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by TheTranMan

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Drict's D&D5e Rule Changes

A Foreward from Drict~

Welcome to the most recent and reticent spruced up document of the Drict's "Important D&D5e Rule Changes", which for over 5 years of D&D playing & DMing, has been slowly changed over time for both making adjustments to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, whether these adjustments are done to improve gameplay, address criticisms, or buffing / nerfing overtuned or too-powerful for their own good abilities or features, both on the Player's and DM's side of gameplay.

D&D, and especially D&D5e really plays better adjusted, and the game continuously lives through its Homebrew. The creative malleability, with boons and banes to how it plays, how it's run are all capitalized here. I hope that if you play in my game, that you enjoy the changes available, and if not, I hope you take inspiration to spice up or change your own games or campaigns.

Oh, and while I have your ear, you are probably not going to get everything you've ever wanted from D&D6e or at the very least 5.5e (OneD&D), so be the change you want in your own games.

~Drict, Aspiring Game Designer Master

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General D&D5e Rule Changes

- - Help Action: Skill Requirement

To grant the Help action for Skill Checks done by another character, the one providing Help must have proficiency in the same skill. It otherwise remains the same.

- - Additional Conditions + Condition Changes

This document refers to an additional scope of Conditions and debilitations that would be used in my Campaign.

- - Background Skill Proficiencies

This document is part of Character Creation, referring to Intelligence's way of providing knowledge a character has.

- - Drict's Inspiration

This document refers to how I (or you) can use Inspiration in my games.

- - Armors Re-Written

This document refers to all changes made to how Armor works in my games, including cost and stats for other forms of armor.

- - Armor Upgrades

- - Weapons Re-Written

This document refers to all changes made to Weapons, including costs and stats for other forms of weapons.

- - Equipment Material

- - Runestones

- - Weapon Upgrades

- - Weapon Enchantments

- - Strength Based Ranged Weapons

This short blurb changes how ranged weapons now work for Strength as well as Dexterity.

- - Critical Hit Range

This short blurb describes the Critical Range Rules, which notes the rolls subsequent to 20 needed to critically hit with weapons.

- - Expanded Feats

This document contains all the changes and updates to Feats as written in the PHB or adapted from homebrew or loose UA.

Character Class Changes

All sourced from the Drict Mega-Document v2, please read that document for more Character-Related Homebrew, such as additional playable Species, Classes, and Subclasses.

- - Artificer Changes

- - Barbarian Changes

- - Cleric Changes

- - Bard Changes

- - Druid Changes

- - Fighter Changes

- - Monk Changes

- - Ranger Changes

- - Rogue Changes

- - Paladin Changes

- - Sorcerer Changes + Extra Subclass Spells

- - Warlock Changes

- - Wizard Changes

Campaign Variant Rule Changes

Experimental and Campaign-Dependant

The following Rules are dependant on the type of Campaign and the story & themes the Characters are embroiled in. Most of these rules make extreme Mechanical Changes that outright change 5e or its mechanics. Any source with a * means they have been modified by me from their original source of writing. These rules placed here set an example for how an ability or feature might function in my game properly, though you should not expect each and every one of them to be featured or used in a given Campaign.

I repeat, not every one of these Rules are going to be enforced or used in a given Campaign.

--- Drict's Hardcore Enthusiast Rule Changes ---

Game Changes for the Masochistic Player who thinks 5e doesn't have the brutal nature of its older editions. For the epic player that likes their character gathering some cuts, scars, and victory marks. For the truly venerable player that doesn't abuse the fact you can be knocked over multiple times and brought back up by healing word.

Each of these Game Changes are to be individually discussed and approved by the Players, otherwise they do not see play and are not enforced. After all, who willingly puts themself through head-numbing dark-souls esque shit in a D&D Game.

Rule Source WHY?!?
Massive Damage + Limb Loss DMG 273* Why Indeed
Drop Dead Exhaustion N/A Why Indeed
Fumbles N/A Why Indeed
Gritty Resting DMG 267* Why Not
Healer's Kit Dependency + Slow Natural Healing DMG 266-267 Kits n Heals
HP Weariness N/A WIP
Stress + Sanity + Combined VRGtR 196* Why Not
Within Reach Opportunity Attacks N/A Why Indeed

--- Drict's Roleplay 'Enthusiast' Rule Changes ---

Game Changes for the truly devoted 'Roleplayer'. Have Madness that you overlook? Sanity Score's a more unimportant and dumped stat than Intelligence? What the ever-loving 9th Hell is an Honor Score? Oh No, Contracting Lycanthropy! Oh Hey Non-Silver Weapon Damage Resistance and Stat Buffs! Frightened isn't an important condition.

Again, each of these Game Changes could potentially be seen in use by Players, otherwise they rarely see play and are probably not enforced. Just depends if the possibility rolls around.

Rule Why?
Character Aging Why Old
Caster Malleable Casting Statistics Why Tho
Diseases Why Why
Expanded Curses (VRGtR) Why That
Horror, Fear, and Sanity + Seeds of Fear Why So Fearful
I Know a Guy WIP
Support Ranks Here's Why
Piety Why GOD!
Gestalt Warlock Whylock

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