Assorted Homebrew Classes

by Bamstacks

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Assorted Homebrew Classes

I have found these homebrew classes around the internet, and allow them all at my tables with specific changes to be discussed when characters are being made.


You are cursed, and have managed to conquer your curse and turn it to your own ends. Accursed


You are a master of bombs and potions, among other things. Alchemist

Atavist, Bloodborne, Blood Hunter

Want to be a blood warrior and use blood magic? Use any of the following three classes listed below. They have slightly different feels, but most revolve around either damaging yourself or relying on being damaged to deal extra damage/cast spells.



Blood Hunter


A nonmagical support class who revitalizes their allies and allows them impossible feats. Dancer


Want a dragon companion class that focuses more on your bond and the power of your companion? Dracoknight


Bend the elements to your will with this martial half-caster. Elementalist


Be a superhero with this martial class, gathering a variety of powers. Empowered


Be a member of the Arcane Court in charge of coming down on those who would violate the magical safeguards that keep the world in check. Justiciar


Embrace a mix of martial prowess and spellcasting with this versatile half-caster class. Magus.


Collect and profit with the power of commerce as this versatile support half-caster class. Merchant


Use the power of odic tattoos and your own life force to cast powerful spells. Odic


A caster who casts through a point system with mind flavor. Use this version by Laserllama or this version by KibblesTasty.


Want to hit people with your arms and legs but would rather not have the mystical flavor of the monk? Pugilist


Gain the power and versatility of this support martial class who learns to write and invoke the language of runes. Runekeeper


Want to be a nonmagical really smart person? This does its damage by augmenting the damage of others, and knows a lot of things, and is pretty good at saving throws. link.


Be a master of mana and use it to form your shape weapon, which you are a specialist in. Sculptor


Be a medium for the your Spirit Guides and become the master of rituals. Shaman


Both warlords by Kibblestasty here and zaelos_3 here are interesting. Emphasizing empowering your allies to move and attack in various ways, warlords are important in any party with martial characters.


Either witch between Walrock's Witch found here or the one found here are fine.


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