Thieves Guild Items

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Thieves Guild & Black Market Items

Mundane Items

Although non magical, most of these items are very rare and are usually only available on the black market.
Mundane Items for Thieves:

Item Cost Weight
Blazing Redvain sap(vial) 22 gp 1 lb.
Flash Powder 46 gp
Climbing Gear Extravaganza 12 gp 1 lb.
Cloud slippers 6 gp 1 lb.
Glass Cutter 110 gp
Keymaking Kit 45 gp 5 lb.
Hear Ear 12 gp 1 lb.
Magnifying glass 55 gp
Look-o-round 8gp 2 lb.
Skeleton Key 250 gp
Smoke bomb 5gp
Special Smoke bomb - Sleep or Confusion 10gp
Tinker ring 45gp
Otherway shoe’s 75gp 1lb.

Blazing Redvain sap (vial)
From the very fierce, burning rare mushroom this sap can be tapped. When a used (as a bonus action) you can use this burning sap to burn through almost anything…You gain advantage on the roll to pick the lock AND you don’t need thieves tools..

Flash Powder
This special powder made by one of the top secret alchemists within the guild is a concockture of all sorts of ingredients. Things that allegedly go in are pepper, ammonium salt and there is even rumor that the scales of a vile reptile is used. As an action you can throw this power up to 20feet. You need to make a ranged attack against a creature. You can treat the powder as an improvised weapon. On a hit the target is blinded for 1 minute. The target creature can end this effect if they use their action to make a succesfull DC15 CON check.

Climbing Gear Extravaganza
You’ve heard of climbing gear but this one is a bit more special. Beside the standard 30feet rope you will get a set of daggers, a small grappling and a ‘swift escape’. The daggers are about 8inches and are flat with a flat broad handle. The daggers are stiff and you can easily wedge them between stones, wood, any surface that entir;y smooth or sturdy as diamont. The mini grappling isn’t strong enough to hold you but it can shoot up small things such as a message or a rock or make even a smoke bomb. Last but not least you’ll have the ‘swift escape’ which is a neatly folded blanket. Hold it on the handles and jump off any surface higher than 45 feet and the blanket will unfold making sure you land softly on your feet.

Cloud slippers
Made by a wizard long ago for his king who lived in his golden palace so the King would finally hear silence, luckily the guild found out how to make those lovely slippers. While wearing these white soft delicious slippers your movement is reduced by 10 feet but you are practically floating over the floor. You have advantage on any Stealth(DEX) checks made against you.

Glass Cutter
It's made in collaboration by miners and engineers; It's a tiny piece of Diamond cut in a very sharp edged shape and usually comes with small pieces of metal around it so you can use it almost like a pen. The diamont will cut through any mundane glass without making a noise.

Key Making Kit
Very straight forward thieves tools; a kit to duplicate and reproduce keys. The kit used wax bars and several metal cases to duplicate a key. It takes 1 hour to duplicate a key. All keys can be duplicated except for the skeleton key; magic keys can be duplicated but there will be no magical effect. Be careful where to store the duplicate keys; if its gets to hot they might melt!.

Hear Ear
Originally used for an old blacksmith, this Hear Ear is a big brass cone. The small end goes to your ear, the big end goes to whatever surface you try to listen behind or in a general direction to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. You gain advantage on hearing based WIS (Perception) checks.

Magnifying Glass
Straight forward magnifying glass. When you use it to inspect things with it you can advantage on your INT roll.

Made by Dewey from Seabrys, this very handy contraption is an extendable thin pole. Normally its fits in a backpack, extended about 3 feet long. On each side there is a small mirror which you can twist and turn using the middle part of the pole. You can use this to look around the corners.

Skeleton Key
A key that can open many many different locks…. You can automatically open any lock with a DC 20 or lower.The key can be used 10 times after that is just a decorative key.


Smoke bomb
When thrown (range 15ft) the bomb cracks open and releases a thick grey fog. All targets within the fog are blinded for a duration of 1 turn. The fog can also be used to sneak away or hid oneself.

