LVN 02 - Gravedirt Slinging

by LeVentNoir

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LVN02 - Gravedirt Slinging

By /u/LeVentNoir

The trideo news flicked to a local community item. The scene showed a middle aged elven woman in presentable, semi-professional dress slapping a clean cut orkish man across the face as she was on the edge of tears. The orkish man in a business suit stood, hand to face, then glowered at her and walked away. Voiceover: "Today local business leader Ronaldo Histeriga caused a scene at a local charity, as an attempt to buy out the last property holding out against his factory development failed again, the owner refusing to sell"

Introductory Shadowrun

The purpose of this document is to help a newer (or experienced) Game Master (GM) take some novice players and play Shadowrun. While this is mechanically suited for 5th Edition, the themes and setting should be easily adaptable.

This is a Game Master only document, as it contains details about opposition and information that players should discover through play.

The starting point for any Role Playing Game (RPG) should be a Session Zero. This is a conversation about what themes, scenes, morals, and limits the table is comfortable with. This is especially important in a game with dark themes and actions, such as Shadowrun. This Geek and Sundry pages gives a good overview.. This run requires that both players and GMs be ok with the darker side of the setting, as the main objective is murder.

After you have talked over what is acceptable or not, you will need a Game Master (GM), pens, pencils, dice, and some characters. You can make your own, or you can use /u/Bamce's pregenerated starting characters.

The Game Master should read over this entire document and familiarise themselves with it, then we can get into the game.

Gravedirt Slinging

Gravedirt Slinging is a perfect second run to follow LVN 01 The Delian Data Tomb

Gravedirt Slinging is a classical 'bad feels' Shadowrun. It is a straight up set of bad deeds, for money. Shadowrunners are often asked to do such things, and introducing them early is a good way to show the setting to new players. The GM should let players who come up with effective solutions to succeed, and to trust in the skills and knowledge of the characters. Most of all, Shadowrun is not a game of fighting your way through, but solving the problem posed in the way that you are most comfortable and skilled at.

This run assumes an urban setting, but can be easily adapted to whatever location you wish.

Lessons are presented in red text, and are intended to be read to players after resolving the relevant portion of the run.

GM help is presented in white boxes, and help the GM with handling various parts of the run that might be delicate, difficult or unfamiliar.


Ronaldo Histeriga has been insulted by Bella Valentino, and wants her discredited and removed. Bella is head of a special education charity, whose barrens holdings are in the area that Ronaldo would like to demolish and then use the land for a factory staffed by SINless. Ronaldo wants the runners to plant evidence that Bella was stealing from the charity, then kill her.

The evidence is prefabricated, and will be given to the runners who just have to plant it. Bella herself travels with bodyguards due to entering the barrens often, but lives and works in a middle lifestyle secured suburban development.

The runners will have to decide where to plant the data, where to conduct the assassination, and how to deal with both the general security in the area, as well as Bella and her guards.

As a GM, you can never fully prepare for your players’ choices, but there are a number of common paths that will be covered here. If the players head away from these, it is ok to guide them back so this document can support you. In time, you will have enough skills to handle any plan the players come up with.

The three places the data could be planted are at Bella's house, at her workplace, or sold directly to a journalist or databroker. The four assassination locations that will be covered are at Bella's house, at her workplace, during a visit to the Barrens, and while transiting.

Not all runs tell you where to go and what to do.

The Meet

A fixer the team knows sends in a message, and wants to talk to them at a local mid-range restaurant this evening. "Chummers. I've got a bit of a job, but I want to tell you about it in person. Meet me at Viggos, the Italian place, yeah, you know the one. Say, 7pm tonight? Now, be on your best behaviour, we'll both profit." The meet is in the team’s local area, so should present no problem moving about or reaching the meet state.

Meetings between Johnsons and Runners can be tense, charged things, so we introduce players to proper behaviour.

Shadowrunners with cars will be able to drive right outside the meet location before Gridguide sends the car to a parking garage, those without will have to walk or get the bus. As the characters travel, talk about the mid-rise buildings covered in AR, the slightly glitchy matrix connection from too many people and not enough signal. Have average people going about their day, but make sure to describe how alleyways are avoided, and how trash piles up in the corners. This isn't populous, clean and safe downtown, this is suburbia, the sprawl where there isn't enough of what's needed, and a little too much of what should be avoided.

