Bracers of the Shadow Stalker

by JP7

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Bracers of the Shadow Stalker

Wondrous Item, Rare

Armguards made of of hardened leather with dark, matte, metal trim.

When you don these bracers, the first weapon or tool you are proficient with that you maintain physical contact with for a minute or longer becomes magically enchanted and bound to you. This enchantment ends when you stop wearing the bracers, or if you die. When the enchantment ends, the item that was enchanted appears in its original form, with all of the enchantment's effects removed, in an open space as close to you as possible.

The enchanted item gains the following properties:

  • It adopts a shadowy, ethereal appearance, and is seemingly made of a dark, shadowy mist.
  • Its weight is reduced to one third of its normal value. The item's functionality and (for weapons) properties are not changed by this effect.
  • It is considered magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage and has resistance to all damage.
  • You may instantaneously dismiss and summon the item at will as free actions.
    • When you dismiss the item, it dissipates into nothingness.
    • When you summon the item, a dark, shadowy mist appears and condenses into the item's ethereal form. The item may only be summoned into an open space large enough to contain it within five feet of you that you are aware of.
  • If it falls to the ground, it acts as if it were dismissed by you, dissipating into nothingness before making contact, making no sound and leaving no trace.
  • The shadows aid you when you use the enchanted item. You may add 1d4 to any damage rolls and tool/ability checks made with the enchanted item. The added damage is Necrotic.

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