Distracting Knife

by nedlud

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Distracting Blade

Uncommon Short Sword. No attunement needed.

Credit: Hugo Stals

The amazing polish on the surface of this knife can reflect any available light into the eyes of the attacker, blinding them momentarily.

Once per turn, as a bonus action, you may twist the knife to reflect light into the eyes of one attacker who is within 5 feet of you, distracting them.

The creature you are trying to distract must make a DEX save to avoid being distracted. The DC for the save is equal to your DEX score, plus your proficiency in shortsword.

Until the start of your next turn, any attacks made against that foe are made with advantage, and any attacks the affected creature makes are at disadvantage.

This effect can only be used when there is sufficient (bright) light around. The effect can't be used while in an area of dim light, or darkness.

Name Damage Weight Properties
Distracting Blade 1d6 Piercing 2lb Finesse, Light

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