocents in the name of his cause. Upon returning from his crusade, the knight remained consumed by his lust for blood. A petty altercation between the knight and his young son turned violent. The town blacksmith found the bodies, all bearing wounds from this weapon. The smith took the axe, and engraved it with a sign of blood.

by u/Duke_Paul

The Boonsaw

Greataxe, rare (requires attunement)

A +1 greataxe with a circular blade on the end. The handle of the axe has a small ring attached to a chain, which can be pulled to activate its magical effect.

Once per day, as a bonus action, you may pull on the ring to make the circular axe blade start spinning. It will spin for 1 minute. While the blade is spinning, any melee attacks made with the axe cast dispel magic as a 3rd level spell on the target after you roll, but before it is determined if you hit. If a spell of 4th level or higher is on the target, use a spellcasting modifier of +3 to roll. If anything is successfully dispelled, the axehead begins to glow and the axe deals an extra 2d6 force damage for 1 minute (does not stack).

All manner of mage fear the whirring of The Boonsaw.

by u/nealcm


Bro Swords

Bro-adsword, artifact (requires attunement)

These shortswords are the best of friends, they love fighting together and miss each other when separated. If they are separated, they are able to sense where the other is.


+1 talking shortsword. Can roll for Charisma ability checks (+2 Intimidation, +1 Deception, +1 Performance, -1 Persuasion)


+1 talking shortsword. Can roll for Charisma ability checks (+2 Persuasion, +2 Performance, +0 Deception, -1 Intimidation)


Each sword is still a +1 shortsword. Once per long rest, each sword can give the other one point of inspiration. If one of the swords hits on a melee attack, then the other sword will get an extra 1d6 slashing damage added to their next damage roll.

Bro Phrases (Alone)

“Bruh doesn't stop talking when we are together, I kind of miss that”

“Watch this Br… oh yeah, never mind”

“Where did Bruh wander off this time?”

Bro Phrases (Together)

“Watch this Bruh”

“Betcha 1 gp I hit this fool, Bruh”

“Not bad Bruh, not bad”

Bruh Phrases (Alone)

“Bro is definitely the stronger one of us”

“You are ok, but I miss Bro”

“This is the longest I have gone without being with Bro, are we going to see him soon?”

Bruh Phrases (Together)

“Nice hit Bro, my turn now!”

“That was a close one Bro, I will do my best to get revenge for you”

“Our biggest strength is our friendship”

These swords were made for a lonely fighter, who wanted to have more friends to talk to. Something went a little wrong and the swords became best friends with each other instead of their owner. The swords were still friends with the fighter, but the friendship was not the same.

by u/TheBKstacker7

Burning Sorrow

Maul, legendary (requires attunement)

Initially 2d6 Bludgeoning, counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance.

The handle of this maul is made of single piece of solid wood, it looks to be heavily burnt and black in color with a dim red glow omitting from the inside. The head of maul is made of burnt and corrupted looking branches and twigs which seem to grow out of the handle at the eye. The maul is soft to the touch and omits the smell of burning wood.

There are 3 stages of power to be attained, as the character progresses: Dormant, Awakened, and Ascendant. This weapon is meant to develop in power with the character over the course of a campaign. I have included my recommended levels. 1-5 Dormant, 6-10 Awakened, and 11-20 Ascendant.

Dormant: +1 to melee attack rolls and damage rolls made with this weapon and additional 1d4 fire damage on a successful strike. The maul enables its wielder to cast druidcraft 3 times per day. Additionally, when you are exposed to an act of harming nature, you must pass a medium difficulty wisdom save, or enter a rage (as the barbarian class for 10 rounds with the sole purpose of stopping the act).

Awakened: +1 to hit with to melee attack rolls and damage rolls becomes +2. All other abilities from the dormant state remain. In addition, the maul gains 1d4 necrotic damage on a successful strike, and it regains 3 charges per day up to a maximum of to cast the following spells. Additional charges can be expended to cast at a higher level; one charge per increased level.

Spell Base Cost
Entangle 1
Earth tremor 1
Barkskin 2

Ascendant: +2 to hit with to melee attack rolls and damage rolls becomes +3. The additional fire and necrotic damage both increase from a d4 to a d6 Charges gained per day increases to 6. Additionally, the weapon grants its wielder advantage on Nature and Animal Handling skill checks. Spell list now also includes the spells below.

Spell Base Cost
Entangle 1
Earth tremor 1
Barkskin 2
Wall of fire 4
Wall of thorns 6

This maul was crafted by a dryad long ago when her Treant lover was burned by an angry mob. The dryad died in the attempt to save her lover, but her sorrow and rage were so great that they survived and live on together within this maul.

by u/TheFlyingMacMuffin


Chaotic Longbow

Longbow, rare (requires attunement)

This bow is made of a dark wood; it doesn't have a bowstring. When you pull at where the string should be, the bow will magically create a bowstring and an arrow made of pure chaotic energy. On a hit, the chaotic longbow deals 1d8 of magic piercing damage. Additionally, the chaos arrow causes a secondary damage determined by the level of chaos held within the bow.

•1st chaos level, the damage die is 1d4

•2nd chaos level, the damage die is 1d6

•3rd chaos level, the damage die is 1d8

•4th chaos level, the damage die is 1d10

The type of damage is determined by a roll and can be found in the following table.

Roll Damage
1 Fire
2 Cold
3 Thunder
4 Lightning
5 Poison
6 Acid
7 Necrotic
8 Radiant
9 Psychic
0 Force

The bow begins at the 1st chaos level. Upon a critical hit, roll each additional damage die seperately (usually, the bow will deal 2 different kinds of damage). After the damage is dealt, roll an additional d20. If the result is a 20, the bow permanently increases the chaos level by 1. After a critical fail the user should roll on the damage table, and take the the chaos damage themselves. After the damage is dealt, roll an additional d20. If the result is a 1, the bow decreases the chaos level by 1. The bow cannot fall below chaos level 1. The bow does not lose chaos levels if ownership is transfered.

"You have a fragment of chaos in your hands", warned the old man, "with the power to destroy your enemies and yourself."

by u/MrDoug23

Cleansing Culinary Cutter

Dagger, common

This dagger looks like a slightly large, but typical, cooking knife. It always remains immaculately clean and sharp. When this dagger is used to cut food, it cleans it of all diseases and poisons. If you hit someone with a melee attack with this dagger, the wound cannot get infected. This dagger will neutralize any poison applied to it.

The original Cleansing Culinary Cutter was created for a royal chef who wanted a magical knife that wouldn't need cleaning or sharpening. However, the enchanter's plan didn't go over so well with His Majesty. The king was unharmed and unamused. The enchanter never worked for the Royal Court again, but instead made his fortune selling such blades to wealthy chefs, hunters, and others who needed a good butcher's knife.

by u/Zedman5000

Corwyn the Cowardly's Whip of Escaping

Whip, rare (requires attunement)

This whip looks no different than an average whip, save that, when cracked, it almost seems to disappear for a split second - or was that just a trick of the light? This whip has three charges. As a bonus action, you may crack the whip in the direction you wish to travel, and expend a charge to cast misty step. If you succeed on an attack after using the whip this way, it deals an additional 2d4 damage. At dawn, the whip regains 1d4-1 charges.

Corwyn came up with a perfect way to escape the fighting pits of Nhyr. He stole one of the guard's whips, and slowly imbued it with his desperation and fear. He spent night after night in his cell, bent over the whip. Once he felt it was complete, he took it into the pits with him. Rather than fight, he cracked his whip triumphantly in the direction of the thick stone gates. Only to realize that his destination was 5 feet further than what he'd calculated. To this day, Corwyn remains entombed in that stone, save for one hand, out of which fell a rather normal looking leather whip.

by u/anntilathehun

Dancing Bullets

Firearm, very rare (requires attunement)

+1 Firearm. This item has 4 charges. All charges are recovered after a long rest.

Two for One Special: If you make a critical hit you may make another attack to the same target, or a creature within 20 feet of that target. You make the attack without proficiency and do not add any bonuses to its damage (other than the +1 granted by this weapon). The bullet passes through the target's body making curves in the direction of a body to hit

Ricochet Round: If you roll a 1 or 2 on the damage you may use a charge to reroll the damage; you must use the new roll. The bullet inside the enemy suddenly starts to move targeting it's weak spots

Homing Bullets: Immediately after you miss a shot, you can use a charge to reroll the attack as a bonus action, and if it hits, you add one extra damage die. You can't use this ability on a misfire. You see bullets flying in the air, making curves as if they were chasing the target

by u/mancless


Dragohnson's Harmonic Daggers

Daggers, legendary (requires attunement)

This matched pair of +1 daggers are forever ice cold, in any environment. They have handles of obsidian-like wood that lock perfectly into your grip. The blades are battle worn, but keen-edged. In the right light seem to be coated with a thin layer of ice. They feel ever so slightly heavier than they should. Any sneak attack damage made with these is dealt as cold damage. The daggers are harmonically linked, and are constantly leeching amounts of kinetic energy transfered to them, making them feel slightly heavier than they look. If identify is cast upon these items, it is unable to reveal the hidden command word.

Kinetic Explosion: If you speak the command word to one of these daggers, the other will unleash all of their combined stored energy at once in a violent explosion. The base size for this explosion is a 5ft radius sphere, and causes 1d6 magical force damage. The area will increase by 1ft radius, and the damage will increase by 4d6 for every week since the daggers were last activated. Unfortunately, the command word has been lost for centuries. The daggers have stored enough energy to cause a continentally significant explosion.

These daggers were forged by a powerful Dwarven smith over several hundred years. They used a glacier as a hammer and the mountain through which it ran as the anvil. The command word has been sealed away for centuries.

by u/That_Frog_Kurtis


Warhammer, very rare (requires special attunement)

This is a +1 warhammer. This warhammer can only by attuned after it is used by someone who fights in defense of others, and is capable of speaking Dwarven. As an action, the attuned wielder may use Earthwarden to cast wall of stone once per day, without components or spell slots. Once attuned, this warhammer grants +1 to AC.

The Earthwarden once belong to an old Dwarven king who used it in the last defense of his realm.

by u/Democable

Elemental Chance

Longsword, rare (requires attunement)

This versatile longsword weapon radiates a rainbow shimmer across the blade, hilt and pommel. Upon closer inspection, a strange, shimmering stone can be seen within the clear metal of this blade. The colours are not bright enough to emit light. However, when the sword is swung, a random color within the gem will glow. A singular elemental effect will surround the blade until momentum is ceased. The weapon will then resume its shimmering, shifting colors. Upon a successful melee attack, the player rolls on the random element table. The result deals an extra 1d6 + (charisma modifier of the user) of the damage of the element selected.

Element table
Roll Damage Type Color
1 Poison Deep Green
2 Acid Yellow-Green
3 Cold Ice-White
4 Thunder White
5 Fire Blazing Red
6 Necrotic Obsidian
7 Radiant Golden Yellow
8 Psychic Argon Purple
9 Lightning Cobalt Blue
10 Force Stark Grey

It seems that it the stone is what is the source of the weapons power and with expertise can be transferred onto any mundane weapon that contains a space for the gem.

by u/DeviousMelons


Elemental Whip

Whip, very rare (requires attunement)

The whip consists of a long metal chain that ends in a metallic, spiked sphere with holes in it. When attuning to the weapon, define a damage type from among the following: fire, cold, lightning or thunder. This whip has 4 charges. Used charges are replenished at dawn. A single charge may be restored when you take magical damage matching the attuned damage type. On a melee hit, one charge may be expended to deal an additional 1d8 of the attuned damage type. This whip is a magical bludgeoning weapon for the purposes of determining damage resistance. If you wish to change the damage type of this whip, you must de-attune and re-attune to the weapon.

These whips must be crafted in the elemental extremes. In the center of a storm, the cold of the poles, the heat of a volcano. Only then can an arcane smith embed the elemental attachment into the metal.

by u/schnick3rs

Emberwood Spear

Spear, rare (requires attunement)

A simple wooden spear with a molten metal spearhead. This is a +2 spear. When a creature is hit, it must succeed on a DC15 dexterity save, or catch on fire. While on fire, a creature will take 1d4 fire damage at the start of their turn. The creature can extinguish the flame as an action, or else repeat the dexterity save at the end of every turn. A druid in wildshape may continue to benefit from use of this weapon.