The security corporation with the local contract will stop anyone with overt weapons or armour, but presentation of appropriate licenses will cause the officers to give a verbal warning and send the character on their way. If the weapon or armour is Forbidden, it will be a 3000n¥ fine and the character will be detained for six hours, causing them to miss the meet.

The only place you can walk around overtly armed is the Barrens.

As the characters arrive at Viggo's, those with a Knowledge Skill relating to Organised Crime can make a Threshold 3 test. If successful, reveal that Viggo's is a front owned by a Mafia family, and would be a poor place to try anything overt. Reaching the door, a troll and a human are standing outside, and will ask the characters for their weapons. If the PCs refuse to hand over any weapons the troll just notes something in AR, then lets the PCs in anyway.

NPCs might communicate and change their behaviour based on how you act.

Entering the restaurant, the waiter seating customers shows the runners to a slightly isolated table where their fixer is sitting. If characters opt to examine the room, on casual glance it is a moderately well done Italian eatery, with AR enhancements to the decor. A Perception (2) test reveals about eight well-muscled men and women, mainly humans and orks scattered throughout the otherwise normal mid-range diners. If a player gets 4 hits on the perception test, reveal that, three clean shaven orks in suits sit in an opposite corner, looking more professional and out of place compared to the diners or mobsters.

Organised Crime has more discrete security, but is definitely protected.

If the PCs relinquished their weapons freely, the characters’ fixer bids them sit, but tells them not to order anything yet. "If you haven't twigged, this is a mob place. Don't do anything stupid. Now, I've got a guy who is willing to pay good money for a two part job, but the catch is it is not for any bleeding heart, weak willed types. Got it?" If the characters agree, their fixer points out Ronaldo Histeriga where he and two bodyguards are sitting in the far corner. "I'm trying to build a relationship here, and this will help us all in the future. There's Mr Johnson. Go, have the talk, then come back here and I'll buy you dinner and give you a few bits of advice."

If the PCs didn't hand over weapons, their fixer angrily motions for them to sit down. "Drekheads. I said play ball. These are mobsters, and you're not making either of us look good. Job is a two parter to ice some charity case. Go talk to that human over there, get the job, and try to not frag anything else up." The fixer then puts a hand to his head, clearly unwilling to deal with the runners, and directs the characters to a Mob Lieutenant at the bar.

Playing by the rules makes things easier.

Ronaldo is out of place in a well-made, expensive suit, but is calm in the surroundings. He's professional looking, with slick black hair and professional anti-aging surgeries. He opens with a joke "You're not the waiter with my wine!" He bids them to take a seat. "I want someone killed. I also want certain information planted where it will be found, so that they are out of the way in a very permanent fashion." Mr Johnson will pause to notice how the characters react. If nobody seems as if they will seriously object, he continues.

"Bella Valentino has made herself into a problem and needs to die. I've got no real requirements past her departure. Then, I need some information placed where it will be found. I've assembled some background information on her on this chip, and the information to be placed on this one." Two datachips are slid into the middle of the table, and a credstick joins them. "This is the payment, 10kn¥ each. Non-negotiable, and you've got a week. Any questions?" After the players finish asking questions, Ronaldo bids them farewell. "Do this job well, and you'll have someone who knows who you are in the underground. That's worth something." After the back and forth, Ronaldo stands, nods to his two bodyguards and leaves the table with the two chips and the credstick on it.

Doing good work can leave you with connections.

The Mob Lieutenant at the bar is heavy set human wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a face that holds the marks of many fights. "So you're the new blood that doesn't know how to behave professional. Oh well." He lets them stand. "I'm Mr Johnson, and I need Bella Valentino killed. Just ice her however you like, but you only have a week to do it. Then, put this data somewhere where it will be found. I've got some helpful data for probates like yourself. Pay is 8kn¥, take it or leave it." After the players finish asking questions, the Lieutenant leaves the two chips and the credstick on the bar and walks to a nearby table with his buddies.

The runners might have many questions, and Mr. Johnson will answer them as long as they are not overly tiresome. The characters might ask some of the following questions of the Mr. Johnson. He is willing to answer, and has reasonable information about the job in general.

