Archfey of the Feywilds

by Ritunn

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Archfey of the Feywilds

The following list contains a variety of archfey of the Feywilds, though is not exhaustive. Each archfey provides the Archfey Magic feature to their followers, such as when acting as a group patron. You gain this feature and can use it as described as long as that fey remains your patron.

Aurusel, the Great Gardener

A fey with a love of gardening seeing it as a balance between civilization and wilds. However, in his quest to build the greatest garden, he would cause his downfall. Procuring plants and animals from across the planes, he accidentally brought lycans to the Feywilds from Faunel in the Beastlands, that led to the humans of Brokenstone Vale's curse.

The Vale's humans and fey fought in a terrible war which eventually led back to Aurusel's garden. He offered a lone eladrin woman protection his garden one day however, who revealed herseld to be the Queen of Air and Darkness, destroying his garden. Now his garden lays in the Shadowfell, Aurusel killing any who enter it.

Archfey Magic You can cast the Mold Earth cantrip. Additionally, you can cast the Find Familiar spell once per long rest. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Baba Yaga, the Witch Mother

Baba Yaga is the lord of all hags and the most powerful sorceress in any realm. Often with long white hair, warts upon her face, and a frame that changes from thin to plump on her whim, Baba Yaga is as unpredictable as she looks. She will often devour her followers as much as she is willing to share secrets with them. Those that do make bargains with Baba Yaga will find that the promises she asks are much more dangerous than any other fey. Baba Yaga can be found in any realm, travelling through them in her magical mortar and pestle.

Archfey Magic. You gain proficiency in Alchemist's Tools. Additionally, you learn one cantrip from the Wizard spell list. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for it.

Cernunnos, Lord of Wild Hunts

Cernunnos is the horned lord of the hunt. Often hunting with Oberon in Beastlands, Cernunnos is a wild elf with stag horns that shine in the light. He is Oberon’s hunt master, leading the Wild Hunt, a group of hunters made of divine beings and other archfey, most notably, the Beastlords.

The Beastlords include the Cat King, the Sovereign Elk, the Monkey King, and the Lord of Bats, who aid in the hunt and protect their people in the Feywilds. The Cat King rules over Tabaxi in the Feywilds and house cats, the Sovereign Elk is a patron of the wood elves and allows them to use elks as mounts, the Monkey King is a trickster who often pulls pranks on the gods of the Material Plane, while the Lord of Bats is a patron to dhampir seeking refuge in the Feywilds. Cernunnos counts himself among the Beastlords, the sovereign of satyrs and centaurs and many half-animal folk.

Archfey Magic. You can cast the Druidcraft cantrip. Additionally, you can cast the Hunter's Mark spell once per long rest. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Delceth, the Lighthouse Keeper

Delceth is the lord of the light and savior of sailors. Always found in Tallest Lighthouse located in the Feywilds, Delceth is an older humanoid man who glows with light and uses the Tallest Lighthouse to illuminate the path for lost sailors and bring hope to those who have found themselves stranded at sea. It’s said the light from the Tallest Lighthouse can illuminate any lighthouse in all of the Forgotten Realms.

Archfey Magic. As a bonus action, you can shed bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. You can dismiss this light as a bonus action.

Elias & Siobhan, Twin Lords of the Sea

Elias & Siobhan are the twin lords who rule the sea fey. Both have hair that of seaweed and skin of deep dark blue and rule over their kingdom in the seas and oceans of the Feywilds with a cheerful smile on top their kelpie mounts. Many consider them the archfey of twins in addition to their rule over the vast and whimsical waters of the Feywilds.

Various sea creatures can be found in their palace under the waves along with some secluded archfey, such as Scamander of the River Scamander and Sarula Iliene, the Nixie Queen. From here, these archfey watch over the domains and people.

Archfey Magic. You can cast the Shape Water cantrip. Additionally, you can cast Create or Destroy Water spell once per long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Fathaghn, the Dryad Queen

Within a great forest is the Mother Tree, the sacred oak of the dryads. To protect it, the archfey and queen of the dryads created the Maze of Fathaghn. Full of tricking paths, the dryads assault intruders and lead adventurers deep into the woods so they may get lost, or worst.

Fathaghn herself rarely leaves the maze, tending to the Mother tree. She often sends delegates out to enact her will on her behalf.

Archfey Magic. You have advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to navigate forests and mazes. Additionally, you can cast the Thorn Whip cantrip. Wisdom is your spellscasting ability for it.

Great Gark, the Goblin King

An ugly and terrible hobgoblin, Great Gark rules over the goblins of Nachtur. A powerful sorcerer in his own right, he uses his magic to unite the goblinoids of the Feywild under his reign and punish those who refuse his rule. Despite this, Great Gark and Nachtur are a minor threat to the eladrin, though rumors spread of Great Gark allying with the fomorians and the Queen of Air and Darkness.

