Honor in the Shadows - Thieves Guild in Valh'Nerash

by RedHeadGames

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Honor in the Shadows is a great handout to develop more of your world, dive deeper in lore, gain more power and see the players unfold new story lines. They can join the thieves guild as there are no race/class restrictions. They can even grow in rank and even become leaders if they so desire.
This handout provides rules and suggestions to place a fully operational thieves guild in your world. In this handout I'm working from the world of Orbyss(homebrew by RedHeadGames) as so there are city names in here which might not be in your world. Feel free to adapt to fit your world.

RedHead Games


I took inspiration from Cloak and Dagger, and The Complete Thief's handbook and from Thieves guild.

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Such material is used with permission under the Community Content Agreement for Dungeon Masters Guild.

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Writer:Annemarie de Leeuw
Editor:Google auto correct (you like to help edit my stuff feel free to send me a message on info.redheadgames@gmail.com)
Cover art:
Soz Ven Jan https://www.wallpapertip.com/wpic/hiJmhm_thief-2014-garret-wallpapers-thief-2014/
Art in the book in chronological order: daniel-kovacs | Artist unknown art comes from leagues of legends | feael_dd1fuhh | rodimus25 | Artist Unknown right belong to Wizard of the Coast | Artist Unknown its the Infiltrator's Key | The Griffon's Saddlebag | leona gress da0msel | Edward Barons
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ART!! As this handout if FREE i credit the artist names but i do not own copyright nor did i commission the art.
Text credits: I took great inspiration from “thieves guild” by Sign of the Dragon. He has made a lot of great products which inspire me a lot so do have a look https://www.dmsguild.com/browse.php?author=Marco%20Giulio%20Fossati


Introduction to the Guild.........................................................................................2

Honor in the Shadows......................4

Goals and Motivations............................................................................4 History ....................................................................................4
Methods and Activities .......................................................4
Honor in the Shadows and the Law...............................................5
Honor in the Shadows and Merchants..........................................5
Honor in the Shadows and Freelance Thieves.............................5

Guild Membership...........................6

Benefits...................................................................................6 Responsibilities.....................................................................6 Test of Loyalty .....................................................................7 Rank and Renown ................................................................8

Black Market..................................9

Mundane Items ....................................................................9
Magic Items .........................................................................10

The Shadow Land - The Golden Pegasus .........................................11


The Guilds Earnings............................................................13
D100 Thieves Jobs...............................................................15

Introduction to the Guild

Honor in the Shadows is a charitable, honorable thieves’ guild in Valh’Nerash. ‘Honor amongst thieves’ is a proverb they live by, right alongside ‘a coin in our hand is better than two in their purse’.

Honor in the Shadows make small sacrifices and pray to the Patron Saint of thievery; Lokhi. But there isn’t a required faith to join, only the right motivation.
Most cities in Valh’Nerash have a local Thieves Guild; With their headquarters bases in Vall’Nyrh.

Thieves Guild in Cities
Vall’Nyrh - The Shadow House; base of operations from a library - 50 members - Seat of Umbra Manus (From high noble family, weavable into your own plot)

Kallum - The Shadow Port; base of operations from a warehouse at the docks - 28 members

Dunn - no local guild

Seabrys - The Shadow land; Base of operation from a Inn(The golden Pegasus) - 10 members

Ritha & Ritha Mining - The Shadow Carnaval; base of operation from a house of entertainment - 18 members

Note from creator: I really wanted to create a Guild not based around murderhobos and Constantly stealing things from everybody even loved NPC. So i created a sort of old school ‘Honorable’ guild in which they even help the common people. Real Robin Hood vibe.


Honor in the Shadows

Goals and Motivation

Like most thieves’ guilds, Honor in the Shadows primarily seeks profit. However, the guild is concerned with charity, equality and righteousness. The local guilds will especially take care of their people(both within their ranks and beyond). They will keep an eye on the beggars, the poor, the homeless and the sick. If you're in dire need of help try the shadows, more often than not you’ll find that shadows can be very helpful.

They have a good understanding with most of the Sollithia temples and priests. Although the corruption and greed within the temple are a problem these days within the bigger cities, the local temples traditionally will always be there to help.


Honor in the Shadows is the latest naming of a thieves’ guild that has existed in Valh’Nerash since the Year of the Great Flood. The guild’s power came and went until the Year of the Golden Moon when a canny thief and priest of Sollithia named Ryota became guildmaster.

Ryota foresaw a good future for the guild if the members would embrace the charitable character of the guild. To be honorable, to care about more than gold.
Soly greed would corrupt the soul but Ryota believed seeking riches while using a part to help the less fortunate would only bring a more pleasant mortal life on this plane for all involved. No corruption of the soul, no eternal damnation.

He introduced them to his old friends from the Sollithia temple in the city. Ryota renamed the guild to Honor in the Shadows as a homage to his beliefs that they should always honor humanity and steal only with a conscience.

Since then, the guild grew in power, acquiring a great deal of wealth and creating permanent safehouses even in the neighboring cities. It has been many years since Ryota became Guildmaster and since then there have been a few others.
Currently the Grand Guild Master is “Umbra Manus”. Except for a very select few nobody knows who Umbra Manus, mostly referred to as Umbra, really is. The rumor is that they are a big shot from a high noble family….

Methods and Activities

Honor in the Shadows recruit new members primarily from younger folk in the different cities in Valh’Nerash.
Especially Kallum and Vall’Nyrh bring in many new recruits. But anybody can gain the trust of the guild and work their way up to becoming a member.

Since many of the guild’s common thieves are in their teenage years or younger, the guild is well known to younger folk. Its leaders are often looked upon as heroes or role models. Especially since they teach the young ones not only thieves skills but send them to the temple of Sollithia to learn to read and write.
They also have connections with many more teachers to accommodate the talents of the kids; sometimes this is indeed the talent of sleight of hand but it can also be a kid with a talent for herbalism or even healing.
The guild also accepts older members, as long as they are willing to help the locals.

As well as common theft, Honor in the Shadows its main activities include protection rackets and forgery; nearly half of Kallum’s businesses pay something on a monthly basis to the guild. Honor in the Shadows carry on the long tradition of finding maps of old ruins, castles, or dungeons. Maps of more civilized era’s are often created by the guild, either by making copies of existing maps or making clever forgeries.

It's not uncommon members have made pacts with Lokhi, the patron saint of thievery but some made pacts with fiends, other deities or spirits.



Honor in the Shadows is organized like a classical thieves’ guild, there is a strong central organization and authority(Grand Guild Master) in the thieves’ guild, whose rules are readily accepted by all.

The Grand Guild Master is aided by some right hands, some veteran thieves, and on the bottom rank, many simple thieves. However, there is room for some ‘local latitude’.
Every local guild operation has its own right hand, Guild leaders. They have a certain amount of freedom to rule their guild to see fit as long as they abide by the coreprincepals.
A new guildmaster is selected by the most senior members of the guild.

