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Psion: Expanded Options v1.4

What is this?

These are the Expanded Options and additional resources for the Psion class written by /u/KibblesTasty.

Balance Disclaimer!

Much like my similar document for the Artificer, the Expanded Options are one part additional options, and one part my testing ground for new things that will eventually work their way into the class, but are currently being playtested.

Content found within is often in various states of playtesting, and while as all at least receieved some balance and testing from me and the community, not all of it is as polished as the primary class content would be expected to be.

Always give things from the Expanded Options a second read to see if it fits your game.

Table of Contents:

This is Your Life (Psion)

Class Training

  d8   I became a Psion because...
1 My dreams touched the far realm as a child. I had nightmares for years that started manifest into reality.
2 One of my parents was enslaved to Aboleth at one point, passing along a psionic abnormality.
3 In my youth I met a strange but friendly madman who taught me before disappearing one day.
4 A Warlock of the Great Old spoke to me telepathically, and something... changed.
5 I discovered it within myself during a particularly intense meditation.
6 I was adopted by a strange order of monks who taught my their secrets.
7 A passing adventurer sensed my powers and happened to share them, teaching my to control my powers.
8 I grew up in a Mindflayer colony, the process of ceremorphosis failed leaving me with powers.


  d12   Quirks
1 After long periods of meditation, you find parts of your personality you haven't talked to in awhile and have a good conversation.
2 You think Divine and Arcane magic is unnatural and creepy, and suffer it's effects only reluctantly.
3 You keep a set of beads on a thread, idly counting them.
4 You are surprised when people talk outloud using their mouths.
5 Keep meticulous notes in a language only you understand.
6 You hold lengthy conversations with things that don't seem to respond.
7 You worry about people learning your name, and use a pseudonym.
8 You have come up with names for most of the stars.
9 You never tell the same origin story twice.
10 You use your powers unnecessarily and incessantly.
11 You occasionally assure people that you cannot read their mind. Particularly when they seem to think you might be.
12 You spurn material positions as mere bondage of mortal shackles.

Additional Talents

Tranquil Meditation

Prerequisite: Enhancement

When you take a short rest and expend hit dice, both you and any allied creatures that takes a short rest within 60 feet of you regains additional hit points equal to the number of hit dice you expend + your intelligence modifier.

Note: Number of Hit Dice

This restores hit points equal to the number of hit dice rolled, not the value rolled on them. For example, if you expend two hit dice rolling 4, and 5, you grant allied creatures 2 + your intelligence modifier additional hit points regained.

Advanced Psionic Options

The following is a set of options for the Psion that unlocks blending the various Disciplins through a new Feat, Psionic Fusion. This opens a lot of options and flexibility, granting a Psion new ways to use and synergize the power.

Warning! Playtest Material

This section document opens up a lot of new interactions for the already quite modular Psion class, and is still under review and playtesting (and will be for sometime). If you're a DM and you have concerns with an interaction, feel free to work with your player on modifications or reach out to me for clarity.

Psion Feats

Psionic Synthesis

Prerequisite: 4th level Psion, 2 or more Psionic Disciplines known

You gain the ability to meld your Psionic abilities together to produce potent new effects. When you select this feat, you can select one Fusion talent for free. You can only select fusion talents when you have all the Disciplines in their prerequisite.

Psionnic Talents (Synthesis)

Enhanced Constructs

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Enhancement Discipline, Projection Discipline

Your Astral Construct can be affected by Enhancing Surge, and for the purposes of Talents, is considered you, though you must choose if you or it receive the benefits. Additionally, you can consider your Astral Construct a creature for the purposes of Enhancement Alternate Effects in the following ways:

  • Any time it gains hit points or temporary hit points, it becomes Solidified and gains those hit points until they are depleted; it can have a maximum hit points equal to your Psion level.
  • Increased Movement Speed increases the distance you can move it, including movement gained from the Dash action.
  • Any additional actions it gains, it can take during your turn at your direction (no action required).

Additionally, when you use an Enhancing Surge or Alternate Effect, you can double the psi points spend to make it affect both you and your Astral Construct (you cannot exceed your normal psi point limit doing this).

