Haunting of Chesterfield v.2

by Dmpiggy

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The Haunting of Chesterfield

Haunting of Chesterfield


This DnD 5e module is created with the intention of being played by 3-6 level 3 players in a one-shot setting, the theme of which revolves around horror, mystery, and intrigue. The story itself is one that borrows from Lovecraftian themes as a small town stumbles upon a mysterious artifact that had fallen from the great beyond, warping the minds of those that call Chesterfield home. Voices crying out in the dead of night, nightmarish fevers, mysterious disappearances, and insanity are but a few ailments that the town is going through.

Adventure Hook

When a wealthy textile merchant receives a troubling letter from his son, the characters are hired to travel to Chesterfield and retrieve him. The town of Chesterfield is a small trading post located a day and a half walking from the nearest major city. The main source of income is derived from travelers seeking shelter and trading their goods and wares. Nothing noteworthy has ever happens here, that is until one of their own stumbles upon an item that had fallen from the great beyond.

While out in the nearby Barrcier woods foraging for food, Christine Juho came across a figurine nestled in the middle of a small crater that had been filled with vegetation. Curiosity got the better of her, bringing the figurine back to her abode and allowing its influence began to take over. The whispers drove her and those that live close by insane, furthering its reach as time goes by. Not all those that have been affected by the insanity are aware of its source nor want a part of it. Madeline is furthering her agenda thanks to the help of three locals that have become fanatics; Jacobus Albus the mayor of Chesterfield, Wade Fernbelly the innkeeper, and Victor Kofoed the butcher, all of whom have; with the help of cultists, set up shrines that bring forth the awakening of the Great Old One.

The characters arrive to the town as the cultists are nearing the completion of the the final ritual sight, one that involves amassing 7 sacrifices among holy grounds; desecrating it in the process. Should the characters spend more than two nights within the town, Madeline is successful in summoning the Great Old One plunging the town and eventually the world into insanity. Utilizing its proximity to the temple, Madeline had a tunnel built beneath the ground starting from the townhall. So far three rituals have been completed, each involving the use of sacrifices, drawings symbols using blood and entrails, and an idol pointed directly under specific stars.

Idol of the Great old one

A figurine made of an eternally wet stone covered in moss, depicts the Great Old one. An anthropoid creature with an octopus like head, scaly, rubbery looking body, claws on both its hands and feet, as well as bat like wings emerging from its back. This idol was one of many sent from the great beyond in hopes that one day a person would come across it and like a seed sown in the field, yield result. An effect of staying within the vicinity of the figurine is a creeping madness and eventual servitude of the Great old one.

Affects of the figurine

Nestled away in its original location, the figurine was virtually harmless. It is not until a creature of sizable intelligence comes into close contact with it for a specific amount of time that its effects take place. Stories have told of those that fall victim to it initially hear whispers in a foreign language "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn". As the individuals lose their sanity, they gain the ability to understand the whispers; "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming". This whisper is the key to the continued insanity that plagues the town, the repeated whispers throughout the night brings forth an individual's deepest and darkest fears and paranoia. As part of this one shot, those that are within the vicinity of the cult actions will show signs tied to the conditions list below. In addition, characters that sleep within Chesterfield are required to make a DC15 Wisdom saving throw, upon a failure they hear the whispers.

d8 Condition
1 Hypocondria - Obsessed with the idea of having a serious but undiagnosed medical condition
2 Masochism - Deriving sexual gratification from one's own pain or humiliation
3 Short term memory loss - Inability to remember events for a period of time
4 Paranoia - Unrealistic distrust of others or a feeling of being persecuted
5 Schizophrenia - A disorder that affects a person's ability to feel, and behave clearly
6 Obsessive disorder - an uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts and/or behaviors that the person feels the urge to repeat over and over.
7 Enochlophobia - a fear of crowds
8 Catatonia - a behavioral syndrome marked by an inability to move normally