Thieves’ Guilds and the Law

In Valh’Nerash there is a variety in the relationship between the law and the thieves guild. The law is very strict on thieves, and penalties for thievery are fairly harsh. However, most of the time law officers feel they might have better things to do then deal with thieves, especially in a city where the guild takes good care of the lower layer of society. A thief then might get away with handing over the spoils and/or paying a fine. Most members of the guild may even have a secret regard for the law: the law is firm but fair and not excessively harsh.

But in some cities the dominant relationship between thieves and law officers is corruption. Here bribes are paid to law officers on a regular basis. Of course not all officers are corrupt but when the local guild has enough financial means they might easily avoid being charged with almost anything. Does a member still end up in prison? The guard will either help smuggle him out or when paid give detailed instructions how to do so. Some law officers could also be members of the guild and help keep up appearances.

Thieves’ Guilds and Merchants

The relations between the thieves guild and the merchants in Valh’Nerash is complex to say the least. Some merchants are members and help with fencing or procuring special items. Others try real hard to fend off thievery while the last group isn’t a member but harbors members of the guild and pays them off.

Thieves’ Guilds and Freelance Thieves

Honor in the Shadows has a firm policy on freelance thieves; The thieves’ guild hunts freelancers, and they have just one choice: join or die (or leave the city, in some cases).


Guild Membership

Benefits of Guild Membership

Being an official member earns you the right to share in the profit but you’re required to pay your dues. Standard guilds dues are always subtracted from the arnings. This way the earnings are as they come; the player knows they pay dues but in game you don’t see what or how to keep it simple.

Equipment & Fencing
Being a member of Honor in the Shadows means gaining access to rare items that aren’t usually found on the open market, both mundane and magical. The players can request certain items at the local guild leader or the specific merchant. The players can also sell a lot through the guild’s fance merchants or other members with specialties(such as a herbalist)
The guild always has a member(usually a senior merchant or the guild leader itself) who can accurately value items,gems,scrolls or even magic items. Also some members maybe able to cast ‘Detect Magic’ to identify magic items.

Note from the creator: As a DM you can then decide to make a quest out of it(the party needs to help retrieve the item), simply wait a x amount of time and then purchase for gold or the merchant may even disappear on his quest for the party’s item and they need to go and save him!
I’m a big fan of being generous with magic items; players want to feel cool and epic in a game now, not only when they lvl 20. You can also homebrew a monster to be a bit tougher or adjust the damage but keep the coolness of a magic item.

Help with the Law
The guild may be able to help its members when they have a run in with the law. Guards can be bribed or pursued or if the players are loved even a prison liberation might be planned.

The guild can provide its members with useful information. This can be maps, information about persons, layouts of buildings, delivery times, blackmail information and a lot more is possible! These can be used for thefts or traded with others in exchange for gold, magic items, or other secret information.

Specialist Help
The guild can also act to put its members in touch with specialists to help them with specific ventures in more direct ways. You can think of downtime training, side quest, personal plot and more.

The guild is a perfect place for characters to train or gain levels or new abilities.
When joining the guild you get a permanent +2 on Deception. Throughout the guild players can find trainers to increse their skill in something.
Note from the creator: You can even make this a group side quest; If somebody wants to increase they intimidation skills for example you as DM could state that the person most qualified for that lives in city “blabla” xx hours away.

Limited Territory
Some aera’s or places are off limits for members of the Guild. As a DM you can easily determine that in a place you need important plot to happen there is a no go zone due to a deal with a certain noble.

All guild members must keep the identity of other members secret from outsiders! Without trust and secrecy all members would be known to the public. All members do have a special magical ink tattoo.
Tap on it three times and whisper “Honor in the shadows” it will light up for a short amount of time. It only works when the player who is a member does it himself.
If the player is close to somebody who is from the guild the tattoo will tingle, if they tap it 3x and hold it to the other person's hand they both light up as well.

Training and Working
All guild members must spend a fair(DM’s call) amount of time working for the guild. The guild is not a free pass to enjoy all benefits; there is work to be done.
This can mean collecting money from merchants, doing guild jobs(protecting this/stealing that etc) or even cleaning the guild it self…As long as the players are involved and committed to help.


Test of Loyalty

All new members must pass a special loyalty test. After that they could pledge to Lokhi, the Patron Saint of Thievery but that is not required.

The test of loyalty consists of 4 tests matching the core values of the guild: “Honor” “Loyalty” “Skill”.

The Test
Start: Either let the local guild leader already have the potion or make the players get it. After they drink a drop of the potion they fall into a deep dream like an illusion.
Let them throw an insight check > Above 15 they know it's a dream, below no idea they think it's real.

If the players choose wrong/fail a part of the test they get a knife strike on the cheek(that will be visible outside of the illusion too). After 3 wrong choices/actions, they can not join the guild.

Test 1: HONOUR
Choose the right contract

Contract 1; Urchin Jaccobo is adopted by a noble family and got so many presents for his welcome home celebration. Steal those presents, he doesn’t need them anyway.

Contract 2: A noble lady is arriving and is rumored to have a lot of fancy jewelry. Go steal those

Contract 3; A corrupt guard is bribing townsfolk for protection, steal the money and giving them a message.

Both number 2 and 3 are good contracts that support honor. 3 is the best option but 2 is acceptable. If they choose 1 they fail and can retry with other 2.
If they choose one they can complete it by playing it out.
note from creator: I use the dream to have things move quickly, no travel just they turn around and whabam they are ar a guards house. It makes things quicker.

Secret meeting with all known thieves guild members(you can add your own names) and the players hear commotion outside.
Local knight is asking for people to help the justice system; to rat out “Names of a few local thieves' members”. The one who tells them where they are right now will get 15000 g, free alcohol in tavern for a lifetime and power in the city.
But the thieves guild members will be executed right one the spot.
Goal is to make a ridiculous offer to lure the player to ‘betray’ the guild. The knight will push and push till the player gives in or the knight will execute the player snapping back to the room of the local guild.

Test 3:SKILL
Pick the right chest
1 is cursed
1 is a mimic
1 is the right one
Let the players use their skills to find the right chest. Do they open the wrong one(either painful curse only in dreamworld or they can fight a mimic) Do they open the right one all is black and they see/hear the following question:

Test 4: What are the core values of the guild?
The answer is: Honor, loyalty and skill. But thievery or perception is also acceptable.
When they succeeded they wake up half, strapped to a chair, a local member putting a tattoo on their hands. That is the sign/icon of the local guild. When it's finished it will light up and then disappear

Breaking the Oath
The guild has an uncompromising attitude for members who break the rules, that is most of the time. The punishment is harsh but always within reason and the guild accounts for how much of it is due to the members fault or was there a bigger picture why said member broke the rules. For minor cases the guild could ask for additional work or payment. For more serious cases, the member might face specialty jobs with serious risk and no sharing in the loot. The most dire cases (such a treason) most likely result in exile or even worse…death….