This spear was crafted by the dying efforts of a famous cleric of the forge. He wished to grant his friend a powerful tool to aid him when he no longer could.

by u/MrOcts

Enthralling Whip

Whip, uncommon

A whip made of interconnected bleach-white bones, and ending in a sinister serrated spike. This whip deals a base damage of 1d6 + 1. This whip contains one charge when found, and may contain a maximum of 2 charges. A single charge is recovered at dawn. When this whip successfully hits an enemy, you may expend a charge to cast crown of madness on that target without consuming spell slots or components. DC for the spell is 13.

This whip was made from the torturous tail of a bone devil and has been passed down in an endless, bloody cycle of violence. It seems you are next in line.

by u/Phosphorus_Dom

Explorer's Cutlass

Scimitar, uncommon

This weapon deals double damage to plants. This lightweight scimitar is adorned with a bright golden handle. The blade is patterned with winding snakes.

by u/throwing-away-party

Farsight Crossbow

Heavy Crossbow, rare

This +1 crossbow features a magical scope that allows the user to see precisely where their shot will land. This crossbow's bonus becomes +3 if the target is more than 100 feet away from you. The scope on this weapon also functions as a spyglass. This weapon's range is 200/800.

This crossbow was made for a famous sharpshooter, who wanted a weapon that could hit targets from a safe distance, and observe a battlefield from afar.

by u/Zedman5000

The Fashion Falchion

Scimitar, rare (requires attunement)

This sword attempts to match the nearest colors to it. When not being held, the sword has a shimmering golden hue. Upon being wielded, the sword changes color to match the shirt of the wielder. The change is more than an aesthetic one though, as the blade does an extra 1d6 of damage based on the color(s) it is. Additional colors add bonus damage. For example, red with white polka dots would be 2d6 radiant fire damage. DM's discretion on how many colors the Fashion Falchion may be at once.

Color Damage Type
Green Acid
Yellow Lightning
Orange Thunder
Red Fire
Purple Force
Blue Cold
Black Necrotic
White Radiant

This sword was created by someone who was rumored to have said "but it doesn't match my outfit!" more times than anyone else in history. This can be a variable level item depending on how many colors you allow the falchion to be at once.

by u/That3DPrinter


Fang of The Betrayed

Spear, legendary (requires attunement)

This is a +2 spear. It becomes a +5 spear when within 1 mile or 1.6 kilometers of a dragon. It is an unbreakable spear, with a dragon's fang magically affixed to the tip. The spear tip glows red like a freshly forged blade when it senses the presence of a dragon nearby.

This spear was forged from the remains of Mankind's only ally in the dawn war that was begun by chromatic dragons.

by u/budakang


Flail, very rare (requires attunement by a character that does not have darkvision)

This steel flail has a small lantern in place of a bludgeon. This lantern has two states of use; lit and snuffed.

Lit: As an action, the attuned wielder can light the lantern. It may act as either a hooded lantern or bullseye lantern. This lantern does not require any fuel, while the attuned wielder is holding it. While the lantern is lit, this weapon deals an additional 2d8 fire damage on hit. In addition, attacks against objects will ignite any flammable object not being worn or held by a creature. The area surrounding the lantern feels notably warmer.

Snuffed: As an action, the attuned wielder may snuff out the lantern. While the lantern is snuffed, the weapon deals an additional 2d8 cold damage on hit. The area surrounding the snuffed lantern feels notably colder. At the moment that the lantern is snuffed out, all non-magical fires within a 60 foot radius, or a 120 foot cone, are snuffed out as well. Any creatures with darkvision within that area will lose their darkvision for 1 hour, or until the lantern is lit. If any creature loses darkvision in this manner, the attuned wielder gains 60 feet of darkvision for 1 hour, or until the lantern is lit. During the time that the attuned wielder is granted darkvision, their eyes will glow with a vibrant flame.

This weapon was forged by a Dragonborn smith, who was angered after he was robbed in the night by several creatures with darkvision. The smith decided that if something like it happened again, he wanted to be able to defend himself. As a result of the magic that steals away darkvision, the weapon becomes very hot when lit, and very cold when snuffed.

by u/Zedman5000


Mace, rare

This hammer's head is hot to the touch, and metal that touches it quickly becomes hot. When you hit a creature with this weapon, if they're wearing metal armor, you deal an additional 2d4 Fire damage, as their armor turns red hot and burns them.

This weapon can be used as Smith's Tools. The handle of this weapon can also be used as a whetstone. If you're proficient with Smith's Tools, you can use this hammer to temporarily enhance a nonmagical weapon. During a short or long rest, you can hammer and sharpen another weapon. That weapon gains a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls for 1 hour after the end of the rest, and becomes magical for the duration. After using this ability, you cannot use it again until you finish a long rest.

This hammer was enchanted for an adventurer who wanted to be able to maintain his weapons and armor, and craft new equipment, without needing to return to town to use his forge. The enchanter added the ability to enhance nonmagical equipment as a bonus, because he liked the adventurer.

by u/Zedman5000

Forge's Wrath

Longsword, legendary (attunement required)

On a successful hit, this +2 longsword deals an additional 1d4 fire damage and 1d4 radiant damage. Successful attacks against a god will deal an additional 1d8 slashing damage that cannot be resisted. This damage may be counted when dealing critical damage.

This is an incredibly ornate and well-balanced blade that was crafted in anger by a lesser god of the forge.

by u/xShadowHunter94x


Golgoth's Scimitar

Greatsword, sentient artifact (requires attunement by someone with 15 or more strength)

This is a magical greatsword that deals an additional 1d6 poison damage. This blade is one of two twin scimitars wielded by Golgoth, the ancient Melmoran King of Giants. Although it is shaped like a crude scimitar., the enormous size makes it impractical to wield with one hand. The blade is slivered, and forever secretes a thick, black toxin.

Golgoth's Vengeance: Once per day, you can utter the command word "Myra" to unleash Golgoth's Vengeance. You are empowered by the spirit of Golgoth, providing advantage on the next attack made with this weapon. On a hit, the attack deals an additional 3d6 Poison damage, for a total of 6d6. Golgoth's Vengeance can only be used against humanoids.

Golgoth was the last king of the Melmorans. Centuries after the extermination of his people, a vile necromancer bound Golgoth's spirit to his old sword.

by u/budakang

The Golden Hind

Rapier, rare

A +1 rapier with a golden hand guard that is molded to look like a large 3 sailed ship. When wielding this weapon, you gain advantage on dexterity saving throws.

This sword is accustomed to the tossing and turning of a ship at sea. It is also accustomed to being stolen often.


Gun of Eldritch Blast (+1, +2, +3)

Firearm, uncommon, rare, or very rare (attunement by warlocks only)

When attuned to this weapon, you can use it as a spellcasting focus for warlock spells. In addition, when you cast eldritch blast using this item, you gain a bonus to the attack roll and damage roll determined by the item's rarity. You ignore half cover when casting eldritch blast this way.

These guns were invented by gnomish warlocks who wanted to be able to menace others using their lethal weapons of spectral destruction.

by u/GoliathBarbarian

Halberd of Hoar

Halberd, legendary (attunement required by one faithful to Hoar)

This is a +4 magic halberd. You may choose to deal fire instead of radiant damage, or radiant damage instead of fire.

Aura of Embers: The uncovered blade of this halberd glows with a white hot brilliance. While the Halberd of Hoar remains uncovered, enemies who end their turn within 10 feet of you take 3d6 radiant damage. When an ally within the aura of embers takes damage, you may expend points from your lay on hands class ability as a reaction.

This weapon is the utensil of Saint Hoar's avengers. Given only to his court of angels and the most powerful mortal bastions of poetic justice. Proving one's worth of this weapon is nigh impossible.


Handwraps of the North Star

Handwraps, rare (requires attunement)

When worn, these plain cloth handwraps can be activated and deactivated freely by speaking the command phrase on your turn, requiring no action. When active, your fists are enveloped in flame, causing your fists to become +1 weapons. Additionally, all damage from your melee strikes is converted to fire damage while the handwraps are active. The flame causes no damage to you.

"Omae wa mo shindeiru"

by u/yinyang107


Hidden Thorn

Bladed weapon, very rare (requires attunement)

This is a pair of leather arm wraps with a metal sheath built in. Each sheath contains retractable blades. Retracting and extending the blades requires only a minute flexing of the wrist muscles, and it is a free action for the attuned wearer. Dual weapon wielding is not required for the full use of these weapons. These weapons may count as a monk weapon for the purposes of monk weapons. The attuned wearer gains +1 to stealth checks, and has an additional +2 to sleight of hand checks when someone makes a check to have the blades go unnoticed.

On a hit, each hidden thorn blade deals 1d6 piercing damage. The target must pass a DC 14 constitution save, or else take an additional 1d4 poison damage per hit.

Hidden Dart: The Hidden Thorn holds 2 charges (one per wrap), which fully restore at the end of a long rest. The wearer may expend a charge as an action to fire a small dart out of the Hidden Thorn. 20/40 range, +3 to hit. Deals 2d6-1 poison damage. Upon taking the poison damage, the target must make a DC 14 constitution saving throw. Upon failure, the target falls prone from dizzyness and has the poisoned condition.

Very quiet whispers can be heard when held to your ear, saying "Die... fall. Die!" It used to belong to a very powerful assassin, but they were so secretive, that nobody knows their name.

by u/unstabledave105


Weapon (maul), very rare (requires attunement)

This large 2-handed mace bears a head made of stone hewn into the rough shape of a mallet. This is a +2 mace.

Defend the Homestead: If invited into a settlement with hospitality, you gain a +1 bonus to AC while inside that settlement.

The Earth Protects: As an action, you may choose a target within 120 feet of you, and strike the ground in front of you with Homestead. A single, stone pillar erupts from the earth beneath the target, as if created by the bones of the earth spell. This feature cannot be used again until after you have taken a short rest.

Made by a wandering druid as a gift to a small town besieged by raiders, this hammer stands for those trying to make a new life for themselves.

by u/Zenrayeed

Hyperion Lance

Longbow, legendary (attunement required)

Despite its name, the Hyperion Lance is actually a +1 longbow, said to pierce the heavens. At night, the Hyperion Lance becomes a +2 longbow. The bow's range is 600/1200.

Hyperion Lance has 7 charges. Restore 1d6+1 per long rest. On a hit, you may expend a charge to deal an extra 1d8 damage. You may expend more than one charge in one turn for an extra d8 per extra charge used.

Strike of the Heavens: Expend all 7 charges to call upon the heavenly bodies to destroy your foes. You will gain advantage, and +5 to hit on your next ranged attack roll. As the arrow from this attack flies toward your foes, all the sound within 120 feet of the arrow is rapidly silenced. As the arrow strikes the target, it erupts into light (120ft bright light, 160 ft dim light). The arrow will create a loud boom and shockwave as it breaks the sound barrier, deafening all creatures within 60 feet until the end of your next turn. Creatures within 30 feet of the point of the arrow's impact are blinded until the end of your next turn. Creatures within 15 feet of the point of the arrow's impact are hit by a wave of force, knocked prone and dealt 4 force damage. Those within 90 feet may feel a force hit them, but will experience no ill effects from it. This ability deals 8d12+2 radiant damage to the target, and 1d8+1 radiant damage to creatures within 30 feet of the point of impact.

Legend has it that there used to be a second moon orbiting this world. However, the famed archer Tiberius destroyed it with the Hyperion Lance when he missed his shot at an archdemon.

by u/unstabledave105


Ice Dancer's Rapier

Rapier, very rare (requires attunement)

This +1 rapier resembles a long, thin icicle with a finely made basket hilt of silver and opal. When swung, the blade leaves curls of crystalline fog behind it. This rapier causes an additional 2d6 cold damage on a hit. Additionally, creatures that are affected by this cold damage must make a DC 15 constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the creature becomes "chilled"; losing the ability to take reactions and suffering disadvantage on dexterity saving throws until the start of your next turn.

