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Custom Background

"Was a Goat for 10 Years"

You have spent the last decade or so living as a goat on an otherwise abandoned island. A number of years ago, you might have had a dispute of some nature with a powerful wizard, who transformed you into a goat. Perhaps there was a mishap involving Magic Jar or he cast True Polymorph on you, as well as Nystal's Magic Aura. Due to the magic imparted on you to turn you into a goat, coupled with the extended amount of time you have been unable to speak with any human company, you have lost much of your previous identity.

After a while, you start not to mind the changes to your mind and fully embrace your goat-ness. You've done pretty well as a goat, learning how to bound across your island, never short on food and with few natural predators. As your humanity diminishes you also forget your past experiences and lose interest in your prior life.

That is, until recently. A strange turn of events cause you to rematerialize in human form. You are suddenly thrust into a strange world once again as a human, barely remembering how to talk, less alone what to do. The latent magic of your prior transformation has resulted in some changes to physique as well.

  • Skill Proficencies: Athletics, Animal Handling
  • Languages: One language that you knew 10 years ago
  • Tool Proficiencies: One tool proficiency that you had 10 years ago.
  • Equipment: None


Over the next couple of hours you recover your basic motor capabilities, and the ability to talk fluently in common. However, past that, your past is murky for you. Work out with your DM some possibilities of your past, your previous background and in particular the details of your fight with the wizard. These details return to you over the course of 1d4 weeks.

Feature: Goat characteristics

After spending over 10 years as a goat, you have a unique experience known to few in the world. The traits that have served you well as a goat have been honed and then magically amplified when you transformed back into a humanoid. You are more steadfast, and have no difficulty staying surefooted when you climb rocky terrain. Your eyes look extremely distinctive, with rectangular irises that are able see well in dim light. You have two goat-like horns which can cause others to mistake you as a tiefling. Those who are ill disposed towards goats have similar feelings towards you, whereas nonmagical goats trust you unconditionally.

Suggested Characteristics

Freshly transformed goats tend to act sort of goat-y. They might bleat as they laugh, and have an unkempt beard. For a while they will be unaccustomed to interacting with the rest of civilized society.

d4 Personality Trait
1 I eat like a goat and have bad manners.
2 I am fiercely protective of other goats.
3 I don't like to bathe.
4 I occasionally have the impulse to chew on grass.
d4 Ideal
1 Carefree. Having no memory of my past allows me freedom to enjoy the remainder of my life. (chaotic)
2 Revenge. I strive to find out who did this to me and make them pay. (lawful)
3 Curiosity. I want to investigate my past, for no other reason but to understand myself. (neutral)
4 Friendship I don't know what happened, but I owe my current existence to them. (good)
d4 Bond
1 I remember in particular one face, place, or name that I am sure has to do with my past
2 The one who decided to take me on the adventures: I am fiercely loyal too.
3 I have the vague feeling of a something I was tasked with years ago.
4 I need to make sure my fate never happens to anyone else
d4 Flaw
1 I am chronically unsure of what to do because of my amnesia.
2 I have a massive distrust of arcane spellcasters and become enraged when people mess with my mind.
3 When presented with a problem I can become very stubborn.
4 Was a goat for 10 years
Art by dongoverlord

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