Supplement: Eggs and Breeding

by ConTiki

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Eggs and Breeding Supplement

A Pokemon5e Supplement for hatching eggs and breeding Pokemon.

Created by @ConTiki

Kanto: The Indigo League


This is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the Materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. Based on the original game by Satoshi Taijiri ©Game Freak ©Nintendo Company Inc.

We do not claim ownership of anything related to Pokemon or Dungeons and Dragons. Please support the original source.

No profits are made from the release of this supplement.

Inspiration and Ideas from: Pokemon Tabletop United, Pokerole, Sakutian from,, Bulbapedia, and

Egg Hatching and Breeding mechanics were taken from or adapted from Bulbapedia and Pokemon Data Base.

Special Thanks

To the members of the Pokemon 5e Discord and subreddit for your support, ideas, and playtesting. This would not be possible if it were not for all of you. Special thanks to u/HappyMyconid for helping talk out ideas and mechanics for making breeding and hatching accessible.

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Egg Hatching and Breeding Pokemon

The Pokemon games and anime take two wildly different approaches to breeding Pokemon and hatching eggs. This supplement was created to alleviate the complicated mechanics that the video games use to do both of these things while still giving the players a true-to-form way to actively breed and hatch.

Compatibility vs Egg Groups

As a whole, I have done away with egg groups that are common in the video games for both the egg system and the breeding system. Egg groups are complicated, clunky, and at times confusing. Instead, I've replaced egg groups with focusing on the Pokemon's nature. So, now that any Pokemon regardless of type or form can breed together, two Pokemon of specific nature's may not be. This was done to emphasize compatibility over type or form. So now, your Pidgeot can breed with a Gyarados and we can all call it a day.

Egg Hattching

The System

When a trainer receives an egg, a simple 3-step system begins.

  1. At the beginning of each day/session, the egg holder rolls a d100. (The first roll should take place when the trainer receives the egg.)
  2. That number is subtracted from the egg's egg cycle number. (See egg cycles below.)
  3. When the egg cycle reaches 0, the egg hatches.

General Rules

  • All Pokemon hatch at Level 1.
  • The first trainer the newly hatched Pokemon sees, becomes its trainer.
  • The DM should decide what Pokemon is inside the egg before the trainer receives the egg.

Egg Cycles

SR d100
1/8 150
1/4 300
1/2 450
1 600
2 750
3 900
4 1050
5 1200
6 1350
SR Egg Cycle/d100
7 1500
8 1650
9 1800
10 1950
11 2100
12 2250
13 2400
14 2550
15 2700

Actions/Items that Speed up the Process of Egg Hatching
Action/Item Effect
Spa Treatment Increases loyalty by +1 when hatched, can only do 1 spa treatment per egg.
Breeding House Increases hatch speed by an extra d100 each day that the egg is in the breeding house.
Incubator Increases hatch speed by an extra d20 each day the egg is in the incubator.
Super Incubator Increases hatch speed by an extra d50 each day the egg is in the incubator.
Magma Armor Increases hatch speed by an extra d20 each day the egg is in the incubator. A Pokemon with this ability must be in the egg holder's party.
Flame Body Increases hatch speed by an extra d20 each day the egg is in the incubator. A Pokemon with this ability must be in the egg holder's party.
Nugget If a Pokemon in the egg holder's party is holding a nugget when the egg hatches, roll a d20. If an 11+ is rolled, the Pokemon is shiny.
Egg Lotion If applied to the egg every day/session, increases hatch speed by an extra d12. Can only be bought at Breeding Houses for ₽100.

Breeding Pokemon

Breeding in the Pokemon universe seems a bit complicated. Below is the digestable information that I have gathered to make it more user friendly and accessible for everyone, DMs and players alike. All of this information came and was adapted from and Bulbapedia.

General Rules

  • Breeding Pokemon must be of opposite genders. One has to be male, the other female.
  • The female Pokemon is what decides what 1st Evolution Pokemon will hatch from the egg, and the Pokemon's abilities. Ex) If the female is Pidgeot, then the Pokemon that will hatch will be Pidgey.
  • The female Pokemon transfers all resistances, immunities, and vulnerabilities to the newly hatched Pokemon.
  • The male Pokemon is what decides the skill proficiencies and saving throws that are passed down. Ex) If the male's saving throw is Dexterity, then the newly hatched Pokemon's saving throw is Dexterity.
  • The male transfers one resistance of the trainers choice to the newly hatched Pokemon. This resistance cannot conflict with any vulnerabilities that the female parent provides.
  • Baby Pokemon cannot breed. (Happiny, Pichu, etc.)

Transfering Moves

When the Pokemon hatches, the trainer may select moves in the following order.

  1. Level 1 moves for the Pokemon
  2. Moves that either parent currently knows. (Max 1 from each parent, not type-dependent.)

A learned TM is cannot be inherited; however, the Learnable Move section from both parents is transferred to the newly hatched Pokemon.

Breeding with Ditto

  • Genderless Pokemon must breed with Ditto
  • Any Pokemon can breed with Ditto
  • You cannot breed 2 Ditto's together.
  • The main benefit of breeding with a Ditto is that you receive the 1st Evolution of that Pokemon again.
  • For each skill stat, roll 3d4 and apply them as you like.
  • All abilities, resistances, immunities, vulnerabilities, saving throws, and proficiencies are passed down from the non-Ditto Pokemon.
  • Transferring moves remain's the same as stated above.

Everstone's & Nature

*Parent Pokemon holding an everstone when they are breeding guarantees the baby Pokemon to have the same nature as the everstone-holding parent. *If both parents hold an Everstone, nature is chosen at random from the nature chart (roll a d20). *If neither parent holds an Everstone, nature is chosen at random between the two parents (flip a coin).

Nature Compatibility

As stated earlier, breeding ignores egg groups that the video games created and opts instead for a nature-based compatibility chart. The left column is a list of all of the nature's in Pokemon5E. The right column are nature's that each nature cannot breed with or be matched with to breed. For example, a Grumpy Pidgeot cannot breed with a Hardy Arcanine.

Nature Cannot Breed With
Reckless Skittish
Rash Relaxed
Brave Careful
Cocky Cheerful
Skittish Reckless
Hasty Apathetic
Energetic Sassy
Clumsy Nimble
Apathetic Hasty
Stubborn Curious
Grumpy Hardy
Relaxed Rash
Careful Brave
Curious Stubborn
Naughty Dumb
Cheerful Cocky
Sassy Energetic
Dumb Naughty
Hardy Grumpy
Nimble Clumsy

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