This rapier was forged without heat, by a master of arcane crasftmanship. As the final step, it was quenched by being thrust through the heart of a white dragon, imbuing it with powerful ice magic and ensuring that the blade would never break or dull.

by u/BlackTomePress

Kamran's Arm

Light bladed weapon, very rare (requires attunement)

Must be wielded in the off-hand and cannot be the only weapon (unless the character is disarmed).

This is a +2 weapon that appears largely normal.

Kamram's Armed Arm: The attuned wielder can use their reaction to activate the weapon's defensive properties. When activated, stone armor grows out from the weapon's hilt and covers their arm up to the shoulder. This grants +5 AC until the beginning of their next turn, as though under the effects of a shield spell. For the next minute, you may use your reaction to gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage until the start of your next turn. After one minute, the stone crumbles and falls off the your arm. This ability cannot be reused until the minute is up. DMs should use their discretion in allowing the stone arm to be used creatively out of combat. Possible examples include controlling a descent down a cliff, or to reaching into dangerous substances.

A capable wizard enchanted this blade for her partner, to keep them safe during their adventures. Forged from the arm of a stone golem, it worked effectively as the rogue escaped from many tight situations thanks to its versatility. The wizard and the rogue eventually, happily, retired to a life of wealth and peace.

by u/Duke_Paul

Korden's Ball and Chain

Flail, rare (requires attunement by a Lawful-aligned creature)

This is a +2 Flail with a longer than usual chain and larger than usual head. The head is smooth with no spikes; the handle is curved and made of a dark, black metal. Its basic nature will be revealed if identify or legend lore is cast upon it (but not the curse).

Justice Knows: When the flail is in your hand, you can automatically know if someone committed a crime deserving of a jail sentence, what that crime was, and whether they have served their sentence or otherwise paid retribution for the crime.

Arm of the Law: As a bonus action, you can speak a command word and identify a target size Large or smaller. The flail flies out of your hand, and the target must make a DC 16 Strength Saving Throw. On a successful Strength Saving Throw, the flail returns to your feet. On a failure, the flail morphs into a ball and chain; the handle fuses together to make a solid ring around the target's ankle, the chain extends to 10 feet long, and the head will land at a spot of your choosing within 10 feet of the target. Once the head is in place, it is considered to have the same properties as an immovable rod. As a reaction or bonus action, you can speak the command word and release the target, or allow the head to be moved. Upon release, the flail returns to your feet. If you un-attune to the flail while someone is held, the target is immediately released, the flail returns to flail form and it sits in an unoccupied space 5 feet from the target.

Curse: This flail is cursed, a fact that is revealed only when you attune to it. Attuning to the flail curses you, and you cannot de-attune to it until you are targeted by the remove curse spell or similar magic.

Flaw: While attuned to the flail, you have the following flaw: "It is my job to keep the law, by whatever means necessary."

Bound by Law: Criminals whom you can detect with justice knows, whether they know of the flail's existence or not, are immediately suspicious of you and possibly hostile. If you see anyone commit a crime of any nature or severity, you must succeed on a DC 13 Wisdom Saving Throw or spend the next minute using all your movement to move towards them, and every turn try to catch them with arm of the law. If you do catch them, you spend the rest of the minute trying to turn them into the authorities who uphold whatever law the offender broke.

Korden was a master escape artist who eventually vexed the wrong warden. This flail was was discovered in a cell, bound to Korden's emaciated corpse.

by u/L0gixiii



Club, legendary artifact (requires attunement by a character proficient in Animal Handling)

This club is ornately carved from fine maple wood. At the head of the club is an accurate carving of a wolf's head, snarling and baring its teeth. Along the handle, the words "The Gatherer of Beasts Shall Bring On The New Age" are carved out in Giant.

This club may be used to deal piercing damage instead of bludgeoning, using the wolf carving's teeth to puncture the enemy. Hostile beasts are hesitant to attack you, instead choosing to attack other enemies.

Once per day, you may use Kykvendi to cast animal friendship (Save DC 15) without spell slots or components.

In addition, this club is an heirloom weapon, meaning it improves as you fulfill certain conditions. The conditions and effects should be kept secret until they are unlocked. Each property may only be unlocked once, unless the property states otherwise. Only one property may be unlocked per day. If you become de-attuned to Kykvendi, the weapon will lose all heirloom properties, and require unlocking a second time.

Heirloom Properties:

  • When a hostile beast is made friendly by you, the text carved into the handle glows a snowy white color. The weapon gains the following trait: "You may cast beast bond without spell slots or components.
  • When a hostile humanoid is reduced to 0 hit points while within 5 feet of you and a friendly beast, the wolf carving will howl loudly. The weapon will gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with the weapon while you are within 5 feet of a friendly beast.
  • When a hostile humanoid or giant is reduced to 0 hit points while within 10 feet of you and at least 5 friendly beasts, the wolf carving's eyes become lifelike. The carving will once again howl loudly. The weapon will gain a bonus to damage equal double your proficiency, while you are within 5 feet of a friendly beast. As proficiency increases, so does this extra bonus.
  • When a hostile giant is reduced to 0 hit points while within 15 feet of you and at least 10 friendly Beasts, the wolf carving becomes lifelike, the sound of a pack of wolves howling can be heard from all around. A winter wolf leaps out of the club, appearing in the nearest available space to you. The wolf is friendly to you and your allies, and follows the your verbal commands without regard to its own safety. While you are within 5 feet of this wolf, the attack and damage bonus of this weapon is increased by +1. While you are holding this weapon, the attack and damage bonus of this weapon also applies to the attacks of all friendly Beasts within 30 feet of you. Their attacks become magical for the purposes of overcoming resistances. If the Winter Wolf is killed, this Property may be triggered again, reviving the Winter Wolf.

Kykvendi was once the walking staff of a giant who was infamous among his kin for his affinity to beasts.

by u/Zedman5000

Lash of Mammon

Rapier, very rare

This +3, light rapier is made of red glass that bends and flexes with ease. The hilt is obsidian, and the pommel is carved with a caricature of a smiling devil. devil with a broad, open mouth. Perfectly wide enough for a standard gold coin.

Aid of Mammon: This weapon holds one charge. You may expend one charge to give the blade the reach property, and add 3d8 fire damage on your next weapon attack with it. Once this ability is used up, the devil on the pommel will grin widely, until his mouth is approximately the size of a standard gold coin. Charges may be refreshed by inserting a total of 10GP into the mouth of the devil. Once the gold is inserted, it is sent straight to Mammon's vast coffers. The cost to refresh the charge should increase periodically, especially as the player gains more wealth, or needs to use the weapon more often.

This weapon was commissioned by Mammon, Arch Devil of Greed and Avarice. He is willing to lend his aid to anyone... For a price.

by u/proto_ziggy

Lash of Truth

Whip, legendary, (requires attunement by a lawful good character)

The Lash of Truth is a +1 whip that deals magical slashing damage. You are proficient with this weapon while attuned. After you deal damage with the Lash of Truth to a medium or smaller creature, you may choose to use the Lash of Truth to grapple that creature. While grappling, the Lash of Truth cannot be used to attack. You may choose to end the grapple at any time. While grappling, The Lash of Truth functions similarly to dimensional shackles.

Diana's Truth: While a creature is grappled by the Lash of Truth, they are compelled to speak only the truth. A grappled creature may make a wisdom save against your charisma spell save DC to resist this compulsion. If the creature fails to resist, they are compelled to avoid lying to you at all costs. If a creature successfully resists this compulsion, they must take 2d8 + charisma modifier radiant damage. This save may be repeated for every new question asked. A mastermind rogue is immune to these effects.

A golden whip, made from the shining braids of the dawn goddess. None can stand before the radiance of Truth.

By u/PantherophisNiger


The Lonely Child

Legendary Rapier, requires attunement

This +2 rapier was forged by Moradin. Made of sky-iron, and forged in the heart of a dying star. During the process, the metal split into twin rapiers, instead of the intended pickaxe. This rapier can pierce through any material, as it was originally meant as a tool for mining adamantium and mithril. This weapon has 6 charges and recovers 1d4+1 charges at dawn.

All-Piercing Pickaxe: When you make an attack roll with this weapon, you may expend one charge to ignore the enemy's nonmagical armour and shield bonuses, treating the attack as if it was made against an unarmoured target.

Ore-Cunning While holding this weapon, you may expend one charge to expel a warm blast of magic from the rapier. For one hour, you will be able to detect the presence of any metal within 60 feet of you.

"Skalds like to sing all about "sky iron", and the weapons made of it. But have ye ever met a smith who ever made anything out of it? Moradin himself couldn't forge a decent pickaxe out of the stuff!"

by u/Miss_Aia

Longbarrow's Arm

Longsword, legendary artifact (requires attunement by slaying an undead with the blade)

Longbarrow's Arm is a masterwork +1 longsword with a black ceramic blade. The basic nature of this sword will be revealed if identify or legend lore is cast upon it. However, the curse will remain hidden unless identify is cast at 8th level or higher. The nature of the curse is strong and will force the user to use the sword above all other weapons (even if they aren't proficient in longsword use). Once attuned, the sword's curse kicks in.

Longbarrow's Curse: When confronted with undead, the sword will unsheath itself. The user's arm turns into a skeletal arm, wreathed in blue flame. The user will be compelled to destroy all undead within sight. The sword does an additional 1d4 damage to undead creatures. Any undead creatures within 120 feet will ignore all other combatants to focus on the owner of The Arm. Once a day the sword drinks 1 HP of blood from the user. The curse can be removed only by a high-level (15+) cleric who casts remove curse.

The Arm was created when a fallen paladin named Longbarrow failed his vows to defend his temple from an undead incursion. With his last breath, he cursed his sword to never fail again.

by u/famoushippopotamus

Machin Shin

Legendary greatsword (requires attunement)

This is a +3 Greatsword of immense size, made of a dense meteoric metal. This greatsword requires a minimum 19 Strength to wield. The massive blade is designed to be wielded with unrestrained fury, with savage cleaving strikes rather than refined and precise swordplay. For this reason, mechanically it deals 1d12 bludgeoning damage, rather than than 2d6 slashing. Inscribed in Infernal script on the blade is “Machin Shin,” in the devil's tongue meaning The Black Wind. When damage from Machin Shin brings a target to zero hit points, 2 failed Death Saves are also inflicted upon the target.

Machin Shin: On a hit, you may expend a number of hit dice per round up to your Constitution modifier, rolling them and adding the total to the damage dealt by Machin Shin as force damage. If all hit dice are expended, the additional damage rolled is also dealt to you as necrotic damage, bypassing resistance and immunity.

"You'll never catch me!" said the Man to Death. "I'll never chase you, I'll wait." Echoed the reply

by u/BillyBobWinkydinks

Maul of the Mule

Maul, rare (requires attunement)

The Maul of the Mule is a +1 heavy, two-handed weapon adorned with a laughing bronze mules as the head of the weapon. Halfway up the shaft of the weapon is a pressure packed hollow tube filled with the power of thunder. Glowing yellow runes adorn the weapon, which light up upon impact.

Kick of the Mule: This weapon contains 1 charge, which refills at dawn each day. On a melee hit with this weapon, you may expend the charge to cause causes a thunderous power to erupt from the head of the weapon. The target must make a DC12 constitution save, or else take 2d8 thunder damage, and be pushed 10 feet away from you. On a successful save, the damage is halved and the target is not pushed. INstead of a thunderous "boom", you hear the obnoxious braying of a mule.

Legends speak of a dwarf so stubborn that he argued with a thunderstorm and won.

by u/Notorious_Bear_


Maul of Upheaval

Maul, very rare (attunement required)

This maul contains the image of a mountain with a crack running from tip to base on each side and is so heavy that it requires a strength of 20 to wield. When using this maul you may only take attack actions every other round. The weight of this maul requires that you spend a round setting it into a striking position. While wielding this maul, your movement speed is reduced by 5 feet, unless you are a Goliath. This weapon is a magical weapon and ignores resistance to non-magical damage. The weapon is also a siege weapon, all damage to structures and objects is doubled

Curse:  This maul is cursed, a fact that is revealed only when you attune to it. Attuning to the maul curses you until you are targeted by the remove curse spell or similar magic.