Those who find themselves in Nachtur are given two choices, work for Great Gark or become a slave to the goblins. Many choose the former.

Archfey Magic. You have advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks made to interact with goblinoids.

Hysram, the Prince of Fools

Hysram is an ancient and powerful satyr who revels in trickery and guile. Presenting himself as a fool, this is merely a guise Hysram uses to hide his intelligence that he uses to bring anarchy and destroy civilization in the Feywilds. He wishes to see fomorians and even the elves purged from the lands and returned to nature, of which his friend Oberon doesn’t realize.

Archfey Magic. You gain advantage on saving throws against Charm effects. Additionally, you can cast the Vicious Mockery cantrip. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for it.

Lady of the White Well

The Lady of the White Well is the daughter of Sehanine, banished by Corellon to be bound to the pool of water she was born in for eternity for Sehanine’s infidelity. Skin and light as silver and hair as white as clouds, the Lady of the White Well is an elf who yearns for love. As such, those who interest her gain boons and those she falls in love with earn her blade so they may become her champion and free her from her banishment by becoming her true love, yet all have died in their attempts and thus she waits.

Archfey Magic. You gain proficiency in all simple and martial weapons. Additionally, once per long rest, as a bonus action, your weapon attacks deal an additional d4 radiant damage for 1 minute.

Lurue, the Unicorn Queen

Lurue is the lord of talking beasts, mainly unicorns and pegasi, and daughter of the previous unicorn lord, Eachthighern. Skin and hair as light as moonlight, Lurue promotes exploration and adventure, bringing her to the attention of many romantics who seek to exemplify her values in addition to the talking beasts she commands.

The beastlord, Malar, is currently hunting for her and she spends much of her time avoiding him and fighting him off so she may maintain her freedom.

Archfey Magic. You can cast the Spare the Dying cantrip. Additionally, once per long rest you can the cast Cure Wounds spell. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Oberon, the Green Lord

Oberon is the king of the Seelie Court and lord of the green fey. Earning his title primarily due to his marriage to Titania, Oberon is still much beloved by the Seelie Court. Oberon mainly spends his time in the Beastlands hunting its animals with Cernunnos and other archfey and even deities who join him, Hysram, his closest ally, declaring his wises while he’s away.

Archfey Magic. You gain proficiency with all ranged weapons. Additionally, once per long rest, as a bonus action, you gain advantage on a number of weapon attacks you make equal to your proficiency bonus.

The Prince of Frost

The Prince of Frost, the strongest among the winter fey and son of Tiandra. With skin as cold as ice and a heart that lacks any warmth. He was not always the Prince of Frost but once the Sun Prince. To be married to one of the Daughters of Delight, Sharaea, she fled to the material realm and married a mortal hero with whom she fought against the forces of darkness.

The Sun Prince grew bitter that she refused to marry him and after Sharaea made a bargain with the Raven Queen to send her and her lover’s souls to the future, the Sun Prince’s realm twisted and he became the Prince of Frost, turning the rest of the Daughters of Delight into the terrible Sisters of Lament.

Archfey Magic. You gain resistance to cold damage.

Psilofyr, the Carrion King

Psilofyr rules over all of the Feydark and the myconids. Not one, but many, Psilofyr could manifest anywhere he pleased as a fungal form. Well known for his philosophy of renewal via decomposition and his hospitality. Though his mind became frayed the more versions of himself he created, they all mostly held the same values of regrowth and helping those with peaceful intentions. However, sometimes versions of him would become corrupted and seek to do the exact opposite of his desires and it isn’t uncommon for him to request to destroy these rogue Psilofyrs.

Archfey Magic. You can speak with plants as per the Speak with Plants spell. Additionally, you gain advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks to interact with fungus and myconoids.

Maiden of the Moon

The Maiden of the Moon is a mysterious figure dedicated to hunting down evil lycanthropes. Thought to be a manifestation of Selune, the Maiden is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that if evil lyncathropes overstep their bounds, they will be banished by her. Those who follow her are often master lycanthrope hunters and wield silver weapons and other armaments to slay them in the Maiden’s name.

The lycanthropes of Brokenstone Vale are suspected to be under her protection however. The magic that permeates the vale that allows them to control their transformation, a blessing from her.

Archfey Magic. Your weapon attacks count as silver for the purposes of vulnerabilities and bypassing resistances.