Rank and Renown

The more the player plays and interacts with the guild the more important they can become.
They might rise in the ranks, who know they might eventually become the guildmaster themselves. The renown score of the player measures the status in the guild. As they increase that score, they gain chances and opportunities to advance through the ranks of the guild.

When a player joins the guild, their renown score is 1. The renown score increases by 1 when a player does something in the guild’s interests. Of Course the other members should be aware of what the player are trying to do.
If a player/party completes a job or a task from the guild the renown will increase by 2. Its at the liberty of the DM what other things can also improve renown. Could be having a charming drink with the leader or giving him a homebrew beer; the sky's the limit! In downtime socializing with other members will increase the renown with 1 if at least 3 members have been socialized with.

Benefits of Renown
The more renown players got the more benefit they gain and can climb into the ranks

The player starts and is accepted into the thieves guild. The renown score is 1. Most other members are weary of them, gaining trust and socializing should be a priority.

Full Member
Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher in the guild. They are an established member of the guild. Most other members have a friendly attitude towards them. Some members might have personal reasons to dislike them despite the renown.
Benefit: Members of guild will provide a safe house and proviant in dire circumstances. Your monthly earnings increase

Senior Member
Prerequisite: Renown 10 or higher in the guild & at least 2 local guild operations visited/befriended. They are now recognized as an expert member of the guild They might even have someone look to them as a mentor. (Note from creator: The DM can assign a npc to follow the player in a mentor/teacher partnership. RedHead Games will make a appendix for this in the near future).
Benefits: They can ask lower-rank members to run mundane tasks/errands for you; Your monthly earnings increase; Downtime play involving the guild give the player advantage on check rolls.

Guild Leader
Prerequisite: Renown 25 or higher in the guild & at least 3 local guild operations visited/befriended. They are responsible for an entire area of operations within the guild. They get to run a local operations in a city of choices except Vall’Nyrh. They coordinate the activities of some other guild members and they have some freedom to carry out the guild values and goals. Benefits: Local guild leader; Delegating task to lower rank members; Your monthly earnings increase; Downtime play involving the guild give the player advantage on check rolls; On a job for the guild you can get 1d4+2 members to come with you and aid you on the job(generic thugs, bandits, thieves).

Right hands
Prerequisite: Renown 50 or higher in the guild & at least 4 local guild operations visited/befriended. They are the right hands of the guild masters and the Grand Guild Master, they seek their counsel in times of critical decisions regarding the guild. They take orders only from the masters and Umbra and they inform only them of their actions. They can also always seek advice from them on any matter. They have all the resources at their disposal. Benefits: Guilds resources widely available; Downtime play involving the guild give the player advantage on all rolls; Automatically succeed routine rolls; On a job for the guild you can get 1d4+2 members to come with you and aid you on the job(generic thugs, bandits, thieves) OR you can get aid of 1d3 specialist during a job(herbalist, healer etc);

Grand Guildmaster
Prerequisite: Renown 100 or higher in the guild & befriended all 4 local guild leaders(at least 5 job for each of them) Benefit: You (can) become the guildmaster of the guild.

Losing Renown
If you commit a serious offense against your guild or its members, or if you break the oath of loyalty, you might lose renown within the thieves’ guild. The extent of loss depends on the infraction and is left to the DM’s discretion. However, your renown score can never drop below 0. If your renown drops below the threshold for a rank or privilege you have attained, you lose that benefit. Even if you regain the lost renown, you might find it more difficult to again secure a position or rank you have previously lost.


Black Market

Mundane Items

Although non magical, most of these items are very rare and are usually only available on the black market.
Mundane Items for Thieves:

Item Cost Weight
Blazing Redvain sap(vial) 22 gp 1 lb.
Flash Powder 46 gp
Climbing Gear Extravaganza 12 gp 1 lb.
Cloud slippers 6 gp 1 lb.
Glass Cutter 110 gp
Keymaking Kit 45 gp 5 lb.
Hear Ear 12 gp 1 lb.
Magnifying glass 55 gp
Look-o-round 8gp 2 lb.
Skeleton Key 250 gp

Blazing Redvain sap (vial)
From the very fierce, burning rare mushroom this sap can be tapped. When a used (as a bonus action) you can use this burning sap to burn through almost anything…You gain advantage on the roll to pick the lock AND you don’t need thieves tools..

Flash Powder
This special powder made by one of the top secret alchemists within the guild is a concockture of all sorts of ingredients. Things that allegedly go in are pepper, ammonium salt and there is even rumor that the scales of a vile reptile is used. As an action you can throw this power up to 20feet. You need to make a ranged attack against a creature. You can treat the powder as an improvised weapon. On a hit the target is blinded for 1 minute. The target creature can end this effect if they use their action to make a succesfull DC15 CON check.

Climbing Gear Extravaganza
You’ve heard of climbing gear but this one is a bit more special. Beside the standard 30feet rope you will get a set of daggers, a small grappling and a ‘swift escape’. The daggers are about 8inches and are flat with a flat broad handle. The daggers are stiff and you can easily wedge them between stones, wood, any surface that entir;y smooth or sturdy as diamont. The mini grappling isn’t strong enough to hold you but it can shoot up small things such as a message or a rock or make even a smoke bomb. Last but not least you’ll have the ‘swift escape’ which is a neatly folded blanket. Hold it on the handles and jump off any surface higher than 45 feet and the blanket will unfold making sure you land softly on your feet.

Cloud slippers
Made by a wizard long ago for his king who lived in his golden palace so the King would finally hear silence, luckily the guild found out how to make those lovely slippers. While wearing these white soft delicious slippers your movement is reduced by 10 feet but you are practically floating over the floor. You have advantage on any Stealth(DEX) checks made against you.

Glass Cutter
It's made in collaboration by miners and engineers; It's a tiny piece of Diamond cut in a very sharp edged shape and usually comes with small pieces of metal around it so you can use it almost like a pen. The diamont will cut through any mundane glass without making a noise.

Keymaking Kit
Very straight forward thieves tools; a kit to duplicate and reproduce keys. The kit used wax bars and several metal cases to duplicate a key. It takes 1 hour to duplicate a key. All keys can be duplicated except for the skeleton key; magic keys can be duplicated but there will be no magical effect. Be careful where to store the duplicate keys; if its gets to hot they might melt!.

Hear Ear
Originally used for an old blacksmith, this Hear Ear is a big brass cone. The small end goes to your ear, the big end goes to whatever surface you try to listen behind or in a general direction to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. You gain advantage on hearing based WIS (Perception) checks.

Magnifying Glass
Straight forward magnifying glass. When you use it to inspect things with it you can advantage on your INT roll.

Made by Dewey from Seabrys, this very handy contraption is an extendable thin pole. Normally its fits in a backpack, extended about 3 feet long. On each side there is a small mirror which you can twist and turn using the middle part of the pole. You can use this to look around the corners.