Twice per day you can cast erupting earth at third level by striking the ground. After this occurs you must use an action to pry the maul out of the earth with a DC 15 strength check.

On a successful hit, the targeted creature takes 4d6 bludgeoning damage; and any creature within 5 feet of the targeted creature (not including you) will take an additional 1d6 piercing damage from shrapnel flying out of the ground. Rogues may use their uncanny dodge to reduce this damage.

by u/posborne2

The Melodious Bow

Shortbow, very rare (requires attunement by a character that has an instrument proficiency)

This instrument/weapon is a magical shortbow that deals thunder damage and requires no ammunition.

Symphony of Thunder: As an action, you may use this bow to cast conjure volley without spell slots or components. The damage dealt will be thunder damage. Each time you use this feature, you must make a DC 13 performance skill check or the magical strings will snap, requiring special repair by an arcane blacksmith. Each time this feature is used, the DC increases by 5, but it will reset at dawn.

An exquisitely crafted stringed instrument, perfect for bardic assassins. Most bardic colleges find this instrument/weapon to be a perversion of their craft.

by u/griveturtle

The Meteor

Longbow, legendary (requires attunement)

This longbow uses strength as a base stat instead of dexterity. Damage is +1, unless STR is over 14, then it is +2. Arrows fried from this bow are magically lit on fire, and cause fire damage instead of piercing damage. While attuned and wielding this weapon, you have fire resistance.

Meteor Strike: The Meteor contains 4 charges that recharge 1d3 per long rest. On a succesful hit, you may expend one charge to cast fireball, without spell components or spell slots, at the location where your arrow has hit.

The Meteor is warm to the touch. The Meteor was originally a gift for a ranger, crafted by his sorceror friend.

by u/unstabledave105

Meteor Strike

Maul, very rare (requires attunement)

Meteor Slam: This maul has 4 charges, and it regains 1d4 charges at dawn. When you fall more than 10' while wielding it, you can use your reaction to expend 1 of its charges to begin a "Meteor Slam", which ends when you land. During a Meteor Slam, you will take no falling damage. When your "Meteor Slam" lands, each creature in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on you must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, targets takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage for each 10' you fell, or half as much damage on a successful save.

Fashioned from a single stone that crashed to earth from above, this weighty maul seems to have never fully stopped falling.

by u/Cathartidae

Monomolecular Blade

Any Sword, rare

A simple straight sword made out of a pale, nacreous metal. The edges winnow to a sharpness so fine that you cannot see. Does 3d6 damage on a hit and ignores armor (base AC instead of modified AC). So old and unstable that it only lasts 1d4-1 hits before exploding for 2d10 damage. The DM should keep this aspect a secret, unless the PC succeeds on a DC20 Intelligence check or uses the identify spell.

by u/micaholism


The Morning Star

Whip, legendary (requires attunement by a Good-aligned character)

This +3 whip is made of a very long metal chain and has a heavy bludgeon on the end, but feels no harder to wield than an ordinary whip. This whip's damage die is 1d8, and has an increased range up to 15 feet. When this whip strikes a fiend or undead, it will deal an additional 2d8 radiant damage. When a fiend or undead is reduced to 0 hit points, its body explodes in a blast of radiance, and deals 2d8 Radiant damage to any creatures of your choice within 10 feet of the original target.

A famed whip, wielded by a family dedicated to the eradication of the unholy and undead.

by u/Zedman5000

Musashi's Bane

Legendary sword, (requires attunment)

This is a +1 finesse longsword that deals an extra 1d6 necrotic damage when wielded in the main hand. When wielded in the off-hand, it grants +1 to your AC. If you wield the blade with both hands, you gain both get both bonuses. This sword grants increasing bonuses as you level up.

Level Hit/DMG AC
1 -9 +1 +1
10 -14 +2 +2
15+ +3 +3

Demon's Bane: This sword is cursed, and craves demon's blood above all. When you are in the same room as a demon at the start of each round you must pass a DC 15 wisdom save, or else you are compelled to destroy that demon above all else. When you hit a demon with this sword you deal and extra 2d6 magical slashing damage to it. If you slay a demon with this blade, you regain 2d6 health.

Devil's Blade: If you attack a devil with this sword, you must pass a DC 15 wisdom save or else you are struck dumb by the sword. You are rendered incapacitated for one round. Additionally, if you kill a devil with this weapon, you immediately suffer 2d6 psychic damage as the soul of the devil in the sword shows its disgust in the deed.

The sword that Mushashi traded his soul for. The black edge of the blade is beautifully accented with blood red ripples from its folding. The blade contains the soul of Zariel's finest sword-master, who always craved battle.

by u/Pablo_Scrablo

Pale-Shrouded Weapon

Any bladed melee weapon, rare

This is a +1 weapon. On a critical hit, creatures that have been dealt damage by this weapon must make a wisdom saving throw. DC is (Damage dealt by the attack + your charisma modifier). On a failed save, the target is magically teleported 15 feet, to a location of your choosing that that you can see. This effect cannot place the target inside of terrain (such as walls, furniture, or ground).

This weapon remains cool to the touch at all times. The blade crawls with intangible waves and tendrils of white and gray ink. Those dealt a sufficiently deadly wound by the weapon find themselves hurtling, for an instant, through a void of colorless shapes.

by u/Plunderberg


Warhammer, rare (requires attunement)

A shining silvery warhammer engraved with a complicated tribal pattern. The handle has the phrase "Wait for your time to strike" engraved into it in Dwarven script. You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon while it is attuned. If, when initiative is rolled, you may choose (before rolling) to go last in the initiative order, the pattern on Patience's head begins to glow a dull red and it gives an additional +1 to attack and damage rolls until the end of combat.

This hammer was commissioned to teach a hasty Dwarven prince the value of patience.

by u/BlackTomePress


Pet Sword

Longsword, uncommon

While seemingly a regular longsword at first glance, closer inspection reveals that the handle is covered in something best described as black and orange fur. The sword appears to be semi-sentient and responds to its surroundings to a limited degree. It softly purrs when stroked, hisses when struck in battle and meows when stuck in a sheath for extended periods of time or in close proximity of fish.

Keen smell: The Pet Sword responds to certain scents. Once per day, the Pet Sword can be used to grant its user advantage on a skill check that relies on smell.

Feline Grace: The owner of the Pet Sword always lands on his feet. The Pet Sword has 2 charges. While holding the Pet Sword, the user can spend one charge and a reaction to cast feather fall on themselves without the use of material components or spell slots.

Pet Swords were once produced on a large scale by a circle of wizards long forgotten. Lacking any special offensive capabilities, they were mainly created as gag gifts and frequently switched owners. As the circle was disbanded, no more Pet Swords were created and the commodity slowly faded into obscurity. Nowadays, only a few of these characteristic swords remain. Despite not being particularly suited for combat, they often fetch a decent price from the right buyer.

by u/Bertbrekfust

Pike of the Legion

Pike, uncommon (normal variant), Rare (banner variant) (requires attunement)

This Pike is simple but well crafted; when the weapon is held, you feel more confident near your allies, but you will feel nervous while alone, even before the weapon is attuned. All Pikes of the Legion have the following property:

You get a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon while within 5 feet of an ally. This bonus is increased to +2 if the ally is wielding a Bulwark of the Legion, Conduit of the Legion, Pike of the Legion, or Staff of the Legion.

Banner Variant: The banner bearer's allies also feel more confident while near them. Any banner hung from the pike is safe from being torn, burned, or dirtied. Allies within 5 feet of the banner bearer gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made using melee and throwing weapons, and those weapons are considered magical if they were not already. This attack and damage bonus cannot cause a weapon to have an attack and damage bonus greater than +3.

These pikes were produced for a once-unstoppable army. Each unit had a banner bearer, who was the center of every formation, and was protected fervently.

by u/Zedman5000

Planetar's Blade

Longsword, legendary (requires attunement by a lawful good creature)

On a successful hit, this sword inflicts an additional 2d8 radiant damage. This sword deals an extra 1d8 radiant damage against undead and fiends.

Only the Just: If the pommel of this +3 sword is touched by a creature that is not lawful good, this sword inflicts 1d4 radiant damage. If held by such a creature, it will continue to inflict this damage every round. If a creature tells a lie while holding this sword, it breaks attunement immediately, and inflicts 2d8 radiant damage.

The Truth Always Reveals Itself: The attuned wielder innately knows when they hear a lie. Once per short rest, you can cast detect evil and good as a bonus action, without using components or spell slots.

This is a sword normally wielded by a planetar. It could conceivably be a gift from a deity to a very high level follower. If taken from a fallen planetar, its patron will likely be determined to retrieve it. The sword could also be part of a path to ascendancy, slowly turning a mortal into a new planetar.

by u/thephoenixtome

Poison Ivy

Short Sword, rare (requires attunement by a druid)

This short sword has a hidden compartment in the pommel that can store poison. Once per short rest, as a bonus action, this sword can be commanded to become a 10-foot bladed whip. In this form, the blade will deal additional damage or effects according to the kind of poison that has been stored inside of the pommel. DMs may decide which poisons are available; the poison list on pg. 257 of the Dungeon Master's Guide is recommended.

A powerful druid of Chuult crafted this weapon out of molten lava and recycled tree roots. Once extended, thorns protrude from the blade, and roots hold together the disjointed blade parts.

by u/KunYuL

Predator’s Talon

Dagger, rare

If you land a melee attack with this dagger, while falling, transfer all fall damage to your target, up to 10d6 damage (100 ft). Any fall damage after 10d6 affects you as normal.

A brown dagger with feather motif on the hilt. There is a hawk’s eye gem in the pommel.

by u/R_bubbleman_E_6



Light Weapon, legendary (requires attunement)

This +3 light weapon can only be attuned by a creature with at least 18 dexterity. This sword is a hollow hilt filled with magic quicksilver that requires at least 18 dexterity to wield.

Liquid Metal: As a reaction, you can concentrate and cause the liquid metal within the hilt to form any light weapon. In addition to being a +3 magical weapon, this weapon will also have the finesse property. If your concentration becomes broken, the metal immediately retreats into the handle.

Hermes Dart: You can choose to make a single ranged attack with Quicksilver. (60/120, +3 to hit, 3d6 piercing). On a hit, the target must make a DC 16 CON save or suffer the following poison effects: Disadvantage on dexterity and strength saves and perception checks. If this happens, the weapon cannot be used until the target dies and the metal exits the body and returns to the wielder. Once per turn, if the wielder rolls a 1 on their attack roll, they may choose to reroll that attack instead. With a DC 10 arcana check, the wielder may use the metal to create a minor illusion at will.

Calomel Toxin: On a successful attack (ranged or melee) you may choose for the liquid metal to enter the target's wound, and deal 6d8 poison damage at the beginning of the creature's turn. This will impose disadvantage on constitution saves, as well as all of the poisonous effects found under the Hermes Dart ability. After you use this ability, you will be unable to use Quicksilver until you spend 1 minute recollecting the liquid metal into the hilt.

The perfectly symmetrical hilt has gaps, where you can see that it is filled with a highly reflective silvery liquid metal. This wizard who created this "living metal" tragically passed away at a very early age, after succumbing to a strange madness.

by u/Duke_Paul

Rainbow Sword of Prince Ro'Lann

Longsword, legendary artifact (requires attunement by fey-allied class)

Colors swirl in dizzying, mad patterns on the strange steel of this blade. The name of Prince Rolan shines in Sylvan writing on the crossguard of the sword. This is a +2 finesse longsword that deals double damage against vampires, and their thralls. While wielding this blade, you cannot be charmed by any spells, abilities or effects used by a vampire. You may have advantage to persuade or intimidate anyone raised within an elven culture. This blade is highly recommended as a hexblade warlock's weapon.

Those were the days of The Rainbow Guard. Led by Prince Ro'Lann of Santini, each youth was chosen by Queen Tatiana herself, to guard The Feywild against the vampire scourge.

by u/PantherophisNiger

Ram’s Crossing

Weapon (heavy crossbow), rare (requires attunement)

This imposing +1 crossbow is made of a mixture of heavy wood and iron; a ram’s head, lowered in a charge, adorns the front of this bow. Attacks made with this weapon deal double damage to nonliving objects or structures made of stone or weaker materials.