  • Where is the target? She lives in a secured, suburban development in a standalone house. Her workplace is a mid-range office complex, and she travels with bodyguards. Details are on the chip.
  • What is the opposition? Both the target's house and office have silver grade security contracts, so expect professionals, as well as between four and eight of her personal bodyguards.
  • How do we contact you? You don't. I've paid, I expect it done within a week, or else.
  • Where should we plant the information? Her house, her work, drek, if you have a good rumourmonger, have them flog it on the cheap.

When the players finish the meet, their fixer waves them over. "Ok Chummers. You've taken the money, now give the man his body. Look around you, if you walk, these people might take it personal, so give it your best. I'll order you some food, and you can discuss the job here. Don't attempt to leave for say, fifteen minutes?"" Their fixer orders the food and departs. If the players met with the Lieutenant instead of Ronaldo, the fixer leaves one last barb. "Next time warn me if you're going to roll in all green and street punk, cause you're not going to get anywhere unless you get smarter and more professional"

If you act like punks, you get treated and paid like punks.


The main things the characters need to decide are the location of the assassination, the method of assassination, and what is to be done with the forged data. Likely, the players will visit at least one of the mentioned locations to observe it, and this is covered in detail below.

This next section is relatively freeform. There is no one target to hit, so prompt the PCs to attempt to decide on a course of action and recon and explore it. They have a week to determine where they are going to kill her, obtain entrance to the location, and commit the deed.

Targets and Locations

Bella Valentino

The data on the datachip starts with a dossier on the mark. Bella Valentino is the CEO of MetaEmpathy, a charity for special needs children, especially SINless without other support systems. She is elven, about fifty years old, and of above average looks. She dresses professionally, and travels with a set of bodyguards at all times.

The dossier has her average daily routine:
0600 Leave House via Motorcade.
0715 Arrive at MetaEmpathy.
1200 Working lunch at MetaEmpathy.
1830 Leave MetaEmpathy.
1945 Arrive at House.

Twice a week Bella travels into the barrens to visit an outreach program.

Bella is a woman who has a strong core from years of being pushed around by corps and criminals alike, and this isn't the first time she's angered someone who wants her hurt. Unless highly disguised and with an innovative approach, social engineering simply won't work on this woman, as she herself is an adept with a number of social skills.

Some targets move. Some runs only have one outcome.

Unless players are very creative, an outright murder is the expected method by which Bella will be killed. However, if the players do think up a good trap of some form, let it succeed and reward their problem solving skills. If for example, they plant a bomb, let this work.

Bella's Personal Security

Bella's security detail is comprised of Silver Grade professional guards. These are Professional Rating 4 Bodyguards, and will aim to stall the runners and evacuate Bella Valentino as a priority, including splitting the detail.

The Personal Detail will immediately call for backup from their security company if alerted, triggering either an alert, or a priority alert. An alert is for a security situation that is more than a single person threatening Bella, such a protesters, a small street gang, or a singular nonviolent criminal discovered in a secure area. A priority alert is to bring in a High Threat Response team, and is triggered if any of the guards are killed or Bella is injured.

An alert will bring 4 cars of Professional Rating 2 security guards to assist. The first car will arrive in 1d6 minutes, as it is on patrol, then the other three will arrive 2d6 x 5 minutes later. A priority alert has the same basics as an alert, but twice the numbers of cars responding, and in addition, a VTOL of 10 Professional Rating 5 High Threat Response arrive 1d6 x 5 minutes after the first call.

When she is inside a secure environment, such as her house or MetaEmpathy, there are four guards on active duty. There will be one pair on patrol, while another pair, including the leader will remain with Bella. There will be another four guards nearby, either in a neighbouring house or elsewhere in a larger building. There are two armoured SUVs dedicated to transporting Bella and the guards, and these have dedicated Professional Rating 4 Security Rigger drivers, and remain nearby for evacuation if needed.

Guards are often harder to deal with than the target themselves

Professional Rating 4 Opponents such as these have 14 dice in their main skills, which will likely be shooting people. It is not intended for the runners to fight these directly. While the PCs may win, it will not be easy or without injury.
When you control these guards, they are primarily concerned about protecting Bella Valentino, and will not pursue PCs if they flee, but the Professional Rating 2 backup will. One of the best ways to protect Bella is to evacuate her, so feel free to throw down some pepper punch grenades and have them run away to the cars.