Elemental Phasing

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Psychokinetics Discipline, Transposition Discipline

As you step between planes, you can tap into the Elemental Planes, bringing their power into the material with you. You can use Psychokinetic modifiers on Phase Rift (excluding Massive).

Additionally, whenever you deal damage to an area with a Psychokinetics ability that would include yourself, you can phase yourself out of reality taking no damage from the effect.

Kinetic Mastery

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Psychokinetics Discipline, Telekinetics Discipline

Your ability to manipulate energy becomes a single blended prowess, freely swapping between manipulating force and energy. You can apply Telekinetic Force modifiers to Kinetic Blast and Elemental Blast modifiers to Telekinetic Force (though to do not gain any benefits from from a Specialization while doing so).

Kinetic Storm

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Psychokinetics Discipline, Telekinetics Discipline

You as an action, you can expend 3 psi points to cast fire cycloneK. If you have a psychokinetic specialization, it becomes the damage type of your specialization.

Physical Telekinesis

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Enhancement Discipline, Telekinetics Discipline

When you use a Enhancing Surge to empower a creature, you can expend a psi point augment it with your Telekinesis to further assist them, optionally granting one of the following benefits:

  • You can move the creature 10 feet (this movement does not provoke opportunity attacks).
  • You can telekinetically deflect the first weapon attack against them before the start of your next turn, giving that attack disadvantage.
  • You can telekinetically boost their next athletics check or weapon attack before the start of your next turn, granting that check or attack advantage.

Addititionally, while under the effect of Enhancing Surge, the amount you can lift, drag, or carry is doubled with assistance of your telekinesis, and you can apply Telekinetic Force modifiers to your weapon attacks.

Planar Projections

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Projection Discipline, Transposition Discipline

You gain the ability to project beings from other planes into partial reality as magical constructs. You learn the following spells and cast them as Alternate Effects of Projection, expending psi points as shown on the table below to cast them using your Psionics feature. You can cast them at higher levels be expending additional psi points.

Unlike other spells cast by the Psionics feature, you need either material component of the spell, or a psionic crystal worth at least 100 gp x the number of psi points spent to cast the spell as the material component; the material component is not consumed by the casting of the spell. Additionally, any of the following spells that you are concentrating ends if you complete a short or long rest.

Psi Points Alternate Effect
2 summon beast
3 summon fey
4 summon elemental
5 summon aberration
5 summon celestial
6 summon fiend
Summon Spells

The listed summoning spells can be found in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

Astral Swap

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Projection Discipline, Transposition Discipline

As a bonus action, you can Phase Rift to where your Astral Construct is; this movement counts as a Phase Rift, and you can apply modifiers to it as normal. Your Astral Construct is moved to where you started this movement along the Phase Rift; during the movement you can command your Astral Construct to attack a creature pases with its action.

Reality Warper

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Matter Made Real, Mental Image

You can bring the illusions you make people see to life. When you are concentrating on an illusion spell, as a bonus action you can expend psi points during your turn you can bring aspects of the illusion into reality. For each psi point spent you can bring a 5-foot cube section of the illusion into reality until the start of your next turn, and it can have the following effects:

  • If the effect would do damage, each 5-foot cube damage one target. That target must pass a Dexterity saving throw, or take damage equal to a number of d8 dice equal to the level of the spell.
  • If the effect would stop a creature, they cannot move through it. If the effect would restrain a creature, the that creature must pass a Dexterity saving throw or become restrained until the start of your next turn.

Each 5-foot cube can effect only one creature that is either within it or adjacent to it. The DM may allow grant it other effects as their discretion.

Phantom Blade Barrage

Prerequisite: Psionic Synthesis, Projected Weaponry, Telekinetic Weapons

You can create a weapon with Projected Weapon as part of making an attack with it using Telekinetic Weapons, allowing you to project as many weapons in this manner as you make attacks (no additional action required). When you use weapons created by Projected Weaponry as the projectiles for your Telekinetic Weapons, the range you can fling the weapons is doubled.