Ram's Fury: While wielding this bow, you may choose to fire an arrow with the force of a charging ram. On a hit the attack deals an additional 2d10 piercing damage and the target must make a DC 14 Strength saving throw. On a failure, they are knocked back 10 feet and are knocked prone.

A favorite of siege commanders, these crossbows are reserved only for elite heavy infantry.

by u/Zenrayeed

Reaper's Scythe

Glaive, legendary artifact (requires attunement)

This scythe is a +2 weapon.

When you roll a natural 20 on your attack roll with this magic weapon, the target takes an extra 2d12 necrotic damage. This scythe deals 1d8 necrotic damage on all melee hits.

Harvest Time: Once per day, as an action, you may cast sickening radiance or destrctive wave at level 5 without using any spell slots or components. The DC for these spells is 17.

Put Down Your Dead: On a successful hit against an undead creature, you may add an extra 3d8 Force damage.

by u/posborne2


Dagger, legendary (requires attunment)

This is a +3 dagger that deals 3d6 radiant damage on a hit. You are constantly under the effect of the Aura of Vitality spell, no other creature can benefit from the healing it provides but you.

Defend the Faithful: This weapon has 7 charges. As an action, you may spend one charge to cast bless, heroism, shield of faith or protection from evil and good without components or spell slots. As an action, you may spend 4 charges to cast the spell revivify without components or spell slots. Alternatively, you may use your bonus action to spend one charge to make a creature within 10ft of you to instantly succeed on a death saving throw. Lastly you may spend 6 charges to negate all damage from an incoming attack, effect or spell directed at you. This weapon regains 1d6+1 charges at dawn.

by u/Stercore_



Morningstar, legendary (requires attunement by a paladin)

Counts as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance. This weapon is meant to develop in power with the character over the course of a campaign. There are 3 stages of power to be attained, as the character progresses: Dormant (1-5), Awakened (6-10), and Ascendant(11-20).

A bright steel morningstar of plain, effective, and simple design. The only adornment is a swirling triangle engraved into the round pommel. This mark is known as the Rune of Pursuit.

Dormant: This is a +1 weapon. The Rune of Pursuit empowers the righteous to deal swift justice to the wicked. Attacks of opportunity made with this weapon are rolled with advantage.

Awakened: This is a +2 weapon. Regains 3 charges per long rest to cast the following spells. The cost of each is the level at which it is cast. Additional charges can be expended to cast at a higher level. This weapon holds a maximum of 3 charges.

Spell Base Cost
Inflict wounds 1
Heat metal 1

Ascendant: This is a +3 weapon. Charges regained per long rest, and maximum charges, increases to 6. Divine smite damage applied to attacks made with this weapon is rolled with d10s rather than d8s. Spell list now also includes the spells below.

Spell Base Cost
Inflict wounds 1
Heat metal 1
Wall of fire 4
Disintegrate 6

The Rune of Pursuit is the mark of Trithereon, a God of Retribution. Above all else, Trithereon abhors evil going unpunished. He grants his Rune of Pursuit to those he deems worthy.

by u/BillyBobWinkydinks

Rose & Thorn

Dagger, uncommon (requires attunement)

This item appears to be a silver bracelet, set with a rose-cut garnet. As a bonus action, you may speak the command word "Thorn" to transform it into a +1 dagger that appears in the hand of the wrist that the bracelet was on. If your hand is not free, the dagger falls to the ground. While holding the dagger, as a bonus action, you may speak the command word "Rose" to transform it into a bracelet around your wrist.

Beware their beauty or you might feel their sting

by u/Nothik

Sange, Yasha, and Kaya

Unique Items, legendary artifacts (requires attunement)

Sange: A magic, +1 curved dagger. Sange grants +1 to strength and +1 to constitution. On a hit, Sange has a 50% chance to maim a the target; causing their movement speed to be reduced by 10 ft until the end of their next turn. If multiple attacks are made with this weapon in a round, the maim effect stacks.

Yasha: A magic, +1, sabre (scimitar). Yasha grants +1 to dexterity and +10 ft movement to its wielder.

Kaya: A magic, +1 staff that can be used as a spellcasting focus. It amplifies the damage of all spells by one damage die (of the die normally rolled).

The power of Sange, Yasha, and Kaya grows when they are in close proximity to each other. When two of these three weapons are within 30 feet of each other, they both become +2 weapons. When all three weapons are together, they are +3 weapons. Each weapon must be attuned by its wielder for this effect.

These three weapons were forged from the same Shard of Valoria at the height of the 3rd age by Ardenian magi. Over the centuries, they changed hands many times. During the 7th age, they came to Grand Vizier Octavio. Each weapon was engraved for one of Octavio's favorite soldiers.

by u/budakang


Shadowbane, Blade of Final Rest

Longsword, legendary artifact (requires attunement by a hexblade warlock)

This +1 longsword is permanently covered in a layer of dense smoke, leaving a dark trail as it is swung. The sword allows you to cast conjure canine once per long rest, without expending spell slots or components.

Conjure Canine


  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 8 hours.

You summon creatures that appear in unoccupied spaces that you can see within range. Choose one of the following options for what appears. Alternatively, you may use the sword to cast this spell as a ritual (10 minutes) to summon 4 wargs.

Number Creature Max Hit points
One Winter wolf - Large beast 56
Two Giant hyena - Large beast 28
1d4 Warg - Large monstrosity 21
1d4+1 Blink dog - Medium fey 14
2d4+2 Mastiff - Medium beast 7

Each creature is also considered fiendish, and it disappears when it drops to 0 hit points. The summoned creatures are friendly to you and your allies. Roll initiative for the summoned creatures as a group, which will have its own turn. The summoned creatures will obey any verbal commands that you issue to them (no action required by you). If you do not issue any commands to them, they defend themselves from hostile creatures, but otherwise take no actions.

Found in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, the voice of Cerberus reveals that he has been imprisoned by the Raven Queen for denying her souls, and must now repay her tenfold.

by u/csquirrelrun


Rare or Very Rare, (requires special attunement)

Attunement: This item is a vial of thick, black liquid. To attune to this, a creature who is not a warlock with the pact of the blade feature must consume the liquid (if a warlock with the pact of the blade consumes this liquid, they will immediately gag, retch and vomit the liquid back up). Upon attunement, the liquid bonds with the creature’s blood. Attunement cannot be broken until the creature dies, or via the wish spell.

While the Shadowblood is in your veins, you gain the pact of the blade feature, as described in The Player’s Handbook. If Shadowblood is of the Very Rare variety, you also gain the Eldritch Invocation, "Improved Pact Weapon". Eldritch Invocations granted by Shadowblood do not count against your total Eldritch Invocations (if you have any from a class). To summon your Pact of the Blade weapon, Shadowblood must emerge from the wrist of your main hand, and form the weapon. It will deal 1d4 piercing damage every time it emerges.

"My blood is black, you know."



Flail, rare

This flail magically finds its way around any shield. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon against any target with a shield. If you hit a creature wielding a shield, their shield is knocked away by the attack, giving your allies a +2 bonus to attack rolls against them until the start of the target's next turn.

This weapon was created to defeat a famous enemy, whose shield was said to be infallible.

by u/Zedman5000

The Slamtern

Warhammer, uncommon (requires attunement)

This magical warhammer bears the appearance of the end of a streetlamp, with spiked bars protecting the candle inside. As an action, you may speak the command word ("light"), and cause the lantern head to light up as if light were cast upon it. Light cast by this weapon penetrates magical darkness, up to and including a 3rd level darkness spell. While the Slamtern is lit, it deals an additional 1d4 fire damage.

This weapon was created by a mad old merchant, seemingly out of an ordinary streetlamp. The original owner claims that upon giving him the weapon, the merchant cackled and disappeared in a flash of moths and fireflies.

by u/Zenrayeed


Slip Razor

Rare, Dagger +2, Requires Attunement

This is a +2 dagger. On a ranged hit, you may use your move action to teleport to the target's location. You may then use your bonus action to make a melee attack with Slip Razor. If you are a rogue who was hidden when you made the ranged attack, the melee attack may count as a sneak attack. If the throw misses, the dagger blinks back into your hand before it hits the ground.

"Reality is such a thin, fragile thing. If the cut is wide enough, any number of things could slip in, or out."

by u/DownHouse


Lance, rare (requires attunement by a character with the “Frostbite” cantrip)

This Lance looks like a giant icicle with a handle. It has six charges and regains 1d6 charges each dawn. During the winter, it regains all charges on nights when the temperature drops below freezing. A character attuned to this lance can expend one charge to cast ice knife as a first level spell.

These lances are fashioned out of the icicles that hang over the mantle of the Frost Giant King.

by u/General_Gears

Soul Knife

Dagger, very rare (requires special attunement) by a creature with orc ancestry”*

To attune to this weapon, you must have orc ancestry within 4 generations. Attunement requires convincing the spirit of the knife that you are worthy to wield it.

This is a magical +2 dagger. This dagger is capable of injuring opponents who have slipped into the Ethereal Plane. Attacks of opportunity with this dagger deal an additional 1d6 piercing damage.

Protector spirit: When you fall unconscious with zero (0) hit points, the spirit within the weapon manifests and attacks the first creature it sees. The spirit remains under the control of the DM, but it will not allow you to come to harm. The spirit is hostile to all elves, regardless of their relationship to you. The spirit will only retreat back into the blade if it is reduced to 0 hitpoints, or if the wielder regains consciousness. This feature can only happen once per long rest. If you are a half-orc, this feature is not activated until after your relentless endurance feature has been expended.

Player levels Spirit form
1-3 Specter
4-6 Will O' Wisp
7-9 Sword Wraith Warrior
10-12 Ghost
12-15 Wraith
16-20 Sword Wraith Commander

After an honorable death, some orcs are bound to daggers made of their own remains. Such blades are highly prized family heirlooms.

by u/1Jusdorange

Spiritualist's Weapon

Simple melee weapon, rare (requires attunement by a cleric)

This is a +1 weapon that glows faintly while in the hands of a cleric. While spiritual weapon is active, this weapon emanates a faint ethereal mist.

Spiritualist's Weapon: This weapon has 3 charges, and regains 1d4-1 charges at Dawn or Dusk, whichever is more appropriate for your deity. As a bonus action, you may expend one charge to cast spiritual weapon without using any spell slots or components. While spiritual weapon is active, successfully hitting a creature with this weapon will grant your your spiritual weapon advantage on the next attack it makes before the end of your turn. Hitting a creature with your spiritual weapon grants that same advantage to this weapon.

These weapons are blessed for 1 year in a shrine, absorbing radiant energy, before they are bonded to a wielder

by u/Zenrayeed


Staff of the Kraken

Quarterstaff, very rare (requires attunement)

With a rigid tentacle-like appearance, this +1 quarterstaff seems to stretch and wiggle as it is swung through the air. It makes a wet slapping sound when it strikes.

Stretchy: When making a melee attack, you may choose to cause the staff to stretch mid-strike, giving it the reach property until the start of your next turn. Doing so reduces the damage die of the staff by one step (down to 1d4 or 1d6 when used with two hands).

Reach of Hadar: This staff has a maximum of 10 charges, and regains 1d6+4 expended charges daily at dawn. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 2 of its charges to cast arms of hadar at 1st level, or spend 4 charges to cast arms of hadar at 3rd level. The spell DC is 15. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the staff vanishes in a splash of seawater, lost forever.

The very tips of the tentacles of colossal cephalopods are magically petrified to create this quarterstaff. The thick end is carved down to a smooth handle, and engraved with the runes required to summon the powers of Hadar.

by u/csquirrelrun

Storm Chakram

Dagger, rare (requires attunement)

This chakram has a leather handle, surrounded by circular metal shaped in a lightning bolt motif. Treat this weapon as a +1 throwing dagger with a base damage of 1d6 slashing + 1d4 lightning.