Bella's House

Bella lives in a gated community with private access only. The roads are wide and unmarked with tall old growth trees looming over the stand alone houses. Yards are unfenced and there is a very sterile and fake sense of familiarity and community. Discrete AR is set to enhance the community for the wives who spend their days descending into alcoholism and adultery as overstressed husbands work 12 hour days at their corp.

The community sits behind a roughly six meter high concrete wall topped with both proximity wire and monofilament wire. The four gated access points have ram proof retracting bollards, and a security hut. In the security hut is two Professional Rating 2 security guards, and a wageslave courier. Only residents are allowed into the community, and visitors must be accompanied by a resident. The guards might let someone in if a large, 1000n¥ bribe was given, but they won't fish for it. If these guards are attacked, they will trigger a lockdown, calling approximately 20 Professional Rating 2 responders in 1d6 x 5 minutes, but more importantly, alerting all security guards in the community including those working for Bella. Additionally, vehicle access through the community will be made impossible, as more retractable bollard will rise from each intersection isolating each street.

Sometimes it's hard to even get close to a target location.

The community has one force 4 spirit on patrol. Every 10 minutes, it will sweep through the astral, assensing for spells of force 4 or over. If any are detected, it will summon its Professional rating 3 Security Mage to investigate. The community also has a pair of RotoDrones armed with assault rifles on patrol. These drones have rating 3 cameras and will patrol approximately every 15 minutes. If they spot weapons, they will alert security, then attack with their stick and shock loaded weapons.

The community also has pairs of Professional Rating 2 guards on patrol in cars, making a circuit about once an hour. They are friendly, approachable guards, who have their pistols on their hip and shotguns in the car. They will also know all the residents on their patrol route.

If characters wish to walk or drive around this community without standing out, they will have to make a Charisma + Etiquette (3) test or a sharp eyed resident will call security.

In nicer neighbourhoods standing out can be enough to generate an alert. Blend in if you can.

The security features for the entire community, including Bella's House, are slaved to the security corp's Rating 6 Host, (A8, S6, D7, F9) which has Patrol and Tarbaby IC running constantly, and which will launch Killer IC followed by Sparky IC if it detects a hack.

Widespread control systems tend to be connected to powerful defences.

Bella's House is approximately 500 meters from the nearest wall, and 750 meters by road from the nearest gate. Due to large leafy trees and intervening houses, it is very difficult to gain a line of sight to the house unless directly above, or out on the street in front of the house. The house has densiplast walls (Armour 12, structure 8), and ballistic windows (Armour 6, structure 4), tinted to prevent people seeing in from outside.

The house is two stories, with a kitchen, dining, lounge, office, bathrooms, two bedrooms for guards, and Bella's master bedroom with ensuite. It's an upmarket and soulless poster child for antisocial rat race posturing. There is an attached Garage where one of the guard's SUVs is parked when at the house. Physically, the house is secured with Rating 4 Maglocks connected to Rating 4 Keycard readers. Only the security detail leader and Bella Valentino have keycards.

The house itself has Rating 3 cameras in all rooms but the master bedroom, slaved to the Security Detail Leader's commlink. The only other overt security devices are a pair of SMG armed turrets mounted in the house's eaves, one to cover the front yard and one to cover the back. These are DR 4 devices that have 8 dice to fire their SMGs (6S(e)/-5AP, FA), that are also slaved to the Security Detail Leader's commlink.

There is nothing covert about any of these security measures, they are meant to be visible for deterrence as much as functionality. PC runners will spot them on sight unless distracted, and will be able to determine their functionality with a Security Devices (2) knowledge skill test.

If the players wish to hide the fake evidence at Bella's house, they will need to plant it either on her Commlink which she carries with her, or hide it among other data chips in her office, an act that takes ten minutes to do skilfully enough to fool investigators.

Some targets are easily navigated if you can reach them.


MetaEmpathy is a charity located in a clean cut professional office park outside of downtown itself. The broad streets are verged with Astroturf and small commercial and industrial corps have standalone and drab buildings in efficient and uncanny rows. The population of this office park swells during the day and becomes a near ghost town at night. It is equally likely for a latest model, venture capital funded sports car to drive these streets as a heavy 18 wheeler headed to a micro factory.

The office park does not have any restricted access, but is monitored as an A rated zone by the local security corp. All the security features for the park are slaved to the district host for the security corp: A Rating 7 Host, (A9, S7, D8, F10) which has Patrol and Tarbaby IC running constantly, and which will launch Killer IC followed by Sparky IC if it detects a hack.

