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Kappas - Homebrew Race

The Kappas are a race that has a strong foothold in mythology. Many different rumors circulate about their people, their cultures, and who they are. Considering there are many different versions of Kappa told to us by many different people, its likely safe to assume that these stories told to us likely come from different Kappa tribes.

Kappa Civilization

Kappas usually form small tribes around rivers and streams where the either defend their territory jealously from other races, or exist in a codependent relationship with other nearby civilizations. Stories often tell of evil Kappa tribes that go out of their way to drown and eat others in an evil rage, attempting to steal your shirikodama, or soul as is the theorized meaning of the word. Other stories tell of helpful Kappa that warn others when dangers are nearby.

Generally there are usually only two consistencies with Kappa myths. The first being that Kappa culture is built around manners such as bowing when bowed to and accepting sumo wrestling matches when challenged. The second consistency is the Kappa's love of cucumbers, which they happily take as offerings.

Kappa Biology

Kappa tend to have minor physical details from river to river such as color, markings, and other features. However, the most consistent features are their turtle like features and their "bowl" at the top of their heads that is said to contain life giving water.

Kappas tend to protect this bowl with a metallic plate so that their water does not spill out while giving bows to respectful passers.

Kappa Quirks

At your discretion, you may roll or select one of these quirks.

d10 Quirks
1 You are a pathological liar and feel the need to lie to make yourself seem more interesting than you actually are.
2 You always scratch at the base of your bowl.
3 Ever since you were a small Kappa child, you were intrigued by the properties of fire.
4 You keep all of your coin in your bowl as if it were a wishing well.
5 You horde a collection of bugs and spiders and are always looking to add to your collection in any way you can possibly think of.
6 You cannot read or write.
7 Your first instinct when seeing any obstical at all is to challenge it to a sumo wrestling contest.
8 The presence of storms and rainfall excites you.
9 You like to find new ways to make annoying sounds.
10 Cultural norms for any race don't matter to you at all, you prefer to be a free swimmer.

Kappa Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score increases by 2, your Charisma or Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age: Kappa become adults around the age of 25 and live to be nearly 200 years old.
Alignment: The majority of Kappas are usually of some form of chaotic or evil alignment as the stories of evil Kappas are more common. However, there are good aligned Kappa who form relationships with other river-side villages.
Size: You are a small creature.
Speed: You have a base walking speed of 30ft and a swim speed of 30ft.
Amphibious: Kappas can breathe air and water.
Bowl of Life: You have a bowl in your head that contains life giving water. As an action, you can pour water onto a creature, healing the creature for 1d8 hit points. The water loses its healing properties mere seconds after spilling from your head, so a creature cannot bottle your water for later use.

You may do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom or Charisma modifier (you chose) per long rest.
Challenging Fortitude: When making grapple checks, shove checks, or determining your carry weight, you are considered a large creature.
Languages: You can speak Common and Aquan

This race and art was created by me, MommyMoke and the document was created using GMBinder.

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