Should a character roll a critical fail, roll a 1d4 on the table below; as a result their character begins showing early sign of whatever condition.

d4 Condition
1 Masochism - At the start of every combat round, the character inflicts 1d4 damage to themselves deriving pleasure in the process.
2 Pyromaniac - Upon any encounter with fire, a DC 14 Wisdom check is required. Upon failure, the character takes an action to further the fire
3 Schizophrenia - The character beings hearing voices. It is the Great Old one attempting to push his agenda further; the DM acts as the voice.
4 Paranoia - The character begins to lose the trust of people, thinking that they are out to get them

Scene 1 - setting up camp

Having traveled all through out the day, the party decides that it is best to set up camp half a mile off a trail in a small clearing within the forest. This is where our game begins, read the text box bellow and use this opportunity for players to describe their characters.

Introduction to the game

"Having traveled towards the small trading town of Chesterfield for the better part of the day, our story begins in a campsite during the dead of night; half a days travel away from your destination. Set in a forest clearing half a mile from the road you sit around the fire anxiously waiting dinner hoping for respite from the cold, foggy, moonless night. With the same goal in mind of locating and returning the now ill son of your employer home; Warren Ruhlard. You ready yourself for what should be a simple escort mission, yet you cant help but feel uneasy. Could it be the journey to an unknown town? the fear of arriving too late? or could it just be the eerie environment playing tricks with the mind. Regardless of what it is, your employer has made it clear that you're not to return without his son in hand."

Warren Ruhlard is the eldest son of Alfred Ruhlard, a wealthy textile merchant. The family had recently decided to expand their business venture south and required a larger supply of wool, and the creation of a supply chain. Warren was sent to meet with Kelly Baz, a merchant that operates out of Chesterfield and is the designated trade post master. Unfortunate timing plagued Warren, as the curse of the Great Old one seeped into his mind, turning him catatonic.

Prior to his catatonia taking hold Warren sent a letter to his father, informing him of his success in setting a deal with Mr. Baz, but that he would not be coming back home seeing how his body is failing him. The letter comes with a sense of urgency and distrust amongst the people of Chesterfield, in an effort to help in creating trust amongst Warren and the adventurers, Alfred provides the "leader" of the group with said letter as proof of their allegiance.

Letter from Warren Ruhlard


I have managed to complete the deal with Mr. Baz within the trading post, I urge you to act with caution. While I do frequent this town, I am afraid that something now plagues it. People are no longer friendly as they once where, the buildings within the town are falling apart, the increasing bouts of insanity amongst the townsfolk, its all worsening by the day. I fear that this will have to be my last job for the family. During my stay at the local inn I began to notice my legs failing me, a week has gone by and it has become increasingly difficult for me to leave my room, let alone Chesterfield.

Send no one after me, for I fear that they too shall fall prey to whatever plagues this town. Should my words fall onto deaf ears, and you do send after me. Heed my warning father, trust no one.

No combat happens during this section, but during someone's watch read the following

Gone in a flash

It is a dark, cold, quiet, and unwelcoming night, you inch closer to the campfire seeking some form of relief. If there is one benefit to being out in the middle of no where with no light, it would have to be the star spotted sky. Thousands of bright lights flicker in the sky, but you set your sight on one particularly large star that flickers with a hue of red; you're caught in trance. The serenity you felt turns to worry and alarm when you begin to notice said star turning a dark red and moving closer. No matter how hard you try to look away you cant seemingly move, you try to scream and wake your partners up but your voice is mute. You close your eyes and hold your breath in anticipation for whats to come....but nothing. You look around and nothing seems to be out of place, but are confused as you look to the sky and no longer see the same star.