Additionally, if you expend 6 psi points on the Whirling modifier of Telekinetic Weapons, you can cast blade barrier instead of cloud of daggers, generating much larger number of ethereal blades as part of the casting.

Parasitic Nightmare

Prerequisite: Consumption Discipline, Telepathy Discipline

You gain the ability to add Telepathic Intrusion modifiers to Mind Leech.

Additionally, when you deal psychic damage to a creature that is frightened of you, you can render yourself invisible to that creature until the start of your next turn; you can immediately (no action required) roll an Intelligence (Stealth) check affecting only creatures you are invisible from as a result of this talent.

If you are hidden from a creature that is of you frightened, when it moves, you can use your reaction to teleport to an unoccupied space within 5 feet of that creature (at the completion of their movement).

Rules Interaction

The frightened condition impacts a creature while it can see the target it is frightened of. If you are invisible, it cannot see, and will not suffer the conditions of the frightened condition. You are essentially trading the frightened for them being unable to see you.

The Void

Prerequisite: Consumption Discipline, Nullification Discipline

You devour all supernatural effects near you. Whenever a creature (including yourself) within 5 feet of you takes damage from magical source, you can expend 1 or more psi points to use your reaction to reduce the damage taken by 1d8 per psi point spent. You can divide this amount between multiple creatures within range if they take damage at the same time.

Additionally, whenever you successfully cast counterspell, dispel magic, or remove curse, you regain hit points equal to the level of spell stopped or ended.

Element Eater

Prerequisite: Elemental Mind, Consumption Discipline

Your mind is merged with your elemental power, and it is life and sustainence for you, integrating with your powers of consumption, granting you the following benefits:

  • When cast absorb elements the damage bonus can applied to your Mind Leech power as bonus psychic damage.

  • When you a creature with resistance or immunity to Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Thunder damage fails a saving throw against your Mind Leech power, you gain resistance to the damage type it has resistance or immunity to (if the creature has multiple resistances or immunities to those damage types, you gain one of your choice).

  • You can using the Living Power modifiers Forming or Reaching to turn Mind Leech into a melee or ranged spell attack, as per those modifiers; you cannot add any Modifier that requires the target to fail a saving throw when using it this way.

Psionic Feats

Psionic Feats

Psionic Adept

You develop a minor grasp of psionic power, either uncovering an innate potential within yourself, through contact with a psionic source, or through training. You gain one of the psionic disciplines of the Psion class, gaining the attached psionic feature and psionic power, but you do not gain use of any associated spells when gain a Discipline from this feat.

You gain 1 psi point that you can use to empower the Discipline. You regain use of this Psi Point when you complete a short or long rest.

Inner Power

Prerequisite: At least 1 psi or ki point

Your body is powered by the inner powers that course through it. Your maximum psi or ki points (if you have both, your choice of which) increases by one.

At the end of your turn after spending one or more psi or ki points during your turn, you heal for a number of hit points equal to the psi or ki points spent, up to a maximum of your Constitution modifier (minimum 1).

Combat Psionics

Prerequisite: The ability to use at least one Psionic Discipline

You have utilizing psionics in the midst of combat, learning techniques that grant you the following benefits:

  • You have advantage on Constitution saving throws that you make to maintain your concentration on a psionic ability when you take damage.
  • You can perform the somatic components of psionic abilities even when you have weapons or a shield in one or both hands.
  • When a hostile creature's movement provokes an opportunity attack from you, you can use your reaction to use a psionic discipline power or spell targeting the creature, rather than making an opportunity attack. The spell must have a casting time of 1 action and must target only that creature.

Psionic Reach

Prerequisite: The ability to use at least one Psionic Discipline

You have learned techniques to enhance your attacks with certain kinds of spells, gaining the following benefits:

  • The range of psionic powers and spells cast through psionic abilities are doubled so long as that power or spell only targets a single creature.
  • Your ranged spell attacks ignore half cover, and ignore all cover if they deal psychic or force damage.
War Caster & Spell Sniper

Obviously Combat Psionics and Psionic Sniper are parallels to the spell casting feats War Caster and Spell Sniper, but with some tweaks to apply to psionics and better fit in with how they work. You can alternatively allow those feats to work with Psionics if you and your DM prefer.

