Animal Companions

by DumpStat

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Animal Companions

Finding your furry friend

Animal companions are beasts that travel with the party of their own free will. They may decide to stay or go of their own volition, and there are many things the party can do to influence the beast's decision.

Which animals can be companions

All unaligned beasts that are large or smaller are possible companions for a party. Certain races and classes may give the party an advantage in convincing specific types of beasts to stay with the party.

Working with the party

If a beast seems willing to join the party, (ie. it does not attack them) then the party must succeed on an Animal Handling check whose DC is adjusted in a variety of ways. The party member with the highest modifier will make the check for the party. The following will happen based on the check:

Roll Result Animal Reactions
Fail by
  Animal is hostile towards the party and may attack
Fail by
  Animal leaves
Fail by
5 or less
  Animal is wary of the party and will follow at a distance
5 or less
  Animal follows the party but will take no combat actions
  Animal will assist the party in combat, foraging, tracking, etc
  Animal will defend the party members with its own life and use its skills to assist in any way possible


The animal companion will have a bond with the entire party as a whole and not with just one party member. If the party splits for any reason, the companion will decide on its own which group of party members it will travel with.

It will not respond to commands, but the longer the beast stays with the party, it will be more receptive to listening to the party and working with them.


There are a variety of things that can influence the DC of the check during your travels. The Animal Handling check DC starts out at DC 10 + the beasts Wisdom (Insight) modifier. After that, the DC is then increased or decreased based on the make up of the party and other adjustments.

Racial Adjustments

Race DC Adjustment
Dwarves -1 to all underground beasts
Elves (except drow) -1 to all woodland beasts
Aarakocra -1 to all flying beasts
Tabaxi -2 to Cats, Lions, Panthers & Tigers
Tritons -2 to all water beasts

Class Adjustments

Class DC Adjustment
Barbarians -1 for all Bears and Wolves
Druids -2 for all woodland beasts
Rangers -1 for all woodland beasts

General Adjustments

Action DC Adjustment
No food available +5
Party shares food -3
Party insults them -2
Animal is treated as an equal +2
Animal is currently in a terrain it dislikes +3
Animal in its natural terrain -2
Party Member attacks animal +10

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