Scene 2 - Arrival at Chesterfield

Along the outskirts of town are grain, vegetable, and cattle farms; due to the general distance from the city the madness has not made its way to the farms yet. Along this dirt road the characters have a chance of interacting with a local farming family; the Martinsens, who are religious and worship the Lord. The farmer notices them and avoids making eye contact, should the characters decide to interact with the family the father acts hesitant to come close to the players until he learns that they have not been to Chesterfield; otherwise roll a DC13 Persuasion check. At which point he tells his family to head back home while he provides some stark warnings about heading to town. He tells the characters that the residents of the town have begun acting strange, rumors of whispers in the night, random outbursts of insanity, speaking of the end of times and their savior, and the feeling of being watched. If pressed on providing examples he tells how the local butcher Victor Kofoed cut himself on accident in front of him and enjoyed it which was followed by him purposefully cutting himself screaming in ecstasy.

The town of Chesterfield is split into two districts, old town and the south ward. The former is primarily a residential area of town while the latter encompasses the market and is where people can find general wares, temples, the town hall, and nicer houses. The madness brought forth has spread throughout the old town, and has begun to seep into the south ward. A byproduct of said madness is the ever deteriorating condition of the town, and an ever looming haze of dizziness that numbs the senses. The road is made of loose wet gravel; due to the recent rain, that weaves in between dilapidated gray wooden houses.

On any normal occasion the town would be ecstatic at the arrival of travelers with coin to spend, welcoming them with open arms and pushing their wares onto them in hopes of making a quick coin. Rather than be welcomed with open arms, the players come to a scene reminiscent of an abandoned town. The leader of the town Jacobus Albous has set a treatment center within the temple in the south ward, all across town are pamphlets that read: "If you or any of your loved ones hear whispers of unknown origin, seek aid within the temple of the light. The whispers speak of salvation and devotion, it is but a trick by evil. Sister Anna has confirmed that the whispers are the work of evil and it is by the blessing of the Lord that we shall be rid of this curse. - Jacobus Albous"

Upon arriving to the town read the following.

Arrival at Chesterfield

"Upon the horizon hidden behind the mist lays the outline of a town. As you approach, the dirt makes way to a wet gravel trail that seemingly weaves amongst the structures of the town. You walk past what was once a wooden banner welcoming travelers into Chesterfield, now creaking in the wind as it barely holds onto the support. A gentle breeze blows across the road carrying with it the smell of cattle and feces that originate from the nearby stables that shares the same look as the other nearby structures; a gray wood that has been left to weather. Across every building is a similar note that is glued on. As you walk past the town threshold you notice the lack of people on the street, yet you feel the overwhelming sensation of being watched."

Points of interest

The Sour Nutmeg inn

This two story establishment is the only available place of respite for travelers within Chesterfield, and is where Warren Ruhlard can be found. Upon entering the front door, a spectacled middle aged skinny human male with white balding hair and black mustache named Wade Fernbelly stands behind a wooden desk upon which a guest book sits; a key resource to finding which room Warren resides in, welcomes guests enthusiastically. Wade is one of the selected that assists in ushering the Great Old One, use the Cult Fanatic stat block.

Typically, the inn would have had other employees to assist in entertaining the guests; one of which was Wade's partner, Derrick. As the haze of the Great Old One loomed over Chesterfield, Wade fell prey to the whispers, joining the cult that Christine Juho spearheads and murdering all three of the help in a ritualistic offering. Since the murders, Wade has developed Schizophrenia; as the insanity furthers its grasp upon his mind, often times speaking to no one. Throughout the stay, Wade will often times call out to Derrick as though he is around the corner. Telling the characters that the help would be with them shortly, while no one appears. If asked about other guests of the inn, Wade insists on keeping the affairs of his patrons private. As the characters make their way to their rooms, those with a passive perception 12 or higher smell something that is off putting emanating from one of the rooms; a DC15 Perception check is required to identify that it is coming from room 103.