Planar Mind

Prerequisite: The ability to use at least one Psionic Discipline

You've honed your mind to understand the planar nature of the world around you, existing the material, ethereal, and astral planes simultaneously in harmony.

  • You can see creatures in the ethereal plane within 20 feet of you.
  • While in the ethereal or astral plane, any movement speed you have is doubled.
  • As a bonus action you can enter the ethereal or astral plan completely until the start of your next turn. If you enter the ethereal plane, you reappear at a space of your choosing within 10 feet of where your entered it. If you enter that astral plane, you reappear 10d10 feet in a direction of your choosing at the start of your next turn; if you would reappear within the space of a solid object or creature, you are moved to the closest free space taking 1d10 force damage for every 5 feet you are forced to move. Once you phase into another plane using this feat, you cannot do so again until you complete a short or long rest.

Warped Mind

Prerequisite: The ability to use at least one Psionic Discipline

The alien influence of psionic powers on your mind have left it warped in a way in a way that grants a unique perspective, and makes it difficult for other creatures to manipulate. You gain the following benefits.

  • Your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score increases by 1.
  • You have advantage on saving throws against being magically charmed or frightened, and are immune to dominate person.
  • When a creature attempts to read your mind (such as with the spell detect thoughts) the attempt fails and they take damage equal to your Proficiency character level.

Psionic Items

Though there are certainly magical items that exist in the DMG that psionic characters might want, there are many gaps left by the fact that they were not part of the design of the game when the DMG was written. The following are a series of magic items for DMs to consider adding to their game for psionic characters, or to draw inspiration to create their own psionic items from. Some of these could be central to a character, while others are simple items that add to their progression or are just cool toys that use psionics rather than magic.

Psionic Attunement

An item tagged with (requires attunement by a Psionic) is the counter part of the condition some items have "(requires attunement by a Spellcaster)", and means that only creatures with access to one or more Psionic Disciplines can attune to the item.

Psionic Crystals

Amplifying Crystal

Wondrous Item, Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare (requires attunement by a psionic character)

While holding this crystal, you gain a bonus to psionics attack rolls and to the psionic saving throw DCs of your psionic abilities. The bonus is determined by the crystal's rarity

In addition, when you use a psionic power, you can gain add a number of psi points determined by the crystal's rarity; these points can only be used on psionic powers, but can exceed your normal psi limit. You can't use this property again until you finish a long rest.

Rarity Modifier Points Added
Uncommon +1 1
Rare +2 2
Very Rare +3 3
Focusing Crystal

Wondrous Item, Uncommon, (requires attunement by a psionic character)

While holding this crystal, you can use it to focus your mind, more perfectly opening your psionic senses. You can use this spell to cast clairvoyance without expending psi points. Once while the effect is active, you can use a Psionic ability (power, spell or talent) that does not deal damage on a creature within range of the sensor as if it was in range and sight of you. You can't use this property again until you finish a long rest.

At the start of your turn, you can focus this crystal (as if concentrating on a spell) and reduce your movement speed to zero. When you do so, until the end of your turn the range of all psionic abilities with a range other than touch are doubled.

Resonating Crystal

Wondrous Item, Uncommon, (requires attunement by a psionic character)

This is a crystal that has been fundamentally warped by exposure to psionic powers. It now holds the perfect resonance to trap and hold psionic energy, though it does not naturally generate it.

While holding this crystal, as an action you can imbue up to 4 psi points into it. While it is imbued it gives off 10 feet of bright light and 10 feet of dim light with a eerie purple hue.

If it has one or more points imbued in it, as an action you can reclaim the psi points stored in it, regaining expended psi points from it up to your maximum psi points.

Psi Blade Crystal

Wondrous Item, Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare

Embedded in a ring, braclet, bladeless sword hilt, or similar item, this small gem seems to have minimal value to the casual observer, but has perfect psionic resonance.