The local security corp does not actively patrol, but has a response unit of two cars each with 4 Professional Rating 3 Police Patrols stationed within the park. If this corp needs HTR response, 10 Professional Rating 5 High Threat Response will arrive by VTOL in 2d6+3 minutes.

There are security rotodrones that patrol on at five minute rotation. These drones have rating 3 cameras, but are unarmed. They will alert security forces if they recognise any weapons larger than a pistol. They will follow the criminals, and remotely alert any buildings that the criminals enter.

The office park itself does not have any active magical defences, as that is left to the individual tenants.

Other targets may be easy to approach and blend into.

There is little actual security until the characters reach MetaEmpathy itself. While not an overly large charity, the sprawling office park allows the charity to have its own building. The building the charity is in has been the subject of probes before and sits behind a 5 meter tall electrified fence. It takes an active Threshold 2 Perception test to notice that it is electrified. If a character wants to climb the fence, it is a Gymnastics + Agility (3) test, and they take 6S damage doing so.

Mounted on tall poles at the corner of the compound are four Rating 4 cameras. Access to the compound is through a security checkpoint with retractable tire spikes and a barrier arm. The security guard is a Professional Rating 2 guard, who simply checks cars against a list of employee cars. If visitors attempt to enter, the guard will radio reception to confirm they have an appointment, and then wave them in if they have an appointment and don't look like obvious trouble.

If you have a good reason to be somewhere, most people won't question you.

Once inside the compound itself, the carpark stretches to the building itself. It is a brutal, unasthetic brick that stands four stories tall. The exterior walls are heavy concrete (Armour 20, Structure 12), and the windows armoured glass (Armour 12, Structure 8), tinted to prevent line of sight from outside. There is one main front entrance and four fire exits. The fire exits are maglocked from the inside with a wired system set to unlock when the fire alarm is triggered. The main entrance opens into a lobby / waiting room. All visitors and employees must report to the receptionist who is a trained counter social infiltration agent, using the Professional Rating 3 Social Agent statistics. She will attempt to determine if there is any impersonation occurring, and attempt to spot any falsehoods in both visitors and staff.

Some security features and personnel are disguised, always be on your guard.

The physical security at the entrance consists of two Professional Rating 2 guards, one of which has a Hellhound. If the runners are not impersonating an employee, they will be required to undergo a rating 3 metal detector scan and surrender all weapons. Additionally, the hellhound will attempt to find magical auras and will alert the guards who will refuse entry if there are any active magical signatures on the visitors.

Metacritters are often used as magical security.

If the runners manage to enter the main office space, they will find the ground floor is a employee lunchroom, a large meeting room, and a number of small rooms for smaller meetings. The second and third floors are open plan collaborative working spaces, cynically because the charity was too cheap even for cubicles. The forth floor has the executive offices including that of Bella Valentino. There are two Professional Rating 2 security guards on each floor, and the runners will have pass an Etiquette (2) test to blend in. The threshold is increased by 1 for Orks and Trolls, due to the undercurrent of racism in MetaEmpathy, They're ok to help, but you'd never see one working here..

The approximately 250 staff work from 0730 to 1700, and are all actively dedicated the charity, despite being slowly burnt out with their idealism flaking and contempt replacing compassion for those they help. They follow the corp lines, but are as much drudging wageslaves in ties and collars as those of any megacorp. Only a fresh hire might have a spark in their eyes, but within three months it is gone.

Bella's Office is secured with a Rating 4 Maglock and Rating 4 Keycard reader. Even when at work, her security detail are never far away. Her office is secured with a Rating 6 Alarm Ward, and her security contract allows a Professional Rating 5 Antimage to respond to violations of this ward.

High level security features can trigger powerful responses.

MetaEmpathy lacks any offensive security devices, but when alarms are set off, security fog dispensers at each exit spray ultraviolet dye and RFID tags over anyone entering or exiting the building. There are eight concealed Rating 3 micro cameras on each floor, requiring a Perception (3) test to spot. Between 2100 and 0600, Rating 3 Motion Sensors are active, and will trigger a security response. All of these security devices as well as all other devices and employee commlinks etc, are slaved to the MetaEmpathy host, a poorly configured Rating 4 Host (A4, S6, D7, F5) running Patrol IC and Probe IC that launches Track if an alert is triggered.