Special Smoke bomb - Sleep or Confusion
These very special bomb, custom made by the guild's best alchemist can do something rather unique. When this smoke bomb is thrown(range 15ft) the fog released from it will be either pink can will cause ALL the creatures within range (who breathe oxigen the moment the bomb relases its fog) to fall a sleep for 1 turn. Or the fog will be blue and ALL the creatures within range (who breathe oxigen the moment the bomb relases its fog) will be so confused that they won't even reconize their own mothers for 1 turn

Tinker ring
Made by Dewy from Tik Tok Tinkershop in Seabrys, this special ring contains some marvelous engineering! When you turn on the small right side knob on the side of the ring the fake jewel on top will subtract and reveal a small set of lockpicks. When turned on the left knob on the other side of the ring the main lockpick will start to swirl around. Ideal for picking very small locks of other engineered material such as a hidden compartment inside a cuckoo clock….

Otherway shoe’s
Designed to set prosecutors on a false trail these ‘shoes’ can be fitted underneath all small to medium creature sized foot/shoe’s. It's a contraction in which you put your foot (with or without a normal shoe) and underneath there will be a shoe sole of a different size pointing the other way. So when you walk with these on you will make a track in a othersize than yourself and it will guide the people tracking you in the opposite direction! (all non magical tracking will automatically fail) These contraptions are very fragile though and can only be used 1d4 times before they break.


Magic Items

The following magic items are generally crafted for thieves and rogues and are usually sold only on the black market.

Amulet of Feign Death
Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This amulet can only be crafted by specialty schooled wizards(school of illusion). When you take damage that would reduce you to (below) 0 HP, you will not take any damage but instead an illusion appears of you dramatically dying. Your real self will have merged with shadows nearby(50feet radius). The effect will last 1 minute. You can move from shadow to shadow. The effect end immediately if you attack or cast a spell. Only a check made by touching the illusion of your dead body will reveal its an illusion. Once used the amulet can not be used until the next dawn.

The Boots of the Scales
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
If you wear the Boots of the Scales your balance will be superior. You gain advantage on any DEX (acrobatics) check. The boots regain 1d4 charges daily at dawn.

Dagger of Secrets
Dagger, rare (requires attunement)
These daggers are made for more than combat. When they are used to tap on a surface they will make a soft clear resonating ring when they hit a hollow surface, a dull blunt blonk when they hit a solid surface such as stone. When you use this you gain advantage on any Perception or Investigation checks to find hidden doors/rooms/compartments.

Powder against the seeker
Wondrous item, common
A small pouch filled with very fine white sand. It looks like a kid filled a pouch with beach sand but when scattered over the beginning of a trail any mundane(non magical) means to track you/follow your trail will automatically fails. The pouch has 1d4+4 uses.

Cloak of Average Joe Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)
Just a cloak of Average Joe; nothing special…When you wear this everything about your appearance and mannerism seems to be average, unmemorable, not even worth noticing. If somebody has witnessed you commit a crime they must succeed a DC15 INT saving throw. If they fail they will not remember you.

Green Soap
Lotion, uncommon
This is your grandmothers soap but the magicly improved! The green oily substance if found in a small metal or wooden box. Its a thick lotion/salve. The box contains 1d4+4 applications. When applied on your BARE hands you are very impressive at sleight of hand! Your hand slippery slope between pockets, cards, wallets and more. When rubbed in it will last for 1 minute and you will gain advantage on any DEX (sleight of hand) checks or any checks made with the usage of thieves tools.

Potion of Agatha
Potion, common
When you drink this potion, you feel like Agatha and you gain advantage on any WIS(Perception) or INT( investigation) check made to find secrets for 1 hour.

Potion of the Sandman
Potion, uncommon
Ever wondered how the sandman got his power of bringing people to sleep? Most certainly from this potion. When you drink this you will be able to, just like the sandman, put people to sleep. For 1 hour you can cast the sleep spell. After you cast it 3 times the effect ends. INT is your spellcasting ability.

Ring of Charming Faces
Ring, rare (requires attunement)
This ring will make you appear to have such a charm face! Who can resist you now? The ring has 3 charges and gives you while wearing advantage on all Charisma checks you make towards humanoids. When you use a charge you may cast the spell Charm. The target must make a DC15 save. The ring regains all its expended charges daily at dawn.

