All Outta Bubblegum | Created by Michael "Epoch" Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant

by Bunnygeon Master

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All Outta Bubblegum

'This game is copyright 2001, Michael "Epoch" Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant.'


Each player character in All Outta Bubblegum has one stat: Bubblegum. It's technically a number which varies from 0 through 8, though the designers highly, highly recommend that you don't do anything so banal as write down a number, and instead pass out actual sticks of bubblegum to players.

Each player starts a game with 8 sticks of bubblegum.

Resolving Actions

Any dramatic, non-trivial action in-game falls under two categories: "not kicking butt" and "kicking butt."

Not Kicking Butt

Any action which does not fall under the broad category of "kicking butt" is resolved by rolling a d10. If the number rolled is equal to or less than the number of sticks of bubblegum you have left, then you succeed in the task.

Kicking Butt

Any action which falls under the broad umbrella of "kicking butt" is also resolved by rolling a d10. However, in this case, you must roll greater than the number of sticks of bubblegum you have left to succeed.

Losing Bubblegum

Once again, you lose bubblegum in different ways depending on whether there is or is not butt-kicking going on.

Not Kicking Butt

Whenever you fail a "not kicking butt" roll, you lose a stick of bubblegum.

Also, when you make a "not kicking butt" roll, you can choose to sacrifice a stick of bubblegum to automatically succeed.

Kicking Butt

Bubblegum also measures when you take damage. If someone else succeeds in a roll of "kicking butt" against you, you lose one stick of bubblegum.

All Outta Bubblegum

When you lose your last stick of bubblegum, you are officially All Outta Bubblegum. You lose the ability to attempt any kind of "not kicking butt" activity, whether trivial or not. Simple devices like the handles of doors confound you.

However, you automatically succeed in any "kicking butt" activity, so eerily enough, you have no problem field-stripping a .50 caliber machine gun to clear a jam in 15 seconds flat. You are a nearly unstoppable ball of bubblegum-less fury.

When someone else succeeds in a "kicking butt" roll against you, they must also roll a d10. If they roll a 10, you are knocked out. If they roll a 1 through 9, they've only succeeded in making you, if possible, even angrier.

However, bear in mind that it's relatively easy to trap a zero-bubblegum person in a situation they're totally incapable of dealing with.


Full disclosure: I had no part in writing All Outta Bubblegum. Near as I can tell, this quirky tabletop roleplaying game was created in or about 2001 by two gentlemen who went by the names Michael "Epoch" Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant. The full credits they included are as follows:

"This game is copyright 2001, Michael "Epoch" Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant. If you want to repost it or whatever, drop me an email."

However: no copy of the text I've been able to track down includes their email addresses, so this has been done without permission. Frankly, I only found this text from a post by Reddit user /u/KarbonMarx.

From what I've found, Sullivan seems to have formerly hosted on a website which he has since sold, All Outta Bubblegum was originally or at least at an early point in time posted as a PDF to a student website for Williams College (question mark???), and the only "Jeff Grant" in the wild interwebs right now is a bodybuilder on Twitter.

To make a long story short, Google-fu has failed me. If y'all know these folks, message me on Reddit or ping me on the Discord of Many Things. In the meantime, enjoy All Outta Bubblegum!


Image by NineBlack, likeness is of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and They Live directed by John Carpenter and produced by Larry Franco.


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