Spear of Kree

by nedlud

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Spear of Kree

Very Rare Spear. Requires attunement by Orcs.

Credit: Lucien Stals

Forged by war shamans of Gruumsh, this instrument resembles a long boar spear. The 6 foot shaft is thick, with a wide leaf shaped blade that's 12 inches long (giving the spear an overall length of 7 feet) and has a cross guard where the spear blade joins the shaft.

Although this weapon is called a spear, it is more akin to a halbard and is not designed for throwing.

The weapon stats are:

Damage Weight Properties
1d10 Piercing 5lbs Heavy, Reach, Two Handed

It is a magical +1 weapon for attack and damage and does an extra 1d8 fire damage on all attacks. When versing elves of any kind, the spear gains advantage on it's attack roll.

The spear grants the Polearm Master feat (applicable to this spear) only when wielding this spear.

The weapon also has the following ability:

  • Rallying Cry. As an action, you can raise the spear and shout (which counts as 1 action). Yourself and two allies of your choosing are at advantage on their next attack. They (and you) can also add 1 of their available Hit Dice to their current HP. The allies can only gain this benefit if they are within 30 feet of you and can hear you. This ability can only be used once per long rest.

Version History.

  • 1.1, added polarm master feat and made this a heavier weapon.
  • 1.2, tweaking how the spears powers work. (28 Nov 2019).

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