During the night if all the characters are asleep have the one with the highest passive perception hear a faint sound, as though someone is tapping their palm on the walls trying to find their way around; if someone is keeping watch during the night, a DC12 perception check is required to hear the noise. The source of this noise is the ghost of Derrick that still walks the halls of the inn during the night searching for a way out; his eyes are missing. The ghost is friendly and calls out to the characters if he is spotted, but will fight if attacked. His memory fades him, allowing him to provide little information on himself. He remembers that the inn holds value to him, and that one number sticks out within his mind; 103.

  • Room 103: The abode of Wade and Derrick, is where the murders had taken place and is currently being used in a ritual. If the characters investigate the room they find it to be locked; if Derrick is asked regarding the whereabouts of the key, he informs them that Wade kept keys behind a drawer within the welcome desk. If a player has thieves tools, they may attempt unlocking the door, a DC 14 Dexterity is required. A more brutish approach maybe taken, a DC 15 Strength check to break the door with force. If the characters try to unlock the door and fail, Wade and his minions come after them during the night.

Upon entering the room, read the following:

Gruesome murder

"As the door swings open, a dimly lit room lays ahead of you. You enter one after the other, the wood floor creaks beneath your weight as you all come to a stand still laying your eyes upon a gruesome scene. The room resembles any other within this inn, except for the fact that the furniture lays broken randomly all across the room. Resting against the walls are three bodies, their heads limp and devoid of life as a trail of entrails and blood leads towards a circular pattern of symbols within the center of the room; where a statue made of onyx stands. Hanging directly over the statue are three pairs of eyes, attached by a woven string. You're immediately taken aback as all of the eyes twitch and glare upon the lot of you, are the eyes watching you?. A hooded man on his knees begins laughing manically, as he speaks with a familiar voice "He watches us all, give in to his gaze", the sound of bones cracking rings your ears as the three lifeless body begin stumbling towards you"

The players have just stumbled upon one of 3 shrines to the Great old One, Wade; a cult fanatic and three zombies. If you're running a game with more players consider using other undead creatures to up the ante.

Upon finding and slaying his undead body, Derrick regains more of his memories and provides details to the players regarding the days leading up to his murder. The memories can be summarized into points.

  • Roughly a week prior to the murders, Wade began hearing whispers in a weird language in his head, repeating what he was hearing throughout his sleep.
  • Wade and Derrick where on their way to the temple of the light, only to be stopped by another local that had just left the temple; Christine Juho, who told Wade that she has a cure to his ailment.
  • She provided some herbs to Wade, visiting the inn and speaking with Wade for hours upon time in private
  • Derrick was too busy caring for another patron at the inn who had begun to fall ill, losing his ability to move; Warren Ruhlard resides in room 205.
  • During the dead of night, Wade would leave the inn and head to town. Curiosity got the better of Derrick and he followed Wade, where he visited the townhall for hours on end and come out all sweaty and dirty.
  • Room 205 : This is the room in which Warren Ruhlard resided in during his trip to Chesterfield. Due to the unfortunate timing of his arrival, the grasp of the Great Old One has hindered him catatonic. As his condition worsened, Derrick felt pity for Warren and became his caretaker until he felt better. Since Derrick's death, no one has been in or out of Room 205, Warren has been laying still in bed for 3 days with no food or water. The walk towards the room brings with it a foul oder. With no way of relieving himself, Warren has been laying in a bed of his own urine and defecation. If the characters decide to enter read the following.
Wretched Smells

"As you approach the door you smell an unpleasant odor, one of ammonia and feces. The door creaks as it swings open, your noses are immediately assailed as the odor is intensified tenfold. The window into the main square provides some light into the room. A body lays atop the bed, perfectly motionless."

This room is slightly bigger than the rest, typically reserved for individuals with coin to spare. Set in the middle of the room infront of a windowed wall is a bed. Along one of the walls is a table; upon which books are neatly stacked, and a dresser. The bed itself is now stained with the excrement of Warren, whose figure is emaciated, lips cracked with blood, and clothes soiled. Unable to move anything but his eyes, Warren is shocked to see the characters enter his room and is unwilling to help unless the letter sent to his father is provided, otherwise a DC12 persuasion check will be required. If the characters are successful in getting through to Warren, he stares at the dresser while making whatever sounds he can. In said dresser is a diary where he documented all his stay and the spiral towards his condition.