Nathair Sgiathach, Patron of Faerie Dragon and Pseudodragons

Nathair Sgiathach is the lord of faerie dragons and pseudodragons, one of the few dragon deities who loves the Feywilds. A tiny dragon with gossamer butterfly wings, he is always seen with the biggest smile any dragon can muster. Though a lord in the Seelie Court, he is so sarcastic and frivolous about all matters that not even the fey couldn’t tolerate it many a time. As such, he spends much of his time eating apple pie and pulling pranks, his favorite being to make the bottom of humanoids glow red.

Archfey Magic. Once per short or long rest, as a bonus action a creature within 30 feet of you has disadvantage on the next saving throw against an Enchantment or Illusion spell.

Relkath of the Infinite Branches

Once an elven deity to the Yiur, Relkath is an ancient treant who sprouts forest wherever he treads. When the elves of Yiurwood lives, he was their fickle protector. Drow and trolls continued to attack however, and human colonization pushed them further out of their territory, with the final blow being a great plague that wiped the elves out.

After the era of the Spellplague, Relkath became an archfey to the fey of the Moonshae Isles, continuing to spreads his woods.

Archfey Magic. Once per long rest, you may enchant a plant seed and plant it into the ground, letting it grow for 30 days. It magically transforms into an awakened plant with the statistics of an awakened shrub at the end of that time.

The awakened plant is friendly to you. Absent of commands from you, it does nothing.

Reynard, the Trinket Lord

Reynard was once a gnome on the run from slavers and through fortune became a minor archfey. While trying to hide from the slavers, he found the Cave of Lost Things, a place where all lost things end up. The powers there turned him into a foxlike humanoid and he was able to use his magic to lead his trackers to be lost forever. Now he collects all the trinkets mortals and outsiders lose in his Cave of Lost Things and offers them to others via bargains, or to those who are enslaved so they may free themselves like he did.

Archfey Magic. As an action you can transform into an Arctic Fox as per the druid Wild Shape ability, except the duration is infinite. This form can have any fur color you like.

Sarath Thar, the Omenseeker

Sarath Thar, also known as the Witch of Fates, is a selkie finder of new horizons who sails the seas on her longboat. Appearing as a human with long white locks and skins wrinkled with time, Sarath Thar searches for new knowledge and tells heroes of fabled prophecies to encourage others to create new stories for her and fulfill her fabled destinies.

When not traveling, she stays with her husband, Delceth, in his lighthouse or attends fey courts to advise them.

Archfey Magic. You can cast the Guidance cantrip. Additionally, once per long rest you can cast the Guiding Bolt spell. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Selephra, the Bramble Queen

Selephra is a wicked and devious archfey nearly forgotten. Appearing as a magnificent and leaf green skinned elf, Selephra is ancient and is only remembered due to her love to torture and maim mortals. Her will is enforced in the Glade of Sullen Vines by her Brides of the Forest who appear as beautiful huldra, humanoid fey with cow and fox tails and a back made of bark.

Archfey Magic. Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with an attack, you can reduce that creature's speed by 5 feet until your next turn.

Tiandra, the Summer Queen

Tiandra, also known as Titania, is the queen of the Seelie Court and summer fey, as well as being wife of Oberon. With hair of gold and skin the color of honey, her smile can ripen fruit and her fury can cause wildfires, but she is often much more benevolent and the heart of the Seelie Court. If there is a meeting among the courts, she’ll be there as one of the Feywilds greatest strategists and rulers.

Archfey Magic. You gain resistance to fire damage.

The Raven Queen

The Raven Queen is the lord of life and death. Once a powerful and beloved queen in the Feywilds, the Raven Queen attempted to ascend to divinity to aid in the war between Corellon and Lolth.

However, it backfired due to meddling by power hungry wizards among her followers. Cursed to the Shadowfell and Feydark, she now collects memories of pain, grief, and death to help mortal souls become purified by facing thier grief. The wizards who meddled were turned into the dreaded Nagpa that now stalk the realms.

Archfey Magic. You gain an Animal Mask. As long as someone wears the mask, they gain advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks made against creatures without the undead trait. Additionally, they can cast the Toll the Dead cantrip. Charisma is their spellcasting ability for it.

Queen of Air and Darkness

The Queen of Air and Darkness is the ruler of the Unseelie Court and winter fey. Having no visible form except via powerful magic, the Queen was once Tiandra’s sister. Long ago, a group of dwarves mined a beautiful black diamond in the Feywilds and went to the Summer Court to present it to Tiandra, off swimming that day, the Queen accepted it instead. The black diamond twisted and corrupted her and she soon fled in a chariot of smoke and fire and became the ruler of all evil fey known as the Unseelie Court.