Storm Conductor: The Storm Chakram holds a maximum of 3 charges. When this weapon makes a successful ranged attack against an enemy wearing metal armor, or an enemy made of metal (such as a chain golem) you may choose to expend a charge and inflict a bonus 1d6 lightning damage. Upon taking this damage, the target must succeed on a DC 12 Strength save, or else be knocked prone. The Storm Chakram regains 1 charge at dawn and 3 charges if there is a storm overnight.

When you hold this weapon close to your ear, you hear the faint sound of a thunderstorm. When thrown this weapon seems to be comfortable in the air, as if greeting a long lost friend.

by u/Shrapnel_Sponge

Survior’s Bow

Longbow, very rare (requires special attunement)

Attunement to this weapon requires nurturing a live ironwood sapling for one week; until the plant has grown into a small tree with branches large enough to be woven into a bow. Attunement also requires a wisdom score of at least 13.

This is a +1 magical longbow of warning that is comprised of still-living wood. Grafts from this bow may be planted into suitable mountain soil, to grow more ironwood trees. The branches of this bow must be pruned once per week, to avoid overgrowth. An overgrown bow will grant disadvantage when used. If the bow is not pruned for 3 weeks, it will begin to grow roots and no longer function as a bow. If the bow is not watered at least once a week, it will die and become a mundane longbow.

Fruit of Wisdom: The Survivor's bow will shed 1d10 goodberries at dawn, while it it healthy. The berries will dissolve after 24 hours.

Friend of the Forest: If watered at least once during the past day, a creature attuned to the bow can cast the spell locate animals or plants as an action, without using components or spell slots.

Loyalty of the Trees: If a creature other then the one attuned to the bow tries to use it, the bow triggers a snare spell centered on itself with a DC of 18. The bow has to be watered again before another snare spell could be triggered this way.

The first Goliath druids used their connection to nature to create survivor’s bows. This magical craft has been passed down from one druid generation to the next until today. Now, Goliath druids gift these weapons to rangers, fighters and other allies in order to help them survive the harsh life of the mountain.

by u/1Jusdorange

Sword of the Dragon

Greatsword, rare (requires attunement by a dragonborn)

The blade of this sword is decorated with an imprint of a serpentine dragon. Inscribed near the hilt is the phrase “Feel my roar!” in Draconic runes. This magical greatsword deals an additional 1d6 damage of the damage type associated with your draconic ancestry. On a melee attack hit, you may use your breath weapon feature as a bonus action. If you do not posses any uses of your breath weapon, roll a d6. On a 6, you regain one use of your breath weapon and may use it as a bonus action.

Feel my roar!

by u/DordLord


Sword of Dungeons and Dragons

Longsword, very rare (requires attunement)

When you hit a creature with the Sword of Dungeons and Dragons, the target takes 2d6 damage. To determine the damage type, roll 2d10 and choose one of the d10s. The number rolled on that die determines the attack's damage type, as shown below.

d10 Damage Type
1 Acid
2 Cold
3 Fire
4 Force
5 Lightning
6 Necrotic
7 Poison
8 Psychic
9 Radiant
10 Thunder

If you roll the same number on both d10s, then roll 2d10 again, and choose one to add (for a total of 3d6 damage). If you keep rolling doubles, the damage will continue to stack.

by u/Zenog400

Sword of the Grave

Shortsword, rare (requires attunement by Grave Cleric)

Runes on the side of this magical shortsword will glow brilliantly in the presence of undead. This light counts as sunlight, and sheds bright light in a 30-foot radius, and dim light for an additional 30 feet beyond that. The runes on the side of the blade are celestial script. This blade deals an additional 1d6 radiant damage against undead targets.

This blade contains a maximum of 3 charges, which are recovered every long rest.

On a successful melee hit, you may expend charges to increase the magnitude of either the "slashing" damage die, or the "radiant" damage die. 1 charge per increase. On a critical hit, the additional damage die is of the same magnitude as the slashing damage die.

The Seer saw me, the Smith forged me, the Light blessed me, and Fate wields me so that no Dead shall walk in Life.

by u/BillyBobWinkydinks

Sword of the Great Willow

Longsword, legendary (requires attunement by a good-aligned character)

A pure white, +3 longsword, seemingly made of one piece save for a light blue gem resting within the hilt. This longsword deals 2d10 slashing damage on a hit, or 2d12 slashing damage if it is wielded in both hands. Damage dealt by this weapon cannot bring a sapient creature below 1 hit point. While you are attuned to the weapon and it is on your person, you have advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks made with the intent to prevent or stop conflict.

Blessing of the Willow: If you suffer fatal damage while wielding this weapon, you instead restore hit points equal to half your hit point maximum (rounded up), and the sword erupts into blades of grass, leaving behind a small, blade-shaped seed.

This sword longs for another adventure.

This weapon is the crystallized soul of a great warrior of old, who learned to seek peace rather than victory near the end of their life.

by u/Zenrayeed


Flail, rare (requires attunement by a monk)

Attunement requires meditating in contact with the weapon in total darkness for a whole night (from dusk till dawn).

Toros are ornamental lanterns. Ancient ones were made of thick brass with jade and amber motifs while new ones may be made of other metals. They are tied to a long chain, and may be wielded as a flail.

Light: By expending a single ki point, and channeling it into the Toro, you may light this lantern. While lit, the Toro may act as either a hooded or a bullseye lantern (your choice). While the toro is lit, you may expend ki points to cast the following spells without material components or spell slots.

Spell Ki Point Cost
Detect evil and good 1
Detect magic 1
See invisibility 3
Find traps 3
Detect thoughts 3
Daylight 5

The very first monks followed the way of the sun soul, and acted as shining beacons of hope in the Long Night. They created the toros for their fellow monks.

by u/1Jusdorange


An Unseelie Accord

Shortsword, rare (requires attunement)

This is a cursed +2 shortsword that deals cold damage, instead of piercing. After you deal damage, roll a d6. Continue to roll that d6 until you roll a 3, 4, or 5.

Curse of Winter: You will take 3 cold damage for every time you roll the d6. Once attuned, you are unable to resist using the sword in favor of any other weapon. The curse may be lifted on a Wisdom save (DC20), or if an ally persuades you to do so (DC24).

A pact made with the Winter Court is not one easily broken. One way or another, the Queen of Air and Darkness collects her due.

by u/DownHouse

Unstable Weapon

Weapon (any), uncommon

This weapon crackles with magical energy. You have +7 to attack and damage rolls with this magic weapon.

Deteriorating: When you hit with this weapon, the bonus to attack and damage is reduced by one. When it is reduced to -3, it will explodes and deal 2d6 force damage to all creatures within 20ft.

Unstable Weapons are usually created by failed attempts to create +3 weapons.

By u/BuffwingCombolord

Vajra of the Divine Hand

Greatclub, very rare (requires attunement by a Cleric, Monk, or Paladin of good alignment

Divine Hand: Once per day, as an action, you may target one creature that is an Abberation, Elemental, Fey Fiend or Undead. The targeted creature must make a DC 20 wisdom save, or else be paralyzed for one minute as though under the effects of hold monster. The affected creature may repeat this saving throw at the end of each of its turns, but suffers 2d8 radiant damage on a failed save. You must maintain concentration for this effect.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

The Wandering Orphan

Legendary Rapier, requires attunement

This +2 rapier was forged with the ability to summon elemental energy from another plane. This weapon has a maximum of 6 charges, and recovers 1d4+1 charges at dawn.

Energy of the Planes: On a hit with this weapon, you may expend one charge to deal an additional 2d6 fire, cold, lightning, or acid damage (your choice).

Forgefather's Sight: You may expend one charge to expel a warm blast of magic from the rapier, detecting the whereabouts of any metal within a 60ft area around you.

This rapier was forged by Moradin himself. He intended to create a mighty pickaxe, but the metal split apart into twin rapiers.

by u/Miss_Aia

Weapon of Deaf

Any weapon, rare (requires attunement)

This is a +1 weapon. If identify is cast upon the weapon, the weapon will reveal that it can allow the wielder to use speak with dead.

Curse: This weapon causes you to suffer from the "deafened" condition once you are attuned to it. Whenever you cause damage with this weapon, you can hear through your opponent's ears until the next time you cause damage with the weapon, or until combat has ceased. Casting remove curse, or similar magic will cause you to regain your hearing, but it will also de-attune you.

Whispers of Death: After killing an enemy, you will hear up to 3 scenes where the slain creature was present within its lifetime.

These weapons were created as a cruel trick played by an ancient army's battle mage, who slowly lost his hearing due to his old age.

by u/MaxFandango

Whirling Blade

Glaive, rare

This +1 glaive does not require attunement, but it does require 14+ dexterity to use. This glaive allows you to take an attack of opportunity when an opponent first enters your reach, as well as when an opponent leaves.

The momentum of this blade allows the wielder to effortlessly flow through combat, finding targets with ease. Once wielded by a local hero who held a narrow mountain pass against invading gnolls, it is now a ceremonial weapon, used only infrequently.

by u/Duke_Paul


Witchblade (a hobgoblin magic weapon)

Dagger, very rare (requires special attunement)

Attunement requires the honorable killing of a sapient creature with the witchblade, by a martial class (fighter, barbarian, rogue or monk).

A witchblade is a large, slightly curved dagger (similar to a kukri).

Absorb weapon: The witchblade can absorb any weapon with a hilt. You may perform a one hour ritual requiring 20 GP worth of black sand (which the ritual consumes) as well as physical contact with the witchblade and the weapon to be absorbed. At the end of the ritual, the other weapon is destroyed. The witchblade can now take the shape and properties of that weapon. This will not allow you to bypass any attunement requirements of the absorbed weapon. Artifacts and sentient weapons cannot be absorbed; the ritual simply fails if attempted with such weapons.

Reshape: As a part of an attack action, a creature attuned to the witchblade can command it to take the shape and properties of a previously absorbed weapon.

Shared Experience: The bond between the witchblade and the wielder leaves an imprint on the weapon. You are able to draw upon the experiences of the previous wielders. You may cast the true strike cantrip as an action.

Borrowed Properties: When the witchblade is in its true form, it can borrow certain magical properties from absorbed weapons. If a weapon with one of the following properties is absorbed, the witchblade shares the property when in its knife form. The properties are cumulative unless stated otherwise. Warning, [+1, +2 or +3] (choose one), [Vicious, Life Stealing] (choose one), Wounding.

An unknown member of the Hobgoblin Academy of Devastation found a way to draw on the sharp and malleable magical energies of the desert night. He or she then infused a series of bronze blades with this dark energy during their casting. The results were powerful shape-shifting weapons: the witchblades.

by u/1Jusdorange

Wraith Blade

Any sword, rare requires attunement

This wicked, semi translucent blade deals an additional 1d6 psychic damage and always has the finesse property. After you attune to this weapon, it becomes invisible while sheathed; the blade and sheath reappear when the weapon is drawn.

Call Vassal (1/day): Once per day, as an action, you may call forth a Sword Wraith Warrior to serve you for 1 hour. The warrior obeys your commands, as a loyal vassal. It will not obey suicidal, demeaning, or dishonorable commands and may end the summons if pushed. As a bonus action on your turn you can give the Vassal a command. Given no other orders the Vassal defends the wielder for 1 hour or until the Wraith drops to 0 hit points. This ability recharges at dawn.

Cursed: If you die while attuned to this weapon, your spirit will rise as a Sword Wraith Commander after 24 hours. When killed, your spirit leaves behind a Wraith Blade and becomes the vassal of the next wielder. Only a wish or reincarnate spell may reverse this, once your spirit has risen.

Some wraiths decide to further bind themselves to their sword, to better serve the one who defeated them as a vassal. This binding also carries with it the curse of wraithdom. When the wielder dies, they are doomed to take the wraiths place.

by u/Navex575

Wyldwood Bow

Longbow, very rare (requires attunement)

This wooden bow is made of a single, uncarved branch, the wood is still green with life. While wielding this bow, you gain advantage on any attacks made on targets you can see. Trees, underbrush and general growth do not provide cover for targets of this weapon.

Friend of the Wood: Once per day, you may spend an action to cast pass without trace without consuming a spell slot or components.