Diary of the insane
  • Entry 1: last night's sleep was restless, I kept hearing voices and could not find the source. Hopefully this does not continue throughout my stay.
  • Entry 2: Another sleepless night, this time I am sure that it is a voice in my head. Yet I cannot understand what is being said, it seems alien. I will take the advice of the mayor and go to the temple.
  • Entry 3: I am starting to understand the voices, but losing feeling in my legs. I have become desperate. On my way to see sister Anna, I was stopped by Christine Juho; a local of the town. She told me to meet her within the town hall at night, and that she could help cure me.
  • Entry 4: The townhall meeting was a bunch of nonsense, Christine along with the butcher were commanding some individuals to dig a hole within the office in the townhall, all the while preaching about an arrival of a force far beyond our reckoning and those that help shall be spared. They told me that two of the four gates are open and the third is commencing as planned, I fear they're planning something sinister in this town, yet I have no way to leave as my legs now completely fail me.
  • Entry 5: I have begun to find solace in the voices, nothing new for me to report.
  • Entry 6: This will be my last entry, I can now understand the whispers. They preach of the chains coming undone, the four fingers that reach to the stars.......... In his house in R'lyeh, he lays dreaming.... (the rest of the book repeats this sentence).

The Townhall

This building is well kept, everything seems to be in place almost too well when compared to the general condition of the town. In a rotating shift, two cultists dressed as guards stand along the entrance stopping anyone that is not associated with the cult from entering, if a disguise is used they ask "where does the Great old one lay dreaming?" the answer to which is "in his house in R'lyeh". The characters may avoid answering through a DC14 Deception check, or entering through a side window; a DC12 Stealth check would be required to successfully avoid detection. If the characters press their luck, the guards take them into the building locking them and attacking.

Jacobus Albeous, the mayor of Chesterfield used to conduct all of his political affairs within this building that doubled as his abode and office. Jacobus plays a pivotal role in the plans of Christine as his position comes with a sense of authority and trust amongst the general populous. The plan revolves around the creation of the final altar to the Great Old one, one that is based under the temple of light. Jacobus oversees the gathering of citizens into the temple of light, achieving his goal through his notes plastered all across town. In order to complete the ritual, Christine will cast a spell that consumes the souls of a 7 or more individuals; killing them in the process. Thanks to the proximity of the townhall to the temple, the cult has commenced digging a tunnel that leads underneath the temple, where preparations are well underway.

The insanity of the great old one has latched onto his already existing obsessive order and amplifying it to the highest degree, everything inside the house is placed precisely. Upon entering the building one can see a waiting room where a defiled painting of the Lord hangs; eyes and words in an unknown language are painted across.

To the right is the main office where the mayor would have conducted his meetings, the center of which has been dug out and the rubble placed into mounds off to the side; this tunnel is 7 feet deep and 4 feet wide and outlined by lit torches. An unlocked door separates the office from the living chambers, upon entry a ritual offering made of the entrails and blood of four villagers can be found; similar to the others a figurine is placed in the center. The hallway is lit by two lit torches, one on either end. Across the floor is a trail of what can only be explained as slime. As part of Jacobus' reward the Great Old one has blessed him with a new form; use the Roper stat block. The end of the hallway leads to Jacobus' room; which is in impeccable shape, sporting a bed, dresser, rug, and a fireplace. Jacobus is currently in the room obsessively fawning over his motionless wife, her appearance almost doll like; she is catatonic but can speak, yet her appearance looks as though she is ready for a ball. Upon entering the room read the following:


Having followed the trail of slime, you come to an unlocked door. Upon opening it, you are taken aback when you see a well lit, spotless room. Laying on a bed is a still woman, who has is well put together wearing formal clothing and makeup that is meant to imitate a doll. To her side is a six foot tall mound of flesh, teeth, eyes, and tentacles that is fawning over her.