Skeleton Key
A key that can open many many different locks…. You can automatically open any lock with a DC 20 or lower.The key can be used 10 times after that is just a decorative key.


Magic Items

The following magic items are generally crafted for thieves and rogues and are usually sold only on the black market.

Amulet of Feign Death
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This amulet can only be crafted by specialty schooled wizards(school of illusion). When you take damage that would reduce you to (below) 0 HP, you will not take any damage but instead an illusion appears of you dramatically dying. Your real self will have merged with shadows nearby(50feet radius). The effect will last 1 minute. You can move from shadow to shadow. The effect end immediately if you attack or cast a spell. Only a check made by touching the illusion of your dead body will reveal its an illusion. Once used the amulet can not be used until the next dawn.

The Boots of the Scales
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
If you wear the Boots of the Scales your balance will be superior. You gain advantage on any DEX (acrobatics) check. The boots regain 1d4 charges daily at dawn.

Dagger of Secrets
Dagger, rare (requires attunement)
These daggers are made for more than combat. When they are used to tap on a surface they will make a soft clear resonating ring when they hit a hollow surface, a dull blunt blonk when they hit a solid surface such as stone. When you use this you gain advantage on any Perception or Investigation checks to find hidden doors/rooms/compartments.

Powder against the seeker
Wondrous item, common
A small pouch filled with very fine white sand. It looks like a kid filled a pouch with beach sand but when scattered over the beginning of a trail any mundane(non magical) means to track you/follow your trail will automatically fails. The pouch has 1d4+4 uses.

Cloak of Average Joe Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
Just a cloak of Average Joe; nothing special…When you wear this everything about your appearance and mannerism seems to be average, unmemorable, not even worth noticing. If somebody has witnessed you commit a crime they must succeed a DC15 INT saving throw. If they fail they will not remember you.

Green Soap
Lotion, uncommon
This is your grandmothers soap but the magicly improved! The green oily substance if found in a small metal or wooden box. Its a thick lotion/salve. The box contains 1d4+4 applications. When applied on your BARE hands you are very impressive at sleight of hand! Your hand slippery slope between pockets, cards, wallets and more. When rubbed in it will last for 1 minute and you will gain advantage on any DEX (sleight of hand) checks or any checks made with the usage of thieves tools.

Potion of Agatha
Potion, common
When you drink this potion, you feel like Agatha and you gain advantage on any WIS(Perception) or INT( investigation) check made to find secrets for 1 hour.

Potion of the Sandman
Potion, uncommon
Ever wondered how the sandman got his power of bringing people to sleep? Most certainly from this potion. When you drink this you will be able to, just like the sandman, put people to sleep. For 1 hour you can cast the sleep spell. After you cast it 3 times the effect ends. INT is your spellcasting ability.

Ring of Charming Faces
Ring, rare (requires attunement)
This ring will make you appear to have such a charm face! Who can resist you now? The ring has 3 charges and gives you while wearing advantage on all Charisma checks you make towards humanoids. When you use a charge you may cast the spell Charm. The target must make a DC15 save. The ring regains all its expended charges daily at dawn.

Ring of Neither here nor There
Ring, very rare (requires attunement)
When you are attuned to this ring it will let you use an action to cast teleport. You can only cast it on yourself. Once used you can not used this again till next dawn.

Cloak of Shadows
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)
This cloak is made from a thick lucious black silk velvet mix. It's so black that it seems to absorb all the light around it. When you are attuned to it you will have advantage on any DEX(Stealth, Sleight of hand) checks when you are in dim light or darkness.
On your turn you can use 1 charge to cast Darkness.
On your turn you can use 2 charges to turn into a Shadow. (monster manual, p.269, all the stats from creature but you retain your INT WIS CHAR as well as any proficiency bonuses) You will remain a shadow for 1 hour. You can end it sooner by using your 1 charge. If you are killed while in shadow form you simply shift back to your normal form. The cloak has 3 chargers after which it regains 1d3 charges at the next dusk.


The Shadow Land - The Golden Pegasus

The local guild in Seabrys is called "The Shadow Land" and it run from the Inn The Golden Pegasus.
Underneath the Golden Pegasus is the secret base of Honor in the Shadows. You can only enter the hideout through a hidden sea cave and a password or through the Inn by a secret door.

Smidge is the local Guild Leader.
He specializes in organization and if you need a lock picked, any lock at all, he is you’re man!

Ratsy, Rat for short, is the spy and expert in intelligence. He can use critters, mostly rats, to send messages and eavesdrop on others.

Tiny is a very large, big, wide shoulders guy. If you need some muscle he is your man!

Squid is a mysterious man covered from top to bottom in a dark cloak. It's rumored he has strange powers and because of that his fighting skills are insanely good…like he has at least 8 arms to swing his swords.

Maria is the guild herbalist and helps making potions and treating poisons.

i is the magic shop owner and the man to go to for inspecting magic items, location magic items and craften them for the black market or on request for a member of the guild.

Aloim the local Sollithia priest who helps the guild out with sick people. As well as teach children(or adults) to read and write.

Services at the guild

See the black market pages, everything can be acquired although it might take a while.

Most common information at the Golden Pegasus:
-Arrivals and departures of valuable cargoes and items
-Identity of unsuspecting rich targets
-Map of locations like villas, castles, and other important buildings

Specialist Help
Maria can help with a lot about potions, herbalism, alchemy, plants and poisons. Levi can help with inspecting magic items, finding out location of specific magic items and craft magic items(see equipment in handout ‘Honor in the Shadows’).
Smidge can help with opening stubborn locks, intelligence and maps to certain buildings.
Rat can help scouting and creating detailed maps.
Training in diverse skills can be done at the Shadow Land.




The Guilds earnings

Guild’s earning per month per member (Big city + 10 gp; Festival +20gp; Rank+20gp per rank)
1 - Hammer - 10 gp
2 - Alturiak - 25 gp
3 - Ches - 10 gp
4 - Tarsakh - 25 gp
5 - Mirtul - 10 gp
6 - Kythorn - 50 gp
7 - Flamerule - 10 gp
8 - Eleasis - 55 gp
9 - Eleint - 10 gp
10 - Marpenoth - 25 gp
11 - Uktar - 50 gp
12 - Nightal - 10 gp


History of the religions

In days long gone there was only twilight, a glimmer over this world that made triving difficult. The world wasn’t growing as the gods has planned but slowly just giving up. The twilight held everything back until a god descended down to the people.

The first to descend down was Sollithia, a bright shining woman with flaming red hair drove the twilight away. Her body so illuminating the twilight scurried away and left for good. The people rejoiced and thanked her. She gave the people the sun, the daylight so they may see, grow and flourish.

She then ascended again, but the world still didn’t grow. It grew a bit but then started to wither again, to much sun and light where negatively affected the people and its living things. Organisms didn’t stop growing and it gave all sort of problems. It was then a second god descended upon the world; the god Nox.

