Expanded Weapons

by DumpStat

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Name Type Cost Damage Weight Properties
Baton, Collapsible Simple Melee 2gp 1d4 bludgeoning 2 lbs. Light
Bat’leth Martial Melee 25gp 1d8 slashing/piercing 5 lbs. Versatile (1d10)
Tekko-Kagi Martial Melee 10gp 1d6 slashing/piercing 5 lbs. Finesse, Light
Two Handed Mace Martial Melee 15gp 1d10 bludgeoning 8 lbs. Heavy, Two Handed, Reach
Warpick, Variant Martial Melee 7gp 1d8 bludgeoning/1d6 piercing 4 lbs.
Glaive Boomarang Martial Ranged 10gp 1d8 slashing 2 lbs. Thrown, 30/120
Net, Barbed Martial Ranged 2gp 1d4 piercing 3 lbs. Special, Thrown (range 5/15)

Collapsible Baton

A cylindrical metal ‘club’ style weapon that is spring loaded. When not in use, it can collapse to approximately 12 inches, being able to fit into one’s pocket. When extended, the baton is 36 inches, and is opened by being swung in a forceful manner, using inertia to extend and lock into place. It can be closed by being inverted and brought down on a hard surface or by depressing the button lock on the side and manually collapsing the shafts.


A double scimatar/hook sword approximately 5 feet in length that has a curved blade, four points and up to 3 handholds on the back. The handholds allow the Bat’leth to be spun and twisted rapidly. It can be used with one or two hands, with the two handed attack usually consisting of hard downward slashing motions.

Glaive Boomerang

A three edged throwing weapon, the Glaive will travel up to 30 ft. when thrown and then return to the owner, if thrown further it does not return. You can only make one attack per turn in order to catch the weapon.

Barbed Net

This net is similar in shape and size to a normal net, but has a number of small hooks attached. When a large or smaller creature is hit by the net, it takes 1d4 damage from the hooks, and the creature is restrained until it is freed. The net has no effect on creatures that are formless, or creatures that are Huge or larger. A creature not trapped by the net may use its action to make a DC 12 Strength check to free another creature within its reach upon a success. A creature may not free itself from the net, as they are limited in their mobility by the hooks. The creature will take an additional 2d4 damage when the net is pulled from the creature, as the attached hooks will be torn out. Dealing 5 slashing damage to the net (AC 10) will open the net, however it will still be attached to the creature via the hooks. The creature will no longer be restrained but will have its movement reduced by half and any action that require intense physical movement (ie. swinging a sword) will result in the creature taking an additional 1d4 damage. A creature may take an action to carefully remove the net without incurring damage so long as the net is torn first, or as a bonus action can rip the torn net off dealing 2d4 piercing damage.


Also know as 'hand claws', the Tekko-Kagi is made up of four 5 inch sharp metal protrusions, attached to a leather ring that slips over the character's hands. The character must close their hands in a fist to hold onto the the metal band that is attached to the ring, and cannot hold any other items when using. Piercing damage is done through a thrusting motion, while slashing damage through a swiping motion.

Two Handed Mace

A long metal shaft, usually 5-6 ft. in length with a head made of reinforced metal, usually round and sometimes covered with small spikes.

Warpick, Variant

Similar to a normal warpick, this version has a larger hammer head on one end and a smaller beak shape pommel on the other. It is meant to be primarily used to inflict bludgeoning damage, but also has the ability to do piercing damage. It is slightly heavier than a normal warpick due to the larger hammer head, but is still intended to be used as a one handed weapon.


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