If the runners wish to plant the data at MetaEmpathy, they will have to copy the incriminating files onto the Host.

Not all security devices are there to prevent attackers, some make it easier to trace the attackers.

The Enlightenment Project

Bella will make only one trip into the barrens within the timeframe of the mission. However, there is no information about any timeframe, locations or details. Merely one file on Bella's commlink and another on the MetaEmpathy Host.

If the runners wish to attack Bella either in transit or at her location, they will have to keep her under surveillance and follow her. She will leave MetaEmpathy during work hours, and both her and her two cars of bodyguards will head to the Barrens. Upon crossing into the barrens, her bodyguards will take a higher alert status: They will exchange their normal ammo for APDS, and make perception checks every minute to spot a car or drone following them. If they spot a tail, they will immediately detour, and if the tail follows, they will abandon the trip into the barrens.

Careful observation of targets can present opportunities. When targets enter dangerous areas, they may increase alert. Sometimes, only certain approaches are likely to work.

Unless the players use magical or matrix based means of following Bella, it is incredibly likely that they will be spotted and the trip abandoned. Use of multiple tail cars, or very hard to spot drones can give the PCs a better chance.

If the runners successfully follow Bella Valentino for half an hour in the Barrens, the cars stop outside a rundown building, where a school is operating illegally. Two of her security team take Cavalier Arms Crockett EBRs loaded with APDS and establish an over watch position with full coverage. Bella meets the teachers and street scum pupils for about an hour, then returns back to MetaEmpathy.

The building has no security features, but her bodyguards are deployed with four with her at all times, two on patrol, and two snipers. The security riggers remain in the cars. As this is the Barrens, the rules of engagement for the bodyguards are simple: If someone is in any way threatening Bella Valentino, such as being visibly and aggressively armed without clear corporate affiliation, then they will open fire, as they attempt to evacuate their principal.

When security operate in isolation and without oversight, they become more aggressive and deadly.

If a Runner attempts to approach the run down building without sneaking while carrying a weapon, feel encouraged to shoot the character with the sniper team. While the snipers will have taken cover, they only have eight sneaking dice, and players should learn not to rush in.

Approaching locations without recon or discretion can lead to deadly security response.

Databrokers and Rumourmongers

If the characters have a contact that will deal in information like this, they can call the contact who tells them it'll take two days to get it out there, and that the contact wants 2,000nY up front. If the characters decline to pay or attempt to negotiate, then have the contact respond that "You're not attempting to offload some paydata, this is something for a job, which pays. So pay up". If the characters don't have a contact, then their fixer might be able to find one with a networking test. This is Connectionx2+Loyalty of the fixer as a dice pool, and the successes gained tell you how well they did. On two hits, the Fixer found someone who operates like the contact above. On four hits, the fixer found someone who will do the job for free, but it still takes two days.

Having contacts can make jobs easier.

Run conclusion

Bella lies dead, runners escape

If the runners successfully killed Bella Valentino within the time limit, and escaped whatever security response was triggered, then have either Ronaldo or the Mob Lieutenant ring the characters one to two days later. "So you did the job. Good. You've got the payment, and we'll spread a little word that you're reliable.".

Reward the characters with three karma and another 1 Street Cred. If the characters did the job for Ronaldo, also award Ronaldo Histeriga as a 4/1 Mob Boss contact, who deals in drugs, thuggery and weapons trade. He has access to various other criminal enterprises, and knows of other organised crime groups. He's a methodical businessman in an illegal business.

The runners got shot up and never iced the lady

If the runners fail the job, then reward the characters with 3 karma, but also two points of Notoriety, as well as noting the Mob affiliated criminals have been told to capture and beat the runners for the money. If the players attempt to surrender the money, the mob takes it and beats them anyway, to send a message.

Wrap Up

Talk over what went well, what was fun, what was not, what they players want and where they might go next.

For further reading, the following posts can help:

Anyone can GM, best of luck, and have fun!

Named NPCS

Ronaldo Histeriga

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
7 4 4 7 3 2 3 6 7+1D6 8

Core Skill Dice Pools: Con 12, Etiquette 12, Intimidation 12, Negotiation 12

Side Skill Dice Pools: Blades 8, Pistols 8, Unarmed Combat 8.