He was a ebony figure with Raven head. People did not rejoice around him. People did not seem pleased, they seemed scared for the darkness he brought with him. But he gave the world the Night, the moon and he gave then death and decay.

People feared him and prayed to Sollithia why she led him towards them.

But Nox did good for the world, because of his night there was rest…because of his moon there was movement in the ocean…because of his death life became precious and became valued…and because of his decay there was fertility, growth and a circle of life.

It was only after a long time people saw and recognized what Nox had done for them. It was then they started to build templed in his name. They focus on the circle of life, knowing that life only has value when death is part of it.

The goddess of the sun. She has the power to let the sun rise, to let the flowers bloom and blossom. She had the power of life, birth and love.
She is pictured like a beautiful angel dressed in light yellow cloth wrappings, she has long red hair and she has six arms one for each virtue. In some literature she has in each hand an object connected to virtue.

Wisdom(Byw, a traditional Flute (looks like a sort of lute))
Love(a heart)
Growth (a sapling)
Hope(a dove)
Patience( a hourglass)
Temperance(a jug with water)

People who follow her beliefs are kindhearted people who will help human, flora and fauna allike; because all needs the suns power to flourish.

The traditional nuns/monks are dressed in a bright yellow robe with orange sash embroidered with a sun with six arms, the icon for Sollithia.
The people who follow her are forgiving and their focus is to works with the planet not use its inhabitants or fauna for own gain. They do not condone war or violence but they do not chose a side in conflict. All are welcome in they monasteries to rest and heal.
Some humans/creatures/persons are born imbued with the magic from Sollithia herself, they can come to the monastery and train to be a healer. The healers guild from Sollithia is famous for its amazing work almost always free of charge.

Is a festival that celebrated love and music through feast. It occurred between Flamerule 30 and Eleasis 1 on the Calendar of Harptos. It was a time when love advanced, and it was said the deities themselves took a hand to ensure good weather. If bad weather was experienced on this night it was considered an extremely bad omen. Shieldmeet occurred the day after Midsummer on leap years.
Midsummer is a important day for worshippers of Sollithia. On this day they preform a large ritual involving music, special dance and offerings to the goddess of the Sun.



Dawa Lunaris, she is the head of the family and resides in Lunaris temple high up north. Although she is the head of the family and by that the ‘archbishop’ she is a very accessible person, loving and caring for all living organisms. She still ,even though she is 86 years old, gives a mass a day and does the ritual of remembrance when the festival of the moon is here.

Nox is The god of the night.He has the power to let the night come,to rise the darkness and is he pleases he can let the moon rise to. He has the power to decay, destroy. The power over death and rot.
He is pictured like a man with long limbs and long thing fingers. His head is that of a Raven, his black feather seemingly flowing from his head into a mantle.

He is pictured only with black withering cloth wrapping around his long legs. In his slender fingers he holds a thick chain which drags a massive iron plague over the ground.

On the plague the 6 sins are pictured each with their own symbol.
Ignorance (a blindfold)
Malice (a flame)
Withering (a withered sapling)
Deceit (a dove)
Greed (a narcissus(flower))
Gluttony(a fat pig)

The people who follow his beliefs are not evil contrary to the gossip. Believers in Nox only believe that life is a full circle; there needs to be death in order to live. They take care of the darker part of life. They take care of the terminally ill, the dead, the mausoleums. They help control the flora and fauna and yes this does mean they kill or burn parts of land to make room for new life.

The people who follow him usually work as monks/nuns that embalm the dead. They have a neutral stance against violence because it is what is necessary to bring balance.
Priests of Nox usually are humble and dedicate their life to the circle of life, helping the sick and the poor. A Nox priest will more likely give their own bread away to help another. Most are a bit introverted and do not talk much. The traditional robes are black with a raven medallion of embroidered sash.

Humans/creatures/persons imbued with the magic of Nox can come to train as Nightshaders; ones specialize in the darker form of magic such as necromancie, decay magic or more. There aren't much of those around. The ones that are there help with their magic mostly to make sure the justice system is honest(conjuring ghost of the deceased to speak at trial) lets hope no one with get more darker power lusted ideas....

Alternative Names for Nox
Bringer of darkness
King of the night
The dark one
The ebony king
The unseen one

The Feast of the Moon
Also known as Moonfest, was an annual festival in the Calendar of Harptos, occurring between the final night of Uktar and the first day of Nightal. It was the last great festival of the calendar year.

The day traditionally marked the onset of winter. It was also a time to celebrate and honor the ancestors and the respected dead. On this day, folk blessed their ancestors' graves and performed the Ritual of Remembrance. People also gathered to tell stories of the deeds of their ancestors and of the gods until deep into the night, until they merged and became legend. This was a time to hear of past heroes, great treasures, and lost cities.
The followers of Nox are very busy on this day performing Rituals of Remembrance, guiding people on the temple of Nox in prayer, gathering stories and honoring the dead.

The rumour
Since the first appearance of Nox there is a rumor written down in the ancient books. In the library of Lunaris Temple the original book can still be found.
After Nox was gone some people believe what he had given them was just a fraction of his power…That the true power lies in Death, Decay and Destruction. That Nox was a mere facade to test the foolish people, to separate the wheat from the cover…Until the people truly worthy of the real power would present themself. It is said a splinter group of followers dove deeper in this myth, to summon the ‘real’ god of Death.
There isn’t much else known about this group except its seems connected with dark and evil magic, with evil necromancy, foul creatures offspring of Kenku(Raven like folk) and a lot of causes it has been connected with a symbol of an open eye…Some even say a whisper of a name…but non dare write that down….

Note from creator: You can fit you BBEG in here if you’d like. I did and based the one rumored here on Vecna.