Jacobus is too busy obsessively staring at his wife to notice the characters, that is unless she says something or if the characters do anything that would make the room dirty. Located within the dresser is a pair of healing potions.

The butcher's shop

Located within an indoor farmers market, and run by a local; Victor Kofoed. Most of the meat within this town passes through his hands at one point or another. Regardless of whether the players visit this place during the day or night, it remains empty. The shop itself has a window that displays now rotting meat along a row of hooks. There is one way in or out of the shop, and that is through an unlocked door from within the farmers market. Said door leads into a waiting area that is separated by a counter top that runs the width of the shop. Along the back wall is a slightly opened door, nothing can be discerned unless it is opened further. The door leads to a storing chamber where meat is left to age, but what the characters find is the now dead Victor Koefed hooked in the back by butcher hooks, along with villagers that have been ripped apart.

Left hanging

The door swings open with ease into a dimly naturally lit room. Littered across the floor are the remains of a half dozen people that have been ripped into shreds. While across the ceiling are chains; the ends of which are hooks, the center one supports a body. An obese naked bald man gently sways in the air as a hook within his back lifts him, his body riddled with scars and his face in a state of ecstasy... you think to yourself, did he enjoy this? precisely below this figure is a dark green figure, surrounded by symbols made of dried blood and entrails.

Victor had fallen into insanity feeding on his fears of being cut, turning into a masochist of the highest caliber. Along his body lay cuts, all of which seem random. A DC15 Intelligence check will identify a set of cuts along his chest that if overlaid with the map of the town call out the 4 ritualistic areas; the townhall, butcher shop, and inn have circular eye like carvings whilst the temple has a cross over it.

Hanging onto the ceiling is a cultist that has been granted the gift of the old one; use the Nothic stat block. A DC15 perception check would be required to see it, if you would like to make this encounter harder, have some of the dead bodies rise to aid the cultist. The transformed cultist wears torn robes and is monstrous in nature, it waits for all the characters to be inside the room before making its first move standing between them and the exit. If the characters desecrate the altar in anyway shape or form, it attacks in a fury. Upon defeating the cultist they find dirt caked amulet of the Lord in its pocket. As the cultist draws its last breath it tells the players "I return to R'yleh ...... and from the ashes of your false idol I shall be reborn."

As the characters leave, they receive a message from the Lord and in the process receiving inspiration; the characters regain HP and spell slots as though they had long rested.

Ray of light

The body of Victor Koefed suddenly begins to glow a bright red, almost as though something is heating up from within. Convulsing and swaying, his eyelids violently open making way for yellow smoking eyes. A deep yet soothing voice emerges " My children, evil has made its presence known. While I yearn to seek vengeance for those lost, I am afraid certain binds keep me from doing so. So I ask of you to heed my call, and cleanse this evil. A warm light embraces you a sense rejuvenation overwhelms you, as the eyes of Victor Koefed fade

The temple of light

Thanks to the efforts of Christine and her cult, there are now two ways to enter the temple. The first, and official way is through the front door; a wooden double door, that leads into a narthex that separates the front door from the nave. While this would have once been a place of worship to the Lord, it now acts as an infirmary to those that have fallen insane. Where once there were pews for individuals to attend mass, now stand rows of beds. Patients who have fallen deep into insanity are tied to the bed, the occasional outburst and scream of a patient catches the characters off guard. Two people assist in the caring of the 10 current patients within the temple, sister Anna and nurse Deleen; whether it be thanks to divine intervention or pure luck neither of them has fallen ill.