Ring of Neither here nor There
Ring, very rare (requires attunement)
When you are attuned to this ring it will let you use an action to cast teleport. You can only cast it on yourself. Once used you can not used this again till next dawn.

Cloak of Shadows
Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)
This cloak is made from a thick lucious black silk velvet mix. It's so black that it seems to absorb all the light around it. When you are attuned to it you will have advantage on any DEX(Stealth, Sleight of hand) checks when you are in dim light or darkness.
On your turn you can use 1 charge to cast Darkness.
On your turn you can use 2 charges to turn into a Shadow. (monster manual, p.269, all the stats from creature but you retain your INT WIS CHAR as well as any proficiency bonuses) You will remain a shadow for 1 hour. You can end it sooner by using your 1 charge. If you are killed while in shadow form you simply shift back to your normal form. The cloak has 3 chargers after which it regains 1d3 charges at the next dusk.


Distracting Hat
Its a old velvet black hat with 5 charges. When you use a charge you can put the hat anywhere and all creatures within 40feet are drawn to it…complet to watch this mysterious hat exist in the same universe as they do…for 1 minute.

Sheepish shackles
Very rare
These shackles are on the wishlist of every member of the guild; when you put the shackles on the target creature must make a INT safe DC17. When failed for the next 1 minute the target creature ein shackles will be very willingly, docile and compliant.

Bow tie of intimidation
This most brilliant bow tie will provide a +3 on intimidation for a duration of 1 hour. You look absolutely stunning my dear!

Tongue of secrets
Potion, rare
When you make a target creature drink this potion, for the next 15 minutes they will spill ALL their secrets with you…and I mean ALL their secrets so even the one when they were a kid and stole that one candy from that one boy down the street….
Its up to the discretion of the DM how much the party can guide the target to the desired secret.

Power of Mime
Potion, very rare
With this potion you can not speak vocally for the next 1 hour BUT you have the power of Mime for this entire time. Meaning everything(non magical objects) you can portray with your hands and feet for the next hour will become real although still invisible. For example you can portray stairs; there will be stairs you can physicly stand on but you won’t be able to see them. Or a rope, or a box, or even a sword(but weapons will count as improvised standard weapons)

Asylum’s illusion
items, very rare, requires attunement
Once belonging to the great thieving wizard Cornelius Opperfields its a vest that will bring on an illusion of a straight jacket proving an advantage on all DEX based skill checks. However, Old Cornelius in the end lost his mind and some believe it was due to the jacket whispering strange and confusing things into his mind….You will get +4 on all DEX based skill checks and every hour you wear the vest you lose -1 INT & -1 CHR

Golden Rainbow mantle
A beautiful mantle made out silk from the Golden Orbweaver Spider, drenchet in the most beautiful color all how lay eyes on you will think you are a famous, noble prince…All will struggle to get some of you undivided attention so they feel blessed and special in this mundane life. You get +4CHA but as long as you wear the mantle everybody who lays eyes on you will want to get your attention, crowd around you, talk to you and touch you. Sneaking is not possible anymore.After being worn for 1 hour it needs to be carefully cleaned during a long rest

Herbert the caterpillar
Item, Uncommen
It's a small caterpillar machine, it can eat a hole the size of a dime through anything in 1d10 minutes. It has 1d4 charges. Next day after long rest throw a 1d4 for how many charges Herbert has now.

Sticky Sticky Line
A line so sticky anything weighing less than 10pounds will be stuck on the line

Blithia the black widow
Very rare, requires attunement.
There aren't many of these around, dare I say it is even legendary….But the tales about Blithia are ancient so there must be a truth in there somewhere right? Blithia supposedly is a beautiful bracelet of a black widow spider….but its is sentient and legends tell us she has a mind of her own and a own agenda. It is told Blithia is always on the hunt to make more male victims but if you can find middle ground with her she will provide you with silk so strong a single thread can hold 5 oxes! That is if she is willing to provide it to you… Bracelet, provides at the will of Blithia(DM) herself unique silk up to 1D20+10feet a day.



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