Archfey Magic. You can cast the Ray of Frost cantrip. Additionally, once per long rest you can cast the Frost Fingers spell. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Voya, Duchess of Seasons

Lady Voya is a famed eladrin strategist and the current ruler of the eladrin since the Rose King’s death. Her skin shifts to between different seasons over the day, making her appearance and personality varied depending on when you happen to meet her. She however often is welcoming to strangers and provides them safe haven in the eladrin settlement of Mithrendain, helping keep watch with the aid of the secret task force that is the Watcher of the Night and Jalfarian Khaldros, The Sovereign Elk.

Those who prove their worth to her are often allowed to join the Watchers of the Night to help deal with threats from the Feydark.

Archfey Magic. When you deal damage, you may choose, cold, fire, lightning, or necrotic. The damage type changes to the type chosen. You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus and regain all uses after a long rest.

Viktor Mazan, the Lycan Lord

A werewolf lord who rules over Shatterstone in Brokenstone Vale, Viktor Mazan aids his fellow werewolves and other lycans in the Feywilds eke out a peaceful existence after they were cursed by Aurusel's menagerie. The fey however were not fond of Viktor and his people when they arrived via a fey crossing to escape their home, igniting a years long war between the two until they came to a peaceful resolution to allow them to live in Brokenstone Vale.

Viktor now uses the fey crossing near Shatterstone to facilitate trade between the material plane and the Feywilds, allowing for access to the material plane's resources. Additionally, Brokenstone Vale's magic gives them greater self-control of their curse, allowing them to live relatively normal lives.

Archfey Magic. Once per long rest, you can assume a bestial appearance for 10 minutes. While in this form, you gain advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track creatures and can speak with beasts as if under the effects of the Speak With Animals spell.

Zybilna, the Lady of the Carnival

A secretive and manipulative archfey, Zybilna is the benefactor of a traveling carnival that roves the Feywilds owned by a pair of shadar-kai. The Carnival acts as a portal to her domain, where she consorts and makes dark secretive pacts with dangerous fiends to unknown ends.

The most powerful of these consorts is the incubus simply known as "the Caller", who was enlisted to manipulate the eladrin, Isolde, and slay her companions for their unknowing meddling with her pacts. Isolde is now the ruler of a carnival received from the shadar-kai who now own Zybilna's carnival, having forgotten the archfey entirely and pursues the Caller in the mists of Ravenloft with blind vengeance. Zybilna continues to hound Isolde's carnival with malevolent archfey however, growing in power if they stay somewhere too long.

Archfey Magic. You can cast the Friends cantrip. Additionally, once per long rest you can cast the Charm Person spell. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Archfey Alignment Domains Patrons
Aurusel, the Great Gardener LN Death, Nature Archfey, Undying
Baba Yaga, the Witch Mother NE Arcana, Knowledge Archfey, Fiend
Cernunnos, Lord of Wild Hunts CG Nature, War Archfey
Delceth, the Lighthouse Keeper CG Light Archfey, Celestial
Elias & Siobhan, the Twin Lords of the Sea NG Tempest Archfey, Fathomless
Fathaghn, the Dryad Queen CG Nature, Trickery Archfey
Great Gark, the Goblin King NE Arcana, Order Archfey
Hysram, the Prince of Fools CN Nature, Trickery Archfey
Lady of the White Well LN Forge Archfey, Hexblade
Lurue, the Unicorn Queen CG Peace, Life Archfey, Celestial
Oberon, the Green Lord NG Nature Archfey
Prince of Frost LE Tempest Archfey
Psilofyr, the Carrion King CG Mind, Peace Archfey, Great Old One
Maiden of the Moon LG Twilight, War Archfey, Hexblade
Nathair Sgiathach, Patron of Faerie Dragon and Pseudodragons CG Trickery Archfey
Relkath of the Infinite Branches CN Nature Archfey
Reynard, the Trinket Lord CN Trickery Archfey
Sarath Thar, the Omenseeker N Arcana, Knowledge Archfey
Selephra, the Bramble Queen LE Death, Nature Archfey, Undead
Tiandra, Queen of Summer CG Light, Nature Archfey, Celestial
The Rose King LG Order, War Archfey
The Raven Queen LN Grave, Life Hexblade, Undying
Queen of Air and Darkness CE Tempest Archfey
Voya, Duchess of Seasons NG Life, Nature Archfey
Viktor Mazan, the Lycan Lord NG Peace, Nature Archfey
Zybilna, the Lady of the Carnival LE Order, Trickery Archfey, Fiend

Archfey List

Each entry contains their name, which also includes their alignment, cleric domains, and warlock patrons they can act as in addition to archfey.


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"Prince of Frost" and "Queen of Air and Darkness" art from Dungeons & Dragons by Wizards of the Coast.
"Titania, Protector of Argoth" art by Magali Villeneuve for Magic the Gathering.
"Baba Yaga" and "Cernunnos" art from Pathfinder 1st Edtion by Paizo.


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