Sister Anna; a young and fair human female priest in her early 20s is truly a kind soul, caring for anyone that enters through the front door; her immediate response to the party is to take care of them and offer medical aid should they require it. Nurse Deleen is more of a practical person, trying to tend to the sick in the most medically efficient way by counting how many beds she has open and how best to split the work between her and sister Anna. Having been preoccupied in helping those in need, neither the sister nor the nurse are aware of any of the cult activities occurring right beneath their feet. If asked about the mayor, she speaks highly and praises his efforts but cannot help but feel slightly worried seeing how she has not seen him nor his wife for 2 days.

At any point during the character's conversation with either the sister or the nurse, a patient breaks free from his bonds and manically begins screaming. The characters are immediately asked to help in tying down the patient, upon which they mumble in a low voice "I hear them, the ground trembles as they make their way closer to the final star. We are but a means to an end, they will be rewarded while I shall be damned for my failure" The patient is referring to the tunnel that has been dug into the basement of the temple. Said basement has not been used in months and is currently locked from the outside. Sister Anna gladly provides the key and accompanies the characters, stating; "I am in charge of this temple and if anything where to happen to it, I would never forgive myself".

On any average day, this basement would be used to store items pertaining to religious holidays and ceremonies. But this is no ordinary day, directly opposed to the door is the exit of the tunnel, rubble and mining equipment lay scattered. In the center of room is a large ritual circle upon which different symbols are carved into the floor and lit flicker torches, both of which surrounds the original statue. Madeline and two other cultist, are in the midst of performing their ritual.

Read the following:

Visions of Cthulu

A severe pain rattles your brain, bringing you all to your knees as you grab your head. You're suddenly floating in a sea of stars, the heat from two red stars unbearable as a deep rumbling voice reaches out to you: "My eternal slumber ends, break the veil and unravel the true nature of man. Your fate is to fall to the madness, your purpose to serve me and in doing so be born a new. A boundless form unshackled by time and reality, one that thrives in a world where self aggrandizing mortals fall to their own delusion and insanity". Beneath you a city in carnage appears, smoke bellowing from burning buildings, screams of women and children as a delusional people enter their home, murders being committed in broad day light with no rhyme or reason. You watch for what seems like an eternity as scene upon scene of brutality unfolds in front of you. The same voice whispers: You have seen the fate of your world, it in inevitable. Bring forth my awakening, mortal and I shall offer you salvation. Your vision goes blurry and as you come too, you see a hooded figure standing arm out almost as though they're offering help.

Penultimate challenge

Christine's human form is something of the past, having been blessed by the Great Old one she now resembles something monstrous. Standing at roughly 6 feet tall while hunched, pale gray skin covered with bony protrusions, four arms that sport two elbows; in each hand she holds an eye, this is because her actual eyes peer into the abyss making them blind to the material plane. She speaks in a crackly voice and is empathetic at the start to the characters, asking them whether they have seen what is to come of the world and how the Great Old one is going to help. Should the characters show any hesitation towards joining the cult, her personality flips into one of ultimate distrust and paranoia, stating that she would use them as part of the ritual.

Christine is joined by 3 cultists, if the characters brought along sister Anna to the fight she provides support through healing; played by you the DM, consider making the fight harder by adding 2 more cultists. This fight will occur in stages and upon defeating her, Christine thanks the players for lifting the veil from her eyes and urges them to get out of the room as she destroys the idol; causing a small explosion in the process. All those that where affected slowly begin going back to normal.

Rumor mill and other locations

The four locations stated above are what maybe categorized as the important locations that the characters might visit as they quest for answers. As part of your game feel free to add as many other locations with NPCs of your own, should you deem that they have fallen to some form of insanity refer to table 1 and roll a d8. In addition as the characters talk to the residents of Chesterfield, have them leave the characters with one ominous warning; roll a 1d6 on the following table.

