Annoying Beetle

by nedlud

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Annoying Beetle

Wonderous Item, uncommon, no attunement

Credit: Image by Lucien Stals

This clockwork beetle starts curled up into a little ball the size of a walnut. It can be thrown as a ranged attack and when it hits a target, will spring to life, flying into the face of it's target while making a loud buzzing noise, distracting the target.

On a successful ranged weapon attack (range 20/60), this ball opens up to become a large flying beetle that will fly around the targets face, cause the target to be distracted. All attacks against the target are made with advantage while the beetle is active. The beetle will run out of power in 1 minute and fall to the floor. It can also be destroyed on a successful hit (AC 13, HP 2).

If the target doesn't have a face, or relies on other senses for combat, then the annoying beetle has no effect.

If not destroyed, the ball can be recovered and wound up ready for another use. Winding does not require a key as the two halves are joined by a pivoting mechanism that winds when you twist it.


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