D100 Thieves Jobs

d100 Result
1 The Duke of a local region is supposedly traveling through a dense forest tomorrow. He is known to travel with all kinds of riches. (What the players don't know is, the Duke had already been robbed when he and his men entered the forest. The "Duke and his guards" are members of a rival Thieves Guild pretending to be them so they don't rouse a suspicion. The real Duke is currently tied up in a chest that a horse is carrying behind them.)
2 Your guild has encountered some unwanted smuggling competition in the city. Your job is to ransack their base of operations and leave before dawn. Reward is 100GP per member. Bonus 50 gold per member if they leave no survivors and take everything of value back to the guild.
3 Constable Viread has been overly energetic in apprehending members of the guild, despite generous donations to the Constabulary Benevolence Fund. His higher-ups have been unable to curb his excesses. The Guild therefore authorizes its members to bring to light any salacious details that if brought to the public might cause the good constable to reconsider his zealotry. Any member that can supply relevant information (credible, though not necessarily verifiable) or is responsible for causing an incriminating scandal will be generously compensated by the Guild.
4 It's rumored that the fabled Black Raven is in town. Find out who has it, where is it being kept, and steal it for us! (The statuette is a fake, unless it isn't, in which case it's cursed) (Loosely based on a continuing arch in the Quest for Glory series)
5 Two Daggers, one of our esteemed colleagues is currently imprisoned. He has sensible information that we wouldn't want the royal guards to get a hold of. We need you to help us free him. And if this is not possible, to silence him.
6 One of our members, Gideon Dance, is getting married and going straight(ish). His bride is the only daughter of a powerful merchant, and the two will make a great pair. There's only one problem- the local captain of the guard is a spurned admirer of Gideon's wife-to-be, and is assembling evidence to arrest Gideon on the day of the wedding. We need you to steal the evidence from the Captain's Chambers in the guardhouse and replace it with evidence that's clearly fraudulent.
7 Someone is robbing temples and beating priests and supplicants half to death. We are being blamed for it, which is destroying all the goodwill we had with the common folk. Besides, we're thieves, not animals. Find who is truly responsible for this, whether in the guild or out. Bring them alive to the Beggar's Court to be charged for their crimes.
d100 Result
8 My friend, what I shall tell you now, is between you, me, and no one else. Let's just say this is out of the ordinary, even for us.' Your master leans forward conspiratorially, as if that could stop the eyes and ears of your guild. Maybe he wants them to hear. 'I suspect we have a snitch in our midst, [PC]. Someone who alerted the city watch to our plans regarding Duchess Esmerala's jewelry.' He squints at you, then smirks. 'Red Dagger even suggested it could be you. But I assured him my trust in you is well placed. Find me the true culprit, [PC], and be wary of Red Dagger.'
9 One of our accountants (a wealthy merchant in town) has recently bought a new estate that should be way out of his league. We suspect him to have stolen money from our transactions. Find out about how he got that much money and if hes stealing from us.
10 A group of famous bounty hunters have come to town, we dont know what their goal is here. We already tried to establish contact but our man was killed when he tried to aproach them. Find out what they are planing. If they are here because of us, you have the permission to kill them.
11 It's come to our attention that at least half of the art work the guild has fenced in the past decade have been forgeries painted by the Halfling Edalquick Keeneye. While Guildmaster Venix is highly impressed with the genius of the Keeneye's talent, it has cost the guild an enormous sum and more importantly hurt our reputation. Please impress upon Master Keeneye the magnitude of his debt. He can pay off his debt by working for the guild or he can pay with his life. In addition, members who carry out this task and can discover the location of the original artwork can retain a portion of value of the final sale.
12 Many of our members are ending up snatched up by guards soon after completing officially sanctioned jobs, one even arrived at the mark's house to find a group of guards waiting for him. We suspect there is a mole in our midst. The latest casualty is a man who led an airtight second-life as a public notary. Find the mole and bring them to the master.
13 The Guild has had a string of recent acquisitions go bad. Best we can gather from the boys is that something is prowling around out there at night, breaking into wizard shops and causing the guards to be called. You'd think all them arcane entrapments would keep ne'erdowells out wouldncha - turns out whatever this thing is is slipping in and out, quiet like a mouse. However, as you know, more guards can quickly ruin a night of business what with all the patrols and all. We checked with the Bilgerats at the docks and the Dunders out in the hills, neither of them are claiming anything (and frankly I don't think they have the ... sophistication to pull something like that off. Here's where you come in. Go out there, and find me whoever is causing it.
14 The Guild Leader is getting married and wants to celebrate it traditionally. Which of course means they want every thief in the guild to Borrow something, steal something Blue, take something Old, and filch something New. The thief with the best set of goods will be made Best Man/Woman at the wedding.
d100 Result
15 The PCs get a letter that wasn't intended for them: 'Hello dearest friend, we have heard the good news about your latest job. We ask of you one more time, we need you disguise yourself has a yuan-ti pureblood and steal the golden crest of (INSERT YOUR YUAN-TI CLAN OR TRIBE). We promise you 360 gold pieces for your services, we know you won't fail us.' A large symbol has been drawn at the bottom of the page.
16 The Red Rogue, also known as Rogue Rouge, an infamous master thief who disappeared years ago, has approached the guild in his dying days for one last heist before he dies. The target? City Hall. Mark? The mayor, Rogue Rouge's lifelong archrival since his thieving days started. The score? Burning the mayoral veranda atop the building, raise the Red Rogue's cape on the flagpole instead of the city flag, and lastly: steal the mayoral chair, his absolute favorite. The reward? Possibly bountiful; a clue to where Rogue Rouge keeps his famous stash - the entirety of his legendary wealth - free for the taking, if you can find it. The catch? Rogue Rouge wants to join in on the heist with you, despite his many age- and health-related issues. You'll be playing with a handicap.
17 The Baron Autcort has been a thorn in the country's collective backside for too long. We have been waging war on his business interests for months now, and you are perfect to help. The Baron has wagered a considerable sum of money on an upcoming horse race, and we would like him to lose it. We know that he has been working to buy off jockeys and bribe officials, but we are going to do him one better. This is Little Whitecap. She is a druid and exceptional actress. You need to smuggle her in to the Baron's stable and smuggle the Baron's horse, Searing Bolt, out. Then you need to switch their places again after the race. She will make it close and lose in a heartbreak at the very end...
18 Irving “Candy Man” Hornblath is to come into a fair amount of wealth due to a lottery which the kingdom participates in annually. Irving, a corrupt small time gangster, extorted the voucher from it’s rightful owner, a kind fence with with whom the guild frequents business with. The winnings in this year’s pot: 10,000 gp. Usually the guild would see that Hornblath die immediately, but seeing as he has kidnapped The Fence’s child, the guild must ensure the child’s safe return, which means following Irving back to his safe house in the capital. Irving has insisted that upon completion of exchanging the voucher he will return the child, safely. Word is, if Irving dies, the gang at the safe house has orders to kill the child. Fortunately for the guild, the Candy Man is in need of hired muscle to protect his proof of Lottery winning, the voucher which he will be taking the capital to cash. Word is he’s already hired 6 men to keep him safe on his Journey to the capital, but with the right paperwork “provided” by the guild, your party may be able to accompany him as additional hired muscle. The goal: infiltrate the candyman’s team, see to it that Irving Never sees a coin of lottery gold, and accompany him to the capital and save the child, whose location is currently in the Capital and unknown. That voucher is rightful property of the guild, on behalf of the dark mother. Finish this.