Gear: Knife [Blades, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP -1, Reach -], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Actioneer Business Clothes, DR 5 Commlink.

Bella Valentino

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 3 2 3 8 7+1D6 12

Core Skill Dice Pools: Con 18, Etiquette 18, Intimidation 18, Negotiation 18

Side Skill Dice Pools: Blades 8, Pistols 8, Unarmed Combat 8.

Gear: Knife [Blades, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP -1, Reach -], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Executive Suite Suit, DR 5 Commlink.

Quick statblocks for Grunts

These are statblocks that should be easy to use, as final dice pools have been precalculated, and are presented here for easy reference should they arise in the job.

PR1 Street Scum

Patches and colours wearing members of gangs. They’re confident and aggressive, and will take cover and rely on their pistols. They’re not bright and not brave, breaking when 25% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 3 2 3 2 7+1D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Blades 8, Intimidation 8, Pistols 8, Unarmed Combat 8.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 5, Etiquette 5, Intimidation 5

Gear: Knife [Blades, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP -1, Reach -], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], Armoured Vest, DR 1 Commlink.

PR2 Security Guards

Night patrol watchmen, rent a cops, event security. They’re there to stall you, delaying with taser, pistols and smoke. They will retreat, trading space for time, shooting from cover and providing covering fire. They will break when 50% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 4 3 4 3 8+2D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 10, Clubs 10, Pistols 10, Unarmed Combat 10.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 6 Etiquette 6, Intimidation 6, Perception 6, Running 6, Throwing Weapons 6.

Gear: Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Reach 1], Taser [Pistols, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, SS, RC —, 4 (m)], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], 1 Smoke Grenade, Armoured Vest, DR 2 Commlink, 1 dose Cram (included in statline).

PR3 Police Patrols

Knight Errant and Lone Star officers on patrol. Trained, well armed and armoured, they can handle treats with a scale of force from batons to armour piercing automatic fire. They shot from cover, take aim and focus fire. They will retreat or chase as appropriate, use smoke and gas for cover and area denial. They will break when 50% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 5 4 5 5 3 5 3 9+2D6 12

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 12, Clubs12, Perception 12, Pistols 12, Unarmed Combat 12.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 7 Etiquette 7, Intimidation 7, Running 7, Sneaking 7, Throwing Weapons 7.

Gear: Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Reach 1], Heavy Pistol /w Pepper Punch [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 4P, AP +3, SA, RC -, 10 (c), Pepper Punch SR5 410], SMG /w APDS [Automatics, Acc 5, DV 7P, AP -4, SA/BF/FA, RC 2, 30 (c)], 1 Smoke Grenade, 1 Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch), Armoured Jacket /w non conduct 3, chem resist 3, DR 4 Commlink, 1 dose Cram (included in statline).

PR3 Security Mage

This mage responds to magical alerts by appearing astrally, and using mana based spells against any active magical threats.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
4 4 4 4 5 5 3 3 7+1D6 9

Core Skill Dice Pools: Spellcasting 12, Summoning 12, Drain Resist 10 (Log+Wil)

Side Skill Dice Pools: Assensing 7

Gear: Armoured Vest, DR 3 Commlink.

Drain Resist: 10 (LOG+WIL)

Spells: Deathtouch, Mass Confusion, Phantasm, Stunbolt

Spirits: 1 Force 5 Spirit with 2 services.

Professional Rating 3 Social Agent

This person appears to be an innocuous office worker, but is actually attempting to locate people who are out of place or deceiving their way into the compound so they may be followed and observed more closely by security.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
3 4 4 3 5 5 3 7 7+1D6 8

Core Skill Dice Pools: Core Skill Dice Pools: Con 12, Etiquette 12, Exotic Ranged Weapon 12, Intimidation 12, Negotiation 12

Side Skill Dice Pools: Pistols 7, Unarmed Combat 7.

Gear: Parashield Dart Pistol [Exotic Weapons, Acc 4, DV (Narcojet), AP —, SA, RC —, 5(c)], Taser [Pistols, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, SS, RC —, 4 (m)], Form Fitting Body Armour, DR 3 Commlink.

PR4 Professional Bodyguards.

