Bard College: College of Doors

by SubjectiveSloth

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Bard College: College of Doors

Bards of the College of Doors are roamers of the planes who tell tales of their travels and the fantastical places they've seen. The College of Doors believes that the infinite vastness of the planes, outer, inner, upper, and lower, is where the truest sense of wonder originates. From the plains of the Beastlands, to the great gears of Mechanus, to the chaotic islands of Limbo there are new things to experience and see, and those things are worth writing poems and songs and performances about.

Not many people ever leave their home plane, but it is the purpose of the College of Doors to spread the distant wonders of the planes to those who cannot see it for themselves.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you join the College of Doors at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in the arcana skill and in the use of cartographer's tools, a set of compasses and scales commonly used for plotting distances between Magic Doors.

Portal Lore

At 3rd level when you choose this college, you gain a substantial knowledge of portals and portal lore. You have advantage on investigation and arcana checks made to detect, investigate, or understand portals.

Inspired Movement

At 3rd level when you choose this college, you gain the ability to use lesser portals. As a bonus action on your turn, you can expend one use of your bardic inspiration to move a willing medium or smaller creature you can see to an unoccupied space within 30 feet of its starting space. This movement cannot place the creature more than 5 feet above or below its inital position.

An unwilling creature can make a Charisma saving throw, resisting this movement on a successful save.

Magic Door

A staple of the College of Doors is its namesake, the Magic Door. At 3rd level when you choose this college, you begin to learn to use this technique to your advantage. You can perform a 1-hour ritual, involving at least 200 gp worth of materials, upon any mundane door to turn it into a special portal. The door retains its mundane appearance and does not create a portal unless a special phrase is uttered, or a certain knock performed, which is dictated by you when you perform the ritual. You can maintain up to 3 of these Magic Doors at any given time, disenchanting one when you create a fourth. A door that is destroyed, or made impossible to open normally has its portal deactivated.

When you activate the portal, you link the door to any other door you've performed the ritual on that is within 1 mile of it and on the same plane of existence. A door can only be activated and used as an entrance once on each day, and continues to be active for 1 minute after activation, allowing any number of creatures to pass through in that time.

The maximum distance between doors and the number of doors you can have created increase with your level. The maximum distance between doors increases to 10 miles at 6th level, and 100 miles at 10th level, while the maximum number of doors increases to 6 at 6th level, and 10 at 14th level.

Portal Strike

Doors are not the only form of teleportation that a bard can achieve. When you reach 6th level, you learn to perform quick strikes from afar. As an action on your turn you can expend one use of your Bardic Inspiration in order to vanish and reappear behind a hostile creature up to 15 feet away and make a melee weapon attack against it with advantage. On a hit the attack deals extra damage equal to your Bardic Inspiration die. After the attack, whether it is successful or not, you can teleport an additional 15 feet in any direction as a bonus action.

Planar Door

At 14th level your Magic Door feature matures to allow for planar travel. If you have two or more Magic Doors on separate planes of existence, you can travel between those doors as if they were on the same plane. Additionally, you can now travel between any two Magic Doors regardless of their distance.

College of Doors v1.5

This version of the College of Doors is a work in progress and in need of review.


All uncredited art is from DMsGuild Free Creators Resources.


This subclass is one I'm working on for an upcoming compendium, and its theming is something I really love about it. The idea of a plane-hopping bard who regales his audiences with tales of planes beyond imagination is something that just made sense to me.

I needed a way for this bard to travel around quickly through the use of portals, and the door idea seemed like a great way to balance that kind of long range teleportation at low levels. I think it creates interesting and thematic characters and stories, especially if some other character learns of the magic door. I do worry about ways to abuse the ability, however, such as some kind of folding door or something that a player could carry with them, but for a character to receive something that specifically ridiculous would be the fault of the DM in my opinion.

I think the restriction of this subclass' plane-hopping abilities until 14th level is reasonable too, because even though the character can't yet cast the gate spell, this subclass should be able to perform some limited amount of planar travel. The main restriction is getting to the other plane in the first place in order to perform the ritual, which the DM can regulate as needed.

I hope you enjoy this portal-hopping Bard!

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