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Battle Types

Double Battle

  • Each Trainer sends out two Pokemon at once
  • Both Pokemon can take a separate action a. bonus action, but if the Trainer takes an action, neither take an action

Multi Battle

  • Battle between four Trainers Two Trainers per side Uncommonly, two Trainers versus one.
  • Similar to Double Battles, with some core changes to how pint parties are handled.
  • Each Trainer sends out one Pokemon (or the single Trainer sends out two in a 2v1).
  • Each Trainer operates on their own initiative, but Trainers on the same side are considered allies.
  • Trainers cannot command any Pokemon but their own, even if the Pokemon is on their side.
  • Each Trainer selects up to three Pokemon contribute to their side's party, a maximum of six However, they can only swap their own Pokemon with their own Pokemon If a Trainer on one side does not have three Pokemon available, the other Trainer may not lend a Pokemon or add a fourth to their side's party.

Triple Battle

  • Each Trainer sends out three Pokemon at once.
  • All Pokemon can take a separate action a. bonus action, but if the Trainer takes an action, Pokemon can take an action.

Rotation Battle

  • Each Trainer sends out three Pokemon at once.
  • Only one Pokemon fights at a time The other two remain in battle, but can't take any actions or bonus actions a. are unaffected by moves or abilities.
  • On a Trainer's turn, they can rotate which Pokemon is active as a free action.
  • Rotating is not the same as switching and will not reset changed stats or remove minor status conditions Inactive Pokemon do not take damage from conditions but are not cured of them.

Horde Battle

  • Strictly occurs with wild Pokemon.
  • Five Pokemon of the same species appear at once. The Trainer only uses one Pokemon
  • A single counterpart Pokemon may rarely appear among the five Pokemon
  • Wild Pokemon Horde Battles are much weaker than normal.

Sky Battle

  • Takes place in the air
  • Only Pokemon that can fly or have the Levitate ability may participate. If no eligible Pokemon on a side remain, the battle ends.

Inverse Battle

  • Type match-ups are reversed.
  • Operates the same as a Single Battle.

Battle Royal

  • Four Trainers fight at the same time, all against each other
  • Each Trainer brings up to three Pokemon to the fight
  • At the end of a round, if a Trainer has no Pokemon remaining, the battle ends
  • Moves that hit multiple Pokemon at once deal half damage
  • New Pokemon are snatched in at the end of a round Before then, if a move targets a Pokemon that fainted, the move fails
  • For each Pokemon you knock out, directly or indirectly, and for each you have conscious by the end of the battle. you get a point The Trainer with the most points win. You cannot win if you do not have any conscious Pokemon unless all other Trainers have no conscious Pokemon.
  • Trainers cannot use items.
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