Dedicated professionals, these eight bodyguards will attempt to first evacuate and keep Bella Valentino alive over directly killing attackers. They are smart, aware, and skilled. They use suppressive fire aggressively, shot from cover, take aim and focus fire.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
5 7 4 5 5 4 5 3 9+3D6 12

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 14, Blades 14, Intimidation 14, Longarms 14, Perception 14, Pistols 14, Unarmed Combat 14.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 8 Etiquette 8, Intimidation 8, Pilot Ground Craft 8, Running 8, Sneaking 8, Throwing 8.

Gear: Combat Knife [Blades, Acc 5, DV 7P, AP -3, Reach -], Heavy Pistol [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP -1, SA, RC -, 10 (c)], AK97 [Automatics, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP -1, SA/BF/FA, RC 2, 30 (c)], 1 Smoke Grenade, 1 Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch), 1 Fragmentation Grenade, Armoured Jacket, DR 4 Commlink, 1 dose Jazz (included in statline).

These bodyguards may at time during the mission, use the follow weapons: AK97 /w APDS [Automatics, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP -5, SA/BF/FA, RC 2, 30 (c)], Cavalier Arms Crockett EBR /w APDS [Longarms, Acc 8, DV 12P, AP -7, SA/BF, RC 3, 20 (c)]

PR4 Security Rigger

These are the dedicated drivers of the two armoured SUVs that Bella Valentino and her bodygards travel in. They are skilled drivers, but mainly used to escape and transport. The bodyguards will use these vehicles as cover. The riggers are in Rigger Cocoons, and operate in HotSim, jumped into the SUVs

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
5 4 7 5 5 4 5 3 10+4D6 12

Core Skill Dice Pools: Electronic Warfare 14, Gunnery 14, Pilot Ground Craft 14, Perception 14.

Gear Rover Model 2072 with extra armour (See below), Maersk Spider (DR4, DP4, F5), DR 4 Commlink, Armoured Jacket

Craft H S A B Arm P Sens Seats
Rover Model 2072 5/5 4 2 15 15 2 4 6

PR5 High Threat Response

Seraphim, Red Samurai. It is a foolhardy or exceptional runner team who encounters these opponents. They use suppressive fire aggressively, shot from cover, take aim and focus fire. They will retreat or chase as appropriate, use smoke and gas for cover and area denial. They will move out of threatened areas, and conduct combat maneuvers. They will break when 75% of their number are down.

B A R S W L I C INIT Armour
6 7 6 6 5 4 5 3 11+3D6 18

Core Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 16, Clubs 16, Perception 16, Pistols 16, Sneaking 16, Unarmed Combat 16.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Con 9 Etiquette 9, Intimidation 9, Leadership 9, Running 9, Small Unit Tactics 9, Throwing Weapons 9.

Gear: Stun Baton [Clubs, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5, Reach 1], Heavy Pistol /w Pepper Punch [Pistols, Acc 6, DV 4P, AP +3, SA, RC -, 10 (c), Pepper Punch SR5 410], Assault Rifle /w Smartlink [Automatics, Acc 7, DV 11P, AP -2, SA/BF/FA, RC 3, 42 (c)], 2 Smoke Grenade, 2 Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch), 2 Fragmentation Grenade, Full Body Armour /w chemseal, DR 5 Commlink.

PR5 Antimage

Antimages are trained and skilled counterspellers and banishers that tend to accompany High Threat Response teams when magical opposition has been spotted. With a wide range of strong magical skills and small unit tactics, and usually some form of metamagic, they are uniquely suited to disabling magical runners. If engaged, they will immediately call their spirit to help them fight.

5 5 5 4 6 5 7 5 18+4D6 12 7

Core Skill Dice Pools: Assensing 16, Banishing 16, Binding 16, Counterspelling 16, Ritual Spellcasting 16, Spellcasting 16, Summoning 16.

Side Skill Dice Pools: Automatics 9, Con 9, Etiquette 9, Perception 9, Small Unit Tactics 9, Throwing Weapons 9.

Gear: SMG /w APDS [Automatics, Acc 5, DV 7P, AP -4, SA/BF/FA, RC 2, 30 (c)], 2 Smoke Grenade, 2 Gas Grenade (Pepper Punch), Armoured jacket /w non conduct 3, chem resist 3, DR 5 Commlink.

Drain Resist: 13 (INT+WIL)

Spells: Three combat, two ritual, any other five.

Spirits: 1 Force 8 Spirit with 4 services.


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