These bows are made by the wood elves, to better hunt their prey in the Feywild. Pray that they don't seek you.

by u/Zenrayeed

Yolo's Greataxe

Greataxe, rare (requires attunement)

A heavily chipped and notched +1 magical greataxe made of plain iron. The name Yolo is carved sloppily into the haft.

You Only Live Once: While wielded, Yolo's Greataxe allows you to disregard your own safety to attack with wild abandon. This greataxe allows you to use the "Reckless Attack" feature that is normally reserved for barbarians.

Legends tell of a powerful gnome mercenary who would hurtle himself into combat screaming his own name, heedless of the danger. Much of his history has been lost to time but the name remains, and it is not uncommon to see warriors invoke his blessing as they rush into battle by screaming "Yolo!" at the top of their lungs.

by u/BlackTomePress



Strange items, baubles and oddments that don't neatly fit in to the other categories.

Acarum's Sleigh

Vehicle, artifact (requires attunement)

This ornate sleigh produces a perceivable aura of transmustation. The sleigh is a 10ft x 20ft rectangle, and can fit up to eight medium creatures or two large creatures. While riding in this sleigh, you can use a reaction to make the sleigh move up to 40 feet on initiative count 20.

Never Ending Voyage: While traveling in this sleigh, you know the direction north is at all times. You have advantage on all skill checks against being lost while in the sleigh. Anyone inside of the sleigh has resistance to cold damage.

Frosty Tracks: This sleigh produces a thick crust of ice beneath its runners. This sleigh can be driven over water, riding across this layer of ice. This sleigh leaves a clear trail of ice in its wake.

Glacial Magic: While riding in this sleigh, you can innately cast the following spells at their base level using a spell save DC of 16.

Spell Times per Day
Ray of frost At-will
Ice knife 3
Snilloc's snowball storm 3
Conjure minor elementals 3
Ice storm 1
Cone of cold 1
Investiture of ice 1
Wall of ice 1

by u/Numbers1999


Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This is a long, feathery quill that appears just like any mundane quill. The quill must be paired to a pot of ink and a book in order to work. To pair the ink, quill and book, you must fill the quill with the ink, and write your name in the book.

Take a Note: So long as the quill's paired inkpot and book are within 5', the quill will activate and begin writing down everything that is said within your hearing distance (depends on your sensory abilities).

End Notes: If the quill is currently taking notes, it will stop taking notes. The quill will lay itself down at a point that is perfectly in-between its paired inkpot and book.

by u/greyff

Bag of Paper Men

Wondrous item, uncommon

A bag with 100 red paper men. Upon speaking the command word the paper men will animate, and can be commanded by whomever holds their bag. The men cannot speak but eagerly communicate via miming. A single man stands 6 inches tall, 4 inches wide and can pick up .2 lbs.

This bag was said to have belonged to a great female swordsman who hunted monsters alongside her husband.

by u/ImAllANOME

The Book of Elvenkind

Wondrous item, artifact (requires special attunement)

The Book of Elvenkind is a divine register of all Elvenkind. The Gatekeeper of the Elven Afterlife maintains a record of every Eladrin, High Elf, Shadar-Kai, Sea Elf, Wood Elf and Drow (if your lore finds it applicable) that has ever lived and died. The tome is written in an ancient dialect of Sylvan; it requires fluency in Sylvan and proficiency in History in order to attune to it. Gaps in the registry may be explained by actions that occurred outside the sight of the Elven gods, or actions that have been obscured by Lolth. Notably, half-elves are omitted.

History of the Elves: You may have advantage and double your proficiency bonus on any check to discover matters of Elven history.

Family Secrets: As an action, you may use the tome to look up the biographical details of any Elf whose name is recorded in The Book of Elvenkind. For the next 60 minutes, you may have advantage on any Deception, Insight, Intimidation or Persuasion check against that individual elf.

by u/PantherophisNiger

Branding Iron of Subjugation

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

A tool used by evil creatures, most often powerful devils, to brand their slaves, servants, and enemies as their property and as their target.

Evil Brand: You may use the brand to mark the flesh of a creature. This brand cannot be healed unless by means of wish. If the flesh that has been branded is removed and regenerated, the brand will grow back as well. A creature that is branded by the Branding Iron of Subjugation gains no benefit from spells such as nondetection that would otherwise allow it to hide from whomever branded them. While in an area where magic does not exist, such as an area affected by antimagic field, the bearer of the brand is as concealed as any other creature within, though the brand remains in place. If the Branding Iron is destroyed, all magical effects of the brand stop. The mark becomes a regular scar that can be healed by the usual spells, such as heal or regenerate.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump


Brass Pocket Watch of Ages Past

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

A brass pocket watch adorned with scratches and fraught with neglect. It doesn't keep time very well; the second hand twitches futilely in place while the hour hand spins around nonsensically.

Time Purchase: As a reaction, you may wind the pocket watch back 1 hour, and undo any one creature's action. The pocket watch will become visibly and dramatically weathered.

Curse: The pocket watch will begin to restore itself by draining away the life of its bearer. Whenever the item is used, you permanently reduce your hit point maximum by 1. Additionally, you make constitution saves at disadvantage.

This pocket watch was originally made by a madman who sought to control time itself.

by u/neiderhauser77

Candle of Leng

Wondrous item, very rare

This is a round, fat candle made of an oddly fragrant wax. Nobody seems to be able to agree on the exact color. Shadows play strangely on the walls when this candle is lit.

The Light That is Not Light: When lit in a place of total darkness, the Candle of Leng will cast ultraviolet light in a 10-foot radius. While within this light, all writing is automatically translated into your native language. This is the only property of this item that is revealed by identify or similar magic. Other properties are not identified or discovered by any means short of wish.

Still You Run: When the candle is lit, the DM should stealthily roll initiative for anyone standing within the light. Any creature that enters the light, or begins their turn inside of the light, must make a DC 15 wisdom save. On a success, the character may spend an action to read 1 page of illuminated text. On a failed save, a character must run away screaming from the candle, and remain afraid of the candle for 24 hours. If the lit candle is left alone in a room, it will vanish forever.

Luck Runs Out: If character succeeds against the fear caused by the Candle of Leng 9 times, then on that character's 10th success, the candle will summon an Eldritch Abomination of the DM's choice. Paladin immunity to fear, or a similar ability, counts as a success.

Valuable items much sought after by scholars, Candles of Leng can occasionally be purchased from Lengi traders when they descend from their plateau. Rumors say that those who spend to long in the candle's light sometimes disappear as well.

by u/-1stDoctor

Cauldron of Brewing

Wondrous item, uncommon

This cast-iron couldron was created specifically to accommodate the precise and delicate science of potion-making.

The cauldron heats itself to the precise temperature the user demands of it, and does so without any apparent source of heat. When in use, the cauldron will gently hum, causing the contents to swirl and mix together. This cauldron cannot make itself hotter than a regular iron cauldron heated by a flame could.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Censer of Sleep

Wondrous Item, rare

A small, decorated censer, inscribed with a potent enchantment spell.

When the user takes 1 minute to ignite at least 250GP worth of fine incense in the censer, it will begin to release smoke that acts as a powerful sedative. Creatures within 20 feet of the censer are affected in ascending order of their current hit points. Roll 9d8 for a total number of hit points that can be affected. Each creature affected by the smoke falls unconscious as though under the effects of the sleep spell. For every additional 300GP worth of incense used, the amount of hit points will increase by 1d8, to a maximum of 13d8. Creatures immune to poison are unaffected by the censer.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Chime of Beast Discovery

Wondrous item, uncommon

This small silver bell exudes divination magic, especially during the full moon. When hung up, the bell will only ring if a therianthrope (such as a werewolf) passes beneath it. Different therianthropes will cause different tones.

by u/Numbers1999

Cog of Stability

Wondrous item, uncommon, (requires attunement)

A small cog, perfectly symmetrical and unblemished.

Stability: The cog has 5 charges. When you hit with an attack or cast a damaging spell, you can spend a charge to make your attack deal "average" damage. This cog regains all charges at dawn.

A cog taken from the machinery of Mechanus.

By u/BuffwingCombolord



Wondrous Item, common

1x1x1-inch cube that emanates a cold aura. The air within 5 feet of the cube, the air is well below freezing. This cold will extend for 1 foot into the ground, stone or similar material. Every day that the stone of cold is left in the same place without being disturbed, the cold aura is doubled. Creatures that are vulnerable to cold damage will take 1d6 cold damage every round they spend handling the cube. Creatures that are resistant to cold damage may handle the cube without injury.

by u/Chikimunki

“Elephant Elephant Elephant”

Wondrous Item, legendary

This ivory statuette is infused with an intelligence dampening effect that replaces all spoken words with the language of elephants. This magical effect has a 30ft radius, and may only be blocked by effects similar to antimagic field. The item may only replace languages that have previously been spoken in its presence, but over time it can recognize and suppress more languages. DMs may use discretion on which languages this item begins with.

It is theorized that Illithids created this as a way to prevent prisoner communication.

by u/blager2000

Fire Gourd

Wondrous item, uncommon

This gourd is filled with a strong, naturally flammable, spirit.

As an action, you may take a drink from the gourd and exhale fire in a 15-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw, taking 4d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Due to the potency of the liquid, you must then make a DC 13 constitution save, or suffer from the poisoned condition. You may continue to use the gourd on successive turns, but each failed save after the first one will cause you to take 2d6 poison damage. After three failed saves, you will suffer as though you are under the effects of the confusion spell. The gourd has enough liquor in it for 1d4+3 uses.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Hand of Glory

Wondrous item, rare

This macabre candle is made of a shriveled, mummified hand with wicks in the place of fingernails.

After lighting one of the fingers, the spirit of the remains will appear to fulfill the desires of whomever lit the candle. The spirit may act as a spy, answer questions or act as a familiar in combat (use stats like a ghost from the Monster Manual). However, the spirit will only linger so long as the finger-candle is lit (about 30 minutes). Once all five fingers have been burned, the Hand of Glory ceases to be magical.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

Lantern of the True Path

Wondrous item, rare

An enchanted lantern of Dwarven design. It is a small metal lantern that hangs from a short chain. This item may hold a maximum of 4 charges, and recovers 1d4 charges at sunset.

Home: As an action, you can attune the lantern to your present location, or to a location that you are very familiar with (such as a place you frequented as a child, your home, or somewhere you visit with great frequency). The lantern may only have one attuned location at a time.

Reveal the Path: When you are at a crossroad, or at a choice of which way to turn, you may hold the lantern by the end of the chain, and expend 1 charge. The lantern will slowly turn on its chain until it rests, facing the direction that must be followed in order to reach the attuned location. If more than one route would lead to the attuned location, the lantern will slowly swing between the alternatives.

by u/EugeneHarlot

Locksmith's Breaker

Wondrous item, common

This lock-pick has an aura of transmutation about it. Once per week, this lock can be used as components to cast knock at second level as a ritual. Whenever this lock pick is used in this way, roll a d20. On a 1, the lock pick casts knock on itself and disintegrates.

by u/Numbers1999

The Madman’s Machine


This complicated array of clockwork throbs slightly as if it is organic.

Ticking: Once per day, you may listen to irregular, off-beat ticking of this machine and make a DC 10 intelligence saving throw. On a success, you gain a random piece of information. This can be anything from the lifespan of the nearest person to the thoughts running through the mind of the nearest serial killer.

Tocking: A Great Old One warlock can use this item to cast agury as a ritual without consuming spell slots or components.

This device contains the broken souls of a wizard and his family, who were all driven mad by the unearthly beat.

by u/darkus4566


Obsidian Obelisk

Wondrous item, artifact, requires special attunement

This 6-foot tall obelisk is made of smooth, black stone, and weighs well over 10,000 lbs. The obelisk is always slightly warmer than the ambient temperature. This obelisk seems impervious to magic that alters its weight, shape or other physical properties.

Attunement requires that you touch the obelisk while there are no other creatures attuned to it. If there is another creature currently attuned to the obelisk, the creature with the highest intelligence score will become attuned. Only one creature can be attuned to the obelisk at a time. Leaving the 1 mile radius of the obelisk will end attunement.