d100 Result
19 An ex-guard has recently opened a bakery with his retirement money, embezzled from the taxes of the common folk. Word is, in his senility he claims day-in and day-out that someone has been “stealing his sweet rolls.” This has created a perfect alibi for the guild. Fortunately, due to an old adventuring injury, the ex-guard walks with a limp and is slow as well as senile. However his defenses for this bakery have been rumored to include currently-enrolled city guards and enchantments/booby traps to deter thieves. Steal the next shipment of his sweet rolls and return them to the towns people. Avoid detection. The town must continue to think he is going mad. Bankrupt this old man and return his wealth to the guild for distribution to the common-folk.
20 Jacq the Blade has gone missing, along with the Guild Ledger. He may be trying to sell it to a rival guild, the authorities or some other party. Find the ledger and find Jacq. Kill him or bring him back to the Guild for punishment. Whatever you do, don't let him sell the ledger off.
21 The king has recently set aside funds to rebuild and expand the sewer system. You need to persuade the head engineer that is worth his time to add some extras to this new sewer system including secret passageways, 3 storage shed (for smuggling goods) and an underground headquarters for the guild.
22 A lord was recently poisoned and died. The King is blaming the guild (which wasn't involved as far as you know) and has been arresting guild members, closing off know guild routes and stopping guild business in it's tracks. You have to find out who poisoned the lord and why to clear the name of the guild.
23 A new drug has been showing up on the streets of the city. The guild wants to know who is making it, where they are making and how they can control those 2 things as well as the market for it.
24 Last week, a group of adventurers came through town, causing havoc and mayhem as they are wont to do. In the chaos, the guardhouse was completely destroyed. Last night, the guard captain and the mayor agreed on a new location for the guardhouse along Cooper Street. The nearest tavern to their new location is the Honest Merchant, the basement of which houses our illustrious organisation. We need you to steal the construction plans from the Carpenters' Guild so our forger can alter them, make the guard captain change his mind about location, or find us a new location.
25 Mack the Knife's Travelling Performance troupe has come to town! Unfortunately, your guild all knows that wherever Mack goes, Minnie the Moocher is sure to be with him, and her personal challenge is thieving from other thieves...
d100 Result
26 The Sultan of Kadjripoor is interested in acquiring the following creatures for his menagerie that so happen to currently reside in the Royal Zoological Garden in our fair city: A pair of spiral-horned skittergoats, A clutch of iridescent flying snakes, a flightless bearded ice drake, an ethereal hypnotic cobra, and one specimen of felis caudaglobosa AKA a digmaul. Since a number of these animals are personally prized by the Princess Volveta, discretion is highly encouraged.
27 A junior burglar got too ambitious and succeeded in nabbing a macguffin from a local unaligned and slightly unhinged necromancer. Which is bad news. Break in to the necromancer's tower and return it, and leave no trace that anything was ever taken.
28 Our store room and safehouse in the sewers have been overrun by troglodytes. It won't be long before they attract the attention of the citizens aboveground, and with them the law. If the space were discovered, it would seriously hamper our smuggling activities. Let's do the city a service and protect our interests at the same time. Clear out the sewers of troglodytes and anyone else who you find. And we mean everyone. No bleeding hearts for this one.
29 A competing thieves guild - The Black Club - has started operating in the city. They're young, greedy and not very subtle. Their propensity for violence has brought an uncomfortable amount of attention from the City Watch on all thieves. What's worse, they are scaring off potential marks and pulling profit from our pockets. Something has to be done. An all out guild war would only be more costly, and bodies showing up in the street will only bring down the wrath of the Watch. A more subtle approach is needed. Find out who The Black Club are, who leads them and where they operate from. Kill their leader and set up the rest of them so that the Watch either puts them in jail for a long time, or calls in the hangman.
30 The King's Golden Mile - the richest horse race in the kingdom - is due to be held in three days. The guildmaster's horse - Silent Shadow - is one of a dozen competing. The prize is 10,000gp and the guild has used its pull with the bookies to make sure the odds on Shadow are favourable. The fix is on. The guild has used its sway to make sure that eight of the runners aren't going to win. That only leaves three more horses to fix to ensure an easy victory for Shadow. That's where you come in. You can use bribery, intimidation, violence or magic on the owners, trainers or jockeys, good old fashioned horse knobbling, or any other method you want, but make sure that Silent Shadow wins. The guildmaster will reward you handsomely when he does.
31 A young scholar, an acolyte to the Halls of Illumination has been studying Thieves Cant. Before he can receive his robes of matriculation, he is scheduled to present his research at a public lecture. While very few people ever show up to these lectures, nonetheless we cannot risk that information being disseminated! The guild has secured a rare memory-effecting serum that specifically targets language learning and which should render all attempts to use secondary languages to gibberish. Introduce the serum in his drink and ensure it has taken effect—he is known to frequent The Finch & Fork. Many a scholar has cracked under the pressure of tedious research, so while a murder might arouse suspicion, his mental faculties abandoning him would not. Then collect and destroy all of the acolyte’s notes and research. Not a scratch should remain. We have our suspicions who might be his informant, but if you discover any details that points to a source, pass that information along as well.
32 The Thieving Games are on. Set yourself apart as one of the greats in this year's contest by taking top prize in one of five categories: Gold, Daring, Power, Dreams, or Renown. Each theft should be submitted along with a description of how it fits into the selected category. Contestants may enter multiple categories and individual jobs may award points toward different awards (e.g. last year Arwen the Fox replaced a master painting in the museum with a child's drawing of a fox for points in Daring and Renown), but all jobs must be done within one week. See Abbi Left-Foot to enter.
33 (Erase thieves marks without being caught in public. Optional: Catch punk leaving them. ) 'Some rascal has been carving misleading and incorrect thieves marks on various structures - 'easy mark' on the shop of the sharp-eyed wizard with a disintegration wand, 'escape' on a dead-end alley, 'fence' on the home of guardsman. We've had to bail 3 novices out of jail this week alone! Erase all the marks at the locations listed. If you find the rascal, bring him in alive, if possible. Good condition is optional.'
34 (Heist accounting books from midboss's guarded office.) "We think one of our managers is not giving the uppers their full cut. Go around to the manager's office and find his real books. And watch yourself, because of the war going on between some of the upper offices, the manager's place is well staffed with enforcers at the moment. You might be able to bribe the one called Bobby Brighteyes into leaving his shift early - he's had his eye on the manager's job for a while - but he isn't going to help you if you get caught. We recommend you go when the manager is at his girlfriend's place. He takes some enforcers with him as guards, so staff at the office gets thinner."
35 (Administer a beating to thief stealing from guild) "One of your brothers/sisters helped him/herself to a bit of shipment he/she was supposed to retrieve for the family. Get some strong friends and "explain" the consequences of stealing from family. Don't go too far, buzzards circling would bring unwanted heat on your brothers and sisters. Here's their hideout location."
