Evolutive Wild Magic table sample

by MaitreCorbeau

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Wild Magic surges

[SSL] represents the Spell Slot Level used to cast the spell triggering the wild magic surge
      d100       Result
1 - 2 You see a fragment of the future. You have advantage on your next attack roll made with a spell within one minute.
3 - 4 You canalyzed extra magical energy. A creature of your choice within 20 feet must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d4 radiant or necrotic damage per [SSL].
5 - 6 The spell effect takes place on your next turn.
7 - 8 Some magical energy crackles in your body. The next time you cast a spell requiring concentration, roll a concentration check immediately. This effect lasts for one hour per [SSL] used, or ends after your next spell.
9 - 10 You can cast a cantrip immediately.
11 - 12 A rift in space is accessible for you. The "distant spell" metamagic effect is applied to the next spell you cast within one minute.
13 - 14 All creatures within 15 feet per [SSL] must roll on the wild magic table the next time they cast a spell during the next minute.
15 - 16 You rotate 180 degrees before casting your spell, and your spell's target changes appropriately.
17 - 18 You cast the spell as if you were using a spell slot one level higher.
19 - 20 The spell takes the form of a beast friendly to you, with CR equal to or less than the [SSL]. For one turn per [SSL], the beast is under the control of the game master. Each creature it touches suffers the effects of the spell.

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