While carried by a Way of the Soul Knife Monk, that monk can use this crystal to focus a purer Soul Knife, adding +1/+2/+3 (based on rarity) to attack and damage rolls with their Soul Knife.

Some crystals come in various colors, and change the hue of your psi blade to match the color of the crystal.

Psionic Items

Purity of Mind

Wondrous Item, Rare, (requires attunement by a psionic character)

A blindfold made of heavy silken cloth, it is emblazoned with strange patterns. When worn, you are lose any normal vision that relies on your eyes and are blinded but gain several benefits as your mind is cleared of visual distractions.

  • You gain a mindsight of 60 feet, allowing you to see creatures with an intelligence of 6 or higher within range as if by blindsight. A creature you are unaware of can still be hidden from you.
  • You gain a blindsight of 10 feet. If you already have a blindsight, its range is increased by 10 feet.
  • You are immune to effects that require you to see the target or effect, even if they are within your mindsight or blindsight.
Psionically Attuned Weapon

Melee Weapon(any), Uncommon

This weapon is perfectly attuned to conducting psionic energy. While wielding it, you gain the Psionic Weapon talent, but it can only be used when targeting this weapon. When you use Psionic Weapon in this way, it requires only 1 psi point to activate.

Soul Shard

Wondrous Item, Legendary, (requires attunement by a psionic character)

A crystalized fragment of a dead psionic creature. How these form, few know. Many suspect dark secrets at their origin. These shards can be driven into the flesh of another psionic creature, dealing 1d4 piercing damage and 4d12 psychic damage and causing them to instantly become attuned to it. When you do so, you gain access to a Psionic Discipline that the creature it was formed from presumably had, along with one flaw formed from the fragment of their soul within the shard.

When you find a soul shard, the DM can determine the Discipline it contains and the flaw it confers while attuned, you can roll on the following table to determine them.

To unattune to it, must spend an action to try to rip it free. You must succeed a DC 15 Charsma saving throw. Each time you fail this this save, you take 4d12 psychic damage.

d6 Discipline
1 Telekinesis
2 Telepathy
3 Enhancement
4 Psychokinetics
5 Transposition
6 Precognition
    d6     Flaw
1 Your anger grows harder to control, your eyes change color and start glowing when you become angry.
2 You hear a faint screaming at all times. It sounds almost... familiar.
3 A strange swirling tattoo-like scar very slowly grows from where it pierces you that burns painfully.
4 When you sleep, you have nightmares about another life filled with horror, fear and revulsion.
5 You cannot remember your own name, even when told.
6 You grow small vestigial tentacles along your jawline like a strange beard after being attuned to it for 1d4 days.
Fan Content Policy

Content is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC.

Change Log 1.3

Change Log 1.4

Wandering Mind
  • Dimension Slider replaced with Phase Dancer.
Design Notes

This is a stronger ability, as it can replicate the old effect (+10 feet) or be used for other modifiers, but not the modifiers that increase damage, hopefully controlling the power of Phase Slash early game while providing some more flexibility.

  • Planeswalker can now use one Plane Shift or Teleport for free a day.
New Stuff
  • Added Consumption Discipline (Beta)
  • Added Devouring Mind (Beta)
  • Added Iron Templer, making Nullification a somewhat more interesting option.
  • Added Swift Strikes - a way to let Psions take an extra attack, also gives a sizeable boost to support Psions, along them to act like a pseudo-Warlord (fairly akin to a Order Cleric or the like in terms of output of extra attacks, though with better resource efficiency and worse action efficiency).
Design Notes

As befits a gish, they can no burn resources to be more effective in short bursts (haste + swift strike will give them ~2 turns of 3 attacks per turn per short rest, but burn all their resources, scaling up to 11 where that becomes more sustainable... of course this requires their concentration all their psionic mastery points, so balances out.

  • Telekinetic Movement moved to main document.
Psionic Synthesis
  • Added a new feat + a host of new talents. Tred with caution! This is playtest material! The point of this feat and its related talents are to open up new powers that fuse two Disciplines together in interesting ways.

This Change Log looks short, but this is quite an extensive update as the new subclass, discipline, and synthesis mechanics have quite a lot to them.

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