36 (Steal from a former thief or turn in quest giver for a greater reward) "Your target is a former thief, now retired. He's got quite the collection of tools and artifacts from his thieving days, but he's gone soft in the head and never will know they're missing. None of his family have aptitude either, so the tools will be wasted on them." The quest giver will give you second pick of the tools you take and minimum 50% of the haul's value or higher. The elderly former thief does have dementia but is kindly. You may choose to rat out the quest giver to a thieves' guild superior or to the ex-thief's adult child caretaker. The ex-thief's former apprentice is high up on the guild's ladder and will give you a better reward for maintaining his master's dignity.)
d100 Result
37 (Use sneezing powder on a singing group to retrieve a wayward air elemental.) "This one is a ... uh ... specialty job. A valuable air elemental we've been using to unlock tricky vaults from the inside got frightened by a nasty static shock and bolted during a mansion heist that overlapped with a choir practice recital. Thanks to that, our safetalker had to leave early and empty-handed. We've got word from a competent seer that the elemental is laying low in one of the choir member's lungs. The choir's main public performance is tomorrow, and then the group splits up a hundred ways. We have once chance. Here's a sack of sneezing powder. Just get the elemental to touch the bottle to get it back in. There's no way to do this quietly, so just get it over with quickly and bounce. We'll rendezvous at a cabin out of town."
38 An upstart faction in the guild is trying to depose the guild leader. They've fermented dissent for months, and now is the time to strike at the old so-and-so. They want your help killing the leader and the guild lieutenants when the moment arrives. Do you join them or inform on them? Or perhaps you could stay neutral and try to turn the situation to your own advantage...
39 The royal alchemist has developed a truth potion so potent it threatens the very existence of the guild. This potion not only forces someone to tell the truth, but it compels them to be as helpful as possible to the questioner. What's worse, it seems that no amount of magic or mental training can resist it. It's only a matter of time before the Royal Guard captures a guild member and uses it on them, revealing the whole operation. We need you to break into the alchemist's apartments and find the formula for the potion so a counter agent can be developed. Failing that, either kill or kidnap the alchemist. Oh, and grab as much of this truth potion as you can find - no use letting it go to waste.
40 I want you to find Agwen Northstar for me and tail her. Spend a few days doing this and get to know her without her realizing you’re getting information. Once you think you’ve gathered significant evidence report your findings back to me and we’ll see how well you did.
41 Leaving incriminating evidence in a noble's house to set up a frame job. The Noble men has a history of being corupt and unkind to the lower circles of society.
42 Causing a ruckus in one part of town to draw guards away from another area, so another agent can perform a job there
43 Attending a banquet to wine/dine and try and get a secret/information out of a certain noble
44 Get thrown in a jail, to facilitate breaking someone out from that same jail
45 Being paid to sneak into an establishment to sabotage it in some way (poison the wine/ale, disrupt the books/legers, ruin the magic elixer that takes years to make, etc).
46 Recover a great treasure from an old haunted tomb
d100 Result
47 A VIP needs to get to a place, but they can't use the streets-- escort them through the dangerous sewers
48 A new type of "uncrackable" safe is being developed-- sneak through a workshop/refinery/wtv and get a copy of the plans, but no one can know that the safes are compromised
49 An agent can do a job, but he needs help getting through defenses. Take the alternate crypt entrance and open the side door for them
50 Anonymously reveal a (enemy’s, rival’s) plans to (the authorities, the intended victim)
51 Find a buyer for a specific (illegal, stolen) good/item
52 Intercept a (courier, transport) and covertly add “x” to their cargo
53 Plant “x” item in “y” location
54 Provide security for a (black market auction, criminal transaction, meeting)
55 Shadow / Tail “x” and see: where they go, who they talk to, what they do, how they evade (security, surveillance), where their hideout is
56 Sneak into “x” and covertly replace the (orders) at the location with (new, fake) orders
57 PCs have to steal a valuable (magical?) wedding ring off the finger of an aristocrat who rarely leaves his well-guarded home
58 PCs must break in to a guard tower and find and destroy a "wanted list" of known thieves guild members
59 On the night of an extravagant party at the palace (or some rich guy's house, or whatever) PCs must knock out and hide guards' bodies, then need to dress up as them (if the races are compatible, e.g. this probably won't work if it's all human guards and one of your PCs is a halfling but you can figure out a different role for him). Then PCs have to wait for a signal or something that ques them to sneak upstairs and steal valuables or cause a distraction downstairs while other guild members steal.
60 Break into second story of a bankers townhouse and steal a letter from his desk
61 Steal a horse from a nobleman who rides daily
62 Seek in sewers for who killed some guild members in their secret sewer hideout
63 Replace a minor nobles weapon with a copy by a certain date
64 Strongbox of gold and bank records being moved on a armoured coach needs robbing
65 Steal a wizards book
66 Steel a certain book out of the Great Library of Sollithia
67 Kill a bounty hunter who has been interfering in guild tasks
68 Kidnap a bard(who has changed identiy, he was a criminal) after their show and throw them out the kingdom
69 Steal jewels of a visiting noble woman from a far away land
d100 Result
70 Break into ancient tomb in castle walls
71 Get a very special plantbased ingredient for the guilds herbalist/alchemist (
72 Get a very special creature ingredient for the guilds herbalist/alchemist (such as dragons blood)
73 Exotic cult pleasure dome is full of treasure and guards all high on drugs
74 Rob some fake 'pilgrims' carrying stolen petty relics from travels
75 Retrieve some ancient relics with a treasure map/rumour
76 Break into a wizards magic murder maze and steal the hidden treasure
77 Steal the baggage of a knight including armour, horses, supplies, tent and more
78 Steal the armory of the local watchtower that has been bulling the poor of the town
79 Make a statement to the guards that have been giving the townpeople a hard time
80 Free slaves from a underground sweatshop and bring them to the guild for safety
81 Enter a deranged alchemists basement through the sewers and steal his recipes and priceless ingredients
82 Steal they eyes from the idol of a god deep in the sewers from a dangerous frog cult
83 Snake cults keep a great treasure in their snake pits and their priest annoyed the guild master recently
84 A foreign group in the city have their own crime guild now and needs to be brought into the fold for the good of all criminals. Recruit or destroy them
85 A senior gang member is rumoured to be solidifying support for a take over, go and murder them pronto
86 A secret society have been meeting in city sewers, infiltrate and report on their activities
87 Murder a clan of bootleg grog dealers in the gangs turf
88 Steal a pearl from the grotto of a sea nymph, daughter of some petty sea god
89 Milk some wyvern venom for the guild poison master
90 A noble wants a gold clan signet ring back. Was taken by bugbears as treasure when they killed a kinsman a few years ago and it seems to have been used recently
91 A older guild master has been wasting time with drugs and lovers, time to retire them with a surprise stabbing
92 The cartographer keeps maps of their buried treasure, steal them and rob the loot for our gang
93 A tomb of a great master thief has been found loot it before rivals do and for glory
94 Recruit a noble bastard into our secret brotherhood to spy on nobles for us
95 Dig into a temple crypt and rob the ancient noble dead buried their
d100 Result
96 A rich jeweller has lots of stock at the moment taken from dungeons and bought cheap for adventurers beer money, help lighten the owners burden
97 Find ruins and see if there is treasure
98 Loot a nearby sea cave
99 A complex trapped and thrice locked door has been found in the sewers
100 A mysterious maze has been found go investigate

Note from the creator: A lot of these jobs have been written down, inspired by or copied from posts on https://www.reddit.com/r/d100/


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