Uplift: While someone is attuned to the obelisk, every sunrise, the obelisk will target a random plant or creature within one mile of the obelisk. That creature or plant is awakened per the awaken spell. Creatures awakened in this manner are charmed by the person attuned to the obelisk, so long as they both stay within 1 mile of the obelisk. The person attuned to the obelisk always knows the location of charmed creatures or plants within 1 mile of the obelisk.

Guarding this obelisk are a host of different creatures and plants under the command of "The Teacher".

by u/1Jusdorange


Rare Item

A small leather bound book with meager pages for its size. When this book is opened, a random tidbit of information may appear. You can continue to flip through infinitely, but you may not actually find what you want. The information contained inside can range from a recipe to an ancient map, in any language. To specifically find the information you're looking for, you must succeed a DC-20 intelligence saving throw.

The book was crafted by an ambitious mage looking for all the information in the cosmos. If you look closely at the cover, you can see the author's name in faded letters. P--dd-e -o--er

by u/Phosphorus_Dom

Parasol of Piercing Showers

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This delicate looking parasol is adorned with images of storms and rainclouds.

PIercing Shower: Once per day, as an action, you can spin the parasol and throw it into the air. The parasol with cast thin, magical needles in a 40ft x 20ft cylinder centered on you. Every creature in that area must make a DC 16 dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 8d8 magical piercing damage, or half as much on a successful save. The needles do not strike anyone standing directly beneath the parasol (you), or anyone else occupying your space. However, powerful gusts of wind, such as caused by gust or gust of wind may cause the parasol to fly awry.

by u/Paladin_of_Trump

The Patches of Closeness

Wondrous items, rare

Two cloth or leather patches that look like tabby kittens. One kitten "fuzzed-out" with an arched back, as though "angry". One kitten is curled into a peaceful ball with flexed paws, as though "happy". Both patches have an adhesive substance on them that will cause them to stick once applied to a surface.

Kitty Friends: Once the patches are both applied to a surface, they will become magically linked. Any touch range spell applied to one kitten will become applied to whatever the other kitten is stuck to. Once stuck, the kitties cannot be removed for at least 1 hour, or by means of oil of slipperiness or by means of wish. The kitties recharge their stickiness every night at midnight.

Happy Kitty: Any healing spell that applied to the "angry" kitty will become amplified when it is received by the "happy" kitty (the creature healed is the one that "happy" kitty is stuck to). All dice rolled for healing are doubled.

Angry Kitty: Any damaging spell that is applied to the "happy" kitty will become amplified when it is received by the "angry" kitty (the creature damaged is the one that "angry" kitty is stuck to). All dice rolled for damage are doubled.

The patches were originally woven by a brilliant wizard who was unfortunately terrible at aiming.



Pettigrieux's Horn of Cornucopia

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

The Horn of Cornucopia is a spiral horn of a giant goat or bighorn sheep with a flat silver strip on its base to hold it standing upright so the open end faces upward. There is a silver cap on the tip, and a silver rim around the opening. The word "Veganistic" is written along the horn in a script that seems to shift, depending upon the native tongue of the reader.

Veganistic: During a short rest, you may utter this command word to produce a bountiful feast of grains, flours, flowers, fruits, legumes, nuts and vegetables. Food of this nature will continue to pour forth from the horn until there is a sufficient quantity to feast every creature within your line of sight. The horn will attempt to honor the intentions of the speaker, and produce food that the speaker reasonably believes to be nutritious or desirable to the creatures they are providing for. The horn will attempt to avoid producing foods that are known to be allergens or toxic. After use, this horn has a 5% chance of becoming unusable for 1 week.

The larger of 2 nearly identical horns created by the Wizard Arthur Pettigrieux.

by u/Chikimunki

Pettigrieux's Horn of Draughts

Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement)

The Horn of Draughts is a spiral horn of a giant goat or bighorn sheep with a flat silver strip on its base to hold it standing upright so the open end faces upward. There is a silver cap on the tip, and a silver rim around the opening. The term "Chug-a-lug" is written along the horn in a script that seems to shift, depending upon the native tongue of the reader.

Chug-a-lug: During a short rest, upon saying the command word, the horn will begin to gently pour forth a liquid. The liquid will continue to pour forth until every cup within line of sight has been filled. The nature of the liquid poured forth is determined by whatever liquid last filled this horn. Eg. if the horn was last filled with heated spring water, it will pour out heated spring water, if it was last filled with chilled wine, it will pour out chilled wine. Poisoned or otherwise dangerous liquids will be poured forth as harmless rainwater. After use, this horn has a 5% chance of becoming unusable for 1 week.

One of two nearly identical horns created by the Wizard Arthur Pettigrieux. It holds about 1 pint of liquid.

by u/Chikimunki

Pixie Wings

Wondrous item, uncommon, (requires attunement)

The tiny wings of a Pixie. To attune to them, you must affix them to the back of your shirt or armor.

Flight: You gain a fly speed of 5ft. You can fly for up to 1 hour each day.

Granted by Arch-Fey when people wish for flight.

By u/BuffwingCombolord

Rune-Carved Behir Horn

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This deep blue horn is covered in intricate runes that crackle with electricity. You can occasionally detect a faint smell of ozone.

This item acts as a +1 arcane focus, granting a +1 bonus to spell attack rolls and your spell save DC. When casting an evocation spell that deals thunder or lightning damage, that spell receives an additional +1 bonus to its spell attack rolls and/or spell save DC. The horn contains 5 charges, and regains 1d4+1 charges daily at dawn.

Spell Charges
Witch bolt 1
Lightning bolt 3
Chain lightning 5

The wizard Jorin created this focus after defeating a Behir rampaging across the northern mountains.

by u/Zenrayeed


Saphalja's Amulet

Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

A golden dragon scale hangs from a beaded clasp on this fine golden chain. Four additional clasps hang empty - two on either side of the golden scale.

Dormant: While attuned to this amulet, you gain resistance to fire damage and have advantage on saving throws caused by a dragon's frightful presence ability.

Awakened: This amulet can be awakened by attaching another type of dragon scale to one of the empty clasps. When this happens, you gain resistance to the damage type associated with the dragon the scale came from. If you remove scales from the chain, you will lose those resistances. You retain all bonuses granted by the dormant form of the amulet.

Exalted: You retain all the bonuses granted by the dormant and awakened forms of this amulet. Additionally, you gain the blood of dragons ability.

Blood of Dragons: You gain a single point of legendary resistance like that of true dragons. Additionally, when you use this resistance, your draconic heritage manifests fully, granting you an additional +2 to AC and immunity to the damage type associated with your draconic bloodline. This effect lasts for 1 minute and is useable once per long rest.

The exalted form of this necklace should only be unlockable by a dragonblood sorceror, or arguably, a Dragonborn. A DM should construct some sort of personal quest for the character that is seeking this form of the amulet.

by u/PfenixArtwork

Stitcher of Monsters

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This needle has brown stains that cannot be washed off. Odd, spectral strings trail behind it, but fail to hold anything, except dead flesh, together.

Dark Needlework: You can sew the bodies of creatures together with this, with a maximum of 3 creatures up to a maximum size of large. The sewing takes one hour per creature involved. The result is a stitched-up magical undead familiar under your control. Your familiar will follow all the normal rules of familiars, however, it cannot recover health. If you become de-attuned to the needle, your familiar will become enraged and attack the nearest creature.

HP: The combined hit points of the all the creatures that were used to create the thing.

Speed: The average speed of all three creatures involved.

AC: 13+ dexterity bonus.

Strength: The highest strength score of the creatures used.

Constitution: The highest constitution score of the creatures used.

Dexterity: The highest dexterity score of the creatures used.

Wisdom: 8

Intelligence: 6

Charisma: 3

Attacks: The creator may decide to take one attack from each of the creatures involved, and use them as the attacks of the thing. An example would be the bite of a lion, the hooves of a horse, and a stab from a goblin (if it has a sword). The to hit bonus should be the dexterity or strength bonus +3.

Curse: If you die while attuned to this needle, it needle will immediately begin sewing your body together with the nearest other corpse. After 1 hour, your corpse will rise as a hostile, undead abomination that has been combined with whatever you were sewn to. Only wish or reincarnate will resurrect you after this has occurred. Using dispel magic targeted at the needle within 1 minute of your death will cause the needle to be disabled until the next sunrise. The needle will not give up attempting to stitch nearby corpses together until you are no longer dead, or until someone else attunes to it to grant directions.

This needle was found dangling off the body of a horrific thing in the basement of a missing wizard's laboratory.

by u/darkus4566


Stone of Satoshi

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

The Stone of Satoshi is a gem about the size of a baseball. One half of the gem is bright red, as though carved out of a large ruby; the other half is clear, like a diamond. The Stone is used to capture unwilling souls for use as a spellcasting aid. There is no limit to the number of souls that may simultaneously reside within The Stone. A soul captured within The Stone may be released by your express will, or it may be transmuted. Otherwise, a soul cannot escape The Stone unless by means of wish. Upon finding The Stone, there are three souls trapped within; Satoshi himself (CR 16), and his two final victims (2x CR 7).

Capture Soul: When the Stone of Satoshi is used as an arcane focus, it grants the knowledge of the capture soul cantrip (see below). This cantrip does not count against the total number of cantrips known. A body that is left behind after a soul has been pulled in to the Stone of Satoshi should be treated as a normal corpse that will begin to rot.

Transmute Soul: As a bonus action, you may transmute a soul that has been captured by The Stone, and generate charges for The Stone. This process will irrevocably destroy that soul, and make reincarnation impossible without the aid of wish. If all of the souls within the Stone of Satoshi are released or transmuted, your own soul will be drawn into the stone.

Target CR Charges Gained
> 5 1
6 - 10 1d4
11-15 1d6
16-18 2d6
18-19 2d6 +3
20 3d6 +3
> 20 d100 +10

Inequivalent Exchange: As a bonus action, you may convert charges of The Stone into spell slots (of any level available to you), according to the following chart.

Charges Number of Spell Slots Gained
1 1
6 1d4
11 1d6
16 2d6
18 2d6 +3
20 3d6 +3
21 d100 +10

Voices of the Imprisoned: You may communicate with any soul that has been captured within The Stone, but the souls within The Stone are under no obligation to communicate with you. Insight checks against these souls are done at a disadvantage.

Capture Soul

Necromancy cantrip

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 30 feet from Stone of Satoshi
  • Components: V, S, M (Stone of Satoshi must be present)
  • Duration: Instantaneous

The caster makes a charisma-based spell attack against a single, sapient target. The target must make a wisdom saving throw. On a success, nothing happens. On a failure, the target's soul is captured by the Stone of Satoshi. If the target has more than ¼ of their maximum health remaining, they have advantage on this saving throw. If the target is at least challenge rating 16, and succeeds on this saving throw, the caster must roll d100; on 6 or less, the caster’s own soul becomes trapped within the Stone of Satoshi. A lich that still has an active phylactery will automatically succeed this saving throw.

by u/PantherophisNiger


Urn of Shadows

Very Rare (requires attunement)

This large pewter urn is painted with a black and green glaze that reeks of necromantic magic. The runes are indecipherable, except for specially chosen servants of Gruumsh.

Shadow Theft: As an action, you may attempt to steal a creature's shadow within 60 feet that you can see (Note, you must be able to see and distinguish the shadow, not the creature). A creature attacked in this manner must make a DC 16 charisma save. On a fail, their shadow is permanently sucked in to the urn.

Dark Transformation: The urn will slowly transform any stolen shadows into a shadow (Moster Manual page 269). This process takes 1 week. The urn can store up to ten shadows at once.

Power of Darkness: As an action, you may release the seal on the urn, and summon all of the shadows stored inside. The shadows are hostile to all creatures, except for you. They act on their own turn in combat, and follow their own will. If the urn is broken, all of the shadows inside will leak out, and become hostile to everyone. If the urn is left empty for 1 week, it will steal your shadow. If you have no shadow, the urn will devour your soul.

The Urn of Shadows is a dark relic passed down from elder to elder in a certain shamanistic orc tribe who terrorize the plains of Drall. It thirsts for darkness.

by u/budakang


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