d6 Rumor
1 The person begins to nervously bite their nails, as their eyes shifting back and forth as they suddenly whisper "Being watched, being judged" as they immediately run away screaming "forgive me oh Great One"
2 "Most people think me crazy, but i've seen it with my own two eyes. Something is eating up the stars in the sky"
3 "Last I heard, Wade's partner has gone missing. I'd be careful staying at that inn "
4 "They are sending all the loonies to the temple!, its the mayor who is the loony, he wants to get rid of us!"
5 "Weird sounds where coming from the butcher shop, a mix of pain and pleasure. Best to steer clear"
6 "The townhall has been under lockdown for a few days now, suspicious if you ask me"

Credits and things to consider

This game explores topics that are considered to be mental illnesses, please keep in mind that in this module most of said illnesses are taken to the absolute extreme and are in no way meant to mimic or lessen from the true affects of living with them. In addition, prior to playing this module please discuss whether your players are willing and comfortable playing said module.

Finally, I would like to state that none of the art utilized in this module belongs to me, nor do I claim to take credit. Should you be interested in exploring more of their art please refer to the list below.

  • Page 1 - Glorious Cthulhu Fan Art by Creature Box
  • Page 7 - MTG Nightmare horror by Aaron Miller
  • Page 8 - Zhouxinyip2020
  • Page 10 - Saterioh's Seer, Aurore Folny

Speaker of the old one (P1)

Medium, Chaotic Evil

  • Armor Class 17 (Natural Armor)
  • Hit Points 100 (11d8+33)
  • Speed 30 ft.

18 (+4) 12 (+1) 16 (+3) 13 (+1) 14 (+2) 14 (+2)

  • Skills Arcana +3, Deception +4, Perception +4, Stealth +3
  • Senses Darkvision 60ft. Passive Perception 14
  • Languages Common, Eldritch
  • Challenge 3 (700 XP)


Innate Spellcasting. The speaker's innate spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 12 +4 to hit). She can innately cast the following spells, requiring no material components:

At will: Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion, Vicious Mockery

Old one's blessing. When the speaker reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points, it gains 8 temporary hit points.

Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5ft., one target: 13 (2d8 + 4) slashing damage

1st level (2 slots). Arms of Hadar, Charm person

Bonus action

Give into the insanity. The speaker lets insanity take over, allowing her to strike with her claw as a bonus action regardless whether a spell was used as an action or not.


Surrender to madness. Upon reaching 60 HP or lower, the speaker sacrifices her form to become a vessel to the Great Old one. Should any of her willing allies be within range, 50ft., she consumes their spirit healing whatever their HP is in the process. From now on use Speaker of the old one (P2)

Speaker of the old one (p2)

Large, Chaotic Evil

  • Armor Class 20 (Natural Armor)
  • Hit Points 60 + lifesteal from allies
  • Speed 35 ft.

20 (+5) 10 (+0) 16 (+3) 13 (+1) 14 (+2) 14 (+2)

  • Skills Arcana +3, Deception +4, Perception +4, Athletics +5
  • Damage Vulnerabilities Radiant damage
  • Damage Resistances Cold damage
  • Condition Immunities Charmed
  • Senses Darkvision 60ft. Passive Perception 14
  • Languages Common, Eldritch
  • Challenge 3 (700 XP)


Tendrils of Hadar. Two Melee Weapon attacks: +6 to hit, reach 10ft. Target takes 2d6 necrotic damage, each creature attacked must make a DC17 strength check, on a fail they are grappled.

Dissonant Whispers You whisper a discordant melody that only one creature of your choice within range can hear, wracking it with terrible pain. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw DC 12. On a failed save, it takes 3d6 psychic damage and must immediately use its reaction , if available, to move as far as its speed allows away from you. The creature doesn’t move into obviously dangerous ground, such as a fire or a pit. On a successful save, the target takes half as much damage and doesn’t have to move away. A deafened creature automatically succeeds on the save.

Bonus Action

Frozen in place When the speaker is brought to 30 HP, it lets out a horrifying screech. All characters must make a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is frozen in fear for the round. They can attack and speak, but cannot move.


Crush all life if the speaker has a character grappled, as a reaction it can tighten its grasp dealing an addition 1D6 damage.


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